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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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  1. Ted

    Sunday November 3, 2019

    Good Morning - Tweety - Good to read that work was not too horrible, yesterday. Hope today's work is kind to you. Regarding work. . . . being On Call was offered. I took it, with pay. Did NOT get Called In. Got an extra hour of sleep. This Daylight Savings bullcrap can have its silver-lining. L O L! Today. . . It's choir rehearsal at 9:15 AM, Church at 10:30 AM, home by 12:30 PM, finishing lunch by 1:30 PM, back to bed for sleep at 1:35 PM, up again at 5:30 PM, then drive to work at 6:00 PM to be at work at 6:45 PM start my 7:00 PM 12-hour shift. That's this Sunday's schedule, and I plan on sticking to it. If being On Call is offered today, I'll most probably decline it. I don't have any time in the Earned Time (ET) bank after being On Call last night. Yesterday. . . . Besides doing our 3+ mile power-walk, it was basically a day of rest for me in anticipation of going to work last night. I happily took call, when it was offered. Last night, Amy and I watched our favorite old TV shows, "Barney Miller" and "News Radio". We have this Fire Stick thingy that connects our TV to the internet and enables us to watch all of these re-runs of old TV shows. This is relatively new for us!! It very cool to see these old TV shows again. "News Radio" is a hoot!! Nothing much else to share. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Cheers! Ted
  2. Ted

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Here's an interesting view-point on the Trump and his Administration. . . Ever watch Dancing with the Stars (DWTS)?? Amy and I have been watching DWTS since it started. We love the show. We love to dance (although I'm not really good at it). DWTS is a reality show where "stars" pair up with real professional dancers and compete with each other. Each "star", coupled with the professional dancer, are judged to the quality of the dance routine. Each week, one "star" and his or her professional dancer are voted off the show. People who watch the show can call in and VOTE for their favorite star. These telephoned or texted votes weigh heavily on which star and his or her professional dancer gets voted out of the contest. This is in addition to the on-air judge panel, which gives professional comments to each dance routine. The on-air judge panel also has say-so, although limited, to which "star" and his or her professional dancer gets voted off the show each week. In the end, only one star and his or her professional dancer remains, and wins a trophy. These "stars" that are on each season come from different backgrounds. Some are television stars. Some are movie stars. Some are Broadway (theater) stars. Some are professional athletes. Some are simply well-recognized celebrities that have been in the public eye for one reason or another. Each "star" may or may not have had formal dance training in their past. The level of dancing ability varies from star to star, season to season. Some are good. Some are noticeably awful. Guess which "star" is on DWTS this season?!? Sean Spicer!!! Yep! Here's the thing about DWTS. It show-cases what really great dancing looks like. The professional dancers are wonderfully talented. You want to know what really good dancing looks like?!? Watch DWTS!! With the help of the paired professional dancer, the "stars" on each season usually grow as dancers. Generally, those who don't grow - those who don't improve - get voted out, some quicker than others. Generally, the weakest dancing "stars" are voted off the show by the 3rd or 4th episode within each DWTS season. Generally. But not always. Sometimes a "favored star" remains on DWTS well into the season. This is despite the fact that they are not really good dancers. How do they remain in the show??? Their fan base continues to vote them in, show after show, week after week. So. . . How is Sean Spicer?? Well, Sean is not a dancer. Without a doubt, he has charisma. As Amy might say, "He has that 'Thing'! "; he has that "attractive" star-like quality. Does he dance well?? No. It is terribly obvious that Sean can not dance. Despite his charisma and on-stage charm, Sean struggles to show-case each dance routine to look as it ought to look. Often, Sean dances out of the flow (the beat) of the music. Simply, Sean is not a dancer. But he continues to charge on with his well-liked smile and charisma, and his fan-base obviously LOVE him. Sean's fans keep voting for him, show after show, week after week. So, Sean is still on the show! From the sheer point of judging his dance quality, does Sean deserve to be on at this point of the season?? No. Sean is obviously not a good dancer. Last week, Amy and I noticed this "Sean Spicer on DWTS" phenomenon and how it closely represents Trump and his Administration. It's almost a perfect allegory. As Sean continues on DWTS, he clearly demonstrates that he is not a dancer. By all standards of quality dancing, Sean should have been voted off the show weeks ago. As Trump continues on as President of the United States, he CLEARLY demonstrates how he is unfit to be President. By all standards of quality governing (corrupt-free, willfully transparent, etc.), adherence to the United States Constitution, and ensuring that the general welfare of the citizens of this country are protected, Trump should be voted out of office.
  3. Ted

    Saturday November 2, 2019

    Good Morning - Tweety - Those nice, deep sleeps are a wonderful (and rare) thing! Glad you slept well last night. It's a quiet morning in this part of the world. Woke up a while ago. Already drank First Coffee. Yesterday was a day of rest. Did nothing constructive, yesterday. Just relaxed and remained unproductive. Work, the night before, was relatively "Q". I started off as Mr. ICU Nurse. There were three of us scheduled that night. We only need two for our teeny-tiny ICU. But rather than go home, I offered to be Shift Director for the rest of the night and let the full-time Shift Director have the night off. So, for the main part of my 12-hour shift, I worked as Mr. Shift Director. Tonight?!? I'm scheduled to work in the ICU. Who knows what I'll be doing, though. But because of that freakin' "Daylight Savings Time", I get to work one extra hour tonight. Not cool. Also, because of the Daylight Savings Time, when I go to work tomorrow night, it'll be totally dark outside. I really don't like driving at night. They can take that "Daylight Savings Time" and shove it where the sun don't shine! (Ugh!) Really. . . Nothing much going on. Hope all have a relaxing week-end. Peace! Ted
  4. Good Morning! Joe - It's so cool to see your finished cross-stitch work! Thank you for sharing. Now that this cross-stitch project is finished, will you be starting another one?? It seems like a nice and creative hobby to have, Joe! It's a quiet 5:03 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Today is my second day (night) off from work. With the exception of our almost-daily 3+ mile power-walk, yesterday was a day of rest. Amy and I really didn't do anything except relax and watch our favorite television shows. We're both still achy from last Saturday's hiking adventure. Interestingly, yesterday's "power-walk" seemed quite easy to do. It's a walk where the road has its own hills, which helps give that definition, "Power Walk". When it would be normally exhausting to walk UP the hilly dirt road and driveway, it seemed rather easy and much less exhausting. It's as if last Saturday's 6+ mile hiking adventure in the Catskill Mountains boosted our endurance levels significantly. So, our endurance levels are up, which is a good thing! But those achy muscles and bones (especially our legs, ankles and feet) remain, which is a bit annoying. Today. . . . Don't have anything planned, except to continue to plan for our 2019 Holiday Video that we'd like to produce for our family and friends. As I'm typing this I'm realizing that we didn't do any planning for that video yesterday. (Yikes!) Also, I have to type up a form letter to mail to our fellow HOA members, informing them that they have to pay the yearly HOA dues by December 1st, 2019. I didn't do THAT yesterday, either. (Procrastination was well-exercised, yesterday!! L O L!) As of right now?? I just heard the sweet sound of the coffee pot dinging! It's time for First Coffee!! Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  5. Ted

    Monday October 28 2019

    Good Morning - Joe - Seems like you had a nice week-end. When finished, I hope you share photos of your cross-stitch project in its frame. Very cool! Still with aching muscles after our Saturday hike in the woods. The photos came out nice, though. It's probably one of the last fall hikes we'll be taking this year. The leaves are almost all down already (from the recent high winds and rain), and it's getting cooler outside. Amy and I are going to start working on our 2019 Holiday video for our friends and family. We had a nice time doing this last year. We're still in the "planning stage", deciding which songs to records and how to do the videography (silly, serious, a mixture of both??). I'm working tonight, then I'm off the next couple of nights. Hopefully it won't rain Tuesday and Wednesday so that we can possibly squeeze in one more fall hike. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  6. Ted

    Sunday October 27th 2019

    Good Afternoon! Just finished with every-six-month HOA meeting. It was held at our home, this time around. I'm the secretary. Again! (I've been our HOA's secretary for a total of 7 years.) Happily, I managed to get everything written down so that I can sent out a coherent Minutes of the Meeting for our next meeting. Yesterday. . . The hiking was BEAUTIFUL!! It was also a lot of work. Muscles. They ache, so. (Ibuprofen is our friends!). It was a nearly 7 mile hike, round trip. Those miles involved steep trails with rocks and tree roots. Still, all of the work and joint pain was well-worth the effort, once on the top. The sun was out for most day which helped showcase the beautiful views on the peak. We had a great time. But boy! Those muscles sure got a good work-out!! L O L! Below are a few of the photos taken of yesterday's hike. In the meanwhile, I hope all have a pleasant afternoon & evening! Ted
  7. Good Morning! It's a peaceful and quiet early morning (5:48 AM, EST) in the part of the world. I love these fall-season, early-morning time of days. Just packed up my camera and lenses for today's hike in the Catskill Mountains. (Hope to be taking LOTS of pictures and video!) So far, the weather is looking as best as can be: partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain with temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s throughout the day. We'll take it!! Amy and I are meeting with a co-worker friends of mine who lives in the general area where we'll be hiking. She's a Med/Surg nurse who also works the night-shift, and we've known each other for the 20 years that I've worked at my teeny-tiny hospital. She and I have been talking about doing some kind of hiking venture for the past few years. We're finally doing it!! Amy and I have done this trail before. It's about 6+ miles, round-trip. It's not necessarily a long trail, but it has its steep and somewhat challenging parts. At the end of the trail is a vista where one can see for many, many miles on a clear day. It is breath-taking! We should still get really nice views, despite it being a partly-cloudy day. The plan is to leave home at 7:30 AM and meet our friend at 9:00 AM to begin the hike. Yesterday was a nice and relaxing day. The realtor and person interested in purchasing our home came a bit earlier than expected. So, we had the opportunity to meet this person. This gentleman is from NYC (Manhattan), and is looking to purchase a 2nd home, "away from it all"! In other words, he's a "Week-ender"! L O L! He wanted a house on a large plot of land with LOTS of trees so that he doesn't see his neighbors! Well, THAT'LL be our home! L O L! Hopefully he liked what he saw. Our home is in pretty good shape for being 14 years old. Although we purchased it new (as a spec-home), it does have 14 years worth of living. It's priced to sell, well below what we paid for it back in 2005. (If we get our asking price, it'll be a $60,000.00+ loss for us!!) Back in 2008, when the housing market crash took place, we were hit hard with devaluation. Still, we've had 14+ years of life in our home, filled with lots of memories. THAT is what is important to us! The only thing we did yesterday, besides relax, was go grocery shopping. We purchased extra goodies for Sunday. Tomorrow we're hosting a HOA meeting. I hope people bring an appetite because we purchased lots of good! L O L! Nothing much else going on. Gonna get ready for our hike! Hope all have a restful day today! Ted
  8. Ted

    Art and Music

    Here's the latest from the wonderfully talented Randy Rainbow. . .
  9. Ted


    Oh my. . . :( Your words share your caring and hurting heart. Scary. Sad. And only 10! Oh my. . . . :(
  10. Ted


    I LOVE the smell of lilacs in May! They make for a great "Purple Haze". :) Nice poem! :) Ted
  11. Ted


    Short, to the point and very true. Nice job! :) Ted
  12. Well, thank you! I'm quite happy that you enjoyed the listen. I've also written some rock-jazz stuff as well. I'll share them someday too. Cheers! :) Ted
  13. This is lovely. Very beautiful imagery, and one can hear the whisper of your friend's name as the fall wind blows through the tree's leaves. Thank you for sharing. . . . :) Ted
  14. Ted

    A Nurse' Heart

    I see that this was first posted in April, 2008. (I guess I have some catching up to do.) This is a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing your nurse's hears. :) Ted
  15. Thanks for the hello back! I would like to visit here more often. :) Cheers! :) Ted