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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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  1. Good Morning - Recently woke up. Just finished First Coffee. (It did taste mighty good!) It snowed during the night! But, we didn't get the accumulation that was predicted. There's only about 2 inches of snow on the grown. I'll be leaving for church soon. A few of the choir members won't be there today, so choir rehearsal will be short, and there'll be no anthem today. I have no plans to do anything after church. Tomorrow, I work, then I am off the next three nights. (If "Call" is offered for tomorrow, I will take it!) Hope all have a nice day today! Ted
  2. Ted

    Thursday January 16, 2020

    Good Morning! Tweety - Good to read that you enjoyed the concert. And, good for you for taking the "Dreaded Thursday" off from work! Enjoy the day off, while enjoying the recent and pleasant memories of last night's concert. Joe - Glad that J was feeling well enough for your Wednesday night date together. Had a really good night's sleep, last night (although the "All Knowing" Fit-Bit watch said the sleep was only "Fair"). Hopefully this aging and cranky body has caught up on much-needed sleep after a few days of sleep deprivation last weekend. Not sure what we're going to do today. It snowed last night, but there's only about 1" of wet snow on the ground. Apparently there's an RV show that Amy is interested in seeing this afternoon. It's about an hour's drive away from where we live. If the roads are OK, we might go. Amy and I are planning our Retirement Years. One of the things we're thinking about doing is purchasing a nicer RV, and traveling the country. These "Home on Wheels" seem quite comfy-looking. It wouldn't be something we'd live in all year round. But, it would be part of a "retirement package" where we'd travel the country for several weeks out of the year (while having a "stationary" home-base either in the New England area or the Sedona, Arizona area). Gotta admit that the whole retirement thing has been a daily pondering (hopefully not TOO obsessive). First, though, we must pare down our debt (before we get into more debt). In the meanwhile, I think I'll whittle away at this instrumental composition that I started. . . finally get some of these ideas down on manuscript paper, and do some recording (sequencing). I want to complete at least one piece before I go back to work this coming Monday. Well. . . I think I'll go downstairs and get me Second Coffee (then come back up to my happy studio). Peace, folks! Ted
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    Saturday January 11, 2020

    Good Afternoon - Just finished eating a delicious lunch/dinner that Amy made: Chicken Franciase! Yum! Getting ready for Second Sleep. Been wearing my Fit-Bit with me throughout the day. According to the all-wise Fit-Bit, my "First Sleep" was judged as being "Fair". Last night at work, I was both Mr. ICU Nurse and Mr. Shift Director. The full-time night Shift Director called out sick. So, arrangements were made for me to fill in part of that 8-hour hole. Thankfully, our teen-tiny hospital was relatively "Q" last night. Still, there was a staffing hole for the day shift on Med/Surg that needed filling due to a sick call-out. (Nothing like asking people to work an extra shift, at 5:30/6:00 in the morning, on what is normally their day off from work. Ugh!) Hopefully tonight will be relatively "Q". Well. . . Sleep beckons. Hopefully the all-wise Fit-Bit will say "Great!!" for Second Sleep! L O L! Cheers! Ted
  4. Good Morning! Amy and I had a nice and relaxing day, yesterday. We had a "Dinner and Movie" date together. The food was yummy, and the movie was very cool. We saw the new Star Wars movie. It was produced by JJ Abrahams. It seems that he likes to produce movies about space! L O L! (He also produced the newer Star Trek movies!) Tonight starts the 1st of four 12-hour shifts in a row for work. (Ugh!) So, it'll be the usual "Eat, Sleep and Work" thing for the next four days (except for Sunday, when church and choir activities will be added to the day). Hope all have a pleasant day today. Ted
  5. Good Morning, Joe! It seems that we both started today's "Good Morning" threads. AGAIN! L O L! Can a moderator/administrator type combine our two threads?? Pretty please??? :D
  6. Good Morning! Recently woke up from First Sleep. (The bladder beckoned.) Thought I'd type a warm "Hello", along with a few other words, then go back to bed to attempt Second Sleep. Worked as Shift Director for the 3PM to 11PM shift yesterday. One word: "Ugh!" Besides being a busy evening shift, our hospital was practicing the new updated Meditech system that will be fully implemented next month. The "practice" part involved physicians and nurses doing "parallel charting" on selected patients. "Parallel charting" is geek-speak for "double charting", using the current (older) Meditech system and the new one. Needless to say, it was a surreal time for all involved. Parts of this practice went fairly well. Other parts??? Not so much. There were "end users" (that would be the nurses and doctors) who saw that practice software for the FIRST time, yesterday. This was after being told, for the past couple of weeks, to informally "practice" on our own with the "practice" upgraded Meditech software. Unfortunately, most, including me(!), were NOT able to practice on their own due to a significant communication glitch between our the "suits" of our larger healthcare system and the our teeny-tiny hospital. When I found out about this "communication glitch", I wanted to explode!!! Well, it seems that EVERYONE is going through the trials and tribulations of this HUGE software upgrade, including those freakin' "suits". (Idiots!!!) Anyway, it seems that most, if not all, have proper access to that practice upgraded Meditech software. Finally. Needless to say, yesterday evening was a wild ride. And. . . Today, I repeat the role of Mr. Shift Director for the 3PM to 11PM shift. Hopefully, things will go much more smoothly with this whole "parallel charting" thing. I'm not used to this evening shift thing. The evening shift has always been my least favorite one. (The day shift comes in a close second place!) Folks, I'm a long-standing night shift worker, and I like it that way. L O L! Don't have much more to share. Gonna try to get me some Second Sleep. Peace, folks. Ted
  7. NSIME - Yep! It's no fun raking wet leaves. I haven't raked leaves in decades. Either the wind blows them away, or the decay on the lawn, acting as natural fertilizer. In the spring time, I mow over them, and no one can ever tell they were there. I bet Ozzie looks great after his stay at the groomers! Off to work I go. . .
  8. BCgradnurse - Oh dear! Bronchitis is no fun. Hope you're feeling up to your normal, healthy self, with LOTS of energy. . . soon! nursej22 - It's cool that you met two former NFL players (owners of the gym). Hope all goes well with you DH. Hope you're feeling better, too. I've been in a somewhat grumpy mood as well. Exercise does help get out of it. (Mr. Fit-Bit, which resides on my left wrest, likes to remind me to do just that: exercise! GRRRR! L O L! ) Will check out the web-site that you shared! I could use a good laugh! L O L! Joe - Hope J is feeling better so that you can have a nice dinner together tonight. Tweety - Seems like you had a nice day, yesterday. Hope work is kind to you today. Recently woke up from Second Sleep. Gonna leave to go to work, soon. I have an evaluation for being a Shift Director, before I start the 3PM to 11PM shift (as Shift Director). Hope the evaluation thing goes well. Not looking forward to dealing with the whole "parallel charting" thing. The hospital is providing a therapy dog for the staff during the days that the testing goes on. The therapy dog is, of all things, a chihuahua!! L O L! Those things are usually vicious!! This dog, though, is cute and very calm. I was surprised! Hope the poor dog survives all of the anxious petting that it's gonna get from staff! Cheers. . .
  9. Good Morning! It's a quiet morning, at this 5:45 AM (EST) hour. Been up since around 4:30 AM. Finally, I'm wearing my Fit-Bit watch that Amy gave me for Christmas. According to Fit-Bit, my sleep last night (this morning) was "Poor". Well, Duh!!! L O L! Well, this "smart watch" was able to tell me what I already know. L O L! Amy loves her new (and bigger) Fit-Bit watch. She said she will keep the older (and smaller) Fit-Bit watch that I gave her last Christmas. (I gave her the newer and bigger one at her request.) I'm not sure how I feel about wearing mine, though. I haven't worn a watch of any kind in a loooooong time. They tend to break on me, for some reason. They just stop working. This has been true for both digital and analog watches. Supposedly this watch will remind me when to "get up and move around". I see arguments with my "smart watch" in the future!! L O L! (When Amy's Fit-Bit watches buzzes her to "get up and walk", she actually gets up and marches in place, or walks around the house if it's cold outside. I just sit on the couch, shake my head, and continue to watch television.) (Yes. I known. I need to exercise more.) This week is the week-from-hell, with regards to work. As shared here before, I picked up two extra 8-hour evening shifts this week as Shift Director. Tonight, though, I play the role of Mr. ICU Nurse for the full 12-hours. Yes, the paycheck will look mighty nice. But, I much prefer my days (nights) off than to work extra hours. Oh well. I'll stop whining and just do what I have to do. L O L! So, today will be the usual "Eat, Sleep and Work" thing. Actually, I'll be doing this for the entire week. (whine!!) Nothing much else to share, really. I hope all have an uneventful day today. Ted
  10. Ted

    Sunday January 5, 2020

    Good Afternoon - herring_RN - I appreciate the videos that you post here! Thanks! Gonna listen to them later this evening. Just got back from a brief "power-walk" with Amy. It's COLD outside!! But we needed the exercise. (Or at least I needed the exercise!!) It's tough to get motivated to go outside and do our power-walk thing with the cold, wintery weather. Church was nice. The choir sounded lovely. They'll be learning new anthems to sing for the Lenten/Easter season. Not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of this afternoon and evening. I might finally focus on finishing a composition that I started several weeks ago. Right now?!?!? I feel like taking a nap. I just caught myself falling asleep at the computer (again) as I was typing this post. L O L! Hope all have an uneventful afternoon and evening for what's left of this day. Ted
  11. Good Morning! It's a cloudy, damp morning in this part of the world. Apparently, it's supposed to rain, on again and off again, throughout the day. Had a nice day, yesterday. Amy and I went out for a "dinner" and a movie. We had "dinner" at around 2:00 PM in the afternoon, at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. It was yummy, as usual. As for the movie?!? We finally saw, "Knives Out". It was really a great "Who Done It" movie with humor and an interesting plot-twist in the end. Highly recommend it, if you haven't seen it already. After the movie, we went to Home Depot and (finally) purchased a new kitchen sink faucet to replace our broken one. Don't have any plans for today. Well, (finally) replacing the broken kitchen sink faucet is most probably one plan for the day. L O L! Hopefully, the new faucet will fit the fixtures. There're some left-over Christmas decorations that need to be put away, too. Tomorrow is the usual church choir rehearsal and church service. Again, no solid plans for tomorrow afternoon. Next week will be busy. I picked up TWO extra shifts as Shift Director. Although next week's paycheck will be mighty pretty, I'm not looking forward to going to work for two extra days. These extra shifts are 8-hour evening shifts. I'm not a real fan in working the evening shift. The ER tends to be the busiest during this time. Oh well. I'll make sure my running shoes are on as I give the ER another pair of helping hands. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  12. Good Morning! It's 7:15 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Recently woke up and just rolled out of bed. The coffee is brewing, which is a wonderful thing. Hard to believe that October is almost 1/2 over. Time continues to fly by. The fall season in this part of the world, with its color-changed tree leaves, is near-peak. It's beautiful. When I'm look out my 2nd floor studio window (which I did just now), I see a near-by hill filled with yellows, oranges and reds. Again, beautiful! I do love this time of year, specifically when the "fall colors" present themselves. Because that danged lower back is still a bit stiff, I've been taking things slowly. But at least I'm back to my daily walks. I'm just walking a bit slower than usual. I haven't resumed jogging yet. I'm going to take a couple of more days for that danged lower back to heal before I resume jogging. I've been doing that on-line ACLS recertification thing. Just doing a little here and a little there. With the stiff back, my studio chair is not feeling very comfortable. I might need to look for a studio chair that better supports the back. We'll see. I'm working tonight. Off Sunday night. Working Monday night. Then, I'm off for the next three nights next week. Hopefully that danged lower back is better-healed by next Thursday. Amy and I have a long but nice hike planned in the Catskill Mountains with two other people. Well. . . The coffee pot just went "Ding"! That "Ding!" is a beautiful sound. Gonna get me First Coffee. Hope all have a pleasant day and weekend! Ted
  13. Ted

    January 2, 2020

    Good Afternoon - Just woke up from Second Sleep. Gonna get ready for work, shortly. Amy and I had a relaxing day, yesterday, "celebrating" the First of a New Year and a New Decade. We slowly put away the X-Mess Tree ornaments as we watched a pretty cool action-adventure movie on the television. The only strenuous thing I did, yesterday, was drag the tree into the spot where all X-Mess Trees go to decompose. This spot is deep in our property's woods, far away from eye-sight, but close enough to drag trees there. There are 13 trees there at various degrees of decomposing. I believe this spot is home to many small woodland animals and insects. At least, I like to think this is the case. Anyway, we had a nice and relaxing day, yesterday. Late last night, I FINALLY finished editing together a video of the trip my sister and I took with our Mom, along with our spouses. I took LOTS of photos during that trip. Unfortunately, many of them were out of focus. This took place about six years ago. I guess my picture taking, back then, was in its experimental stage when I tried to do everything manually, including focusing the shot. I now remember the reason why it took me so long to put together a video of our trip to Hawaii: The Out-of-Focus photos and videos. (Ugh!) But my loving sister asked for this video. So, she received. It was nice viewing these photos again. It brought back really nice memories of our time together with Mom. The trip to Hawaii was my mother's gift to us. Mom had recently made the brave decision to stop chemotherapy treatments after receiving news that the current chemo regime was not working for her recurrent metastatic colon cancer. The cancer was spreading everywhere, despite all kinds of therapy. (She had already gone through through the full cycles of chemo and radiation therapies, prior to finding out about the recurrent cancer.) Now, my mom was a special lady. She really was. Once, long ago, she was institutionalized for being diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. This was during the late-1960s/early-1970s. She even received received electro-shock treatments back then (as I was told by my father), which, I believe, was the old-way of receiving those terrible treatments. There was no doubt that my mother had gone through some kind of mental decompensation. But she, somehow, someway, managed to work through it. By the late 1970s, after my parents divorced, she got herself off welfare and found a full-time job. She kept that job unto the time of her retirement, for 30+ years. The paid rent, paid all of her bills on time, and managed to squirrel away a rather nice savings for herself for her retirement. When she was in her mid-70s, she retired and moved to be closer to me. About a year into her retirement, she found out she had colon cancer. So, after a rather extensive surgery getting rid of the large cancerous tumor, for the next couple of years we spent our time together at the oncology clinic as she received her chemo and radiation therapies. Mom took it all with grace and great patience. If there was ever an opportunity for Mom to have another emotional and/or "mental breakdown", it would have been this period of her life. But nope!! She seemed to simply accept the dreadful situation for what it was, did what she had to do, and lived as best as she could. She made friends. She went to senior citizen activities. She did her cancer treatment thing. And, she loved and adored her children and grandchildren (my sister's kids). It was her request that we all go to Hawaii together. Apparently, it was a dream of hers to go to Hawaii. She had a BLAST! Well all did!! After that trip, she moved in to live with me, where she spent the last few months of her life. It was a sad time, for sure. But, it was a time filled with great love and humor! Mom could have whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She loved her Martinis! After a few trials and errors, I learned how to make them for her! L O L! Without a doubt, she enjoyed being with her family. Mom quietly passed away in Her Room (which was our dining room, prior to her stay). She was surrounded by my loving wife and my sister-in-law. During her last couple of days, it was obvious that Mom was slowly "Meeting Her Maker". On her last day, it seemed to my sister and I that we should make burial arrangements. My sister wanted the BEST lot for our Mom. Literally. . . as my sister and I were signing the papers at the burial ground with the burial grounds-keeper, I received a phone call from my wife that Mom drew her last breath. She died surrounded by those who loved her, but not in eye-sight of her children watching her draw her last breath. It's as if Mom waited for us to leave. I believe that I shared this story here before. Please forgive me for recounting this again. But, I'm sitting here reliving aging memories that are now 6+ years old. I miss my Mom. (I miss my Dad, who died only several months ago.) And, I adore the memories that we made together, especially those memories of our time spent vacationing in Hawaii! (Mom paid for the trip!!) Well. . . Here's the video, complete with out-of-focused pictures. Enjoy. 2013 Vacation in Hawaii with Mom! Gotta go and get ready for work! Peace! Ted
  14. Ted

    Wednesday January 1, 2020

    Happy New Decade!! Honestly?!? It kind of blows my mind that it's the year 2020! Wow! We all know that life is going to be what it's going to be. Still, I wish us all the best as the year 2020 rolls itself out, and the new decade continues to march forward. Work last night. . . Someone said the "Q" word. Damn them!! At least I was able to play the role of Mr. ICU Nurse as we hurriedly transferred a patient from the Med/Surg floor to our teeny-tiny ICU in acute respiratory distress. At one point I thought the poor patient was going to meet his maker. Nope. A little Lasix later and he was sitting upright in bed fidgeting with his cellphone. And, he was fine ever since. L O L! Still, he received the royal ICU monitoring, followed by the ICU charting. L O L! What else took place at work last night?!?!? Oh yes! The FOOD!! Every. Single. Employee. Brought. Food. To. Eat! And, Eat I did!! (Major-UGH!!!) Happy New Year!!! So, as I waddled out to my car at the end of the shift, I thought to myself, "Ted! You're NOT going to step on the scale later today!" And, I to this moment, I STILL have NOT stepped on this scale for the year 2020. I don't want to break the damned thing! (Super Major-Ugh!!) Currently, the sun it out. Amy just said, "Let's go for a stroll." (It's what we do to attempt to help try to possibly keep in good health.) So, after I'm done typing these words on this bulletin board, I'm going to dress warmly - really warmly, because it's freakin' cold outside - and go for our 3 mile stroll. I have a whole night's worth of "Eating Like a Crazy-Man" to walk off! This is going to be an interesting year. I turn 60 this year. It's the main reason why my mind is blown that it's the year 2020. Life sure ain't gonna be perfect. There'll be food that shouldn't be eaten, but will be eaten. But there'll also be lots of healthy strolls on sunny days. They'll also be music-making, video-making, love-making, friendship-making, typing on bulletin boards, site-seeing far-away countries, working, playing, resting, and appreciating "Life, the Universe, and Everything". Peace and Blessings to Everyone. . . Ted
  15. Good Morning! It's a cold, wet and rainy morning, at this part of the world, with temperatures in the mid-30s. Weather-wise, the concern is for the temperature to drop, and have the rain turn to sleet. The news weather people are in semi-hyper-mode with their weather forecasting. The concern is real, though. Thankfully, all seems safe as Amy prepares to leave and drive her 27+ mile commute to work this morning. The concern is for this afternoon to early evening when the road conditions are supposed to be bad. Amy is prepared to spend the night at her hospital rather than risk a super-slick commute home (only to have to return to work tomorrow morning). If the road conditions are bad this afternoon, I'll leave for work real early and drive like a little old man. And, if the roads are bad tomorrow morning, I'll stay at my teeny-tiny hospital after work as well. Slept well last night. Slept more than I anticipated, actually. I was hoping to be up for a good portion of the night to finish the Hawaii video. Oh well. It'll get done when it gets done. Nothing much planned for today. Just the usual Eat, Sleep and Work thing. Hope all have a safe and uneventful day today. Ted
  16. Hi Joe! I see you started the Good Morning thread for December 30th, too! Hopefully a kind moderator/administrator type can merge our two threads together. Sad to read that your sister wasn't feeling well. Hopefully you all can get together sooner than later. Peace, Joe! Ted
  17. Ted

    Sunday December 29, 2019

    Good Evening - Just ate a delicious dinner. Amy made one of her gluten-free pizzas, made with only the finest and tastiest ingredients. Yum! Work, last night, was somewhat "Q". At the beginning of the shift, the ICU was closed. Because the entire healthcare system is upgrading Meditech, and everyone who uses this program needs to take the on-line "How To Use" course, both of us ICU nurses were floated to the Med/Surg floor so that the staff there can finish these courses. Thankfully, one Med/Surg RN already finished the entire on-line course. The other Med/Surg RN has almost completed all of the learning modules. So, rather than take an assignment, we simply helped answer bells, and helped keep the "natives" "Q". One "native" was thoroughly confused, yelling out and attempting to climb out of bed. . . frequently. We all took turns keeping him safe. (Honestly? I get tired of the dramatically confused patient. So, I moaned and groaned before entering the room. But, the patient received good and safe care.) FINALLY, his psych meds kicked in and he fell to sleep for the rest of the night. Still, I stayed outside this patient's door throughout most of the night to ensure his safety. From about midnight to 0500, the night was "Q". At around 4:45 AM, the night Shift Director came to me, asked if she could go home early, and asked if I could take over as Shift Director for the remainder of the shift. She said that she was not feeling well. Quite frankly, she didn't look well either. All was well at 4:45 AM. I sure wasn't doing much of anything at that point. Of course I said, "Yes". So, at around 5:00 AM, there was the (usual) "passing of the baton", when I took over as Shift Director, and she went home to rest. And, soon afterward, the relatively "Q" night went away. Just after the "passing of the baton", I received word that there would be an ICU admission. It was a "CIWA Patient". (Ugh!) A "Frequent Flyer CIWA Patient". (Double UGH!) My fellow ICU Nurse was NOT happy, mainly because he was left the task to do the admission process while I played the role of Mr. Shift Director. (That's a long story all by itself which I might tell another day.) Of course, I helped him out as best as I could, give the situation I was facing. Because also at around 5:00 AM, there was a RN who called in sick for the Med/Surg floor, and I was left with the task, as Shift Director, to find a replacement. I made all kinds of phone calls PLEADING to have a staff nurse, on his or her day off, to come in and work either part or all of a 12-hour shift. I left a whole bunch of phone messages to sleeping off-duty nurses, and got a couple of "Hell No's" as well. In addition to these things, I finished up obligatory paper and computer work that the sickly Shift Director left behind. (Triple Ugh!) 7:00 AM finally came around, and I "Passed the Baton" to the Day Shift Director, satisfied knowing that all important tasks were either initiated or completed. After work, there was the usual Choir Rehearsal and Church Service. The choir sounded great, and the church service was nice. My head finally hit the pillow at around 1:30 PM. I woke up at around 4:30 PM, and I've been up ever since. Officially, I am off from work tonight! However, I told the sickly night Shift Director that if she was still feeling sickly to call me and I'll work for her. So far she hasn't called me. I'll keep my phones' ringers on just in case, though. She did not look good this morning. As I've shared here before, she needs a normal functioning kidney. She needs a kidney transplant. It could be years before she receives one, IF she receives one at all. In the meanwhile, I'm in my studio. After I'm done typing all of these words here to you, I'm going to finish putting together the "2013 Vacation in Hawaii with Mom" video which I started editing together yesterday. Hope all have a peaceful night tonight. Ted
  18. Good Morning! It's 7:07 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Currently, drinking First Coffee. It does taste good. Had a relaxing day off from work, yesterday. Did some light grocery shopping, burned some DVDs which will be mailed later today, and sat my fat butt down on the couch and watched favorite re-runs of "The Big Bang Theory" and "Mom". (That Fit-Bit watch that Amy gave me for Christmas is still in the box, untouched, underneath the Christmas tree. Had I been wearing it, it would have reminded me to get up and do some exercise. L O L! ) Today? I'm not sure what I'm going to do, to be honest. It supposed to be warmer outside today. So, I might actually go outside and do a power-walk. (That might make The Fit-Bit happy, if I decide to wear it.) I might also work on that music composition that I started a few weeks ago. (That involves a fair amount of sitting in one place, which would displease The Fit-Bit. L O L! ) Tomorrow, I work, then I'm off Sunday night. Nothing much else to say. First Coffee is almost finished. Gonna get me Second Coffee. Cheers! Ted
  19. Ted

    Thursday December 26, 2019

    Good Afternoon - Hope all are recovering well from all of the Holiday Festivities! Yesterday, we had a quiet and pleasant Christmas morning spent with my Sister-in-Law and Niece. They came over for a Holiday Breakfast, which was delicious. Presents were opened. Unintentionally, Amy and I got each other the same thing! We gave each other Fit-Bit watches! L O L! I'm still giggling over that one! L O L! I went to bed around 12:30 PM, got up around 4:00 PM and burned a bunch of 2019 Holiday CDs of original music that I gave to fellow night-shift workers last night. Work, last night, was very "Q". It was so "Q" that I asked to go home early, which I did. I got home around 5:00 AM, after working 10 out of the 12 scheduled hours. (Merry Holidays to me!! ) Happily, I'm off from work tonight and tomorrow night. I've been up for a few hours, now. Just relaxing and surfin' the 'net. When I'm done typing here, I'm going out to do some grocery shopping. I'm still in video-editing and DVD-creating mode. So, when I return from work, I'll be up in my studio editing one more video, then burning a dozen or so DVDs. I'll mail out those DVDs tomorrow. Tomorrow, I plan on finishing a composition that I started about a month ago. I was hoping to have it ready for X-Mess. Unfortunately, I could not get focused on the composing-music process. Hope all have a pleasant day today. Peace, folks! Ted
  20. Ted

    Wednesday December 25, 2019

    Good Morning! Tweety - Thank you for starting today's Good Morning thread! Again! I know you don't celebrate, so I simply wish you Peace and Blessings. I wish these to you each and every day. . . . . . as I wish Peace and Blessings to all here. Each and Every Day! And to those who celebrate: Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukah!! Interesting. . . Yesterday, after I
  21. Good Afternoon - Woke up a couple of hours ago. Just been sitting in front of my computer, sipping on coffee and avoiding the last push to get things done before tonight's Christmas Eve Service. nursej22 - I'm with you, feeling down during the Holidays. I have no desire to do anything today. I know that once I get my feet back on the ground, and take those first few steps in finishing up the chores, I'll feel a little better. I need to create the Holiday CDs and DVDs like what is done each Holiday Season. Amy just asked me to create three DVDs to bring to her work Thursday. The CDs will go to my fellow church-choir members. The rest of the DVDs will go to family. The process in creating these "media discs" is fairly boring, to begin with. Adding the "Holiday Blues" to the process is not helping. It is nice to see the final product. However, Tweety mentioned something in yesterday's posts which is worthy of strong consideration. These DVDs and CDs are so "2000-ish"! Who uses them anymore?!? Heck, my 2016 Jeep Cherokee doesn't even have a CD player in it. The last time Amy and I used our Blue-Ray player has been well over a year ago! (It sits on top of our television cabinet gathering dust.) Making those DVDs and CDs gives me an opportunity to give family and friends a gift they can actually hold in their hands. The question remains, though. Do they have the equipment to actually view or hear their gift??? This may be the last year I do the CD/DVD creation thing. . . Work was super "Q" last night. I finished all of the education modules on the upgraded Meditech system that goes into effect in January. Watching those modules made my brain hurt! (Ugh!) I'm working tomorrow night, then I'm off Thursday and Friday nights. I'm looking forward to those two nights off from work. It is a warm and sunny day out, today. (The temperature is in the high-30s, outside.) I think I'll go for a little stroll. . . put that one foot in front of the other, then get some tasks done. Peace and Blessings to you all. . . Ted
  22. Ted

    Saturday December 21 2019

    Good Afternoon - Just finished reading today's posts. . . Been up for almost a couple of hours. Getting ready to do more video-recording with Amy. She has some "ideas" that wants to incorporate into our Holiday Video. The process of creating these videos really is the fun part. However, we should have started doing this a good month ago. So, what this means is that our family and friends will be getting a Holiday DVD from us later next week, or into the following week. (There are 12 days of X-Mess, after all! L O L!) Last year for the holidays, I mailed out dozens of our Holiday DVDs to family and friends by this time. Last night was supposed to have been my night off from work. I treated the day as such. During the day, I went out shopping with Santa to purchase Amy her holiday gifts. Santa took notice to Amy's X-Mess Gift Wish-List, and pretty much purchased what was on that list. When I got home yesterday afternoon, I received a text from the Night Shift Director who was scheduled to work. She was not feeling well after her dialysis and asked that I work for her. (I was scheduled to be On Call for her for last night.) Of course, I said, "Yes"! So, I ate a quick dinner and went to bed so that I can be "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" for last night's 2300 to 0700 shift as Shift Director. Thankfully, our teeny-tiny hospital was relatively "Q" last night, which included our Emergency Room. However, I was hoping to work on more video-editing last night. Oh well. . . . To be honest, I'm not quite in the X-Mess Spirit. I'm tired. I'm also a bit sad, with this being the first Christmas without my Father. I wasn't expecting to be feeling this way. But I'm still missing Dad. The video stuff that I'm doing with Amy has been therapeutic. I think I'm doing the video stuff more for MY sake than to create holiday gifts. (I've been doing the Holiday DVD or CD Making for a few decades!) But along with feeling a bit "blue" comes the tendency to procrastinate. Procrastinate I do well! (Ugh!) So, even doing these "creative endeavors" have been slow in the making. Well. . . enough typing. On to more Holiday Video-Making! Peace, folks. . . Ted
  23. Ted

    Thursday December 19, 2019

    Good Afternoon - This is another warm but quick hello. . . "Hello"! Recently woke up from Second Sleep. Did 2 out of the 3 S's, and currently drinking First Coffee of the Day. I leave for work in about 10 minutes. Work. . . It was very "Q" last night, thankfully. Had being On Call been offered, I would have gladly accepted it. It wasn't offered, though. Apparently, Call won't be offered for the next couple of week. Instead, when it's "Q", they want EVERYONE to do On-Line Education on the new freakin' Meditec system that's going to be in place sometime in January. Well, I did SIX of those freakin' modules last night. I still have about six more to do. They are BORING!! I one point, I feel asleep in front of the computer (which, to be quite honest, is not unusual for me). This new and (cough, cough) "improved" Medicec upgrade is visually horrible. The font it too small, and the color planning is hideous. It's dreadful to look it! From a functionality point of view?? It can see its merits. But it sure will NOT be a time-saver, especially when giving out medications and hanging IVs. The process is way too convoluted. So, I whine! This morning was very cold outside. The temperature was 2 degrees above zero. I am very happy to have heated seats and a heated steering-wheel in my vehicle. Oops! Just looked up at the time. Gotta go! Hope all have a restful night, tonight. Ted
  24. Good Morning! Enjoying what's left of my two nights off from work. Been up for a while doing some basic editing our 2019 Holiday videos. Thought I'd share the more humorous one that Amy and I did a few days ago. It's still in the works, believe it or not. There're some cut-away "footage" that we plan on adding to it (that, hopefully, will make it more "funny"). But it's mostly finished. By the way, I learned a new pun doing this video! It's an "In Your Face" cut-away visual that is meant to be "Punny". (Amy had to explain it to me when she wanted that segment edited in!) I'm curious to see if anyone here might catch the pun. For sure, it's a groaner!! And, I LOVE IT!! L O L! Here's the video. It's Amy singing her version of "Santa Claus is Coming' to Town". Enjoy! Santa Claus is Comin' to Town Cheers! Ted
  25. Ted

    Tuesday December 17, 2019

    Tweety - We're a really small hospital. Trust me when I say that everything that we do is scrutinized. All that we do is easily scrutinized. This includes all of our charting as well as medication administration (especially narcotics). The Omnicell Discrepancy Reports are taken seriously. If/when a discrepancy is found, it is investigated. Because we're so small, it doesn't take long before trends are noted. Honestly?? It never occurred to to me to have an RN drug-tested when an unexplained discrepancy is found in the narcotics count. It may or may not have crossed the minds of our administration. But, presently, drug-testing is not done when "only" one unexplained discrepancy is found. TWO unexplained discrepancies involving the same individual(s) would QUICKLY raise all kinds of red-flags, for sure! In reading your and NSIME's comments regarding drug-testing, I can see its merits, especially if it proves that one is innocent with a negative test result. Still, one can divert a narc and not take it that night, or even that week. Heck, one can divert a narc and simply sell the damned thing, and not take it at all. So, I'd argue that there exists weakness for mandatory drug-testing for unexplained narcotic discrepancy. A very close friend of ours was diverting a significant amount of narcotics. This was back in the mid-1990s. It seems that he was never caught by his co-workers or by the hospital where he worked. WE found the diverted drugs hidden in his kitchen cabinet after his death in that dreadful car accident back in 1998. They were all partial doses of morphine, Dilaudid, and Ativan, with the medications still in the vials. (We also found un-used syringes.) It was obvious that he kept the left over medications rather than waste them as per policy. (It was also obvious that the 2nd RN who worked with him did not actively watch our friend properly waste those medications.) We were stunned!! We can think of only one explanation for him doing this. Our dear friend was HIV-positive. He had recently learned that the viral-load had increased. It seemed that he'd rather "go out in his sleep" than suffer full-blown Aides. Unfortunately, that car accident prematurely "solved" that issue for him.

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