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  1. gentle

    I guess some nurses don't mind being associated as sex objects

    It is irrelevant what the persons' daytime or night-time occupations were when they weren't "filming their movie." Though the time of the event isn't given, there could have very easily been children who viewed the "artistic flaire of their movie." I googled this story and it appears to have taken place in August of 2008. As such, this is old news.
  2. gentle

    I guess some nurses don't mind being associated as sex objects

    that nurse is a dingbat!!!! Keep it outta the streets !!!! (silent cursing is now dwindling, as i sip my tea.)
  3. gentle

    I'm ashamed to admit this..

    Hi OP, I hear you. I truly understand what you are saying. Boundaries, whether professional or personal, are what keep you safe. Sometimes, boundaries keep others, who you truly care about, safe too. Safe from gossip. Safe from shame. Safe.
  4. gentle

    Regular Posters MIA?

    I too am very careful about what I post and my location, specialties, etc. Tweety, I am sorry about your friend. OP, yeah, I am not able to post at times because life is busily happening to me and around me--whether I wish to participate or not is irrelevant. I am forced to handle my "crazy life" or end up in a cuckoo clock chiming on the hour every hour.
  5. gentle

    What are your TV habits??

    Gotta agree with you, Steph. That's why soooo far, we don't have a large tv, tvs in the bedrooms, or in the cars. I hope we never do but I can't predict the future or the dh. (Well, I guess I can predict dh will still be cute tomorrow morning;) .) That said, I do watch tv from time to time. Kids shows include: Curious George, Dora the Explorer dvds, Thomas the Tank Engine dvds, Charlie Brown dvds and Bob the Builder dvds. (Heck, I still can't believe we are missing Sesame Street. This is truly greivous for me - and me only apparently.) Anyhow, I do like an occasional Desparate Housewives or Boston Legal if I don't already have a good book, which usually, I am looking for a book. And if I'm up late: I like to catch the BBC comedies on pbs. I love PBS and so does the cute dh.) Interesting, there is one more thing that keeps me away from the tv: allnurses.com!!!!!
  6. gentle

    Happy Dance, Happy Dance!!!

    :hatparty: :smiley_aa :balloons: Hey Tazzi, Congratulations honey. I knew you would make it. You are a wonderful nurse. :yeah: They obviously knew it too. :w00t: So enjoy your dance :dance: all the way to the bank.
  7. gentle

    Will Harry Potter die?

    Just awaiting 20 July.
  8. gentle


    :no: oh my goodness.
  9. gentle

    Tell us something we don't know!!!

    Okay I'll play. I have a bit of a wild side from time to time. (It doesn't happen often but I still like to keep that hidden.) I love to cook and read. I am learning to swim.
  10. gentle

    The Green Thumb Thread

    $4 a gallon! Hmm, maybe it's time to purchase a cow.:idea: although hubby would probably say:nono: . sometimes he gets a little preturbed with my ideas:uhoh3: .
  11. gentle

    The Green Thumb Thread

    I can already envision that one. Too Cute :clown: !!!!! btw, thanks for starting this thread.
  12. gentle

    How to say "NO!" without saying it.

    Kukukajoo, timothy is neither biased nor bigoted. As a matter of fact, his display of caring for his girlfriend was selfless, beautiful, and loving. His message was very gentle. Thanks, Timothy. Hey OP, well, as a girl who is typically very right brained about all of life, I am extremely left brained about finances. I noticed that your topic title is How to say "NO!" without saying it. Ummm, I don't really get the impression that you want to give her the money. I also am wondering if perhaps she is thinking that the relationship is on a different level than you do. But that is because, I would not ask anyone for money unless, I thought I was that "close" to them to ask for the help. I guess the most important piece of advice though, is to follow your instincts. What does your gut tell you? since the title of the topic is how to say "NO!" without saying it, perhaps you may want to consider that you need to step up and just say NO!!!!! No, I am not comfortable giving this type of gift. No, I do not loan friends money; because, I 've had problems with this situation in the past. And most importantly, tell her you don't want any problems in your relationship with her--whether it be friendship or more. Even if she has hurt feelings, a friend who values you and your friendship will get over it. I truly wish you all the best.
  13. gentle

    The Green Thumb Thread

    Hello all, Glad to see some other gardeners. This was definitely the topic I needed to stumble upon before I vented to the whole world about my day. I can already feel a release from the day's frustration. Anywhoo, our garden is started. the cantalopes are poking up through the ground. this is exciting for us as i started these from seeds. The squash is very happy as are the blueberries:spin: . Evan and I shared one of our strawberries. It was the only one on the vine. He was licking his little lips and looking at me with those big beautiful dark eyes. :spin: The squash, blueberries and strawberries, I purchased and plopped into the ground. Our daisies look like they will bloom nicely this year. Hopefully, I will be able to put in the poppy seeds soon. I am too tired to climb the slope. The lemon and orange trees look pretty good so far; but our plums aren't looking too good. We have plenty of plums but some are falling off prematurely. I don't think this tree is very healthy. The apple tree will yield a nice harvest this year again, I think. And the pear tree seems to be doing very well also. one compost area is yielding an onion. and hopefully our potatoes will come up as well: though I think I planted those too deep. Well, if we can manage to keep aforementioned beautiful child out of our garden--which his little friend named a graveyard due to the mulch patterns-- we may have a fun little harvest for our family.
  14. gentle

    The Green Thumb Thread

    Congratulations. That really is a good feeling.
  15. gentle

    Happy New Year - 2007 -

    Happy New Year everyone:flowersfo :flowersfo :flowersfo :flowersfo :balloons: ! The boys are in bed, but not asleep, of course. Hubby is awake. We will sit playing cards until either the new year or until we fall asleep. (which is pretty typical for us) Steph Grace, i think i will open the apple cider bubbly. that was a good idea. Beth, i took my sleeping pill too . . . so, it'll probably be a short time before . . . :zzzzz . Yep, should probably open that "bubbly" soon. I feel the sleeper kickin in. I have enjoyed everyones posts this past year; and look forward to continuing to getting to know you in 2007. ((((smooches and hugs))))