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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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    Friday August 27, 2021

    Good Evening - Unfortunately, this is gonna be a quick but warm Hello. . . At work doing an extra shift as Shift Director. So far, so good. (No one has said the "Q" word yet. LOL!) Yesterday evening. . . We had a GREAT time visiting with our friends with dinner, and watching "Wait Wait. . . Don't Tell Me" at Tanglewood! As I believe I shared here, I never heard their radio show on NPR before. Last night's show was my very first time listening (and watching!) them! Love their quick-witted humor, and general silliness!! It was our friends' first time hearing & seeing them, too! They loved the show too! It was a night evening out, for sure. Today?!? While going grocery shopping, Amy had a flat tire to her car. That was not a happy moment for her. We have AAA ("Triple A"). They were responsive and helped Amy change out the flatted tire with the spare one. She then went to a near-by car-repair shop (A Firestone Tire and Care Repair shop, actually), and ended up needing to purchase a new tire. I was home, sleeping this afternoon, for all of this, unfortunately. Gratefully, all is well with her car at this point. Nothing much else going on. I'm off from work Saturday and Sunday nights. If it doesn't rain, the plan is to mow our over-grown lawn. (Ugh!) Hope have a Peaceful and Restful night! πŸ™‚ Ted P.S. dianah - Love the photos! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚
  2. Ted

    Thursday August 26, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Tweety - The situation at your hospital (and, quite frankly, your entire state) sounds dreadful! Hang in there! 😞 Joe - Wow! Lots of interviews! Again, my friend, I hope you get the job that you enjoy and meets your needs. πŸ™‚ Work was relatively "Q" last night. This morning, I had a mandatory "Skills Day" attend, starting at 7:30 AM. This is an annoying yearly educational thing where we have to give return demonstrations on certain skills like changing dressings to central lines, getting correct CIWA scores, not killing a mannequin during a Mock Code Blue ( πŸ˜› LOL! ). I finally left the Skills Day thingy at 9:30 AM this morning, and got home by 10:30 AM. My head FINALLY hit the pillow around 10:31 AM. Been up for a couple of hours. Shortly, Amy and I will be leaving to go out on "Dinner and a Show" date with our friends. We've been teaching my patient Sister-in-Law how to take care of the puppy-beast. She's our "baby sitter" while we are away this evening. I hope she'll visit us after tonight! LOL! (Hopefully the puppy won't wear her out!) Hope all have a pleasant day today! Cheers! πŸ™‚ Ted
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    Wednesday August 25, 2021

    Good Evening - It's currently 11:15 PM (EST) in this part of the world. I hope all are safely and soundly sleeping at this hour. I was put On Call for the ICU for tonight, but got Called In for the 11PM - 7AM shift as Shift Director. (Humph) At least it's "Q" throughout the hospital. So Far. Including the ICU which has no (zero. . . zip) patients. (Humph) Well, so ends the opportunity of being On Call because this was my last week as a full-time ICU Staff Nurse. Interestingly, I'm doing an "extra shift" as an ICU Staff Nurse this coming Monday! LOL! πŸ˜› Then, I work the new schedule as "full-time" Shift Director. Without a doubt, this has been an interesting, if not unique, transition from one job position to another. LOL! Today. . . There was something in the sky!! It was a big, round, yellow thing. It was surrounded by this clear-blue color. I understand that they call such a phenomenon a "Clear, Sunny Day". I'll take it!!! Although it was quite warm and humid outside, it really was a lovely day today! I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't for the whole sleep thing. Tomorrow is supposed to be another clear, sunny day, too, which is nice. Tomorrow evening, Amy and I are going with out with friends for a dinner and a show at Tanglewood to see "Wait Wait. . . Don't Tell Me!". Apparently, this is a comedy troupe. Looking forward to the evening out! It's gonna be hot, but at least it ain't gonna rain! Friday, I'm working as Shift Director. Happily, I'm off from work Saturday and Sunday nights! Well. . . gotta go. Pleasant dreams. πŸ™‚ Ted
  4. Ted

    Tuesday August 24 2021

    Good Morning - BCgradnurse - Happy Wedding! Cool about being on the local News Channel. (Would you mind sharing the link here?) The photos of your family are lovely. Again, congratulations! πŸ™‚ Joe - Seems like you have potential job choices, which is always cool. Hope you settle on a position that best suits your needs. Wow! It is wet outside. And, the grass grows and grows. Hurricane Henri sure brought us lots of rain. Thankfully, there was no flooding in our immediate area. Also, our basement remains dry, thanks to your new pump! The only annoying thing about getting all of this rain (besides the grass growing into a jungle), is getting our feet wet when we walk the dog for Potty Time. With all things considered, this is a very minor annoyance while other areas along the hurricane's path experienced damaging wind and flooding. (Oh! The new gravel on our driveway help up to the rain, thankfully! This is very welcomed because I haven't paid the bill to the contractor, yet, who worked on our driveway a few weeks ago!) Besides weathering the rain (pun intended!), yesterday was a pretty nice day off from work. Had some good learning and playtime with the puppy. Also, took the puppy for a couple of rides which she seems to enjoy. One ride was to a Pet Smart store where dogs (and other pets?) are allowed inside. She seemed to like the shopping that we did together there. Purchased more toys for the puppy to comfort her while she continues to teeth. Those adult teeth are slowly coming in! (And her baby teeth are coming out, which is kind of a weird experience for us. As shared before, we never adopted a puppy before, so we're experiencing all kinds of new things as our dear Sedona continues to grow up into an adult dog.) I'm working tonight and tomorrow night in the ICU. This is my last week as a "full-time" ICU Staff Nurse. Next week starts my new position as "full-time" Shift Director (which actually ends up being about 32 hours per week). Of course if being On Call is offered during either of these two nights in the ICU, I'll gladly take up the offer! Because the Shift Director position is "administrative", there is not such thing as being On Call. Although I welcome this change in my nursing career, there are some definite drawbacks to being a Shift Director. I hope all is well with everyone, and hope all have a pleasant day today. πŸ™‚ Ted
  5. Good Morning - First. . . BCgradnurse - I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't remember the exact day, but Best Wishes to you and yours on your wedding. I know that this hurricane is forcing you to make some touch decisions with regards to the location of your wedding. But whatever happens, whenever it happens, you're having a wonderful wedding, and I wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness. Well. . . I'm at work. It's night two of three in a row. Tonight (now, early morning), I'm playing the role of Mr. Shift Director. However, I spent the first 5+ hours of my 12-hour shift as a much-needed 3rd pair of hands in the Emergency Room. It was just crazy-busy there, for most of the day, actually. Our teeny-tiny ICU got an admission, and the Med/Surg floor got three. So, our entire teeny-tiny hospital was hopping with all kinds of busy-ness. Now, all seems to be settling down nicely. (I won't say the "Q" word, of course. . . ). The Big News, of course, is this hurricane Henri, which is making its way towards the northeast coast. Our area of the world is expected to get high winds and LOTS of rain. If I understand the trajectory correctly, the area where I live can get as much as 6" of rain. Not good. I really, really, really hope our basement doesn't get flooded. Again! I do have a pump in it now, which I hope will help keep any flooding from happening in our basement. Hopefully the pump will keep up as the rain presents itself these next couple of days. As for work?!? I received a phone call from the "Administrator-on-Call" (who is the Shift Director's "boss") telling me not to put anyone "On Call", and to offer the employees the option and opportunity to sleep in the hospital after their shift, rather than risk driving home in the high winds and torrential rainfall. Everyone was given this notice, of course. Everyone seems to want to go home after work, though, including me. Actually, the effects of this hurricane is expected to present itself around 6:00 PM, this evening. This is when I will be driving to work. The winds and rain is expected to significantly subside by Monday morning, hopefully at the end of my shift when I'll be driving home from work (at 7:00 AM in the morning). Hopefully no significant damage will take place, and that people will remain safe. I'm off from work Monday. Amy is scheduled to work then. Hopefully she won't have to battle any lasting effects of the on-coming storm. Taking the puppy outside for potty-time, when there'll be high winds and rain, will be interesting and a challenge. We'll just have to resign ourselves to the fact that we, and the dog, are going to get mighty wet. (Ugh!) (Hopefully the wind won't blow away our beloved puppy!) Sure do wish some of this rain was happening on the west coast where they need it the most. If anyone lives near where this storm is expected to land, I hope you all remain safe and sound. Hope all simply have a safe and restful Sunday. Ted
  6. Ted

    Monday August 16, 2021

    Tweety - You're right about people knowingly and willfully declining (refusing) to wear masks and get vaccinated. It's very dangerous, and exceedingly frustrating to the rest of the country who knows and experiences the consequences of their thoughtless lack of action. Anyway, hope work is kind to you today, although it doesn't sound good given your staffing situation. Joe - Glad to read that you had a decent night's sleep. I wish you well as you wait to hear about the job position! Yes. . . Yesterday was a beautiful day. While I was at church, Amy took the puppy to the local farmer's market where the puppy received lots of "socialization" (petting and adoration). LOL! After I got home from church, we took the puppy for more rides in the car, and for a lovely walk along a new walk/bike trail. The puppy's teething is bothering her more, it seems. We have special ice-treats which she likes and seems to sooth those teething gums. We all slept well last night after all of the activities. Today. . . I'm scheduled to work in the ICU, of course. If given the opportunity, I'll gladly take being On Call. I'm working an extra 12-hour shift this week. Again. Weather-wise, it's supposed to be a nice day, again, today. Later this noon-time, I plan on taking the puppy for a ride and walk. Hope all have a pleasant day today. πŸ™‚ Ted
  7. Ted

    Thursday August 12, 2021

    Good Evening - I'm at work doing the Shift Director thing. So far, all is relatively "Q", although apparently the E.R. was slamming busy. The busy-ness was related to the lack of ambulances and paramedics that our area of the world is experiencing, which is holding up necessary transport to larger hospitals that have the necessary cardiac and neuro specialties. Needless to say, this shortage is not good. (This shortage appears that it will remain a chronic issue for a while.) Anyway. . . Right now. . . this very moment. . . our teeny-tiny hospital is "Q". The September schedule for the Shift Directors is out. My name is on it for the "full time" position, for the first time. The poop is getting real! Currently, I'm still considered an ICU staff nurse doing extra shifts as Shift Director (which I've been doing these past 2+ years). Last night. . . I was On Call for the ICU and did not get called in. (No patients in the ICU last night.) The extra night's sleep was nice. The Puppy. . . She's still a puppy. She still has her moments of being nippy-bitey. Really looking forward to the puppy-stage to be done, and the adult-stage to start kicking in! We're told, by many sources, that this nippy-bitey stage will stop. However, there doesn't seem to be a clear consensus to WHEN it will stop. Some say by 6 months. Other say within a year. Other dog owners say that their puppy-now-adult dog never grew out of the nippy-bitey stage. (THAT scares me!! Ugh!) THEN there are moments of relative calm, when she allows us to pet her without the bites. Those are treasured moments, for sure. What is also for sure is that she's growing! She seems to look bigger every morning! She's also teething (which is most probably a BIG Reason to why she's nippy-bitey!). We have an ever growing assortment of chew toys for her. We also give her frozen things like string-beans, which she loves, by the way. We also have other frozen treats which she enjoys, and also seems to help "calm the beast". We love our Sedona! But she's our First and Last puppy. What is helpful is that we now have a few options to board her (Doggy Day Care) for the day, or for over night. We plan on using these options now that they are available for us. (We haven't been able to do any video-recording since we got the puppy. THIS has been an issue, especially for Amy who wants to get her YouTube channel up and running.) Otherwise. . . Life goes on. . . Hope all have a pleasant evening tonight. Peace. . . πŸ™‚ Ted
  8. Ted

    Wednesday August 11, 2021

    Good Morning - Tweety - To answer your question, currently we have two options for the puppy for when we go to Italy. Option one is to have my sister-in-law stay with her while we're away. She's retired, and makes some extra $$$$ staying in people's homes to care for their dogs while the owners are away. We call her the "Dog Whisperer" because the dogs generally respond quite well with her. Option two is to board her at a dog training camp where some serious training can take place. This costs over $2000.00, which ain't cheap. Joe - Hope the interview goes well for you. Most importantly, I hope you get the job that you like best and that bests suits your needs. nursej22 - Good that you found a nice AirBNB. Hope things continue to go well for you for your searches. NSIME - Hope you have a good day that isn't to crazy with Nannie. Hope the Trazadone continues to work well for her. Interesting that the ballgames helps ease her out of her bad mood. Maybe there'll be more games for her to watch and chill out?!? BCgradnurse - Hope that in 12 days you have beautiful weather for your wedding! Glad that you were able to find your Marriage License! (Yikes!) Looking forward to seeing pictures of your wedding should you decide to share them. πŸ™‚ The weather in this part of the world is supposed to be hot, humid, with good chances of thunder storms. It should be a good day to stay inside with our (new) air conditioning and sleep later today before going to work. I just hope that it's not raining when it's Potty Time for the Puppy. She's already had her morning Pee and Poo. (And yes. We STILL keep track of these things! LOL! πŸ˜› ) The pandemic . . . As shared here before, the numbers are on the rise in Berkshire County (of Massachusetts) where I work. Most towns, most businesses, and all of the healthcare facilities (including my teeny-tiny hospital) require all to wear masks. Yesterday, when Amy and I went to pick up our Puppy at the animal Day Care place, there were two grown men waiting outside to pick up their dogs because they were NOT wearing masks. (Wearing masks is currently mandatory for this animal day care center.) They were joking about not wearing masks. However, because we're back in the habit of wearing masks, it was Amy and I who were able to go inside to pick up Sedona while they stood outside, in the oppressive heat and humidity, and wait. I have no patience for such individuals. It's relatively easy to get free masks. (Vaccinations are free too!) There's no rational excuse NOT to wear a mask, or not to get vaccinated. Oh well. . . Got some chores to do. Hope all have a good and safe day today. Ted
  9. Ted

    Saturday August 7, 2021

    Good Evening - I'm at work. Gratefully, it seems that No One said the "Q" word because, right this moment, our happy, teeny-tiny hospital is. . . . (shhhhhhhhh). However, a couple of hours before my shift started, it seems that someone did say "That Word". There was a Code Blue on the Med/Surg floor. Long story short, happily the patient is alive and even doing well, and currently safely residing in our teeny-tiny ICU. This lucky individual is awake, alert and back to neurological baseline. The Puppy. . . A little less nippy & bitey. We had some nice play time around noontime, in-between First Sleep and Second Sleep. She's so darned cute! But, she can be a little devil sometimes. Currently, Amy and the Puppy is at a Home Owners Association (HOA) picnic that one of our neighbors is holding today. Interestingly, the puppy does well around other people. She should do well and behave at this picnic. Hopefully. Wish I could be at the picnic too. But, alas, I'm at work. After tonight, I'm off the next three nights. Yes! Amy. . . I keep on forgetting to share this. Amy is part of an on-line workshop for a play that is being developed, which, hopefully, will be produced Off Broadway. This play is about a woman with Cystic Fibrosis who wants to be a Broadway actress. Amy is playing the part of the Grandmother. (I'm grinning as I type this! LOL!) This workshop is being done by Zoom; all of the performers are at their homes. Together, they perform in front of their personal computer's cameras and microphone using their Zoom program. Today was Amy's 2nd day performing for this workshop. She's getting a modest stipend for her time and effort. Who knows?!? If this play eventually does make it to Off Broadway (in NYC), maybe Amy will be in the cast. THAT would be very cool! It's interesting how this pandemic is creating clever ways to safely continue the performing arts. Well, gotta get going and do rounds. I hope all have a pleasant and restful weekend. πŸ™‚ Ted
  10. Ted

    Friday August 6 2021

    Good Morning - Joe - Sad to read about your job situation. I hope your job search goes well. Tweety - Abruptly changing your work schedule, without warning, seems awfully unfair. Not good. Hopefully your new work schedule is a good one. amoLucia - I also love egg salad! Yummy! Work Wednesday night as Shift Director . . . Someone said the "Q" word. Repeatedly. It brought on all kinds of misfortune. (Ugh!) By our hospital's standards, it was a hell night. Just simply busy in all departments. We got through it, though. Things settled down to a slow simmer by around 4:00 AM in the morning. Yesterday was my night off, and was a day of rest after the previous night. Had some nice puppy-play with our growing girl. Slowly, she's showing signs of being an adult dog, which is nice. She's following through with her simple commands, chewing her chew-toys quietly and contently, and is allowing us to pet her without nipping and biting. When she does get nippy a bite-y, it usually either indicates that she has to go outside for potty-time, or that she is tired and needs a nap. Of course, we take her outside first for potty-time, then usually encourage her to go into her crate for a nap which she often does. Today? I work as Mr. ICU Nurse. Tomorrow is Mr. Shift Director again. Chances of either one of these two nights being "Q" are dim, though. For whatever reason, our teeny-tiny hospital has been extraordinarily busy. All departments. It's summer time and our area of the world gets a good influx of vacationers and weekenders extending their weekly weekend visits. Maternity and our ER departments, especially, has been quite busy this summer! Our Maternity department can handle up to 4 "couplets" (a Mom and a Babe). Often, Maternity has been full. Interestingly, the busy-ness that Maternity is experiencing now seems to indicate that couples had too much free time on their hands during the pandemic. LOL! As for the ER department?!? Well, it's an ER. But people coming in to be seen (many times for frivolous things) has been nearly relentless. (Lately, we've been getting a few individuals who drive themselves to the ER, at 2:00 AM, to be seen for "high blood pressure". When they are seen, their blood pressure is often in the 170s/80s (or around that range). The question is this: Why are people taking their freakin' blood pressure at 1:30 AM in the morning?!?) If it sounds like that I'm a bit burned out it's because I am. I've been working extra shifts for the past several weeks. Between work, and having a puppy at home, I'm tired. Amy is tired too. We're both exhausted. But. . . it seems like our vacation to Italy is still on. Hopefully Italy won't close its borders because of the recent flare-ups of the Covid-19 Delta Variant. We have our vaccination records to show them, if required. Well. . . I have errands to do while the puppy sleeps. I hope all is well, and all keep well! πŸ™‚ Ted
  11. Ted

    Wednesday August 4, 2021

    Good Morning - Had a relatively nice and relaxing day (night) off from work yesterday. Amy and I took the puppy for a lunch-outing, which was nice. The puppy enjoys the car rides and walks. We enjoy eating yummy food outdoors, and walking the dog around town. Last night I attended our monthly church council meeting via Zoom. It was long, but it was productive. This morning we have a local contractor putting new stone down, and repairing our driveway. Again. We had the same thing done last year, but torrential rainfalls that we got a few weeks ago really messed up our nearly 1/10th of a mile-long stone driveway. (Gosh, I hope we don't get such downpours anytime soon!) Gratefully, our basement remains dry. I'm working tonight as Shift Director. Hopefully the hospital will be "Q". Tweety - Hope work is kind to you today, and throughout the weekend. Joe - Glad that you're getting some good sleep. Sleep is important (so they tell me! LOL! πŸ˜› ) dianah - Hope work is kind to you too, especially while you're working "solo". Hello to all who follow! Hope all have a pleasant day! πŸ™‚ Ted
  12. Ted

    Monday August 2, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Just woke up from 2nd Sleep. Gonna get ready for work after typing here. I'm doing the Shift Director thing tonight. (I don't start the "full-time" position until September. So, my time will remain divided between the ICU and Shift Director.) All in all, it was a restful day today. The puppy had a scheduled visit to the Vet earlier this morning. She's up to 24 pounds! We got her when she was about 7 pounds, about 2 months ago. She's a growing girl! I'm off from work tomorrow, and it's supposed to be a nice day then. Hope to get some much-needed mowing done tomorrow! Our yards look so unkempt. The Puppy, though, requires much time and attention, which means much less time for mowing. Hope all are having a pleasant day today. Well. . . It's Shower Time! LOL! Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted
  13. Good (Early) Morning - It's 3:00 AM (EST) in this part of the world. I'm at work, doing the Shift Director thing. Currently, it's "Q" after a somewhat busy couple of hours in the ER. The last patient in the ER just left. Gratefully, no patients are registering to come in to be seen (at the moment). (Let's see how long this will last.) I'm fending off some anxiety and a bit of depression. Earlier, I read a memo from the Chief of Medicine for our larger healthcare system. Basically, the memo is informing us that the Covid-19 Delta variant is making its way to our area. The northern part of the county is seeing it the most, at the moment. But it's expected that the Delta variant will be making its way towards the southern part of the county, where my teeny-tiny hospital is found. The Chief of Medicine strongly encourages that employees get vaccinated, and that all employees remain vigilant and wear masks out in public. (We're still wearing them in the hospital.) In addition to this, the local TV news stations are echoing the same news. Amy and I started wearing our masks out in public places again. We're both vaccinated. However, we're concern about the efficacy of the vaccine that we received, especially against this Delta variant. It's been over 6 months since we got the shots. (We're seriously entertaining the idea of getting "booster" shots.) I know that I'm not the only one who is working to fend off the anxiety and the "emotional dark cloud". It infuriates me that a significant percentage of the population are not taking this seriously, and are making deliberate decisions NOT to get vaccinated. My anxiety isn't with just this freakin' virus. Starting this new position as "full time" Shift Director is causing me some concern. It is a small cut in pay - - with more potential headaches, with additional responsibilities. Also. . . the puppy. The puppy. Although she's growing up, and slowly "mellowing out", she still zooms around (usually in the later afternoon/early evening time) and nips with sharp teeth. We continue on with Puppy Training, and slowly we see improvement. Still, dealing with this pandemic is just exhausting. I've read the past few days of "Daily Diary" postings. Peace, folks. . . Ted Edited to Add: I just re-read my post. It's a bit of a downer. So, I decided to add this composition. I was meaning to share it here halfway through the month of July. But, I got "distracted". Here's a piece that I composed several years ago. (Yep. . . I still consider myself a composer. I just need to compose music more often.) The title of this piece is "Summer in Mid-July". Hope it helps uplift downer spirits.
  14. Ted

    Sunday August 1, 2021

    Good Morning! Tweety - Yep! Got the new position. Hourly rate-wise, it's a bit more $$$$, but it's less hours per week. . . with increased responsibilities, of course. LOL! Hope Slowbro is feeling better, poor thing. We're working to teach The Puppy to keep off our kitchen garbage can. There's no where else to put the damned thing. (The garbage can, not necessarily the puppy. LOL!) Anyway, it seems like you have nice plans for yourself with your best friend. Enjoy the day. Joe - Hope J is feeling better so that you both can get together tonight. Dianah - On one hand, it's nice to read that your area of the country is getting some rainfall to help put out the fires. On the other hand, those mud slides can cause much damage from the rainfall. I hope that you're safe!! NSIME - To answer your question, if I don't like the new position I guess I just have to deal with it. In other words, there's no turning back. I believe that my current nurse manager has already posted my night ICU Staff position. (Yikes!) With that said, I do know what I'm getting myself into, having done this position for the past few years (on a per diem basis). Overall, I think I'll like the change. One thing is for sure, I will have much less charting to do!! LOL!! πŸ˜› I hope all is well with you and your hubby. nursej22 - Regarding seafood. . . I'm not into fish that much. However, I LOVE Lobster and Alaska King Crab Legs. Your husband is right though. It's best to eat such deliciousness when it's freshly caught from the source. Freshly caught Alaska King Crab Legs, caught from Alaska and eaten while in Alaska, are succulent!!! (YUMMY!!) Hope your day, today, goes well. Yesterday. . . . It was a BEAUTIFUL Day!! Oh my gosh! The Sun was out, and there was low humidity! So Amy and I took advantage of the day. We took Sedona for a ride, and traveled to the small town where I grew up in. There, we had a Lovely walk around the town, then sat down and ate a delicious lunch outdoors underneath the shade of some tall pine trees (located in the center of town). It was just what the soul needed!! When we got home, later that afternoon, Sedona was ready for her mid-day nap. This allowed Amy and I to quite sit down on our front porch and continue to enjoy the lovely day by ourselves. We really needed a day like yesterday! Today?!? It's supposed to rain . . . Again. . . later this afternoon. At least it won't be raining when I drive to church and do the church music thing this morning. We don't have any plans for the rest of the day. I'm just happy to not be working tonight. Work. . . I'm a bit burned out from all of the extra shifts that I put in during these past few weeks. The month of August will be a bit better, although I'm still doing an extra shift this coming week. Although I'm not 100% certain, I believe that I actually start the new "full time" (with less hours) as Shift Director in September. I'll probably still be picking up extra hours during the evening as Shift Director. The evening Shift Director might still be Out on Leave from his Shoulder Surgery that he had last month. (Ugh!) I just realized that it is August 1st! I can't believe that we're in August already! Time is flying by! Hope all have a pleasant day today! πŸ™‚ Ted
  15. Ted

    Monday July 12th 2021

    Good Morning - Joe - Seems like you have a busy week planned for yourself. Hope work is kind to your today. Life . . . It's been a challenge these past couple of days. Because of all of the rain that we received last week, our basement flooded with nearly 2 inches of water from wall to wall. Although most of the stuff that we store down in the basement were elevated on crates, we lost some things (including old audio equipment, and a really old television set) due to the flooding. We spent $$$ to have a company drain out the water, and help dry out the basement. Unfortunately, the next day the basement flooded again. Again, this company helped drain out the water. In the meanwhile, Amy and I FINALLY got smart and purchased a 1/4 HP pump, put it together (which was a first for me!!), and got our dehumidifier working (which survived the flood!). Currently, the basement remains dry. This is despite recent rains that we're currently experiencing. In the meanwhile, our puppy seems to be "regressing" (for lack of a better word). In other words, she's more nippy and bite-y. Also, it seems to take her longer to follow through with commands that we taught her throughout the past several weeks; her attention spam seems to be shorter. Both Amy and I have not been in a "good place" ourselves, either with the puppy or with each other. So, it seems that the puppy is picking up on our negative energy. We went from calm, soothing voices, to the sharp loud voices when she does things like nip & bite, or chew on her bandaged leg. Without a doubt, raising a puppy is a challenge! Still, we love her, and continue to do what, apparently, we're supposed to be doing. . . teaching her, teaching her, and re-teaching her, over and over and over again. Amy and I have been verbally "nippy" towards each other, as we get in each other's way dealing with the puppy. This doesn't help matter, for sure. We just spent a good portion of this morning talking, venting, and coordinating our efforts so that we don't get in each other's way. (For example, it really seems to confuse the puppy, and rile her up, when we both go outside during "potty time". This also seems to be true with training, which is both weird and very frustrating.) At 2:00 PM this afternoon, we have an important appointment with the Vet. They're going to do a follow-up X-Ray of her leg to determine how much longer she'll need the splint. The puppy shows NO signs of any discomfort to her right hind leg. Our hope is that she won't need the splint anymore. She's zooming (like a normal puppy), jumps up and down (despite GREAT EFFORTS to prevent her from doing this!!) and acts like there's nothing wrong with her. How can that hairline fracture NOT be healed at this point, with her being so physically active?!? If she still needs to wear a splint, hopefully it won't be for longer than a week's time. Then there's work. Staffing EVERY WHERE is in a crisis mode. Heck, I received an email from work, Sunday night (!!!), asking if I would consider picking up an extra shift as Shift Director for this coming Friday. I am already doing an extra shift Thursday night!! I said that I would provided that I NOT work this coming Sunday in the ICU. . . which is an extra shift due to the staffing shortage that the ICU is experiencing. They would need to hold census in the ICU, which is a pretty big deal. (Although rarely, the census has been held before in our teeny-tiny ICU.) I see light at the end of the tunnel for everything. Our basement remains dry (so far!). The puppy's leg will heal, and she'll eventually grow into an adult dog. People are being hired for the ICU, and I'm hired as full-time Shift Director, which significantly helps with the low staffing issues. (The Med/Surg still needs help with staffing!). It's just that the tunnel seems long, and the light a bit dim now. Apologies for my venting. But, I really need to vent. Life has been crazy. But on a brighter side. . . We're still alive! Hope all is well. . . and all keep well. . . Ted
  16. Good Morning - It's raining outside! Again! Wish some of this rain would make its way to the areas of the country experiencing drought conditions!! There're flood warnings for nearby low-lying areas. We halfway up a small mountain (or large hill???), so no worries about flooding for us. However, our rock & dirt driveway is getting washed out. Again. In the meanwhile, the grass grows. The flowers in Amy's gardens look nice. (I'm trying to be positive about all of the rain we're getting.) Taking the puppy out to do her business, and trying to keep her right hind leg with its splint dry (!), is quite the challenge. We have all kinds of wraps that we put around her leg to keep it dry. She's not a happy puppy every time we put those things on. Later this morning, I'm supposed to get a phone call from our health system's HR to go over the benefits that I would receive for the "full-time" Shift Director position. I put "full-time" in quotation marks because I actually get paid for 32 hours per week verses that 36+ hours (not counting overtime) per week that I get as a (union) ICU Staff Nurse. Apparently, the benefits package is a little better than what the the unionized staff nurses get, which I find interesting. I don't know about the "hourly" rate, though. Supposedly, the hourly rate might (will?) increase to compensate the $$$ lost from having a 32-hour work week. Honestly?? I'm not too concerned making a little less money per week. However, I have a fairly large debt load that I'm working to pay down. Less $$$ per week will make paying down the debt challenging. Finally. . . I recently received notice that one of my Uncles (my father's youngest brother) is in Hospice, and is not doing well. He's a Type 1 Diabetic and has been battling this disease all of his life. This battle include two below-the-knee amputations. He's a good man, and his family are loving and caring folk. Sadly, I haven't visited them in nearly 20 years. We keep contact with each other via Facebook, which is nice. It seems that he's comfortable. However, I know that my Aunt's heart is aching to see her husband (finally) succumb to his life-long struggles with his health. I don't know if I can make it to his funeral. (It pains me to even type that last sentence!!) Between work issues and puppy issues, our life is semi-chaotic right now. I don't know. . . I just finished drinking First Coffee. Gonna get me Second Coffee, and spend some time with my loving wife before she goes to work today. Peace. . . Ted
  17. Ted

    Tuesday July 6, 2021

    Good Morning - Tweety - Sad to read about Slowbro's eye. At least Slowbro doesn't seem bothered by the eye. Did not know that dogs could get glaucoma. As for the hurricane?!? Hope it doesn't cause too much damage, and hope you keep safe! Weather-wise, yesterday was a nice day. Our niece drove back home to South Carolina, yesterday morning. So the nice weather was good for her long drive home. We enjoyed the nice weather with the puppy. Took her for a ride to a near-by park and walked around a bit. The puppy seems over-stimulated from all of the guests we had during the holiday weekend. It seems that the puppy lost some of its training, or at least it seems harder to get her to focus for any continued training. This morning, she was in extra-hyper mode, almost to the point of being "Zoomy". I know that this is to be expected with puppies, but not this early in the morning. Usually the morning time is when she's most "relaxed" and trainable. We just gotta keep focused on the training, repeating it over and over and over again. This, hopefully, will help keep her focused. Today. . . At 8:30 AM, I have a phone interview for the full-time Shift Director position. I'm curious to why we're having a phone interview verses an in-person interview. I do NOT take for granted that I "have the job" as others suggested. To be honest, I'm not sure that I want that full-time position. (Although any kind of change in my career would be welcomed.) I need to be assured that I have the time off for our trip to Italy this fall, and that I have time off for my niece's (my sister's middle daughter) wedding that's this December. Oh well. . . I'll find out about all of this in less than 2 hours!! The weather outside, today, doesn't look inviting like it did yesterday. It's supposed to be hotter and more humid with chances of more rain. It's kind of weird that some parts of the country are experiencing drought conditions and we're getting all kinds of wet weather. However, it is nice to know that our beloved Sedona (the place in Arizona, not the dog. . . LOL!) is getting some much-needed rain. Apparently that area of the the country was experiencing wild fires because it's so warm and dry. We hope to go to Sedona (the place in Arizona, not the dog) next spring, and take Sedona (the dog, not the place in Arizona) with us for some nice hiking adventures. Hope all have a nice day today. . . πŸ™‚ Ted
  18. Ted

    Sunday July 4, 2021

    Good Morning - Tweety - Those hurricane projections seem so unreliable, and there's more than one projection too, which only seems to add to the confusion. This is true for our local TV news station, at least, when they present the country's weather forecast. I wonder which is more reliable? The U.S. hurricane projection or the European one?? (There're a couple of others, too.) Please. Just stay safe. We've been getting LOTS of rain these past few days. Today isn't going to be different, it seems. The rain is good for the crops. One can almost see the newly planted corn grow in the near-by corn fields. (The growth of the corn can be noticed over night, which is both weird and interesting!) But the rain makes the lawn grow, which will need mowing. Again! And the rain makes the puppy wet (along with her parents)!! (Ugh!) Had a nice day visiting with family, yesterday. Amy's two sisters and two nieces were at our home for most of the afternoon and early evening. The puppy LOVED the new faces and extra attention! Twice, we went out for ice cream! (Not the puppy! LOL!) (I see that I gained back a couple of pounds since yesterday! Ugh!) One niece has been staying with us these past few couple of nights. She's been sleeping in my room, while I sleep in Amy's room, wearing my CPAP of course! Amy said that if I wear my CPAP every night I'm home, then we could sleep in the same room more often! LOL! πŸ˜› I do seem to get a better quality sleep when I wear the CPAP. So, this is a consideration. But we've been having our own bedrooms for the past 15+ years. It's nice to have my own bed (which is currently occupied by a family member). We always cuddle before going into our own rooms. And when we sleep, we sleep. So, changing bedroom arrangements doesn't seem to be something that we'll be doing in the near future. Gotta admit, though. Amy's King-Sized bed is awfully comfy!! (It was an expensive bed when we bought it several years ago.) (Now you know our bed-time stories!! LOL! :D) Today?!? Church this morning, of course. Family coming over again for a 4th of July lunch/dinner, complete with hot-dogs and hamburgers. (Don't know if we'll be going out for ice cream. Again. LOL!) Hope to be in bed by 2:00 PM for Second Sleep before going to work tonight. I doubt that I'll get Call tonight. There're two patients in our teeny-tiny ICU which generally requires two ICU Staff Nurses. (Although one patient does NOT need to be in the ICU. At all!!) This week is going to be a busy one, work-wise. I wish there wasn't a need to pick up TWO extra shifts this week. (I am NOT an "Overtime Junky"!!) But our staffing situation is temporary. Hopefully!! Really can't think about it too much. Just gotta take one freaking day at a time, and do what needs to be done. I hear our niece stirring. Hopefully she got a good night's sleep, with all of the commotion this morning. (Amy and I got up around 5:00 AM to a wide-awake puppy. The puppy was excited to see us, as she does EVERY Morning, complete with LOUD Barking!!) Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted
  19. Ted

    Saturday July 3, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Tweety - I hope that the hurricane passes you by! But if it looks like it won't, then please find safety soon enough to allow you to escape it! Joe - Vacations have a way to allow that time to reflect on life. I hope that you relax, and enjoy the time off from work, too! BCgradnurse - Congratulations! πŸ™‚ 🎊 Having a nice afternoon visiting with family. Just ate a whole lot of delicious food. Feeling quite full! (Oof!) Tomorrow is my scheduled Holiday to work. Scheduling wise, I'm off the next four nights. However, I picked up Tuesday and Wednesday night to work as Mr. Shift Director. Tuesday morning, at 8:30 AM, is my scheduled phone interview for the "full-time" position as Shift Director. I have some soul-searching to do if I'm actually offered the job. First, I get paid for 32 hours per week, verses that 36 hours per week that I now "enjoy" as a "full-time" ICU Staff Nurse. Although the hourly rate is a bit higher, it's still less $$$$ that I'll be making on a weekly basis. Also, Amy and I have two very important vacations planned. One is our trip to Italy which is already booked and paid for. This vacation is scheduled for the end of September into October. (I already have that time off as an ICU Nurse.) The second is weekend of December 10th. My niece (my sister's middle daughter) is getting married. I will insist on getting these two vacation times off if offered the Shift Director position. If those vacation times are not guaranteed off??? Again, I have some soul-searching to do. I don't mind being an ICU Staff Nurse, and continuing on as Shift Director on a Per Diem basis. Well. . . gotta let the puppy outside! I hear her stirring downstairs. Hope all have a pleasant weekend! πŸ™‚ Ted
  20. Good Morning! I'm at work. Gratefully, I found a computer that enables me to post here. Currently, my one and only patient is safely and peacefully asleep. So, I thought I'd start today's "Daily Diary" thread while I can. . . This Thursday's shift is the last of five 12-hour shifts in a row. It's been a week that I hope doesn't repeat itself anytime soon. As I believe that I shared before, our teeny-tiny hospital is experiencing a staffing-crisis, both with administrative-type folk and staff-nursing type folk. Unbelievable! For two of the the five shifts, I played the role of Mr. Shift Director. Wednesday late afternoon, I was Mr. Shift Director, but spent the 1st 2 hours in our teeny-tiny hospital's ER as an extra pair of hands. It was crazy-busy. Eventually, the ER settled down. Later that early evening, there was a lovely Memorial Service for the Night Shift Director who passed away the other week. The sharing done during that service was heart-felt. Almost her entire family was there, which was a nice surprise. I found myself with tears at one point, which is unusual for me. She will be missed, for sure. It's quite welcomed that tonight's shift is relatively "Q". Tonight's shift is giving me an opportunity to wind down and even relax a bit. My one and only patient is doing quite well. Surely, she doesn't need to be in an ICU. For most other hospitals, she'd be on a telemetry, if that. But we're a teeny-tiny hospital, and we kind of march to the beat of our own drum sometimes. I'm off the next two nights! We have family coming to visit with us this week-end, which is nice. Sunday will be a outdoors cook-out day as we celebrate July 4th. (It might rain, though, so the "cook-out" might take place indoors. LOL!) I am working Sunday night. But at least I'll be able to help with the cooking (cough, cough - I'll be cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs) before I go to bed for that Second Sleep (before going to work). Work. . . Simply, we're experiencing a staffing crisis. We all are picking up extra shifts to help fill in the staffing holes. I'm picking up only one extra shift per week because I want to avoid another week like this one (and avoid total burn out). What might help everything out is that I applied for that open full-time night Shift Director position. I'm told that I "have the job". But I'll believe that when I sign on that dotted line. At the very least, life will be interesting for the next few weeks as staffing holes are filled, one way or another. Later, I'm going to come back here and read this past week's postings. I hope all are well. . . and all keep well! Peace. . . Ted
  21. Ted

    Saturday June 26, 2021

    amoLucia - My "collection" is cameras. I have six of them. (Don't need all six.) It's an expensive "hobby". . . collecting cameras and lenses. (Lots of lenses.) Admittedly, I am a bit of a hoarder. I feel "comfortable" with more of the things that we need and like. . . toilet paper, paper towels, bottles of shampoo, soap bars, cameras, lenses, audio & video software programs, computers (I have two in my studio, but only need one).
  22. Ted

    Thursday June 24, 2021

    Good Morning - Tweety - Hope work is kinder to you today. (Work did not sound fun at all, yesterday.) Ugh. . . . Our poor Sedona has a fractured right hind leg. Her femur has a hairline fracture. It "only" requires a splint. Still, it's painful. Basically, she fell off the narrow ledge to our screened-in porch, opposite to where the door swings open. Her poor leg caught the hand-banister to the 4-step stairs to the porch. She let out a frightened-sounding cry when she fell and hurt herself. Both Amy and I let out a cry with her as we watch the whole thing happen! She is doing well, now, though. This happened Tuesday afternoon, about 4:45 PM. We tried calling FIVE different veterinary hospitals including the one that we use. They were either closed (ours was closed), or would not accept an emergent visit without first establishing an existing account. FINALLY, we reached a 24/7 emergent animal hospital that took her in. X-rays were taken, of course, which confirmed the fracture. After talking to about 3 veterinarians (one was an orthopedic vet!), it was determined that she did not need surgery, and that a hard splint would be best for her. (We were willing to do the surgery if needed!) Gratefully, she's doing fine. She's already learned to walk with the cast (putting minimal weight on that leg), sit down, and do her "business". Interestingly, gabapentin was prescribed for her pain. After talking to 3 different veterinarians, including the our own and the ortho-vet, it was confirmed that gabapentin is appropriate (I'm still skeptical) for her pain management. Indeed, she seems to be tolerating the medication, and her discomfort being relatively controlled. Our hearts are heavy seeing her injured. We long to see that "Zoomy" puppy again!!! Apparently, puppies heal relatively quickly. Already, we're seeing her more active! As for my co-worker who passed away, her wake is this Saturday. Her absence is already felt. I filled Tuesday night's scheduling hole for Shift Director. The general mood of the night-shift crew was somber, to say the least. Unfortunately, many won't be able to make her funeral service this Saturday because they're schedule to work this weekend. I'm not able to make it, either, for the same reason. It's been an extraordinarily sad week. . . Hope all are doing well. . . Ted
  23. Ted

    Tuesday June 22, 2021

    Good Morning - Drinking First Coffee. . . We had thunderstorms last night. Doing 10:30PM "Puppy Potty Duty" was not fun at all. The thunder and lightening freaked out the puppy. Freaked me out, too. It seemed that the thunderstorm was directly over us. After the initial attempt, we went back inside and waited for the storm to subside a bit. Finally it did, and we went outside the "other way" (outside the fenced in area, which required a leash). The 2:00 AM "Puppy Potty Duty" went more smoothly. By that time, the storms had stopped. Now?!? It's damp and overcast outside, which makes for a wet outdoor potty and play time. Feeling sad over my co-worker's death. On one hand, it was not a surprise because of her relatively fragile health. Still, she seemed to have been doing fine with the her dialysis sessions, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. No word about funeral dates and times yet. I'm sure her family is still "processing" it all. (There's that word again. . . "process".) (Can't think of another word to use, right now.) I'm working tonight as Shift Director, covering her shift. She and I were on the same week-end, so I'm not sure what this Saturday will bring. I am off from work Sunday night, though. I could work her shift then. Later this morning I'm gonna call my "DON" (her actually title is "Vice-President of Operations") to see if any plan is in play for the next couple of weeks. Early this morning, I was Wide Awake! So, I spent that time putting together a simple video with the puppy. I'm sharing it below. She's grown twice her size since we adopted her. (Her teeth remain sharp!! OUCH!!) She loves her sticks. Interestingly enough, she's not a fan of the sun and it's warmer weather. Basically, she's about 90% fur. LOL! Enjoy the video. . . Ted
  24. Ted

    Monday June 21, 2021

    Good Morning. . . . Actually . . . it's not so good, today. Just received word that the full-time night shift director, with the end-stage kidney disease, passed away last night. So, so sad. I'm numb. . . She was a year older than me, who struggled to come to grips with her diseased kidney. It was only recently that she seemed to fully accept her situation, and made formal arrangements to be put on the kidney transplant list. THIS took at least a couple of years. (She's been doing dialysis for the past few years.) It's just so sad. . . She's been a nurse for about 30 years. I know that she came from a strong ICU Nursing background. She enjoyed her role as a Shift Director, and was that extra pair of hands when needed. My gosh. . . she will be missed. She leaves behind her grown-up children and young grandchildren. Don't know too much about her kids, unfortunately, except that she was very proud of them. I've been talking to my wife who is at work. She'll be leaving work earlier than planned, which is warmly accepted. Anyway. . . thank you for reading all of this while I "process". (Gosh! What a silly term! Yet, it seems fitting to use right now.) Geeze. . . I hear puppy stirrings. . . A nice distraction, right now. Peace. . .
  25. Ted

    Sunday June 13th 2021

    Good Afternoon - Just another quick but warm hello. . . Hi Davey Do! Love your comics! Joe - Curious. Do you have any recordings of your church bell choir? nurseJ22 - Hello! amoLucia - Hello! Good to see you! Glad you got your computer router fixed. It can be very frustrating when computer-related stuff goes wonky! Church was nice this morning. There was a retired Pastor who led the service this morning. Really enjoyed his sermon. Got home around noon time this afternoon. Was greeted by a happy puppy, of course. Life with the Puppy continues. Amy spent most of the time with her these past couple of days. I'm off from work tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday, and plan on being the main Puppy Trainer these next two days to give Amy a break. Still these next two days will be busy ones for all three of us. Tomorrow is a scheduled visit to the Vet for more puppy shots, and hopefully to get her nails trimmed! (Ouch!) Tuesday late-afternoon is Pre-Kindergarten Class for the Puppy. Her first one! THAT will be interesting. Working tonight as Mr. Shift Director. Hopefully it'll be "Q". Hope all have a pleasant day today! Peace! πŸ™‚ Ted

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