Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!

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Ted has 28 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU/CCU (PCCN).

Happily married; no children; lots of nursing; lots of music.

Been an ICU/CCU nurse for about 20 years. Prior to that, I was an Heme/Onc/BMT nurse for about 7 years.  Total years in nursing: 27 years. ?

"Careful the tale you tell . . . That is the spell. Children will listen."
- From "Into the Woods" by Stephen Sondheim

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  1. Ted

    Friday August 27, 2021

    Good Evening - Unfortunately, this is gonna be a quick but warm Hello. . . At work doing an extra shift as Shift Director. So far, so good. (No one has said the "Q" word yet. LOL!) Yesterday evening. . . We had a GREAT time visiting with our friends for a dinner out at a favorite restaurant, and watching "Wait Wait. . . Don't Tell Me" at Tanglewood! As I believe I shared here, I never heard their radio show on NPR before. Last night's show was my very first time listening (and watching!) them! Love their quick-witted humor, and general silliness!! It was our friends' first time hearing & seeing them, too! They loved the show too! It was a very nice evening out, for sure. Today?!? While going grocery shopping, Amy had a flat tire to her car. That was not a happy moment for her. We have AAA ("Triple A"). They were responsive and helped Amy change out the flatted tire with the spare one. She then went to a near-by car-repair shop (A Firestone Tire and Care Repair shop, actually), and ended up needing to purchase a new tire. I was home, sleeping this afternoon, for all of this, unfortunately. Gratefully, all is well with her car at this point. Nothing much else going on. I'm off from work Saturday and Sunday nights. If it doesn't rain, the plan is to mow our over-grown lawn. (Ugh!) Hope have a Peaceful and Restful night! ? Ted P.S. dianah - Love the photos! Thanks for sharing! ?
  2. Ted

    Thursday August 26, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Tweety - The situation at your hospital (and, quite frankly, your entire state) sounds dreadful! Hang in there! ? Joe - Wow! Lots of interviews! Again, my friend, I hope you get the job that you enjoy and meets your needs. ? Work was relatively "Q" last night. This morning, I had a mandatory "Skills Day" attend, starting at 7:30 AM. This is an annoying yearly educational thing where we have to give return demonstrations on certain skills like changing dressings to central lines, getting correct CIWA scores, not killing a mannequin during a Mock Code Blue ( ? LOL! ). I finally left the Skills Day thingy at 9:30 AM this morning, and got home by 10:30 AM. My head FINALLY hit the pillow around 10:31 AM. Been up for a couple of hours. Shortly, Amy and I will be leaving to go out on "Dinner and a Show" date with our friends. We've been teaching my patient Sister-in-Law how to take care of the puppy-beast. She's our "baby sitter" while we are away this evening. I hope she'll visit us after tonight! LOL! (Hopefully the puppy won't wear her out!) Hope all have a pleasant day today! Cheers! ? Ted
  3. Ted

    Wednesday August 25, 2021

    Good Evening - It's currently 11:15 PM (EST) in this part of the world. I hope all are safely and soundly sleeping at this hour. I was put On Call for the ICU for tonight, but got Called In for the 11PM - 7AM shift as Shift Director. (Humph) At least it's "Q" throughout the hospital. So Far. Including the ICU which has no (zero. . . zip) patients. (Humph) Well, so ends the opportunity of being On Call because this was my last week as a full-time ICU Staff Nurse. Interestingly, I'm doing an "extra shift" as an ICU Staff Nurse this coming Monday! LOL! ? Then, I work the new schedule as "full-time" Shift Director. Without a doubt, this has been an interesting, if not unique, transition from one job position to another. LOL! Today. . . There was something in the sky!! It was a big, round, yellow thing. It was surrounded by this clear-blue color. I understand that they call such a phenomenon a "Clear, Sunny Day". I'll take it!!! Although it was quite warm and humid outside, it really was a lovely day today! I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't for the whole sleep thing. Tomorrow is supposed to be another clear, sunny day, too, which is nice. Tomorrow evening, Amy and I are going with out with friends for a dinner and a show at Tanglewood to see "Wait Wait. . . Don't Tell Me!". Apparently, this is a comedy troupe. Looking forward to the evening out! It's gonna be hot, but at least it ain't gonna rain! Friday, I'm working as Shift Director. Happily, I'm off from work Saturday and Sunday nights! Well. . . gotta go. Pleasant dreams. ? Ted
  4. Ted

    Tuesday August 24 2021

    Good Morning - BCgradnurse - Happy Wedding! Cool about being on the local News Channel. (Would you mind sharing the link here?) The photos of your family are lovely. Again, congratulations! ? Joe - Seems like you have potential job choices, which is always cool. Hope you settle on a position that best suits your needs. Wow! It is wet outside. And, the grass grows and grows. Hurricane Henri sure brought us lots of rain. Thankfully, there was no flooding in our immediate area. Also, our basement remains dry, thanks to your new pump! The only annoying thing about getting all of this rain (besides the grass growing into a jungle), is getting our feet wet when we walk the dog for Potty Time. With all things considered, this is a very minor annoyance while other areas along the hurricane's path experienced damaging wind and flooding. (Oh! The new gravel on our driveway held up to the rain, thankfully! This is very welcomed because I haven't paid the bill to the contractor, yet, who worked on our driveway a few weeks ago!) Besides weathering the rain (pun intended!), yesterday was a pretty nice day off from work. Had some good learning and playtime with the puppy. Also, took the puppy for a couple of rides which she seems to enjoy. One ride was to a Pet Smart store where dogs (and other pets?) are allowed inside. She seemed to like the shopping that we did together there. Purchased more toys for the puppy to comfort her while she continues to teeth. Those adult teeth are slowly coming in! (And her baby teeth are coming out, which is kind of a weird experience for us. As shared before, we never adopted a puppy before, so we're experiencing all kinds of new things as our dear Sedona continues to grow up into an adult dog.) I'm working tonight and tomorrow night in the ICU. This is my last week as a "full-time" ICU Staff Nurse. Next week starts my new position as "full-time" Shift Director (which actually ends up being about 32 hours per week). Of course if being On Call is offered during either of these two nights in the ICU, I'll gladly take up the offer! Because the Shift Director position is "administrative", there is not such thing as being On Call. Although I welcome this change in my nursing career, there are some definite drawbacks to being a Shift Director. I hope all is well with everyone, and hope all have a pleasant day today. ? Ted
  5. Good Morning - First. . . BCgradnurse - I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't remember the exact day, but Best Wishes to you and yours on your wedding. I know that this hurricane is forcing you to make some touch decisions with regards to the location of your wedding. But whatever happens, whenever it happens, you're having a wonderful wedding, and I wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness. Well. . . I'm at work. It's night two of three in a row. Tonight (now, early morning), I'm playing the role of Mr. Shift Director. However, I spent the first 5+ hours of my 12-hour shift as a much-needed 3rd pair of hands in the Emergency Room. It was just crazy-busy there, for most of the day, actually. Our teeny-tiny ICU got an admission, and the Med/Surg floor got three. So, our entire teeny-tiny hospital was hopping with all kinds of busy-ness. Now, all seems to be settling down nicely. (I won't say the "Q" word, of course. . . ). The Big News, of course, is this hurricane Henri, which is making its way towards the northeast coast. Our area of the world is expected to get high winds and LOTS of rain. If I understand the trajectory correctly, the area where I live can get as much as 6" of rain. Not good. I really, really, really hope our basement doesn't get flooded. Again! I do have a pump in it now, which I hope will help keep any flooding from happening in our basement. Hopefully the pump will keep up as the rain presents itself these next couple of days. As for work?!? I received a phone call from the "Administrator-on-Call" (who is the Shift Director's "boss") telling me not to put anyone "On Call", and to offer the employees the option and opportunity to sleep in the hospital after their shift, rather than risk driving home in the high winds and torrential rainfall. Everyone was given this notice, of course. Everyone seems to want to go home after work, though, including me. Actually, the effects of this hurricane is expected to present itself around 6:00 PM, this evening. This is when I will be driving to work. The winds and rain is expected to significantly subside by Monday morning, hopefully at the end of my shift when I'll be driving home from work (at 7:00 AM in the morning). Hopefully no significant damage will take place, and that people will remain safe. I'm off from work Monday. Amy is scheduled to work then. Hopefully she won't have to battle any lasting effects of the on-coming storm. Taking the puppy outside for potty-time, when there'll be high winds and rain, will be interesting and a challenge. We'll just have to resign ourselves to the fact that we, and the dog, are going to get mighty wet. (Ugh!) (Hopefully the wind won't blow away our beloved puppy!) Sure do wish some of this rain was happening on the west coast where they need it the most. If anyone lives near where this storm is expected to land, I hope you all remain safe and sound. Hope all simply have a safe and restful Sunday. Ted
  6. Ted

    Monday August 16, 2021

    Tweety - You're right about people knowingly and willfully declining (refusing) to wear masks and get vaccinated. It's very dangerous, and exceedingly frustrating to the rest of the country who knows and experiences the consequences of their thoughtless lack of action. Anyway, hope work is kind to you today, although it doesn't sound good given your staffing situation. Joe - Glad to read that you had a decent night's sleep. I wish you well as you wait to hear about the job position! Yes. . . Yesterday was a beautiful day. While I was at church, Amy took the puppy to the local farmer's market where the puppy received lots of "socialization" (petting and adoration). LOL! After I got home from church, we took the puppy for more rides in the car, and for a lovely walk along a new walk/bike trail. The puppy's teething is bothering her more, it seems. We have special ice-treats which she likes and seems to sooth those teething gums. We all slept well last night after all of the activities. Today. . . I'm scheduled to work in the ICU, of course. If given the opportunity, I'll gladly take being On Call. I'm working an extra 12-hour shift this week. Again. Weather-wise, it's supposed to be a nice day, again, today. Later this noon-time, I plan on taking the puppy for a ride and walk. Hope all have a pleasant day today. ? Ted
  7. Ted

    Sunday August 15, 2021

    Good Morning - Tweety - It does seem that the new orientee needs to establish a safe ritual to ensure meds are given safely. Hopefully she'll establish one. As for the Covid crisis and your governor?!? He's making news headlines, for sure. It's not in his favor. He's dangerous and needs to go. (Unbelievable!) Hope you're able to safely go on your trip out west. Joe - Hope you're feeling better. Hope your nice weather continues, too. nursej22 - Hope your flight leaves soon (if not already). I missed watching the meteor showers, too, unfortunately. It looks to be another lovely day today. Yesterday was lovely. Amy spent the afternoon and early evening working on that on-line workshop as they develop that musical. So, I spent the day, yesterday, taking the puppy for rides and walks. She loves both, of course. One drive I took was around an old route that I took as a kid bicycling to a friend's house. (I was a pre-teen, then -- 9, 10, 11 years old.) That particular route is about 7 miles one-way. Didn't think anything of it, back then. When I was a kid I'd just take my trusty Schwin bicycle and peddle the 7 miles, up and down hills, past cow pastures, apple orchards and crop fields, and spent the day with my friend. Not being a parent, I don't know if parents would allow their kids to do that now-a-days. Driving that route, yesterday, was lovely, I must say. It brought back some nice memories. In addition to that, I took the puppy to two different parks for walks, playtime and potty time. It was a nice day, yesterday. Today, I have church this morning. When I get back, Amy and I plan of doing some nice outdoorsy thing with the puppy and enjoy the beautiful day. Gotta enjoy days like these when they happen!! Hope all have a nice day today. ? Ted
  8. Ted

    Friday August 13, 2021

    Good Evening - Tweety - I just did an eyeroll with you after reading the "fat cat" wanting his IV started by an anesthesiologist. Ugh. As for your co-worker who won't get vaccinated?!? My patience with such individuals is nearly non-existent. Although I don't wish ANYONE to get sick, such individuals tend to prove Darwin's theory to be valid. Hope you're able to relax and decompress during your one day off from work. Joe - Nice to read that your second job interview went well. Hoping for a good outcome for you for any job that's offered to you. NSIME - Our puppy LOVES the tummy-robs! She also loves being petted behind her ears. Happily, I got a lot of playful and petting time with the puppy this afternoon without the nipping and biting. nursej22 - It's nice that you're helping out with Covid testing for that manufacturing plant. Hopefully there isn't an outbreak. Well. . . I'm at work, of course. Again. Doing the Shift Director thing. So far (Knock on Wood!!!), our teeny-tiny hospital is "Q". No Mom & Babies up on Maternity. No patients in our (3-bed) ICU. Just 4 patients on Med/Surg floor. And the E.R.?? Right now, at this very moment, they're down to 3 patients, none of whom will be admitted. So. . . "Q". . . so far. (Knock on Wood!!) ? I purchased 1 1/2 dozen Dunkin' Donuts for the night staff. So far, I only had one. It was a Boston Cream donut. (Yum!) There'll probably be left overs by the end of the shift. Interestingly, people only take 1 donut, if any at all. Any remaining will be left in the E.R. staffing kitchen area for the day shift. Happily, I'm off from work Saturday and Sunday. There're chances of thunder storms Saturday, but Sunday is supposed to have really nice weather. Amy and I plan on doing something nice and outdoorsy with the Puppy Sunday. (Hopefully the weather will remain nice!) Nothing much else going on. Hope all have a peaceful and restful evening! ? Ted
  9. Ted

    Thursday August 12, 2021

    Good Evening - I'm at work doing the Shift Director thing. So far, all is relatively "Q", although apparently the E.R. was slamming busy. The busy-ness was related to the lack of ambulances and paramedics that our area of the world is experiencing, which is holding up necessary transport to larger hospitals that have the necessary cardiac and neuro specialties. Needless to say, this shortage is not good. (This shortage appears that it will remain a chronic issue for a while.) Anyway. . . Right now. . . this very moment. . . our teeny-tiny hospital is "Q". The September schedule for the Shift Directors is out. My name is on it for the "full time" position, for the first time. The poop is getting real! Currently, I'm still considered an ICU staff nurse doing extra shifts as Shift Director (which I've been doing these past 2+ years). Last night. . . I was On Call for the ICU and did not get called in. (No patients in the ICU last night.) The extra night's sleep was nice. The Puppy. . . She's still a puppy. She still has her moments of being nippy-bitey. Really looking forward to the puppy-stage to be done, and the adult-stage to start kicking in! We're told, by many sources, that this nippy-bitey stage will stop. However, there doesn't seem to be a clear consensus to WHEN it will stop. Some say by 6 months. Other say within a year. Other dog owners say that their puppy-now-adult dog never grew out of the nippy-bitey stage. (THAT scares me!! Ugh!) THEN there are moments of relative calm, when she allows us to pet her without the bites. Those are treasured moments, for sure. What is also for sure is that she's growing! She seems to look bigger every morning! She's also teething (which is most probably a BIG Reason to why she's nippy-bitey!). We have an ever growing assortment of chew toys for her. We also give her frozen things like string-beans, which she loves, by the way. We also have other frozen treats which she enjoys, and also seems to help "calm the beast". We love our Sedona! But she's our First and Last puppy. What is helpful is that we now have a few options to board her (Doggy Day Care) for the day, or for over night. We plan on using these options now that they are available for us. (We haven't been able to do any video-recording since we got the puppy. THIS has been an issue, especially for Amy who wants to get her YouTube channel up and running.) Otherwise. . . Life goes on. . . Hope all have a pleasant evening tonight. Peace. . . ? Ted
  10. Ted

    Wednesday August 11, 2021

    Good Morning - Tweety - To answer your question, currently we have two options for the puppy for when we go to Italy. Option one is to have my sister-in-law stay with her while we're away. She's retired, and makes some extra $$$$ staying in people's homes to care for their dogs while the owners are away. We call her the "Dog Whisperer" because the dogs generally respond quite well with her. Option two is to board her at a dog training camp where some serious training can take place. This costs over $2000.00, which ain't cheap. Joe - Hope the interview goes well for you. Most importantly, I hope you get the job that you like best and that bests suits your needs. nursej22 - Good that you found a nice AirBNB. Hope things continue to go well for you for your searches. NSIME - Hope you have a good day that isn't to crazy with Nannie. Hope the Trazadone continues to work well for her. Interesting that the ballgames helps ease her out of her bad mood. Maybe there'll be more games for her to watch and chill out?!? BCgradnurse - Hope that in 12 days you have beautiful weather for your wedding! Glad that you were able to find your Marriage License! (Yikes!) Looking forward to seeing pictures of your wedding should you decide to share them. ? The weather in this part of the world is supposed to be hot, humid, with good chances of thunder storms. It should be a good day to stay inside with our (new) air conditioning and sleep later today before going to work. I just hope that it's not raining when it's Potty Time for the Puppy. She's already had her morning Pee and Poo. (And yes. We STILL keep track of these things! LOL! ? ) The pandemic . . . As shared here before, the numbers are on the rise in Berkshire County (of Massachusetts) where I work. Most towns, most businesses, and all of the healthcare facilities (including my teeny-tiny hospital) require all to wear masks. Yesterday, when Amy and I went to pick up our Puppy at the animal Day Care place, there were two grown men waiting outside to pick up their dogs because they were NOT wearing masks. (Wearing masks is currently mandatory for this animal day care center.) They were joking about not wearing masks. However, because we're back in the habit of wearing masks, it was Amy and I who were able to go inside to pick up Sedona while they stood outside, in the oppressive heat and humidity, and wait. I have no patience for such individuals. It's relatively easy to get free masks. (Vaccinations are free too!) There's no rational excuse NOT to wear a mask, or not to get vaccinated. Oh well. . . Got some chores to do. Hope all have a good and safe day today. Ted
  11. Ted

    Tuesday August 10 2021

    Good Afternoon - Tweety - Seems like your day off, yesterday, was relaxing and rejuvenating. Nice to read that the Red Tide is almost over. Hope your day, today, is relaxing, too. Joe - It's always good to have those "eggs in a number of different baskets". Hopefully your job search will be fruitful, won't take a long time, and that you're happy with the job you decide to take. Tonight will be Day (Night) three off from work. Yesterday was all about cleaning and mowing. Did a LOT of mowing. There were parts of the lawn that haven't been mowed, yet, this year. (There remains parts of the lawn that STILL need mowing. Ugh!) What helped make this all happen was a Day Care service that we found for the puppy. It's one that comes highly recommended, and one that still had openings(!) The reports were that Sedona did well at this animal day care place. (This place provides day care, over-night care, and grooming, for both dogs and cats.) Indeed, Sedona was happy to go there, again, this morning. Gotta admit, it was painful leaving her behind. But there's work that needs to get done, and we need a safe and happy place for the puppy if/when we need days (and nights) off for ourselves. Today involved a bit more house cleaning (finally!), but also some quiet time. I took an afternoon nap, while Amy prepares herself for this theater work-shop for that musical that's being developed ("Fall Risk the Musical"). Tomorrow is another scheduled Zoom meeting for the cast of this theater work-shop. Currently, Amy is rehearsing for the recording that will be done during tomorrow's Zoom meeting. Tomorrow, starts day 1 of 3 work nights in a row. I'll be working in the ICU tomorrow night, and will be a Shift Director the following two nights. Hopefully being On Call will be offered tomorrow. However, there's no such thing as being On Call when being a Shift Director. Hope all have a pleasant afternoon and evening today. ? Ted
  12. Ted

    Saturday August 7, 2021

    Good Evening - I'm at work. Gratefully, it seems that No One said the "Q" word because, right this moment, our happy, teeny-tiny hospital is. . . . (shhhhhhhhh). However, a couple of hours before my shift started, it seems that someone did say "That Word". There was a Code Blue on the Med/Surg floor. Long story short, happily the patient is alive and even doing well, and currently safely residing in our teeny-tiny ICU. This lucky individual is awake, alert and back to neurological baseline. The Puppy. . . A little less nippy & bitey. We had some nice play time around noontime, in-between First Sleep and Second Sleep. She's so darned cute! But, she can be a little devil sometimes. Currently, Amy and the Puppy is at a Home Owners Association (HOA) picnic that one of our neighbors is holding today. Interestingly, the puppy does well around other people. She should do well and behave at this picnic. Hopefully. Wish I could be at the picnic too. But, alas, I'm at work. After tonight, I'm off the next three nights. Yes! Amy. . . I keep on forgetting to share this. Amy is part of an on-line workshop for a play that is being developed, which, hopefully, will be produced Off Broadway. This play is about a woman with Cystic Fibrosis who wants to be a Broadway actress. Amy is playing the part of the Grandmother. (I'm grinning as I type this! LOL!) This workshop is being done by Zoom; all of the performers are at their homes. Together, they perform in front of their personal computer's cameras and microphone using their Zoom program. Today was Amy's 2nd day performing for this workshop. She's getting a modest stipend for her time and effort. Who knows?!? If this play eventually does make it to Off Broadway (in NYC), maybe Amy will be in the cast. THAT would be very cool! It's interesting how this pandemic is creating clever ways to safely continue the performing arts. Well, gotta get going and do rounds. I hope all have a pleasant and restful weekend. ? Ted
  13. Ted

    Friday August 6 2021

    Good Morning - Joe - Sad to read about your job situation. I hope your job search goes well. Tweety - Abruptly changing your work schedule, without warning, seems awfully unfair. Not good. Hopefully your new work schedule is a good one. amoLucia - I also love egg salad! Yummy! Work Wednesday night as Shift Director . . . Someone said the "Q" word. Repeatedly. It brought on all kinds of misfortune. (Ugh!) By our hospital's standards, it was a hell night. Just simply busy in all departments. We got through it, though. Things settled down to a slow simmer by around 4:00 AM in the morning. Yesterday was my night off, and was a day of rest after the previous night. Had some nice puppy-play with our growing girl. Slowly, she's showing signs of being an adult dog, which is nice. She's following through with her simple commands, chewing her chew-toys quietly and contently, and is allowing us to pet her without nipping and biting. When she does get nippy a bite-y, it usually either indicates that she has to go outside for potty-time, or that she is tired and needs a nap. Of course, we take her outside first for potty-time, then usually encourage her to go into her crate for a nap which she often does. Today? I work as Mr. ICU Nurse. Tomorrow is Mr. Shift Director again. Chances of either one of these two nights being "Q" are dim, though. For whatever reason, our teeny-tiny hospital has been extraordinarily busy. All departments. It's summer time and our area of the world gets a good influx of vacationers and weekenders extending their weekly weekend visits. Maternity and our ER departments, especially, has been quite busy this summer! Our Maternity department can handle up to 4 "couplets" (a Mom and a Babe). Often, Maternity has been full. Interestingly, the busy-ness that Maternity is experiencing now seems to indicate that couples had too much free time on their hands during the pandemic. LOL! As for the ER department?!? Well, it's an ER. But people coming in to be seen (many times for frivolous things) has been nearly relentless. (Lately, we've been getting a few individuals who drive themselves to the ER, at 2:00 AM, to be seen for "high blood pressure". When they are seen, their blood pressure is often in the 170s/80s (or around that range). The question is this: Why are people taking their freakin' blood pressure at 1:30 AM in the morning?!?) If it sounds like that I'm a bit burned out it's because I am. I've been working extra shifts for the past several weeks. Between work, and having a puppy at home, I'm tired. Amy is tired too. We're both exhausted. But. . . it seems like our vacation to Italy is still on. Hopefully Italy won't close its borders because of the recent flare-ups of the Covid-19 Delta Variant. We have our vaccination records to show them, if required. Well. . . I have errands to do while the puppy sleeps. I hope all is well, and all keep well! ? Ted
  14. Ted

    Wednesday August 4, 2021

    Good Morning - Had a relatively nice and relaxing day (night) off from work yesterday. Amy and I took the puppy for a lunch-outing, which was nice. The puppy enjoys the car rides and walks. We enjoy eating yummy food outdoors, and walking the dog around town. Last night I attended our monthly church council meeting via Zoom. It was long, but it was productive. This morning we have a local contractor putting new stone down, and repairing our driveway. Again. We had the same thing done last year, but torrential rainfalls that we got a few weeks ago really messed up our nearly 1/10th of a mile-long stone driveway. (Gosh, I hope we don't get such downpours anytime soon!) Gratefully, our basement remains dry. I'm working tonight as Shift Director. Hopefully the hospital will be "Q". Tweety - Hope work is kind to you today, and throughout the weekend. Joe - Glad that you're getting some good sleep. Sleep is important (so they tell me! LOL! ? ) dianah - Hope work is kind to you too, especially while you're working "solo". Hello to all who follow! Hope all have a pleasant day! ? Ted
  15. Ted

    Monday August 2, 2021

    Good Afternoon - Just woke up from 2nd Sleep. Gonna get ready for work after typing here. I'm doing the Shift Director thing tonight. (I don't start the "full-time" position until September. So, my time will remain divided between the ICU and Shift Director.) All in all, it was a restful day today. The puppy had a scheduled visit to the Vet earlier this morning. She's up to 24 pounds! We got her when she was about 7 pounds, about 2 months ago. She's a growing girl! I'm off from work tomorrow, and it's supposed to be a nice day then. Hope to get some much-needed mowing done tomorrow! Our yards look so unkempt. The Puppy, though, requires much time and attention, which means much less time for mowing. Hope all are having a pleasant day today. Well. . . It's Shower Time! LOL! Peace! ? Ted