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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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    Tuesday August 27 2019

    Good Morning! Joe - I can appreciate being startled with an unexpected work-load. But I've learned that sometimes it pays to take a few deep breaths, and get into a "wait and see" mode to see how things actually pan out, like what you're doing. In the meanwhile, enjoy dinner with J. Well. . . I had a delightful dinner with Lil Nel and her friends, yesterday!! It's always nice meeting friends from allnurses, face to face! They're both very interesting people! They've known each other for a long time. It's nice to see a long-lasting friendship that they seem to have with each other. We ate dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant. I'm not as familiar with the Indian cuisine. To be honest, I wasn't sure how I'd like the food. But, it was DELICIOUS! And, it was a vegetarian meal, too!! (I do enjoy vegetarian meals. I enjoy vegan meals, too! They go really well with meat!! YUM!! L O L! ) (Although, I didn't have any meat last night.) I found out that her friend and his wife live in the same county where I live. So, hopefully we can all get together again in the not-too-distant future. Lil Nel and her friends are now on their way to Nantucket. She says "Hello" to everyone! Work Saturday and Sunday nights were busy nights. I played the role of "Mr. Shift Director". Basically, that means I was everyone's bytch, helping out wherever help was needed. L O L! (Taking people to CT Scan, starting IVs, drawing blood, answering call-bells, changing soiled adult briefs and wet linen, etc., etc., etc.) But, what it nice about this "role" is that I don't have to do a ton of charting!!! They were busy nights, but they were good nights. I do like being a Shift Director. Today is day (night) two off from work. The weather is supposed to be nice. I'll probably mow the lower portion of our property today. Haven't mowed the section of our property in weeks! The grass. It grows high!! EEK!! Don't have any other plans for the day. Amy is off from work today, too. Maybe we can do something nice and out-doorsey together (in addition to the yard work). Tomorrow is day (night) three off from work. I'm meeting Dad's wife for lunch tomorrow. It'll be the first time we've gotten together since Dad's funeral. It seems that she needed some space. For a while, she was not answering texts or phone calls. Admittedly, that was very frustrating. Throughout the past few months, I was attempting to contact her to say "hello" as well as to seek information with regards to the "where and when" of the burial service for Dad's ashes. Eventually, she contacted me. Since then, she seems willing to correspond. It'll be nice having lunch with her, tomorrow. Nothing much else going on. Hope all is well with everyone! Peace! Ted
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    Saturday August 24, 2019

    Good Afternoon! Giving a warm but quick hello to you all. . . Just finished lunch after First Sleep. Getting ready for Second Sleep before going to work. Last night, work was a nice-busy. Because there were no patients in our teeny-tiny ICU, I worked the Med/Surg floor. I took an admission which brought the med/surg census up to a whopping THREE patients. L O L! This patient was a delightful 80+ year old gentleman. He was admitted as "Observation" for aspiration. He was fine, and safely slept throughout most of the night. During the admission interview, he shared that he is an artist. So, being the art-lover that I am, I "Googled" this person. Wow! Not only is he an artist, he's a talented one at that! He creates beautiful modern-looking artwork! Gosh, I hope that I'm that productive and that creative during my "retirement" years. (If I ever retire!) Well. . . Gotta catch me more ZZZZZs. Cheers! Ted
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    Friday August 23, 2019

    Tweety - Happily, I was On Call, last night! Did not get called in, either! (Woot, woot!) It is sad to read about the firings going on in your hospital. Must be crazy-unnerving! Hopefully those fired were the more "bad apples". Hopefully the firings that took place will lead to better leadership and choice-making for your hospital, its employees, and ultimately for the people in your community that it serves. Our hospital's hierarchy has been there as long as I've been there, if not longer . . . going on 20 years. With that has come great stability, which is nice. However, our "DON" (not her actual title, but I forget her title), is going into to her late 60s, and has hinted at retiring. THAT would be significant, and not necessarily for the better. Joe - Enjoy your dinner with J. Should be a nice time to unwind and relax. Nice to read that your cat is doing better. It was nice being On Call, last night. It gave me a total of 8 nights off from work! Although, being On Call could mean that I get Called In, which can be unnerving sometimes because of that anticipation of getting that phone call. Still working the next three nights in a row, which, mentally, seems more "reasonable". Anyway, I got some good rest last night. Today?? Well. . . the usual "sleep, eat, work" thing. I might spend some time outside tidying up our yard after all of the rainfall we've been getting. Specifically, our newly worked-on driveway needs some touching up from some slight rock & dirt erosion from the rainfall. The erosion is minimal. But with each rainfall comes more erosion. Nothing much else to share. . . Hope all have a pleasant day, today! Ted
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    Wednesday August 21, 2019

    BCgradnurse - Gosh! Real estate in your are of MA must be crazy expensive. I know that the cost for apartment rentals in Boston have sky-rocketed over the past 35+ years! It's good that the value of your home has increased. So, if/when you sell your home, there's a lovely one just over the MA border in NYS which you can purchase, and STILL have $$$ left over for another home somewhere. L O L! (Actually, Berkshire County in MA, and Columbia County in NY have a lot of 2nd home buyers from the cities of Boston and NYC.) By the way. . . I have plans to meet another Allnurses member in a few days from now!!! Lil Nel will be flying into Albany this Monday to meet with some friends. Apparently, they'll be making their way together for a vacation in Nantucket, MA. In the meanwhile, I'll be meeting Lil Nel and her friend(s) in Albany, NY, this Monday. We all will be having a dinner together! I do enjoy meeting people from Allnurses! I've met quite a few throughout the years!
  5. Good Morning! It's 5:10 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Recently woke up. Currently hearing the sound of coffee percolating. It's such a beautiful sound! Responding to yesterday's "Good Morning" thread. . . BCgradnurse - Good to read that you had a nice 4 days off. Hope these 5 days of work are kind to you. Sorry to read about your 16 year old cat, though! (((Hugs))) It is profoundly sad losing a beloved pet. They are family members, for sure. nursej22 - Nice that you have the week off from work! (Today, I am Day 6 of seven nights off from work. It's rare that my work schedule turns out this way. I ain't complaining!) Hope all goes well with your husband at the trade show. Hope all is OK with your pacemaker! Cool, that you're volunteering in the medical tent for the JDFR bicycle event. Curious. What does "JDFR" stand for? This event sounds significant . . . 100 miles!! Hope your son does well! herring_RN - Curious. Do you have an air conditioned room for those really hot days?? I guess I'm getting soft. I can't imagine life without one. (It's been quite hot and humid around this part of the world, these past few days.) Regarding bird feeders. We decided NOT to put those bird feeders out on our lawn after hearing that they attract bears! Yep! We have bear sightings around here. We've had them come up on our back porch in past years! (Yikes!!) Hope you and your loving husband a comfortable during these hot days. NSIME - Those really hot and humid days are NOT fun! It doesn't seem pleasant at all with Nannie having a cold. I hope that the "Nannie Situation" gets settled, for your and for her sakes. Nice to read that you've lost some pounds. It's a good feeling, for sure! (I'm down about 15 pounds after working through a recent "exercise & healthy-eating" regime. I'm still eating healthily. Need to work on maintaining the exercise, though.) As for socializing?? It's important. Gotta make the time and effort for such things. Amy and I are homebodies, but mostly because of our weird work-schedules. It's just nice to go out, do something different, and be around good people. It does take effort, though, at least for us. dianah - Always good to read about your time at the bluegrass festivals! Being with other musicians, hearing great & fun music, and doing LOTS of jamming! Very cool!! Congratulations on your friend winning the raffle (after purchasing only ONE ticket) and winning that guitar! That must have been exciting for him! I've probably said this before to you, but we have a yearly Blue-grass festival around our neck of the woods! If interested, I send you some info regarding the when's and where's. (To be honest, I've never gone to it. Amy has, though. She says that it's a lot of fun!!) (However, I've taken care of people from that blue grass festival, in our happy, teeny-tiny hospital's ER, who needed medical attention. Our hospital has specific plans for that blue-grass festival in dealing with possible large-volume "issues"!) ____________ Well. . . It is now 5:51 AM (EST). The coffee is now fully brewed. It beckons! Nothing much planned for today. . . except mowing. . . if it ain't too hot & humid outside. The grass. It grows! If it is hot & humid outside (recently, with associated thunder storms), Amy and I will happily hang indoors and relax. We're seriously thinking about putting our house back on the market, again. The Realtor that we use says that it is the "seller's market". I doubt very much that we'll get what we paid for it, 14+ years ago. According to recent sales of houses in our area, a home with property like ours goes for around $275,000 dollars! If that is the case, we'll stand to LOSE close to $90,000 dollars from what we paid for this home (14+ years ago). OUCH!! But, we're focused on getting out of debt as we focus on retiring - sooner than later. Selling our home will help us, greatly, with these important plans and goals. Still, I do love our home. Lots of memories. And, it is a lovely home. It's coffee time! Peace! Ted
  6. herring_RN - You have a wonderful husband. Being married for 53 years says a lot!! (I'm impressed!!) Your NP is a "looker" though! L O L! Here's the blushing embarrassed emoji: L O L! (Obviously, I have a bit too much extra time on my hands! L O L! ) BCgradnurse - *IF* we sold our home, we'd rent either a small home or condo. Amy's been doing some research. If we sold our home now, we could rent a similarly sized home on some acreage for around $1600.00/month. That's about a thousand dollars LESS than our current mortgage!!!
  7. L O L!! Well, herring_RN?? DO YOU have a crush on your NP?!? Enquiring minds want to know!!! (He does look stunning!) Recently finished mowing, and just took a long, hot shower. Lawn looks good. Muscles ache. Ugh!
  8. Tweety - You ate some steak?!? It reminds me of my Boston-living days, living with a room-mate who was a vegetarian. For MONTHS he'd prepare us vegetarian meals. (He was a good cook! His vegetarian meals were delicious!!) Then on a really rare occasion, BANG! There'd be a medium-rare steak on the table!! L O L! (Gosh, I miss those Boston days. Good times. Good memories!) You're a good friend, spending time with your best buddy. Seems like you have a busy day planned for yourself. Hopefully you'll make it to the beach today?!?!? Joe - Good to read that work is going well with you, despite the changes. Also, good to read that your cat seems to be doing better. Currently drinking Second Coffee! The weather is somewhat cool outside, now. I'm going to let the sun dry up some of the morning dew that's on the grass, then I'll probably mow. Gosh, I really don't want to mow. (Blech!) Oh well. The lawn looks good afterwards. And. . . it IS freakin' good exercise! (Whine!)
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    Monday August 19th 2019

    Good Morning - Well, it looks like you (Joe) and Tweety have started today's Good Morning thread at the same time. Again! L O L! Hopefully a moderator/administrator can combine the two threads together. Again. Joe - Hope your cat it OK. Maybe the cat recently jumped down from a high place, injuring itself?? It's sad to see them limp along, though. Hope the change at work isn't too drastic. Tweety - Hope all is well. . . Been up for a while doing the video-editing thing. I'm not feeling inspired to write a new composition. There are ideas rattling around in my head, but nothing worth spending lots of time and energy developing at this point. Had a really nice day, yesterday. Our per diem Pastor gave a really nice sermon during the church service. I wish he'd stay full-time, but he's semi-retired. We're lucky to have him come to our church, even if it's just every-now-and-then. Had a really nice time meeting up with friends and watching the musical-comedy with Amy in the cast. Although Amy doesn't necessarily have one of the "lead roles", she is featured a whole lot on stage. The musical-comedy, itself, was quite funny. It was definitely for "Mature Audiences Only", though, with the "F-bombs" that were thrown in as scripted. After the show, we all went out for dinner together. It was really nice visiting with friends. The dinner was delicious, too! Amy and I don't socialize much, unfortunately. We must do this socializing-thing more often. Today?? There are no real plans. If the weather is nice, Amy and I might go out and do something outdoorsy-like. If it's going to be another hot, humid and rainy day (which is what it's supposed to be), we'll stay indoors and relax together. I'll probably do more video-editing. Who knows?? Maybe I'll bang out a new melody??? L O L! Just finished drinking First Coffee. Think I'll get another cup and do more video-editing. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  10. Ted

    Sunday August 18, 2019

    Good Morning! Tweety. . . Didn't I just "see" you on Facebook?!? L O L! Thanks for starting today's "Good Morning" thread. Good to read that you're catching up on much-deserved sleep. Hope today is a relaxing day for you, too. Hi Joe! You just sent your post moments before I hit my "send" button! L O L! Good to read that you had a productive day, yesterday. Looking forward to seeing photos of your cross-stitching project once completed. (Hopefully we can figure out how to share those photos here on AN!) Recently woke up. JUST finished drinking First Coffee. Gotta get ready for church soon. I want to get there early, today, to set up an additional lavalier microphone that I'm donating to the church. I was told that people are having difficulties hearing the Pastor(s). There are already two microphones that are used, one on the alter and one on the lectern. This 3rd lavalier microphone will be used solely for the Pastor (or person presiding over the church service). After church, I'm coming home and rest before going to see the musical that Amy is in. This 2:00 PM show is the last performance of this musical-comedy. Looking forward to seeing Amy perform on stage. She's really talented! Did additional editing to the dance video. I'm working on the "Camera 2" video files. "Camera 2" was used for close-ups. Gotta say that the "footage" looks really great! It's just that doing the simple color-corrections that needs to be done is very time-consuming. I'm only a hobbyist with this video-recording/video-editing thing. I'm sure that someone who does this stuff for a living is 10 times as fast as I am! L O L! I only do a few dance scenes at a time before I need to give my eyes (and back) a rest. Tonight, I think I'll take a break from video-editing and focus on composing another instrumental piece. THAT whole composing/sequencing process also takes a whole lot of time and creative thought. My goal was to do one composition a month. So far, I've done just three this year. These compositions are my Holiday Present to family and friends. I'll burn several dozen CDs to give as gifts. Amy said that she wants to do some creative video-making together. She certainly has the talent and I certainly have the equipment. What we need are scripts! L O L! She's toying around with the idea of doing spoof videos on the TV show, "Gray's Anatomy". So. . . if ANYONE here has any ideas for scripts or even lyrics for healthcare-related songs to sing (I'm really good in writing melodies!!), please feel free to send them my way! You'll get full credit. And if, by some chance, any kind of commercial venture is made by these videos, you WILL get paid!! I am NOT kidding! I'm actually working with a young gentleman I know at work who is a really talented lyricist. He actually gave me two original lyrics to use as I see fit. They're great lyrics and will provide me the opportunity to practice composing melodies and (vocal and instrumental) arrangements in using them. What they're not is healthcare focused, though. (I guess I'm thinking along the lines of reviving Too Live Nurse, which has been "dormant" for over 11 years.) I ramble. . . Got to get going to start the day! Cheers! Ted
  11. Ted

    Tuesday August 13, 2019

    Good Morning - NSIME - (((HUGS))) to you!! I know that, as a whole, this is a tough time for you and your family. The loss of Pippy must be additionally heartbreaking. My condolences to you and your family. Please know that you're warmly held. (((HUGS))) Tweety - You're a good friend to be with your best buddy! I'm sure your presence helps the time pass as he spends time on the bone stimulator. Joe - Good for you for keeping the weight and BP down. I've been involved in a healthy eating and exercise program for these past few months. Lost over 15 pounds. It feels good to lose the weight and be generally healthy. Hope work is kind to you today. Spent a good portion of the night, last night, in my quiet studio, editing that dance video. Got a bunch of editing done. Still have a whole lot more to do! Went to bed around 4:00 AM and got a few good hours sleep. Woke up around 8:00 AM, gave a "Good-Bye Kiss" to Amy as she trotted off to work, and JUST finished First Coffee. Gosh, I DO LOVE coffee! L O L! Gonna do the usual "sleep, eat, work" thing today and tomorrow. Hope work is "Q" for the next couple of nights. Looking forward to Thursday when my happy 7-day stretch of nights off from work starts! Otherwise. . . Nothing much else going on. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  12. Good Morning! It is exactly 4:00 AM (EST) in this part of the world. (Oops! It JUST turned 4:01 AM, EST. ) Happily, I was offered to be On Call for my Sunday night shift. And, (drum rolls, please), I did not get Called In! So far! There is still 3 hours left of my Call, so anything can happen. And yes! I have been Called In with only TWO hours left of my 12-hour shift! (I was needed to do a PACU, which us ICU RNs do on the weekends.) Of course, I did the "Happy Dance" when offered to be On Call. I had already taken my shower and put on my work scrubs. Quickly, I took off those scrubs and put on my comfy clothes. Amy was home by that time, after her performance at the theater. (It was a full audience, and they loved the show, according to Amy.) So, we went outside to enjoy a lovely early evening (with phones near-by), sat on our front porch lounge chairs, drank coffee and relaxed. Sunday morning was the usual church thing. We had a substitute Pastor who gave a really nice sermon. She's an Episcopal Priest, actually, who is semi-retired. But because there in inter-communion between the Episcopal Church and the Lutheran Church (ELCA), we're able to have Episcopal Priests lead services in our church, which is very nice. I felt especially inspired during the service and played some nice improvised music during the quiet times of the service. Well, I liked what I played, anyway! Unfortunately, I don't remember any of it. Ugh! L O L! After church, I did my usual thing of eating a late-breakfast/early-lunch, then went to bed for my pre-work afternoon sleep. It was around 5:20 PM when I got the phone called to be On Call. Today?? Don't have any real set plans, to be honest. Both Amy and I are off from work today (tonight). If it is a nice day out, we'll probably do some hiking. If it's not a nice day outside, we might go out for a dinner and a movie. Of course, I'm STILL editing the dance video. I was just doing that when my eyes needed a break and I decided to come here and start today's Daily Diary thread. After I'm done typing here, I'll probably go back to bed and attempt to catch a few more ZZZZZs. Nothing much else going on. I'm working Tuesday and Wednesday nights. THEN, I'm actually scheduled off from work for the next SEVEN nights! This is a rare occurrence, and I happily accept it. However, when I do return to work, next week, I'm working four nights in a row, starting Thursday night. (Whine!) Hope all have a nice day, today! Peace! Ted
  13. Ted

    Thursday August 8 2019

    Good Morning - Tweety - Wow. I hope that the "Rapid Response Nurse" seriously LEARNS from his/her error in judgement (lack of critical thinking for this situation). Wow! Hope today is kinder for you and safer for your patients. Sorry to read about your friend's isolation while he heals. You're a good friend to support him through this. NurseBlaq - I was going to say something silly like, "Sleep is over rated". But, I know better. It's tough when insomnia sets in. No fun. Hope your sleep is better tonight and that you get the rest that you deserve. (I'm a night nurse, and having a few hours of quality sleep is always a goal of mine.) Joe - I see that you tried to post pictures, yesterday, of your cross-stitching work. I wonder what might be the issue? As I type this post, I'm seeing at the bottom, here, that the following files are accepted: jpg, jpeg, jig, png, pdf, doc, txt, xml. Might the file-type be "unaccepted", or the file size too big?? I'm sure a moderator/administrator can help you out. I saw the photo that you shared on Facebook. Your work looks great! Hope you're finally able to display your work here! Well. . . I was up a good portion of the night editing the 2nd 2-hour long dance video. You know??? I really do enjoy doing this. The work is kind of tedious. But at 2:00 AM in the morning, it's quiet, my loving wife is soundly sleeping (and not rehearsing songs for the musical! L O L!), and it's just a peaceful time to do things like edit video, compose music, etc., etc. Got a lot done last night. Still have a WHOLE LOT more to complete. But I had a nice night, last night. I went back to bed around 5:30-ish AM. Got a few hours of sleep. Woke up around 10:30-ish AM and been up ever since. It's now 11:17 AM (EST). After I'm done typing here, I'm going to have some lunch, relax a little, then go back to bed around 2:00 PM and hope to catch a few more hours of sleep before leaving for work tonight. I'm working tonight and tomorrow night, then I'm off Saturday. I'll probably see the musical that Amy is in Saturday night. Nothing much else to share. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Peace! Ted
  14. Ted

    Tuesday August 6, 2019

    Good Morning! Tweety - Enjoy your well-deserved day off today. Enjoy lunch with besty. Joe - Curious. How much more to do for the cross-stitch project. Hope you share a picture of it when completed. Been up for a while. Getting ready to start editing the other 2-hour long dance recital (the 7PM recital). Gosh, I can't wait to have this entire project completed. Yesterday was beautiful outside! (No! I didn't do any mowing! L O L!) I took my happy video-camera out with some different lenses, went for a short hike, and took LOTS of video of a pond with it's flowers and surrounding trees. The lovely day was a nice excuse to go outside and do some "artsy-fartsy" videography! Today, though, I get down to business editing that 7PM dance video. Later today, I'm going to do some shopping. Amy has been working, practicing and going to rehearsals for the show that she's in. The show opens this Thursday. She seems to accept the fact that the Director will not provide direction suitable for the musical-comedy that's being produced. I can't wait for this show to be over. It's been stressful for Amy and she doesn't need the stress, especially when doing something she normally LOVES to do. As for the theater itself?? Who knows what's going to happen. Sadly, arrangements were never made to "pass the torch" when the founder is unable or no longer managing the theater. There is a board of trustees associated with this not-for-profit theater. So, maybe they'll come up with some kind of plan of action. I don't know. As I shared before, it's just a sad state of affairs. My next scheduled work-nights are Thursday and Friday. Off Saturday. On Sunday. Off Monday. Working Tuesday and Wednesday. And then starting the following Thursday, I'll be enjoying SEVEN nights off from work!! (YES!!!) During those nights off from work, Amy and I plan on doing canoeing and hiking together, when she's not performing in the show that weekend, and enjoy the rest of the summer time. Hope all have an uneventful day today! Peace! Ted
  15. Good Morning! It's 4:02 AM (EST) in this part of the world. . . I've been sequestered in my studio these past couple of days. Been doing the composing/sequencing thing. Well, I freakin' finally finished a composition that I started a while back. There's still some "tweaking" to be done with the arrangement and mix-down. Hope to have it fully finished in a few weeks. (My ears need to take a break from it for a while.) My butt actually hurts from all of the sitting! L O L! (I need to get out and do some exercise!) Anyway, the title of this piece is, "Happy Thoughts". Titling my compositions is NOT one of my strong points. But, this is a somewhat "happy" sounding piece so, hence the title. Happily, I was placed On Call Thursday night and did not get Called In! I took advantage of this and resumed working on this composition. It's good to have it FINALLY finished!! There's a link to the music at the end of this post. (I also shared it on Facebook, too.) Amy has been trudging through the rehearsal process, working with this very ill-prepared Director. The whole situation is very sad, actually. This very young woman was originally hired to be the choreographer. The role of Director was thrusted upon her when the original Director - who is also the Artistic Director for the theater - had to unexpectedly quit that role due to his mother's decline in health. His mother, by the way, is the Heart and Soul to this theater!! She's the Founder and Managing Producer of this local summer-stock theater. Her involvement is sorely missed!! The theater might not survive without her, unfortunately. BUT, as the saying goes, "The Show Must Go On!" So, Amy continues to go to the rehearsals, but very reluctantly. This is a very young (19 years old) and very inexperienced "Director" who is simply not living up to the task. Sadly, she's way in over her head in this role. Rehearsals are chaotic, and her "vision" of the musical is seriously missing the point. It's a musical-comedy about life in a trailer park. It's absurdly silly and it is profane, with a few "F-bombs" to drive home the humor! Interestingly, this young individual is not "getting it", and, apparently, is making "pretty" choices in her direction when being vulgar would be more appropriate for the musical. Oh well!! Amy's frustration is apparent. I've been hearing about it for the past week!! (Ugh!) (Being sequestered in my studio has been a good thing, by the way! L O L!) But with the "Founder and Managing Director" not part of the picture, Amy and others say that it simply might be time to close the theater, at least for the rest of the summer. THIS is profoundly sad. There is a lot of history to this theater. Amy has been involved with this theater for decades! We've used this theater to produce and showcase our musical, "Who's Got the Keys?" (Back in 1998, we were to perform "Who's Got the Keys?" that year when that dreadful car accident happened, killing five people, four of whom were involved in this musical's creation and production!!) So yes! There is significant history to this theater!! Who knows what's going to happen with the "heart and soul" - the "Founder and Managing Producer" - not part of the picture. (She seems to be suffering from early dementia. She's been very forgetful, and very-much not herself.) But. . . the show must go. . . on?? Anyway. . . It's early Sunday morning. Later this morning, there's church. I'm working tonight. Hopefully work will be "Q". Then, I am off the next three nights. It is now 4:36 AM (EST). I think I'll go back to bed and catch a few more ZZZZZs. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted Here's the link to the new composition. Enjoy!
  16. Ted

    Mueller Hearing

    An Aside The only things on my T-shirts are arm-pit sweat stains. Let that imagery burn in your memory for a while! L O L! End Aside
  17. Ted

    Saturday July 27, 2019

    Good Morning - Tweety - What a nice surprise, being put On Call. Hope you do NOT get Called In!! Sad to read that you're cancelling your vacation in late September. Weren't you planning one of your Big-Travel vacations for that time?? Stay-cations are nice, too, though. Recently woke up. Waiting for coffee to finish brewing. (It's such a LONG process.) Working tonight and tomorrow night. Hopefully, work will be "Q". We had three patients, the last time I worked. One was a "CIWA" patient. Hopefully the "CIWA-ing" is done, and the patient has been transferred to rehab. I'm not in the mood in dealing with the attitude that is often accompanied with the ETOH withdrawal process. But, I'll do what needs to be done. It is nice to have patients in our teeny-tiny ICU. Apparently, there's some "drama" going on in the theater where Amy works. (I am giddy with glee to use that PUN, by the way!! L O L!) The "drama" has nothing to do with anything on stage, though. It seems that the costumer was not doing her job. . . you know. . . taking care of the costumes. So, she was fired. (Anyone who works at this theater gets paid. Although small and a "summer stock theater", this is a professional theater.) Well, apparently the stage manager and assistant stage manager quit over this. (Silly people!) I guess they were all friends. All three of these individuals are in the late-teens/early-20s. In other words, they're young, and they are NOT thinking!! This theater has been around for nearly 40 years. It has connections, and word spreads quickly!! Many performers and production-crew got their first break at this theater, and went on to make good names for themselves, working full-time in the theater world. These three individuals might find it difficult getting there next theater job! (Silly, silly people!) The owners of the theater quickly got replacements, of course. Amy is helping out this weekend until the replacements come. So much drama!! Well. . . enough gossip for now! L O L! Nothing much else going on. Hope all have a nice day today! Ted
  18. Good Morning! "It's beautiful day in the neighborhood. . . a beautiful day to be neighbors. . . " The sun is out. The humidity is down. There's hardly any clouds in the sky. . . The Skills Day went well. Passed all the tests with only a few brain farts. I can't wait to do this all again next year! (Blech!) Today?? It's Mow the Freakin' Lawn Day! Commence the whining! L O L! Nothing much going on, at least for me. Amy starts rehearsals, today, for the next show that she's in, "The Great American Trailer Park - The Musical". Should be funny. Apparently, there are a few "F-Bombs" in the show. Classy!! Amy has her costume and wig all picked out. She looks like the character, Peg Bundy, from the sit-com, "Married - With Children". Classy! Should be a fun show to do. . . and to watch! L O L! Currently, I'm doing updates and upgrades on my aging Apple computers. Hope they last me a couple of more years. Coffee is almost finished brewing. Gonna get me First Coffee! Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  19. Tweety - Sounds like a mini-nightmare at work. Blech! At least you can recuperate on your day off, today. Go to the beach after taking Slowbro to the vets. That sounds like a nice and relaxing thing to do. (It's always nice to see those "Obligatory Beach Photos"! ) You're a good man, Charlie Brown! Joe - Hope J is feeling better today so that you can have that dinner date. Hope work is "Q" for you today. Spent the entire morning upgrading my two aging Apple computers. It's a pain in the butt, but it's gotta get done to help keep things running smoothly. I'm eyeing Apple's new Mac Pro that's coming out later this year. It seems that it will be a killer computer!! But damn!! It's freakin' expensive. Hope my two aging computers will hold out for a little while longer. My aging Mac Pro is over 10 years old!! Yet, it edits high definition (HD) video like a dream machine. My goal is to start shooting and editing 4K video, though. My aging Mac Pro is under-powered to do serious editing for 4K. But doing 4K can be held off for a while. We don't even own a 4K television set -- yet. Well. . . the task of updating/upgrading my happy yet aging computers is done. Now it's time to mow the freakin' lawn. (Whine!!)
  20. Good Morning! It's 2:42 AM (EST) in this part of the world. I am cramming for the 8-hour Skills Days that I'll be doing later today at work. It's probably not good that I'm up doing last-minute reviewing. (That "sleepy-eyed" feeling will probably hit me around 9:00 AM, later this morning.) But such is life for the night-worker. I'm often up at 2:00 AM on my nights off from work. Looking forward to getting this Skills Day over with. Being anxious about this Skills Day thing, I told my loving wife that I might call in and postpone doing this until later this year. She sternly told me, "Ted! You're going! I need the house to myself!!" She quickly explained that she needs to practice her lines and music for the up-coming musical that she's in ("The Great American Traitor Park Musical"). (Rehearsals start this Friday.) Well, being officially kicked out of the house for the day, I guess there's no backing out of this. I'm doing the Skills Day thing! L O L! Nothing much else going on. . . Gonna continue on with the reviewing. Peace, folks! Ted
  21. NSIME - (((Hugs))) It's tough. (((Hugs))) My father's last several months of his life were tough, witnessing the stark decline, dealing with near-falls, the cleaning, the clothing, the feeding, supporting the declining mind. It seems that many of us are at the age of our lives in supporting our parents and frail family members. It's exhausting. It's heart-breaking. It's back-breaking! It's tough. Hospice gave a nice measure of respite. Sharing the "chores" - "taking turns" - was important too. Me??? I'd do it all again. He was my Dad, who died while I cradled him, just a few months ago. She was my Mom, who died 6+ years ago in my home. I'd do it for my loving wife. I do not know if I would do it for anyone else (outside of work).
  22. Ted

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Trump is playing the Race Card. This is a plain as the Sun rising from the east and settling to the west. He wouldn't be playing the Race Card if he didn't think it would work to his advantage. (I do think that Trump has "issues" with people who do not look like him, whether male, female, black or white. He seems to feel the most at ease around caucasian-male folk.)
  23. Ted

    Too many Dem candidates

    Trump and his administration are creating a cesspool for the red-blooded citizens that make up United States as a country (rather than "cleaning the swamp" as his campaign claimed he would do). All one has to do is freakin' research the policies that Trump's administration supports, has enacted, and works to enact. Those policies do NOT favor workers or consumers. If one considers the living, breathing, red-blooded individual to be the "American", then Trump is literally and decidedly anti-American. Trump is our country's worst mistake for the 21 century. He really is a dreadful and dangerous mistake. ANY of the "Dem candidates" would be better for the red-blooded citizens of the United States than another four freakish years of Trump.
  24. Ted

    Sunday July 21 2019

    Good Morning! Joe - Good to read that you didn't get those nasty-looking storms that were predicted. (It's hard to trust weather forecasts. L O L! ) Sure seems like your day was productive. Please share a photo of your cross-stitch project when it's finished. Enjoy church and brunch with J. Yesterday was a productive day for me, too. Did LOTS of video-editing on that dance recital. Hope to have the videos for the two 2-hour long recitals done by the end of the summer, if not sooner. I was approached by someone who might use me to video-tape HER dance recitals next year. Apparently, those dance recitals would be held on the same day that my current "customer" will be holding them (next year). What makes this very, very "interesting" (to put it delicately), is that these two individuals used to be partners together in running the original dance studio (the one that I'm video-editing now). One left the other because of poor management. (I'm currently working with the individual who seems to have poor business management skills.) Honestly?? I'll work for the one who'll contact me first, should I be contacted by either one of them. As for the weather, yesterday?? It PISSED outside, accompanied by a wild display of lightening and corresponding thunder sounds. It was a nice day to be cozy indoors, editing video. Today. . . It's church, then eat lunch, then sleep, then go to work. Hopefully tonight will be "Q". Hope all have a pleasant Sunday. Peace, folks! Ted
  25. Ted

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Blatant bigotry from ANYONE, towards ANYBODY will never makes sense to me. Trump is proving himself to be a bigot. This is evidenced by his own words, and by his actions (or, rather, inaction) at his political rallies. History exists with Trump and his family where bigotry played a key role in business decisions. Now, as the 2020 elections come around, Trump is using bigoted-based lies to rally support in his favor. To an alarming degree it's working. It is also against the enlightened ideals of the United States. and it is also - literally - against the red-blooded citizens that make the United States a country. Shame on anyone who continues to resist moving beyond unwarranted fear-based prejudice, ignore the verifiable reality that exists, and continue to support Trump. We are human. Admittedly, I've held prejudicial opinions towards individuals and groups of individuals. After taking just a little time and effort in getting to know those individuals (and, at times, being rightfully "corrected" by family and friends), I grew to realize that my prejudiced opinions were unfounded, and only existed in my fear-based imagination. Again, we are only human. We make mistakes. But, as humans, with a brain, and a whole lot of history to serve as a source of education, we are charged to learn and grow from our mistakes. The alternative can be very dangerous and very, very wrong, leading toward piss-poor decision making. This is certainly NOT GOOD when the head of a country actively refuses to learn and grow, and actively encourages a dysfunctional human trait as what is found in bigotry.