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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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    Thursday June 24, 2021

    Good Morning - Tweety - Hope work is kinder to you today. (Work did not sound fun at all, yesterday.) Ugh. . . . Our poor Sedona has a fractured right hind leg. Her femur has a hairline fracture. It "only" requires a splint. Still, it's painful. Basically, she fell off the narrow ledge to our screened-in porch, opposite to where the door swings open. Her poor leg caught the hand-banister to the 4-step stairs to the porch. She let out a frightened-sounding cry when she fell and hurt herself. Both Amy and I let out a cry with her as we watch the whole thing happen! She is doing well, now, though. This happened Tuesday afternoon, about 4:45 PM. We tried calling FIVE different veterinary hospitals including the one that we use. They were either closed (ours was closed), or would not accept an emergent visit without first establishing an existing account. FINALLY, we reached a 24/7 emergent animal hospital that took her in. X-rays were taken, of course, which confirmed the fracture. After talking to about 3 veterinarians (one was an orthopedic vet!), it was determined that she did not need surgery, and that a hard splint would be best for her. (We were willing to do the surgery if needed!) Gratefully, she's doing fine. She's already learned to walk with the cast (putting minimal weight on that leg), sit down, and do her "business". Interestingly, gabapentin was prescribed for her pain. After talking to 3 different veterinarians, including the our own and the ortho-vet, it was confirmed that gabapentin is appropriate (I'm still skeptical) for her pain management. Indeed, she seems to be tolerating the medication, and her discomfort being relatively controlled. Our hearts are heavy seeing her injured. We long to see that "Zoomy" puppy again!!! Apparently, puppies heal relatively quickly. Already, we're seeing her more active! As for my co-worker who passed away, her wake is this Saturday. Her absence is already felt. I filled Tuesday night's scheduling hole for Shift Director. The general mood of the night-shift crew was somber, to say the least. Unfortunately, many won't be able to make her funeral service this Saturday because they're schedule to work this weekend. I'm not able to make it, either, for the same reason. It's been an extraordinarily sad week. . . Hope all are doing well. . . Ted
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    Tuesday June 22, 2021

    Good Morning - Drinking First Coffee. . . We had thunderstorms last night. Doing 10:30PM "Puppy Potty Duty" was not fun at all. The thunder and lightening freaked out the puppy. Freaked me out, too. It seemed that the thunderstorm was directly over us. After the initial attempt, we went back inside and waited for the storm to subside a bit. Finally it did, and we went outside the "other way" (outside the fenced in area, which required a leash). The 2:00 AM "Puppy Potty Duty" went more smoothly. By that time, the storms had stopped. Now?!? It's damp and overcast outside, which makes for a wet outdoor potty and play time. Feeling sad over my co-worker's death. On one hand, it was not a surprise because of her relatively fragile health. Still, she seemed to have been doing fine with the her dialysis sessions, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. No word about funeral dates and times yet. I'm sure her family is still "processing" it all. (There's that word again. . . "process".) (Can't think of another word to use, right now.) I'm working tonight as Shift Director, covering her shift. She and I were on the same week-end, so I'm not sure what this Saturday will bring. I am off from work Sunday night, though. I could work her shift then. Later this morning I'm gonna call my "DON" (her actually title is "Vice-President of Operations") to see if any plan is in play for the next couple of weeks. Early this morning, I was Wide Awake! So, I spent that time putting together a simple video with the puppy. I'm sharing it below. She's grown twice her size since we adopted her. (Her teeth remain sharp!! OUCH!!) She loves her sticks. Interestingly enough, she's not a fan of the sun and it's warmer weather. Basically, she's about 90% fur. LOL! Enjoy the video. . . Ted
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    Monday June 21, 2021

    Good Morning. . . . Actually . . . it's not so good, today. Just received word that the full-time night shift director, with the end-stage kidney disease, passed away last night. So, so sad. I'm numb. . . She was a year older than me, who struggled to come to grips with her diseased kidney. It was only recently that she seemed to fully accept her situation, and made formal arrangements to be put on the kidney transplant list. THIS took at least a couple of years. (She's been doing dialysis for the past few years.) It's just so sad. . . She's been a nurse for about 30 years. I know that she came from a strong ICU Nursing background. She enjoyed her role as a Shift Director, and was that extra pair of hands when needed. My gosh. . . she will be missed. She leaves behind her grown-up children and young grandchildren. Don't know too much about her kids, unfortunately, except that she was very proud of them. I've been talking to my wife who is at work. She'll be leaving work earlier than planned, which is warmly accepted. Anyway. . . thank you for reading all of this while I "process". (Gosh! What a silly term! Yet, it seems fitting to use right now.) Geeze. . . I hear puppy stirrings. . . A nice distraction, right now. Peace. . .
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    Sunday June 13th 2021

    Good Afternoon - Just another quick but warm hello. . . Hi Davey Do! Love your comics! Joe - Curious. Do you have any recordings of your church bell choir? nurseJ22 - Hello! amoLucia - Hello! Good to see you! Glad you got your computer router fixed. It can be very frustrating when computer-related stuff goes wonky! Church was nice this morning. There was a retired Pastor who led the service this morning. Really enjoyed his sermon. Got home around noon time this afternoon. Was greeted by a happy puppy, of course. Life with the Puppy continues. Amy spent most of the time with her these past couple of days. I'm off from work tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday, and plan on being the main Puppy Trainer these next two days to give Amy a break. Still these next two days will be busy ones for all three of us. Tomorrow is a scheduled visit to the Vet for more puppy shots, and hopefully to get her nails trimmed! (Ouch!) Tuesday late-afternoon is Pre-Kindergarten Class for the Puppy. Her first one! THAT will be interesting. Working tonight as Mr. Shift Director. Hopefully it'll be "Q". Hope all have a pleasant day today! Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted
  5. Ted

    Saturday June 12, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Another quick but warm "Hello". . . Basically life has turned into a "work, puppy-time, sleep, puppy-time, eat, puppy-time, and back to work" thing. Work last night was steady-busy. No complaints. As for sleep, I'm used to a sporadic sleep schedule, being a night-shift nurse. Amy is finding it tough, though, with the new puppy and her new-puppy-potty needs. When I'm NOT working, I've been doing the late-night potty times. Working a bunch of shifts in a row puts a monkey-wrench into that schedule, leaving Amy to take the puppy out during those times. We're still figuring it out, scheduling-wise. (Things we didn't think about when adopting a puppy.) Tomorrow. . . Church in the morning. This is my week-end to work. Going to church after work is another monkey-wrench into scheduling our new life with puppy. What's nice to see is the new puppy learning things. This includes less nipping (although not perfect). She's coming more when her name is called (although not perfect). And, she's learning the simple, basic commands which is really cool (although not perfectly). Love our puppy. . . but it's a process. Well. . . got to go! Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted Edited to add: Well, what a stroke of luck! I was offered to be On Call. I accepted that offer, which will help with puppy-life tonight. Any extra time home is good time for this new life. And. . . Hi Davey Do! πŸ™‚
  6. Ted

    Friday June 11, 2021

    Tweety - Wow! That sounds like a great trip that you planned!! Looking forward to seeing all of the pictures that (I hope) you share! πŸ™‚ Just a quick but warm "Hello". . . Recently up from First Sleep. Got up, walked the puppy, ate lunch (burp!), and now typing here. After typing here, gonna do Second Sleep. Work was relatively "Q" last evening. Got home around 12:30 AM, took the dog out, went to bed, woke up around 3:30AM and took the dog out again, then went back to bed and slept a little bit more. At around 5:30 AM, Amy woke up and took care of the dog during that time. I joined Amy and the puppy around 7:00 AM, and together we went for a walk down our road. When we returned, puppy went back to sleep and I went up to the studio and did about 1 hour's editing of the dance recital video. By around 8:45 AM, I went back to bed, again, and finally had some solid sleep until 12:15 PM. At that time, I woke up, joined Amy and the Puppy and went for another walk, when back to the house I fed the dog who ate up her lunch while I ate my lunch. And now?!? Here I am. . . typing. πŸ˜› Now I'm going back to bed. Again. Peace. πŸ™‚ Ted
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    Friday June 4, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Tweety - Damn! I hope that so-called "security" police officer gets the book thrown at him. (Thank goodness for closed-captioned TV!!) Damn! It's just sad that your co-worker's son had to experience such thoughtless treatment. Not good. Joe - Good to read that work is going relatively well for you. Hope it stays manageable. It's nice to read that you're meeting up with J again. It is very nice that life is slowly turning back to normal. ". . . and they call it 'Puppy Love' " . . . LOL! What can I say?!? Life is all about the puppy! Thankfully, the little rascal is sleeping right now. I'm watching her while Amy takes a breath this afternoon. She's out and about doing chores. Tonight, the plan is that Amy gets a full night's sleep. So, I'll be taking the puppy out for her 11pm, 2am and 5am "Potty Times". I suggested to Amy that she spend the night at a comfy and cozy motel, and get a good night's sleep. I guess she's just happy to know that I'll be handling the "night puppy chores". We joined a couple of Facebook support groups for puppy owners. The consensus is that puppies are a handful!!! But!! She's ADORABLE!! LOL! πŸ˜› Work. . . I thought my patient was going to go to the "Great Beyond" earlier this morning (near the end of my shift, of course). She called out for chest pressure, and she did not look good at all. Although she is a DNR, and she says that she's "ready to go", she seemed quite frightened experiencing that chest pressure. Thank goodness for those 0.4mg Nitro-Tabs! The 2nd one worked. It bottomed her BP for a spell, but it worked. She went from looking like death to sipping ice water. I really thought she wasn't going to make it. (And, to be honest, I REALLY didn't want to deal with a patient's death, especially at the end of the shift!) Seeing her drink the water was both unexpected and a sight for sore eyes. For sure, though, she's taking that slow walk to the "Great Beyond". (The Troponin level is staying in the mid-20s. ) I'm off from work for the next 6 nights. Well, I'm off from working at the hospital. I hear some stirring downstairs! Sounds like it's Potty Time! (. . . and they call it Puppy Love! πŸ˜› ) Ted Edited to Add: NSIME - Hello!! You pushed the "Save Button" before I did! Hope all works out with Hubby's "dgt/grand-daughters/and son-in-law"!! Yikes!
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    Thursday June 3, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Just woke up from 2nd Sleep. Slept well. . . It seems that it's gonna rain tonight and into tomorrow. In a few days, the weather is supposed to be hot and humid, with the temperature hanging in the 90s. (Ugh!) Our 15+ year old central air conditioning system is acting its age, and not doing well. We're saving up to replace the entire cooling and heating system. In the meanwhile , we just purchased three small air conditioners to help cool down our home during the hot and humid weather. Admittedly, I grew up with no air conditioning. As a kid, when it was hot outside, it was hot outside. We still played, got sweaty, went in the house and drank lots of fluids (soda), and went back outdoors for more play. Now?!? At 60+ years of age?!? We get whiney when it's hot and humid, and there's no air conditioning. LOL! πŸ˜› The Puppy. . . She doesn't like the heat, either. Her "Designer Mutt" breed is basically all hair. LOTS of Hair! Interestingly, when the sun is prominent in the sky, Sedona seeks shade. So, having a comfortably air-conditioned home will help our sweet puppy, and help us! LOL! πŸ˜„ Work. . . . It was a nice and steady busy last night. Had 1 ICU Patient and monitored 1 Telemetry Patient. My dear ICU Patient will be going home to Hospice tomorrow (having suffered an NSTEMI). Not sure WHY she's still in the ICU with the clear goal of letting nature take its course. (Cue: Singing Choirs of Angels.) But I work for the 2nd smallest hospital in Massachusetts. We kind of do our own thing. In the meanwhile, she received good care (as I like to think all of our patients receive); she was kept safe and comfortable. Don't know what tonight will bring. Hopefully it'll be "Q". Speaking of work, I gotta get ready to go. Hope all have a pleasant afternoon and evening! πŸ™‚ Ted
  9. Ted

    Memorial Day Monday May 31 2021

    BCgradnurse - Please forgive me for asking, but when is your wedding?? (My mind is drawing a blank.) Seems like your wedding plans are going smoothly. Looking forward to seeing photos and/or videos! πŸ™‚ As for Sedona?!? She most does her business outside. The only time that she "leaks" is in the morning when her little puppy bladder is full. (We let her out between 1 to 2 AM in the morning. The next time she goes outside has been between 4:30 to 5:00 AM in the morning.) As for sleep?? She sleeps in intervals all day long, usually every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. At night, she's usually in bed by 9:30 PM (and have been waking her up for potty time between 1 to 2 in the morning). NSIME - Hopefully the newish mattress will give you a good night's sleep. We have expensive mattresses on our beds. (Amy and I have our own rooms.) (My snoring even wakes me up sometimes, plus I sleep during the day when I work nights.) With regards to Nannie. . . hopefully all of the walking she does around the driveway will tire her out so that she soundly sleeps throughout the night. nursej22 - Covid tests. . . The county where I live has a higher than average rate of positive Covid-19 tests, compared to other areas of my state. It seems that many are refusing to get vaccinated (as reported by local newspapers and TV news stations). Not good. Sure do wish people would take this more seriously. Still, the overall trend is down, which is good. Tweety - Not good that the one nurse was less than honest with her report to you for that change of shift admission. It's poor form, for sure. Memorial Day. . . . I have three uncles who served in the Armed Forces, and fought during war time. All survived their tours of duty. My wife, on the other hand, has an uncle who died on the Beach of Normandy during WWII. William Holden was his name (my mother-in-law's brother). Today, we remember him. Peace. . .
  10. Ted

    Sunday May 30, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Recently woke up from 2nd Sleep. Got a text from work asking if I wanted to be On Call. I said, "Yes. . . with Pay". Worked last night as Mr. Shift Director. The first few hours were crazy-busy in our teeny-tiny ER. When things calmed down, finally, the rest of the night was "Q" throughout the hospital. There were plenty of opportunities to just chat with my fellow night-workers on the units, which was nice. While at work last night, I received a text from my loving wife. She asked that I NOT do the church thing this morning, and come right home instead. She was exhausted and wanted her husband home right away, rather than during the later morning/early afternoon after going to church. So, I wrote an evening text to my church's various leaders and said that I wouldn't be playing the keyboard this morning, and explained why. It was weird doing this. It was the first time in a LOOOOOOONG time (over a decade, at least!!) that I called out "sick" from playing keyboard for church. Thankfully, the response was an understanding one. As mentioned yesterday, life is different with the new Puppy! She's adorable! But, she requires a whole lot of physical and mental energy. She's learning new commands and phrases! And, she retains them! For the most part. Still, she's a a rascal outside, and loses the meaning to the new commands and phrases rather easily. It's been raining outside, which makes the "going outdoors" process more than a bit uncomfortable -- for me. The Puppy??? She doesn't mind the rain at all. In fact, she seems to enjoy lying in the very wet grass. LOL! (Ugh!) (She attacks the towel when we dry her off with it.) Hopefully I won't get Called In to work tonight. If I don't get Called In, then I'll have three full days and nights of bonding and training our dear Sedona. Well. . . Gotta go! Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted
  11. Ted

    Friday May 28, 2021

    Tweety - Glad that all went well with the Omnicell fiasco. (I hold a strong distain towards those things. Reliance on Omnicells have brought on a whole new set of problems and issues. Some of those issue do effect patient care, especially when needing to give certain medications that are time-sensitive. ) Can't sleep. . . Trying. . . Was off for 7 nights, and kept a "normal" sleeping pattern (for the most part). Gonna try to catch a few more ZZZZZZs, if possible.
  12. The title of this post should be named, "The Puppy". (I promise! I'll keep it short!!! LOL! πŸ˜› ) The Puppy. . . She is Adorably Cute! To look at her your heart melts, and all you want to do is hug it and kiss it and love it for ever and ever an ever. I have come to the conclusion that this "Adorably Cute" is all genetics, created by billions of years of evolution. What the puppy really is is the Devil's Spawn! LOL! 😱 😜 πŸ˜‚ Oh my gosh. . . When she is awake, Sedona has a LOT of energy! LOTS AND LOTS!! Nursej22, I am going to quote you: Sedona is sooo intelligent and soooooo stubborn! Without a doubt, she is learning! Quickly! She's learning simple commands like "Sit", "Sedona, come!" and "Go Potty". Truly, she has responded appropriately to these commands!! But!! She's also learning the game, "Let's See What I Can Do!", and ignores commands like "Sit", "Sedona, come!", and "Go Potty". (ACK!!) She merits a watchful eye. . . All Of The Time! Gratefully, she seems to really like her crate. It's her "happy and safe" place. It's also OUR "happy and safe" place, when she's in it, taking one of her naps. When she's awake, the world is hers to explore. She's explored most of the in-door world, because we purposefully kept it small (using all kinds of make-shift barriers). But the out-door world?!? Even though it's also kept relatively small (using an expensive wire-link fence), she's exploring everything from pebbles (to sniff and chew), weeds and grass (to sniff and chew), and our human flesh (to sniff and chew). The many chew toys that we bought her?!?! She chews them. Most times. Until she comes across pebbles, weeds & grass, and human flesh. We're really trying to teach her not to chew on human flesh! Apparently it tastes good (like chicken! πŸ˜› ), and she's very stubborn sometimes! (No blood has been drawn. Yet!) But. . . She is Adorably Cute! She LOVES the "Belly Rub"! The Quiet Time is on our dedicated couch for "Couch Time", where many-a belly rubs take place! Each moment with her is an adventure, for sure. And, we've only just begun!! Although we're both tired at the end of the day, we're happy. What can I say??? We LOVE our Adorably Cute Devil's Spawn!!! LOL! 😍 πŸ˜‚ Tweety - Glad you had a nice, and well-deserved (!), day off from work! Also, really good to read that Best Friend's knee is doing better! Joe - Your Sunday seemed nice, with its interesting variety of planned activities. From Bell Choir, to attending a peaceful protest, to embroidery. Very cool, my friend! Hope your work week is kind to you. NSIME - "Smartphones" can be so frustratingly dumb sometimes! No fun!! Seems like you got matters resolved in your favor, though. nursej22 - It's inspiring that you run, and do hill sprints. I've gained weight too. It does not feel good at all. (I moan when I look in the mirror.) Although we do our power-walks (with the occasional momentary jog), we don't do them consistently. It does feel good to build up that endurance with jogging and exercise. It's just that "getting there" is painful. Just gotta think, "One Day at a Time", it seems. Here's to good health, and healthy living! amoLucia - It's nice to read that you like your sleep apnea machine. Back in 2008, I was fitted with a CPAP for my snoring and sleep apnea. I probably used it only a couple of times throughout the years. It still works. When we go on vacation, and Amy and I sleep in the same bed, I take and wear the CPAP. Otherwise, it's kept neatly in my closet (which is not good, of course). (Oh. . . for years, Amy and I sleep in our own rooms. She has the bigger Master Bedroom, of course! LOL!) I actually sleep better wearing the CPAP. I just never go used to wearing it, unfortunately. Hope the new mask for your sleep apnea machines comes quickly for you, so that you can get a good night's sleep again! Today. . . It'll be more "Puppy Time", of course. I also hope to get a much-needed hair cut today, too! The "mop" on my head does NOT look good at all. (Ugh!) Hope all have a pleasant day today! Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted
  13. NSIME - I was going to post a photo here, with my initial post today. I got distracted! Oops! Well. . . here's a photo of Sedona, sleeping on her couch. πŸ™‚
  14. Ted

    Sunday May 23 2021

    Good Morning - Joe - Seems like you have quite the varied day planned for yourself today! Cooking before church; bell choir; attending a protest. Very cool! Hope it ain't too hot outside for your, today. Life is all about The Puppy! LOL! Oh my gosh. She's "Cute on Steroids"!! She also has a short attention span, finding new things to see, new things to chew (we have a LOT of chew toys for her as she teethes!), new places inside and outside to explore! It's so cool!! She's also learning! She's learning how to navigate steps, seems to be learning the difference between "indoors" and "outdoors". I like to believe that she's actually learning her name, "Sedona". But that isn't 100% confirmed yet. (She doesn't always come when her name is called.) She's even learning life with her crate; that the crate is a safe place, especially for sleeping, and chewing her toys. For her first night with us, last night, she slept in her crate. As I've shared here before, Sedona is our first Puppy. In many ways, we're learning with her, as she experiences and learns all things about doggy life with us. For the first time in a LONG time, there were tears in my eyes when we first met her. She's just the cutest thing in our lives, right now. Gotta remember not to spoil her; that WE are the "Alphas". Interestingly, she seems OK with that. The most important thing is that she feels safe and loved. THAT, she seems to feel. Amy and I never had children. We tried to make them once, a few decades ago. Just couldn't make them. We've accepted that reality. We certainly have led, and continue to experience, a fulfilled life "just" being "DINKERs". Almost always with a canine furry friend. Sedona is our fifth, but our first puppy. A puppy, with definite child-like qualities to her, and with a growing/evolving personality. She'll never speak words, or go to college. But she already says "I'm Happy" and "I Love You" with her watchful eyes. Without a doubt, teaching her about life as a beloved dog in our family will be a challenge. . . a welcomed challenge! She loves to play! Constantly! (Until she sleeps! Almost constantly!) It will involve patience and almost-constant watchful energy, for sure! And for me! It will involve reminders that I am the "Alpha"! LOL! (Well. . . Amy is truly the "Alpha" of our family!) It's all interesting. . . and it all so very, very cool! πŸ™‚ Well. . . gotta get ready for church. Amy will be watching the dog during that time. When I return, it'll be her turn to leave the home (and do some chores) while I puppy-sit and puppy-train. Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted Edited to Add: Hi Tweety! You pushed the "Submit Reply Button" before I did, it seems. For most of the night, Sedona was quite. . . until she had to pee. She let us know in no uncertain terms that she had to go potty. She was in her crate at the time. Apparently, dogs don't like to pee in their crate if they can avoid it! THIS seems to be proven true. So far! LOL!
  15. Ted

    Saturday May 22 2021

    Good Morning We’re sitting outside on the front porch of a lovely B&B, in the town of Thompson, Connecticut. The weather is perfect for drinking early morning coffee. Had a lovely dinner with our niece and nephew at a very fancy-shmancy (and expensive!) restaurant. The food?!? Delicious! The bill?!!? Wow! It was our treat, of course. It was worth it. In two hours we pick up Sedona, the wonder puppy! 😊 Hope all have a pleasant day today. πŸ™‚ Ted
  16. Ted

    Wednesday May 19, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Apparently it's somebody's Birthday today! The "obligatory beaching-loving" Birthday Boy doesn't look a day over 49. . . errrr. . . 39 years old!! πŸ˜„ (Enjoy your day!) Just woke up from First Sleep. Because I'm off from work tonight, my Second Sleep probably won't take place until the "usual" bed-time later tonight. Work last night. . . Somebody(!) said the "Q" word!! Way too loudly, and way to clearly!! (Whine!) It was my turn to float, so I played the role of Mr. ER Nurse for most of the shift. The people just kept coming in to our teeny-tiny hospital's ER. It seemed relentless! Of course, I'm not as fast as the full-time ER Nurses, but I held my own. With the exception of one patient, there was no really sick individuals. Just a whole lot of aches & pains, upset tummies, small lacerations needing stitches, and the usual "please take this tick off me" individuals. The ER calmed down around 1:00 AM this early morning. At around 4:00 AM it was "Q" enough so that I offered the night Shift Director to go home early. She accepted my offer. So, at around 4:15 AM, I changed roles and became Mr. Shift Director for the remainder of the shift. Tonight . . . We're having friends come over for dinner. (Yep! We actually have friends!! LOL! πŸ˜› ) We haven't seen them in a long time (due to the pandemic). Sadly, they're in the process of selling one of their homes (because of retirement plans) and will be moving farther away from us. Still, they'll be keeping one of their homes which is located in Upstate New York. (Their other home is in Arizona. So, they'll be doing the "Snow Bird" thing post-retirement.) Looking forward to our dinner plans with them tonight. It's a lovely day outside, so we'll be eating dinner "outside" on our screened-in porch. Working tomorrow night. (Hopefully it'll be much "Q-er" tomorrow!!) Then Friday, Amy and I set forth to get our puppy! Friday evening, we'll be having dinner with one of our niece & nephew. (They live about an hour's drive away from where we'll be picking up the puppy.) Then Saturday morning, we pick up our new and beloved Sedona (the apricot-colored female Woodle)! She's a cutie!!! Of course we'll be taking LOTS of pictures of our new canine-family member. πŸ™‚ Now?!? I'm going to do some video-editing of the dance recital(s) that I video-recorded this past weekend. It's a slow process for sure. But editing a little here, and a little there, will ultimately get the project done. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted
  17. Ted

    Monday May 17th 2021

    Good Afternoon - It's another beautiful day in this part of the world. The suns is out with little clouds in the sky, the leaves on the trees are fuller (but still fully grown out yet), and the temperature is a comfortable 70+ degrees. Love Spring!! Saturday. . . It was a LONG day, for sure. But it was only long because the three out-door dance recitals were scheduled far apart from each other (10 AM, 2PM and 6PM). It was an absolutely lovely day to be outside, though! And the venue!!! It's a park right along side the Hudson River! What a beautiful place on a beautiful day to hold an out-door dance recital!! The kids were just cute in their cut outfits! There was some lovely dance routines, too! I do enjoy watching well-choreographed and well-rehearsed dance routines. A few of the adult dance routines were simply outstanding, which was nice to see! There were two issues that I faced video-recording the dance recital out-doors: 1) The sun changed its spot throughout the day, which made setting the exposure settings of the camera quit the challenge, and 2) getting a bit sun-burnt! Although I was under a tree for shading, I still felt the effects of the sun on my Lilly-White skin. (Note to self: Wear sun-screen next time!!! Ugh!) Finally got home around 9:30 PM that night. (Long day!) The video-recordings are turning out pretty good (thanks to my newish expensive camera)! It's gonna take me many, many hours to edit the three dance recitals. It's a work of love, though. Sunday. . . There was church. Afterward, Amy and I worked on our yard, and worked in-doors, getting ready for our new puppy. (We're very puppy-focused, right now!) Today?!? More of the same, although I took an afternoon nap in getting ready for work tonight. I'm scheduled to work tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night. On Wednesday, I'll be able to do more house and yard chores. Nothing much else going on. Got to get ready for work now. Hope all have a pleasant afternoon! πŸ™‚ Ted
  18. Good Morning! It looks to be another lovely day today. The sun is out with few clouds, with the temp going up to around the low-70s. Seems to be a perfect day to video-record a dance recital held outdoors. (I'll be leaving in about 45 minutes.) Yesterday. . . Wow! Did LOTS of Spring Cleaning. More precisely, cleared out a whole lot of "junk" that's been stored in our basement for years! We nearly filled up a semi-large metal container, that we're renting, with this junk! We still have our garage to clean out (which Amy will be doing while I'm doing the video-recording thing). Any old electronic equipment (like non-functioning HDDs, non-working keyboards, old non-functioning audio equipment, non-functioning TVs, etc.) we put in the back of my Jeep and drove it to the one transfer station that accepts these things. . . for free. That transfer station was nearly 40 miles away from where we live. What was cool about going to that transfer station was that it's located near where the dance recital is being held today. . . but across the Hudson River. So we drove across the Hudson River, and to the outdoor venue where the dance recital is being held. It is beautiful! The venue is on a park, right along side the Hudson River! The dance students were practicing their "dancing". . . well, they were bopping up and down NOT to the beat of the music. (LOL!) Also, I saw where I'll be setting up my video-recording equipment, which will be under a tree (thankfully). Afterward, we went to an Italian restaurant, which we haven't been to in decades, and had a really delicious Italian meal. (Yum!) All-in-all, it was both a productive and really beautiful day, yesterday! Well. . . I gotta get going. Hope all have a nice and restful weekend today. And to those who have to work, I hope work is kind to you. Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted
  19. Good Morning! It's a quiet Morning at 4:23 AM (EST), in this part of the world. Had a good night's sleep, so far. Hope to catch a few more ZZZZZs after I'm done typing here. I believe that I need a new lawn mower. My current mower is losing its oomph. At the very least, the blades are dull, leaving the lawn looking "unkempt". (I can't think of another word right now! LOL!) It also kept on stalling, which is not a good sign. This mower has lasted us many years. But it's the 4th (or 5th??) mower that we've owned since living in our current home of 15+ years. It's a push mower, with powered back wheels. The treads to the wheels are all worn down. (Basically, there's no treads to the wheels at all.) Keeping the mower upright on some of the steeper parts of our lawn is becoming dangerous, actually. I'm not wanting to spend $$$$ on a new mower, right now. But it seems that that's what I need to be doing if I don't want a hay-yard on our property. It's gotta be a push mower, though. There's too many steep parts to the lawn to get a rider mower. (First World problems. I'm actually embarrassed to be whining about all of this!!) Although I still have more lawn to mow, I'll be doing two things today: 1) Major spring cleaning, and 2) scouting out the area where I'll be video-recording the dance recital tomorrow (which is being held out-doors). The out-door venue is across the Hudson River from where I live, about a 1+ hour drive (one way), so the spring cleaning will be somewhat limited. (I'm planning my time in my head, as I type out these words!! LOL!) Amy and I rented a medium-sized dumpster with the intention of throwing out LOTS of stuff "stored" in our basement and garage. . . stuff that we'll never be using again, or that's been "contaminated" by mice (ugh!!). I'm looking forward to tomorrow! I enjoy video-recording these dance recitals. Sure do wish it was being held in-doors. The concern is that there might be rain-showers tomorrow. But apparently that risk is relatively low. Still, that risk is there and I sure do NOT want to get the (new!) video-recording equipment wet. Sunday is church, of course. After church, Amy and I will continue getting our home ready for the new puppy. I must admit that I'm a bit nervous about having a new puppy to train. (Thanks for that link that you shared on Facebook, Tweety!) Amy and I are prepared to focus our time and attention on training. . . and loving (!). . . our new canine-family-member. Without a doubt, training the puppy is a whole new thing for us! Amy's been reading books on the subject, and I've been watching YouTube videos on training dogs. (I'm not a real fan on reading books, I'm embarrassed to admit.) Without a doubt, these next several weeks will be busy ones! We plan on video-recording our adventures with training our puppy! (LOL!) Tweety - I hope work is being kind to you. It seems like work-life is quite crazy-busy for you most times. It's always good to see your "obligatory beach photos" on Facebook, though. You seem quite relaxed in those photos. Joe - Hopefully you won't be experiencing any uncomfortable side-effect after the 2nd vaccine. (I had some general body-aches that lasted about a day.) Also hope you're getting a good night's sleep tonight. It seems like you have some nice weather coming your way for this week-end! nurseJ22 - I'm concerned about the rate of positive Covid-19 cases in our area, too. We're still seeing them in our teeny-tiny hospital's ER. Now with the CDC suggesting to relax some of the "social distancing" safe-guards, coupled with some people refusing to get vaccinated, it just seems that we're leaving ourselves vulnerable to another rise of Covid-19 cases. Anyway, I hope work, next week, is kind to you as your work additional hours. BCgradnurse - Purchasing vegetable plants with your sister seems like a nice and relaxing thing to do! Enjoy! (Working from home "in pajamas" seems like it would be a nice thing to do! LOL!) amoLucia - I hope all is going well for you! herring_RN - I hope all is well for you, too! NSIME - I hope all is well for you too! Curious. . . did the birds hatch from their eggs yet?? (The other day, you mentioned that they were about to hatch.) dianah - It seems that you're doing a fair amount of music-making! Very cool! Are there any more gigs in the future?? Hello to anyone . . . and Everyone (!). . . who passes this way today! Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted
  20. Ted

    Monday May 10 2021

    Good Evening - First. . . Apologies for the absence. This is a DAILY Diary. I've never been really good with the "Daily" part, it seems. Certainly not this past week. This past week. . . It involved a certain amount of soul-searching. Long story short, my father's 3rd wife passed away last Sunday. I received news (from my sister) regarding her death last Tuesday. Actually, she lived longer than anyone expected, to be honest. She had Stage 4 Lung cancer, and was receiving treatments for many years. For the longest time, her cancer was considered "stable". Apparently, her cancer was no longer responding to the treatment. And, apparently, she'd been in Hospice for the past several months. Now. . . this is where the "soul-searching" part comes into play. I was never close to my father's 3rd wife. The last time I talked to her was once after my father's funeral, which was two years ago. About a year ago, I talked to her daughter-in-law who wanted to drop off some of my father's remaining personal possessions. But that interaction with her daughter-in-law was the only time, since my father's funeral, that I had any interaction with any of her family members (well, until now). She and I "had words". Several times. Honestly?!? I never figured out what my father saw in her. However, he told a number of times that he loved her. On the "Plus Side", when Dad was deteriorating (both physically and mentally), she never placed him into a Nursing Home (even though, at one point, required nursing home level care). However, there were a few times when she (temporarily) left him. High and Dry. Of course, my sister and I stayed with him during those times. We also helped out, during the past couple of years of his life, offering her respite. There is no doubt that the last couple of years of my father's life was very stressful for her, and for everyone! But she resisted any additional care from home-health aides (that my sister and I helped to arranged, and actually arranged!!) for Dad (to help alleviate HER stress). Those "Words" that we had with each other often involved the matter of seeking extra home-health assistance for Dad. (To be very clear, Dad had the money to help pay for the assistance, that would have lasted a good 3+ years!!) Finally, she accepted additional home-health assistance for the past few months of Dad's life, when he was at his worse. Initially, I was not going to attend her funeral. I felt nothing towards her. (Sadly, I still do.) However, her burial was the same day as her funeral. THAT made a difference. Although Dad passed away a little over 2 years ago, he still wasn't buried. Plans were made, well in advance, for my Father to be buried with his wife. So, I decided to attend her funeral. . . that morning. Then, of course, I attended the combined burial. (Interestingly, she was buried in a coffin, and he his ashes were buried with her, inside her coffin.) (THAT was a first!) Of course, all of this brought on all kinds of emotions. I still miss my Dad. I'm also sad for her family. They are experiencing the same feelings that I felt, two years ago, when my father passed away. An end to an era has taken place, that is for sure. All kinds of memories flooded, and continues to flood, my mind. I'm in a much better place now. But last week?!? It as an emotional roller-coaster. One good thing that took place was that I spent some quality time with my sister. We rarely spend any time alone together. It was one day, the day of the funeral and the burial. But it was spent together. We had a lovely dinner out after the burial, just the two of us. THAT was really nice. Nothing much else going on. I am at work. Currently, it's "Q". "Q" is always good. You're all good people. Please know that I hold you all with much affection and admiration. Peace. . . Ted
  21. Ted

    Tuesday April 27, 2021

    amoLucia - Warm thoughts your way as you continue on with your treatments. Certainly hope that the CT Scan results are in your favor; hope that whatever is found will steer your treatments accordingly, always in a positive direction for you. (((Hugs)))
  22. Ted

    Monday April 26 2021

    Good Afternoon - Just want to say a quick but warm hello. . . Spent most of the day problem-solving an issue with Amy's 2017 MacBook Air computer. She was trying to update/upgrade the operating system so that she can connect to her work's "Epic" program, and finish doing some on-line training courses that she started. Bottom line is this, her computer is currently at the Apple Store for servicing. It's currently inoperable from doing the updating/upgrading process. (Ugh!) In the meanwhile, I'm slowly reading the NRP manual in preparation to taking the on-line tests, and taking the hands-on test this Friday. It'll get done, but my life-line habit of procrastination is presenting itself again. (Ugh!) I should be finished with the NRP manual later tonight. Work last night was "Q", thankfully. Well. . . back to reading. Peace, folks. . . Ted
  23. Good Morning! Tweety - I read the post that you wrote, yesterday, on FB (and that you wrote here). Please forgive the cliche, but we are only human. It seems that your assignment was unfair, quite frankly. In general, these are difficult times. I truly believe that, as a nation (and as a world community), we are or will be suffering a certain measure of PTSD from the pandemic. So, fried nerves is almost to be expected. So, enjoy the next few days off from work. Relax and unwind. We're still seeing people walking through our ER doors who end up being newly positive for Covid-19. If they're (relatively) stable with minimal symptoms, then those individuals are sent home. If their symptoms are more serious, they're transferred to our larger sister hospital. It's not as prevalent as it was a year ago, thank goodness. But the pandemic lives on. In our area, there's an up-tick of positive cases, which is disconcerting. People are not wearing masks, and/or congregating in larger groups. It seems that people are letting down their guard. All of this makes me a bit anxious, for sure. Amy and I are faced with the real possibility of re-re-rescheduling our trip to Italy (currently planned for this fall). Again. Hopefully we'll still be able to go as planned, but Italy, and many of the European nations, are also seeing an up-tick of this virus. Please forgive me for venting, but it's all so very frustrating. Aside from living life through this pandemic, all is OK. Although Amy and I did our 2-mile power-walk, yesterday was a day of rest. Yesterday afternoon and evening we binge-watched "Schitt's Creek" which is comedy show. It's freakin' hilarious, actually! (Warning: If you decide to watch it, expect "adult language"!) Friday night, I was placed On Call and did not get Called In. THAT was very much welcomed! Thursday night, I played the role of Mr. Shift Director. Although the hospital was relatively "Q" that night, it was a night from hell from an IT/computer software/Omnicell point-of-view!! Thursday night into Friday, there was a planned Downtime! (I forgot all about this when I chose to work as Shift Director!!! Ugh!!!) Downtime is when our entire healthcare system updates/upgrades its software program that involves charting, MD ordering, eMar, etc.. (We use Meditech Expanse, which is a software program from hell on a normal day!!) So, in addition to the Downtime, there was an additional issue where the pharmacy could not get newly ordered medications to be obtained (by the nurses) from our Omnicells (which "houses" ALL of the medications!). Not Good. I spent a good portion of the night attempting to problem-solve this unfortunate issue with pharmacy (which happens to be the pharmacist at our larger sister hospital - located about 27 miles away - during nights and week-ends). (That particular pharmacist at our larger sister hospital, that night, was NEW!! He had to consult his supervisor to help problem-solve our issue. Ugh!) (Lots and lots of phone calls!!) At least the patients in the hospital were OK. (My nerves were fried, though.) Downtime ended about 5:00 AM the following morning. The frustrating issue with our hospital's Omnicells also ended around that time, too. Today? There's church this morning. I'm scheduled to work tonight as Mr. ICU Nurse. Hopefully work will be "Q". I hope all have a restful weekend. Peace. . . Ted
  24. Ted

    Thursday April 22, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Just want to share a quick but warm hello. . . The Weather. . . It snowed. Lots. It actually accumulated - about 1 1/2" on the ground. Interestingly, the snow didn't stick to the road. Now? The snow is all melted, thankfully. Still, it's cold outside. Weird Weather. Things are "Q" in the hospital. I was offered to be On call. Rather, I offered to work as Shift Director tonight and allow the full-time Shift Director to be On Call. (She's the one who needs a kidney transplant.) She accepted. In the meanwhile, I'll be reading and studying for NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation "P"???) book in preparation for the exam(s). (Still don't know what the "P" stands for.) Hopefully it'll be "Q" for the rest of the night. Nothing much else going on. Hope all have a pleasant night tonight. Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted
  25. Ted

    Wednesday April 21, 2021

    Good Morning - Tweety - It's sad to read that your Travel Buddy has severe osteoporosis, which might limit him doing any significant travel plans. Maybe "creative" travel plans could be made that might provide less-strenuous walking/hiking, and still see the lovely sites??? (Not walking isn't good for osteoporosis.) Our trip to Ireland and Scotland, that we took a few years ago, involved more driving around than walking. It would seem that a trip to England/Scotland/Ireland could be made to accommodate your Best Friend's situation, which might allow the two of you to do more traveling together. As for your CPR today, remember. . . "Harder and Faster" (for the CPR)! πŸ˜› Joe - Hope work is kinder to you today. Seems like you have a nice, productive day planned for yourself outside of work. I'm sure you'll enjoy Bell Choir rehearsal. With the exception of that "Code Blue in Progress" that came to our teeny-tiny hospital's Emergency Room, and the subsequent corneal "harvesting", last evening at work was fairly unremarkable. (The poor guy had "Gone to Heaven" long before he graced our ER. His corneas will live on and provide better eye-site for the recipient.) The hospital, as a whole, remained "Q", which was nice. Driving home was a bit challenging because of the night fog. Got home safely, though. Today?!? Amy and I have tentative plans to do more video-recording. If we do that, we'll be video-recording later this afternoon into the evening. In the meanwhile, I MUST study for NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation "Program"?? Not sure what the "P" stands for. LOL!) The "hands-on" portion of the test is April 30th. I successfully procrastinated in starting the on-line portion of the program for the past 6+ months. It's coming down to the wire. So, I'll most probably start learning about NRP. Today. Finally. (Ugh!) It's supposed to rain today, so at least I won't be missing out on hiking during a nice, sunny Spring Day. Nothing much else going on. I hope all have a pleasant day today! Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted

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