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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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  1. Good Morning, folks! Thought I'd start today's Good Morning thread before I forget to share my "Good Morning" thoughts. Again. It's voting day, today! So. . . Go vote!! Had a nice and restful day and evening, yesterday. Nothing productive was done, though. Today, besides voting, the goal is to plant myself down in my audio-video studio and compose something. Anything!! Originally, my goal was to write one original music composition per month. Well, THAT did not happen! So far, I've composed three original instrumentals. With a little focused discipline, I hope to compose and sequence (record) the fourth today. It doesn't need to be fancy-shmancy. Just something like a pop rock-fusion piece. Wednesday and Thursday nights I work. THEN. . . I'm off for four nights in a row. During that time, Amy and I will be away, spending time with Amy's family as our niece gets married Saturday (or is it Sunday??). Looking forward to spending time with family! Just looked outside my studio window and noticed that almost all of the leaves are off their trees. The weather forecast for tomorrow calls for colder weather and snow. Without a doubt, the fall season is leaving us and winter is just around the corner. Hope all is well with everyone! Peace, folks! Ted
  2. Ted

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I am against Trump for the policies that he and his administration support and work to enact. Those policies are easily researchable. . . and are down-right awful. How can ANYONE continue to support Trump?!? Shame on Trump, and shame on anyone who continues to support Trump and his dangerous societal and political filth. Trump: Our country's WORST mistake of the 21st Century. US votes against UN resolution condemning Gay sex death penalty, joining Iraq and Saudi Arabia
  3. Good Morning! Joe - It's so cool to see your finished cross-stitch work! Thank you for sharing. Now that this cross-stitch project is finished, will you be starting another one?? It seems like a nice and creative hobby to have, Joe! It's a quiet 5:03 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Today is my second day (night) off from work. With the exception of our almost-daily 3+ mile power-walk, yesterday was a day of rest. Amy and I really didn't do anything except relax and watch our favorite television shows. We're both still achy from last Saturday's hiking adventure. Interestingly, yesterday's "power-walk" seemed quite easy to do. It's a walk where the road has its own hills, which helps give that definition, "Power Walk". When it would be normally exhausting to walk UP the hilly dirt road and driveway, it seemed rather easy and much less exhausting. It's as if last Saturday's 6+ mile hiking adventure in the Catskill Mountains boosted our endurance levels significantly. So, our endurance levels are up, which is a good thing! But those achy muscles and bones (especially our legs, ankles and feet) remain, which is a bit annoying. Today. . . . Don't have anything planned, except to continue to plan for our 2019 Holiday Video that we'd like to produce for our family and friends. As I'm typing this I'm realizing that we didn't do any planning for that video yesterday. (Yikes!) Also, I have to type up a form letter to mail to our fellow HOA members, informing them that they have to pay the yearly HOA dues by December 1st, 2019. I didn't do THAT yesterday, either. (Procrastination was well-exercised, yesterday!! L O L!) As of right now?? I just heard the sweet sound of the coffee pot dinging! It's time for First Coffee!! Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  4. Hi Tweety - Good to read that you had a nice day off from work. Sorry to hear about George, though. You're a good friend for him. Please let him know that he's warmly held in our thoughts for continued healing.
  5. Good Morning! It's a peaceful and quiet early morning (5:48 AM, EST) in the part of the world. I love these fall-season, early-morning time of days. Just packed up my camera and lenses for today's hike in the Catskill Mountains. (Hope to be taking LOTS of pictures and video!) So far, the weather is looking as best as can be: partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain with temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s throughout the day. We'll take it!! Amy and I are meeting with a co-worker friends of mine who lives in the general area where we'll be hiking. She's a Med/Surg nurse who also works the night-shift, and we've known each other for the 20 years that I've worked at my teeny-tiny hospital. She and I have been talking about doing some kind of hiking venture for the past few years. We're finally doing it!! Amy and I have done this trail before. It's about 6+ miles, round-trip. It's not necessarily a long trail, but it has its steep and somewhat challenging parts. At the end of the trail is a vista where one can see for many, many miles on a clear day. It is breath-taking! We should still get really nice views, despite it being a partly-cloudy day. The plan is to leave home at 7:30 AM and meet our friend at 9:00 AM to begin the hike. Yesterday was a nice and relaxing day. The realtor and person interested in purchasing our home came a bit earlier than expected. So, we had the opportunity to meet this person. This gentleman is from NYC (Manhattan), and is looking to purchase a 2nd home, "away from it all"! In other words, he's a "Week-ender"! L O L! He wanted a house on a large plot of land with LOTS of trees so that he doesn't see his neighbors! Well, THAT'LL be our home! L O L! Hopefully he liked what he saw. Our home is in pretty good shape for being 14 years old. Although we purchased it new (as a spec-home), it does have 14 years worth of living. It's priced to sell, well below what we paid for it back in 2005. (If we get our asking price, it'll be a $60,000.00+ loss for us!!) Back in 2008, when the housing market crash took place, we were hit hard with devaluation. Still, we've had 14+ years of life in our home, filled with lots of memories. THAT is what is important to us! The only thing we did yesterday, besides relax, was go grocery shopping. We purchased extra goodies for Sunday. Tomorrow we're hosting a HOA meeting. I hope people bring an appetite because we purchased lots of good! L O L! Nothing much else going on. Gonna get ready for our hike! Hope all have a restful day today! Ted
  6. Ted

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I am in great need to vent. . . Trump, Pence. . . and the entire freakin' Conservative Republican Party - combined, they represent a societal disease. We must rid ourselves of this disease. They must GO. . . we must rid ourselves of this societal disease. VOTE those dangerous fools out!!!
  7. Ted

    Friday October 25 2019

    Good Morning! It's been a few days. . . . Joe - Way cool that you get to work from home full-time! Sounds like a dream-job!! Hope J is feeling better today. So . . . Life has been a nice and steady busy. Most recently, I crammed-study for my ACLS recertification. Again. It's only about the 10th freakin' time that I've done the ACLS recert-thing during the past 20+ years. However, this was the FIRST time I did it on the AHA's on-line course thingy. Prior to this past week of on-line studying, I've ALWAYS done the ACLS recert-thing in a classroom setting. (Generally, I PREFER learning in a classroom setting!!) But once I got used to the e-learning program, it wasn't as bad of an experience as I played it out to be in my mind. I spent an entire whole day doing the simulation modules, many of which I did over and over again simply to practice. As for the hands-one ACLS test (which I took Wednesday)??? It was a breeze. My dummy LIVED! L O L! Last week was spent procrastinating doing the ACLS on-line recert-thing. I procrastinate very, very well! (Ugh!) Besides procrastinating, I simply did the "sleep, eat, work thing" during my work nights. On the nights when I wasn't working, Amy and I simply relaxed together and watched our favorite TV shows. (We were hoping to do some hiking, but it rained during our days off from work. So, no hiking for us last week.) What also happened last week?? Oh yes!! Our freakin' "hands-free" garage door busted!! The spring-thing that helps makes the garage door easily go up and down busted. After many, many attempts to OPEN the freakin' broken garage door, we found out that one needs a working spring-thing to be intact. The freakin' garage door just would NOT open, despite breaking our backs attempting to open it! Well, it's fixed and all is well with the world. L O L! What else happened last week?!? Oh yes!! I remember!! I upgraded my aging yet dependable 2009/2010 Mac Pro computer's operating system! Boy, was THAT a MISTAKE!!! It did NOT like the upgrade! So, I spent an entire day and night down-grading to the previous operating system, which also meant re-installing my many, many audio & video programs. It was a painful process. Oddly enough, since upgrading and downgrading, the computer seems to be running a bit more smoothly. Today. . . We're cleaning our home so that it can be shown later this afternoon. We put our house back on the market. Again. Hopefully the people who'll be wondering through it will like our home and BUY it!! As shared before, I have mixed feeling about selling our house. I do love it here. It holds many, many memories. But what is MORE important is retiring sooner than later. Selling our home would help save $$$$ to help pay off debts so that we CAN retire sooner than later. Tomorrow. . . We hope to be hiking on one of the many trails of the Catskill Mountains. The plan is to meet with a co-worker who lives in that area of New York, hike together, then have a nice dinner out on one of our favorite restaurants (in the Catskills). Unfortunately, it's a little past prime-time colored-leaves season this fall. Much of the leaves have fallen due to last weeks wind and rain storms. Still, it should be a lovely hike. The vista that we hope to reach offers outstanding views. Of course, if it rains tomorrow, there'll be no hiking. Nothing much else to share. . . I give my warm "Hello" to you all. . . and hope you all are doing well! (Hope to have some photos to share if we go hiking tomorrow.) Peace! Ted
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    Monday October 14, 2019

    Good Afternoon - Getting ready to leave for work soon. Thought I'd do a quick look-see and say "Hello" before I leave. Rose-Queen - My warmest condolences to you and your family. Please know that you're warmly held during this profoundly sad time. (((Hugs)))
  9. Ted

    Sunday October 13, 2019

    Good Afternoon - BCgradnurse - UGH! Hope the person who thoughtlessly hit your car pays for full damages!! Recently woke up. Feeling groggy. . . still. Hopefully First Coffee will kick in to make the grogginess go away. Work, last night, was BUSY in the ER!! Things did not settle down until about 2:00 AM this morning. Gratefully, the rest of the shift was relatively "Q". I managed to get all of the "Duties of the Shift Director" done. Hopefully. After work, there was choir rehearsal, then church. The choir anthem sounded nice. Unfortunately, I kind of fell asleep during the Pastor's sermon. (Oops!) It was un-intentional, of course. Hopefully no one heard me snoring. (I'm a loud snorer when I sleep!) At least I was sitting up in the choir loft, by myself. So, hopefully no one saw me too!! Had a stiff neck when I woke up. After church, I went to pick up my pay check from the church treasurer's home. He forgot to leave it for me in the church, this morning. (I get paid every 2nd Sunday of every month. I really needed the $$$ to pay bills.) It took me a while to remember where the heck the church treasurer lived! Finally found his home. He was apologetic. He was also in the mood to talk, talk, talk! So, about 30 minutes later, I finally left to go home, which is about a 25 minute drive from his house. Got home around 1:00 PM, ate a delicious lunch with Amy, then FINALLY went to bed (around 1:30 PM)!!! That bed felt really, really, really good!!! Woke up around 5:00 PM. Rolled out of bed and got me some First Coffee. It was a beautiful fall day, today. It would have been a PERFECT day for a fall hike. Sadly, I couldn't go for a hike because of work, church and sleep obligations. It's days like today when I wish I was retired from all work obligations so that I can do things like hike on the spur of a moment. I work tomorrow. Then, I'm off from work for the next three nights. Amy and I have a hike planned, with friends, for this coming Thursday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Hope all have a pleasant evening! Ted
  10. Good Morning! It's 7:15 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Recently woke up and just rolled out of bed. The coffee is brewing, which is a wonderful thing. Hard to believe that October is almost 1/2 over. Time continues to fly by. The fall season in this part of the world, with its color-changed tree leaves, is near-peak. It's beautiful. When I'm look out my 2nd floor studio window (which I did just now), I see a near-by hill filled with yellows, oranges and reds. Again, beautiful! I do love this time of year, specifically when the "fall colors" present themselves. Because that danged lower back is still a bit stiff, I've been taking things slowly. But at least I'm back to my daily walks. I'm just walking a bit slower than usual. I haven't resumed jogging yet. I'm going to take a couple of more days for that danged lower back to heal before I resume jogging. I've been doing that on-line ACLS recertification thing. Just doing a little here and a little there. With the stiff back, my studio chair is not feeling very comfortable. I might need to look for a studio chair that better supports the back. We'll see. I'm working tonight. Off Sunday night. Working Monday night. Then, I'm off for the next three nights next week. Hopefully that danged lower back is better-healed by next Thursday. Amy and I have a long but nice hike planned in the Catskill Mountains with two other people. Well. . . The coffee pot just went "Ding"! That "Ding!" is a beautiful sound. Gonna get me First Coffee. Hope all have a pleasant day and weekend! Ted
  11. Hi, again, folks - Earlier this morning I received a text from Lil Nel. She wanted me to share to you some sad news. Her 22 year-old Thoroughbred, Nine Ways, broke his leg in a pasture accident. (If I understand her text correctly, she referred to her horse on the Good Morning threads as "Biggie".) She shared that nothing that could be done. Apparently, her beloved horse had to be euthanized. Of course, I gave Lil Nel my warm condolences. It's always heart-breaking to lose a beloved "fury family member". I also encouraged her to share her sad news here on the Good Morning thread, knowing that this is a supportive group of individuals. So . . . Lil Nel. . . Warm (((Hugs))) to you! Please know that you are welcomed here anytime for any reason. Ted
  12. Ted

    Friday October 11, 2019

    Good Morning - Tweety - Hope they find you extra help for today. One never knows how busy it gets until the work-day presents itself. Joe - It can be really frustrating and boring going to a mandatory work meeting only to be given information I already know! (Ugh!) Well, at least the week-end is almost here. Seems like you have a busy day planned for yourself tomorrow. Enjoy dinner with J. Well. . . I was On Call, last night!! Yes!! I did go to work yesterday afternoon to be a part of the interview process for one applicant. This applicant is well-known to us (for good or for bad). She's been an "on again, off again" employee, working on the Med/Surg floor initially, leaving our hospital to work elsewhere, then came back and worked on the ER, then left our hospital (again) to work elsewhere. Apparently, she really hates her current place of employment. She's a well-seasoned nurse, and she's smart, for sure! BUT, her attendance-record is leaving a sour taste in our mouths, especially for our nurse manager. Also, she does have that record of being employed "on again, off again", which is causing concern. Concern about dependability is what might keep her from being hired as our next full-time night-shift ICU Staff Nurse. In the meanwhile, there are other applicants (one applicant for sure, possibly two). It is nice having choices. What is both nice and interesting is that we, the staff nurses, have a significant say-so in the hiring process. Ultimately, our Nurse Manager has the final word. But our in-put to whom we hire is taken seriously by her, which is nice to see. After yesterday's interview, it was obvious that two ICU staff-nurses were not needed. There were no patients in the ICU, there were only two patients on the med/surg floor, and the ER was not busy at all. Being that it was my turn to be On Call, I happily took it! I'm already working extra this week. Yep. . . I picked up an "extra" shift as Shift Director tomorrow night, 7PM - 7AM. I'm normally off this week-end. But the full-time Shift Director who would normally work Saturday night is taking a mini-vacation. Hopefully our teeny-tiny hospital will be "Q". The wildcard is always the ER department, of course. It's a holiday week-end with a lot of "weekenders" coming up to "weekend homes" to enjoy the holiday. Also, holiday vacationers will be coming to the area simply to enjoy the fall foliage. (The Northeast is beautiful during this time of year!!) It's a pretty good bet that our teeny-tiny hospital's ER will be seeing lots of sprained ankles, tick bites, exhaustion, and "chest pain" patients. Of course, I'll be an extra set of hands, tomorrow evening, as Shift Director if/when our humble ER gets crazy-busy. I actually like being that extra set of hands. I do all of the task-y stuff (draw blood, start IVs, hang meds, etc.), often without doing all of the extra charting. In a little while, Amy and I will be meeting my step-mother (my father's 2nd wife) for a brunch. She was my step-mother during my high-school & early adult years, when she and Dad were married. We've remained close despite "The Divorce" (which took place a couple of decades ago). After our brunch, Amy and I will either do some easy hiking (my back is still tender), or walk our usual 3-mile route. Got to keep in shape! Nothing much else going on. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  13. Ted

    Thursday October 10, 2019

    Good Early Afternoon - Just woke up from First Sleep. Getting ready to eat First Meal (some kind of lunch), then back to bed for Second Sleep. Worked as Mr. Shift Director for most of the night. Thankfully, the ICU and the rest of the hospital was "Q". I'm going to work early tonight to interview a candidate for an open night shift in the ICU. There's also another applicant for this position. It's nice to have "choices". Gosh. . . got to get going. Hope all have a good day today. Cheers! Ted
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    Wednesday October 9, 2019

    Good Morning! Tweety - Gosh, I hope that your best friend is now free-and-clear from the skin cancer after the procedure. Woke up awhile ago. Sleep was a little tough to get when repositioning myself in bed. The lower back is still tender and repositioning myself in bed seems to aggravate it. I'm working tonight. As long as I use good body mechanics, going to work tonight shouldn't be an issue. This afternoon, I plan on doing some gently-paced walking. Still have not started that on-line ACLS Recertification Course, yet. I can't procrastinate for too long. It seems that it will take a good amount of time to complete all of the modules to this on-line course. (Whimper and Whine. . . ) Nothing much going on, otherwise. Hope all have a pleasant day, today! Ted
  15. Ted

    Tuesday October 8 2019

    Good Evening! Had a nice day, today. First, the weather was wonderful. With only the faintest of twinges in my lower back, Amy and I decided to do a long but gentle walk to enjoy the fall day (and to get back into our routine of exercising). We walked along the Ashuwilliticook (say THAT three times fast!!!) Rail Trail, located in Lanesborough, MA. It's a flat and well-paved trail that follows along several lakes in the region. It's great on the back, and provides beautiful fall scenery! We walked a little over 5 miles, which more than met my goal. (My goal is to walk about 3 miles a day, weather and lower back permitting.) Now?? I'm just relaxing, trying not to sit down too long, or lie down too long, both of which can be uncomfortable. Later this evening, I plan on starting the on-line recertification course for ACLS. I need to have it completed by October 23rd when I'm scheduled to do the "hands-on" test. I've taken recertification courses about 11 times throughout the years. This is the first time when I've taken the main portion of the recertification course on the AHA's web-site. Usually I've taken the recert course the old-fashioned way. . . in a classroom setting with other human-beings (which is MY preferred way of learning). Unfortunately, there were no classroom ACLS recert courses that fit around my work schedule this month. (I need to be fully recertified by the end of this month or else I can't work.) The on-line course looks complicated, to be honest. One almost needs a freakin' Master's Degree in computer programming in order to take this freakin' on-line course. But I'm told that it can be done. The key is to hit the "Pause Button" - often - when figuring out which choice to take. But as we all know, there is no such thing as a "Pause Button" in a real-life Code Blue situation. It's weird, and obviously I am NOT looking forward to taking this on-line recertification course. But, I need to work!! (Whine, whine!) Nothing much else going on. After I'm done typing here, I'm going to read today's Good Morning posts. In the meanwhile, I hope all sleep well tonight. Peace! Ted Edited to Add: Tweety - Please let George that we're warmly holding him for recovery and comfort. You're a good friend, Tweety.
  16. Ted

    Monday October 7 2019

    amoLucia - It good to see that you seem to be recuperating well. It's also good to read about your positive experience while hospitalized. Tweety - Hope work is kind to you today. . . That damned back is feeling much better. I have no real plans today except to move a little as possible, and when moving to do it slowly and carefully! Currently drinking Second Coffee. It tastes good. Going for Third Coffee soon! Cheers!
  17. Ted

    Monday October 7 2019

    Good Morning! Joe - Nice to read that you had a good day, yesterday. Regarding your church organist, it's very cool to read that she might be offered a full-time position! It says a lot about her abilities and your church. Speaking of choirs and church. . . It seems that being a choir director can be dangerous! Yesterday, during our church choir rehearsal, I pulled out my lower back simply by going from a sitting to standing position!! (UGH!!!) It really hurt at the time, and the pain got worse as the day played itself out. I haven't pulled out my lower back in a long time. Actually, I've been more physically active these past couple of weeks with power walks, gentle jogging and hiking trails. So, to go from a sitting position to a standing one really pissed me off! (UGH!!) Needless to say, I've been taking lots of Ibuprofen, and been very, very, very careful with any kind of position change. I even called out "sick" from work, which I haven't done in a long time. (I just couldn't go to work and meet the expectations of any kind of lifting, tossing and turning of patients.) The lower back is still tender this morning. But it's much, much better than yesterday, thank goodness! Today?!?!? I'm off from work, which is good. Just going to take it really, really easy and let that freakin' lower back of mine heal. I'm off from work Tuesday night, too. Hopefully it'll be safe for me to return to work Wednesday night. Nothing much else going on. Amy is working a partial day today. She'll return home during the mid-afternoon. She's also off from work tomorrow, too. We can at least relax together at our cozy home tonight and tomorrow. Hope all have a good . . . and SAFE . . . day, today! Peace! Ted
  18. Ted

    Sunday October 6, 2019

    Good Morning - Tweety - Good to read that work was manageable for you, yesterday. Hopefully, work will be kind to you today. Well. . . We did NOT go canoeing, yesterday. It was still dark outside when I wrote yesterday's Good Morning post. When the sun finally began to rise, it became obvious that there was FROST on the ground!! It was literally freezing outside, yesterday morning!! The thought of canoeing on a lake, with near-freezing temperatures, and a slight wind, did not seem appealing to us. By 10:30 AM, the temperature was above freezing to around the mid-40s. So, we decided to go hiking, again, instead. And. . . hiking we did!! Amy found a lovely trail which we never hiked on before, and we did the whole trail! It was another beautiful hike which made for a vigorous work-out!! (Ouch!) The first 2+ miles were steep. But the work-out was well-worth the effort. There was a rock-landing vista at the summit which provided great scenery to the surrounding valley show-casing its fall-colored trees, near-by hill towns and two near-by lakes! We took lots of pictures, again, of course! We spent a good hour or so on the summit just enjoying the beauty of it all. After we rested on the top, we walked down the other part of the loop-trail which seemed to take forever. Again, another good work-out! When we got back to our car, we decided to reward ourselves with some soft ice-cream! It didn't necessarily sooth the aching muscles, but it sure tasted good! L O L! Today, it's choir rehearsal, church, sleep, then work. If Call is offered, I'll take it! Nursej22 - Saratoga is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from where I live. It's a lovely area! It's a reasonable drive to that area of New York. It would be nice to meet you, if possible. Amy and I could meet you after the bike thingy for lunch or dinner. Just a thought. herring_RN - Warm condolences to you for the loss of your friends. (((Hugs))). Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  19. Good Morning! It's a near quiet early-morning in this part of the world. The coffee maker JUST started making the sweet sound of percolating coffee. It's a welcomed sound to an otherwise peaceful early-morning! Had a LOVELY day, yesterday! Amy and I relaxed together up until mid-morning. At around 10:00 AM, we packed up our hiking stuff and went out to have breakfast together at a lovely restaurant in West Stockbridge, MA. (I forgot the name of the restaurant.) It's kind of a la-ti-da restaurant which sells really good tasting food, and even better tasting coffee!! Afterwards, we set out for a hike in the Berkshires. We went to a beautiful area of the Berkshires and hiked up a small mountain on the Tyringham Coggle Trail. The summit gave a beautiful view of the surrounding area and its fall foliage. We both took LOTS of pictures, of course. After that, we came home, got cleaned up (hiking these Berkshire trails make for a good work-out!) then went out to enjoy a relaxing dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, the Jackson's Old Chatham House, located in Old Chatham, NY. All in all, we had a lovely 33rd Wedding Anniversary! Today? It's supposed to be a cool but sunny day outside. We haven't taken our canoe out, yet, this year! So, we're pretty sure that we're going canoeing on the Otis Reservoir. It's a large reservoir which will take pretty much most of the day to enjoy (and give us an upper body workout!) There are many other bodies of water that we can go to, though. Our choice of where we go canoeing is weather-dependent. Not sure what we're going to do tonight. Most likely, we're going to rest our weary muscles. Tomorrow is Sunday. There's choir rehearsal then church. I'm working tomorrow night, unfortunately. But, I'm off Monday and Tuesday nights. I hope all have a pleasant day, today! Peace! Ted Edited to Add: Here are some photos of our hike. The day was picturesque, which I hope these photos captured.
  20. Good Morning! It's 1:44 AM (EST) in this part of the world!! It's a quiet early-morning day, today. The only sound I hear is the rain gently falling on our home. So. . . How's everybody???? I'm FINALLY finished with the video-editing & DVD burning of those two 2-hour dance recitals. FINALLY mailed out 60+ DVDs to the owner of that dance studio - YESTERDAY! I'd thought I'd share this information to you all since I moaned and groaned about that project for what seems like forever! I'm super glad to have the project behind me!! Also. . . Today is Amy's and my 33rd Wedding Anniversary!!! Been married 33 wonderful years together. Yep! We're still together! L O L! We have plans of doing either canoeing or hiking these next couple of days. Hopefully the rain will end later this morning, as the predicted by the weather forecast. At the very least, it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow. But no matter rain or shine, we're going to enjoy our anniversary together. I do feel very Blessed to have Amy as my life-long partner. Although life has been good, it's also been busy. I did not intend on staying away from the Daily Morning thread. I simply got out of the "habit" posting here. (With the exception of Facebook, and paying on-line bills, I've been spending less time on the Internet during these past several weeks.) It's really nice to see that this Daily Morning forum is still going. When I'm done typing here, I plan on reading back on a few day's worth of Daily Morning threads, and catch up on you all. Besides sloooowly working on those dance recital videos, here are a few other things that's happened during these past several weeks. . . 1) Amy and I attended my niece's Wedding Ceremony, last month! The Wedding took place on a fancy-shmancy resort located on the coast of Maryland. Amy and I had a nice time exploring the area and visiting with family. The Wedding itself was kind of lovely. My niece, of course, looked beautiful. What distracted from the ceremony were the Groom's Best Men. Apparently, there was a fair amount of "drinking" going on BEFORE the ceremony. It showed, unfortunately. The post-wedding dinner was lavish and fun, with great food and dancing. I heard that the wedding, and rental of the facilities that week-end, costed over $75,000.00!! I have just one word to say about that: Wow! 2) I've been working extra shifts at work. Been doing extra shifts as the Shift Director, which was nice. Also picked up extra shifts working in the Emergency Department. The extra $$$$ paid for 1000 gallons of propane, which will keep our home warm and cozy during the up-coming winter months. 3) Church choir rehearsals and anthem-singing has resumed, as done every year after a summer's hiatus. After 35+ years, I was supposed to retire from the position as keyboardist/choir director. But, for the good of the church, I rescinded that retirement notice. We just could not find someone willing and able to fill my position. Although I do enjoy being the keyboardist & choir director for our small congregation, it also means that I get much less sleep on those Sunday nights when I go to work. (Whine!) 4) Amy and I put our home back on the market. Again. Although we plan on living in the area (and keep our current jobs) if/when our home sells, the goal is to "downsize", save money from a rather expensive mortgage, and pay off our debt as fast as we can. 5) Amy and I have been hiking and enjoying the late-summer/early-fall weather. We love the fall season with all of the fall colors, and we love to hike. It's great exercise and site-seeing. Now that those silly dance recital videos are FINALLY finished, I can feel at ease to be creative, and write some original instrumental music. Again. Also, Amy wants to work together and create some music videos, preferably using original music. THIS would be a lot of fun, too. Well. . . that's about it! I'm going to go and read about a week's worth of Daily Diary postings, now. I hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  21. Hi Tweety - Seems like you had a nice day off, too. Amy is looking forward to seeing the Downton Abbey movie, too. I believe that she's seen the entire series.
  22. Ted

    Tuesday August 27 2019

    Good Morning! Joe - I can appreciate being startled with an unexpected work-load. But I've learned that sometimes it pays to take a few deep breaths, and get into a "wait and see" mode to see how things actually pan out, like what you're doing. In the meanwhile, enjoy dinner with J. Well. . . I had a delightful dinner with Lil Nel and her friends, yesterday!! It's always nice meeting friends from allnurses, face to face! They're both very interesting people! They've known each other for a long time. It's nice to see a long-lasting friendship that they seem to have with each other. We ate dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant. I'm not as familiar with the Indian cuisine. To be honest, I wasn't sure how I'd like the food. But, it was DELICIOUS! And, it was a vegetarian meal, too!! (I do enjoy vegetarian meals. I enjoy vegan meals, too! They go really well with meat!! YUM!! L O L! ) (Although, I didn't have any meat last night.) I found out that her friend and his wife live in the same county where I live. So, hopefully we can all get together again in the not-too-distant future. Lil Nel and her friends are now on their way to Nantucket. She says "Hello" to everyone! Work Saturday and Sunday nights were busy nights. I played the role of "Mr. Shift Director". Basically, that means I was everyone's bytch, helping out wherever help was needed. L O L! (Taking people to CT Scan, starting IVs, drawing blood, answering call-bells, changing soiled adult briefs and wet linen, etc., etc., etc.) But, what it nice about this "role" is that I don't have to do a ton of charting!!! They were busy nights, but they were good nights. I do like being a Shift Director. Today is day (night) two off from work. The weather is supposed to be nice. I'll probably mow the lower portion of our property today. Haven't mowed the section of our property in weeks! The grass. It grows high!! EEK!! Don't have any other plans for the day. Amy is off from work today, too. Maybe we can do something nice and out-doorsey together (in addition to the yard work). Tomorrow is day (night) three off from work. I'm meeting Dad's wife for lunch tomorrow. It'll be the first time we've gotten together since Dad's funeral. It seems that she needed some space. For a while, she was not answering texts or phone calls. Admittedly, that was very frustrating. Throughout the past few months, I was attempting to contact her to say "hello" as well as to seek information with regards to the "where and when" of the burial service for Dad's ashes. Eventually, she contacted me. Since then, she seems willing to correspond. It'll be nice having lunch with her, tomorrow. Nothing much else going on. Hope all is well with everyone! Peace! Ted
  23. Ted

    Saturday August 24, 2019

    Good Afternoon! Giving a warm but quick hello to you all. . . Just finished lunch after First Sleep. Getting ready for Second Sleep before going to work. Last night, work was a nice-busy. Because there were no patients in our teeny-tiny ICU, I worked the Med/Surg floor. I took an admission which brought the med/surg census up to a whopping THREE patients. L O L! This patient was a delightful 80+ year old gentleman. He was admitted as "Observation" for aspiration. He was fine, and safely slept throughout most of the night. During the admission interview, he shared that he is an artist. So, being the art-lover that I am, I "Googled" this person. Wow! Not only is he an artist, he's a talented one at that! He creates beautiful modern-looking artwork! Gosh, I hope that I'm that productive and that creative during my "retirement" years. (If I ever retire!) Well. . . Gotta catch me more ZZZZZs. Cheers! Ted
  24. Ted

    Friday August 23, 2019

    Tweety - Happily, I was On Call, last night! Did not get called in, either! (Woot, woot!) It is sad to read about the firings going on in your hospital. Must be crazy-unnerving! Hopefully those fired were the more "bad apples". Hopefully the firings that took place will lead to better leadership and choice-making for your hospital, its employees, and ultimately for the people in your community that it serves. Our hospital's hierarchy has been there as long as I've been there, if not longer . . . going on 20 years. With that has come great stability, which is nice. However, our "DON" (not her actual title, but I forget her title), is going into to her late 60s, and has hinted at retiring. THAT would be significant, and not necessarily for the better. Joe - Enjoy your dinner with J. Should be a nice time to unwind and relax. Nice to read that your cat is doing better. It was nice being On Call, last night. It gave me a total of 8 nights off from work! Although, being On Call could mean that I get Called In, which can be unnerving sometimes because of that anticipation of getting that phone call. Still working the next three nights in a row, which, mentally, seems more "reasonable". Anyway, I got some good rest last night. Today?? Well. . . the usual "sleep, eat, work" thing. I might spend some time outside tidying up our yard after all of the rainfall we've been getting. Specifically, our newly worked-on driveway needs some touching up from some slight rock & dirt erosion from the rainfall. The erosion is minimal. But with each rainfall comes more erosion. Nothing much else to share. . . Hope all have a pleasant day, today! Ted
  25. Ted

    Thursday August 22, 2019

    Good Morning! Tweety - Nothing like those "end of shift" situations that require immediate attention like complaints of chest pain, or vomiting, or falling out of bed (or chair), or a new run of V-tach, or a sudden unexpected drop of blood pressure, etc., etc., etc. (Ugh!) It seems that the old saying is true: "If it's going to happen, it's going to happen at the end of the shift!" (Ugh!) Still, it's good to read that your 1st of 5 work-days went well. Hopefully you'll get call today - or not get call today - whichever works best fo you. L O L! Joe - Good to read that the new employee that you helped train seems promising. We've had the rare occasion when a new ICU Nurse (and not necessarily a new RN), just wasn't working out for the job. It's sad for them, actually, and frustrating for our teeny-tiny ICU. Because we are small, and with very limited resources, our ICU team needs to be fairly high-functioning. Sounds nice that you and J are going to see a play Sunday. Curious. What play are you going to see? Recently woke up. Still in a sleepy-daze. . . Need First Coffee. . . Going to work tonight for the 1st of 4 nights in a row. With the exception of doing 4 nights in a row, I'm ready to work. Having 7 nights off was a rare luxury! I wasn't always productive during those 7 nights off, but that time off was nice and restful (with the exception of mowing the other day). Hopefully tonight will be relatively "Q". In the meanwhile, it'll be the usual "Sleep, Eat, Work" thing for me until Monday. (Sunday, I'll be my usual whiny self because of BOTH church and work that day. I'm even ready for that, too! Been doing those Sundays for as long as I've been nursing!) Hope all have a nice day today! Ted