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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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  1. Good Morning, folks! After a fairly COLD week-end, it's a relatively nice and warm 29 degrees outside this morning! L O L! Recently woke up. . . just finished First Coffee. . . Working the next couple of nights. I'm off Wednesday night, which is nice. However, I'll be spending the whole day re-studying for my every-two-year PALS re-certification. (UGH!) As I do Every Two Years, I've been procrastinating in studying for the re-certification process. (Double-UGH!) Thursday, I'm taking the 8-hour re-cert class. I'm sure I'll pass. Again. But, like in past years, it'll involve that last-minute frantic studying. (Triple-UGH!) Yesterday, Amy and I relaxed. It was too cold to go out and do anything together. Of course, I did the usual Sunday Morning choir-rehearsal and church thing, which was nice. Hope all have a nice day, today. Peace! Ted
  2. Ted

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    I really, really, really hate lima beans! I also hate liver. YUCK!!
  3. Ted

    Older nurses chasing the carrot

    Just found this thread. . . . First, a belated "Welcome", morelosthanfound. Also, I extend a welcoming hand to the Daily Diary forum here. It's a nice place to simply relax, share one's day, and read how others are doing in a friendly manner. Actually, this is true for much of this bulletin board. Now. . . back on topic. Yep! The "Carrot" is dangling in front of me, too. Also been nursing for 28 years. I enjoy what I do, but I WANT TO RETIRE! It's nothing against my career, nor it's nothing against my place of employment. (Actually, I consider my teeny-tiny hospital the "Pre-Retirement Dream Hospital"! I ain't leaving it until they either fire me, or the hospital closes, or when I retire!) But the bottom line is this: There is MORE to Life Than Work! In a couple of months, I turn 60. (I used to think that was "Old"! Not any more! L O L!) Both my loving wife (who is also an RN) and I have other hobbies and interests. I do NOT want to be in my later years when I retire, and only have just a few more years left being physically able, and to enjoy, my hobbies and interests!!! It's that simple. The problem for me is this: We have a whole lot of debt. Because of this debt, retiring sooner than later seems a bit out of reach for us. We do have our lovely home on the market. Selling our home would go a long way in helping us with debt-reduction. My dream-date of retirement would be in two years. I'm happy to collect less Social Security. And as for health insurance?? My loving wife, who is a few years younger than me, is wanting and willing to do Travel Nursing, and hold me on her health insurance plan. (One of our goals of retirement would be to travel.) THIS might work! But, only if we do some serious debt-reduction. So, retiring in two years remains an almost unrealistic dream. I wish you well with your retirement plans. If you have any ideas on how to retire earlier than later, please feel free to share them.
  4. Ted

    Thursday February 13 2020

    Good Afternoon - Joe - Glad to read that work is better. Hope all goes well with J as works to refinance his house. herring_RN - It's nice to read that your husband's kidney function is getting better. Hopefully the issue whether or not to take Lasix can be safely worked out for him. NSIME - Really to to read that your husband is being D/C'd today, and that his lungs are improving! It's good that he'll be home soon! Recently woke up from First Sleep. Once done typing here, I'm going downstairs to make a light lunch/dinner, then go back upstairs for Second Sleep. Work, last night, was a nice steady-busy. Actually, I provided care for a patient in our ICU, ordered as a "Comfort Measures Only" (CMO) patient. (He was not designated an ICU patient, but rather a "Medical/Surgical Overflow" patient. Apparently, there weren't any open beds on the Med/Surg floor when he came up from the ER, yesterday early-afternoon.) He is a pleasant and gentle man with a slowly dissecting AAA. Apparently, it's been an issue he's been having for some time, now, but it's worse. The admitting Hospitalist didn't think he'd make it through the night. We'll not only did he make it through the night, he was up walking around in his room this early morning!! It was a honor and a pleasure providing care for him, last night. The goal was met, keeping him comfortable. Apparently, he lives alone, and doesn't have any family. It seems that the only friends he has are one associated with "Volunteers In Medicine" (VIM). Two VIM friends were with him through part of the night. One brought his guitar and gently played music while he rested. (At one point, we thought he might pass away during that time. However, it seems that he was comfortably resting from the pain medications that were given him.) Having the VIM guy gently sing and play the guitar for this kind soul was simply beautiful. The patient seemed even more relaxed with the music. So, it was a "different" and nice night, last night. Well. . . gotta go and make lunch, then get Second Sleep before going to work tonight. Peace. . . Ted
  5. Ted

    Tuesday February 11 2020

    herring_RN - Glad your hubby still feels OK. Hope the nephrologist answers questions, and provide good medical support. NSIME - Hope your hubby is doing well, too.
  6. Ted

    Saturday February 8, 2020

    herring_RN - Hope your husband comes home today, to the comfort of his home and loving wife.
  7. Ted

    Saturday February 8, 2020

    Good Morning - Tweety - Normally, I'm not a fan of beets (and certainly never tried beet juice). But, given the information that you shared about beets and its ability to "dilate blood vessels", I might give 'em a try. L O L! Regarding being the "middleman", I don't like being in that position either, especially at work!! And, no. It is not my job to be the contact person for the person who plows and maintains our road. It's actually the job of the President of our happy little HOA to be that contact person. (Years ago, it was decided to have only one person contact the road-maintenance contractor in order to avoid having LOTS of HOA members calling the company for plowing.) Joe - Nice to read that you had dinner with J. Hope you don't get a headache from the delay in caffeine-intake! They're no fun! Hope the cross-stitching is coming along for you. Had a really nice time at the Healthy Heart Night event, last night. Our happy teeny-tiny ICU has been organizing this yearly event since 2006! It remains well-attended by the community, which is nice to see. It snowed last night, and we weren't expecting to see too many people come to this event, Yet, they came!! I video-recorded the two lectures. Both lectures were interesting and well-received by the people who attended them. The lectures provided an opportunity for members of the community to ask questions. Many questions were asked and answered. After the event, a few of us went out for a late dinner at a local restaurant specializing in "Eastern Cuisine" (offering both "Americanized Chinese and Japanese" food). It was nice being with fellow ICU nurses outside the work environment. Of course, I had me some Sushi, which was delicious! (YUM!) It looks pretty outside. The sky is clear and everything is covered in a layer of new snow. It's also cold. The coldness??? NOT so pretty. But the outside is nice to look at from the comfortable confines of our warm and toasty home. Working tonight and tomorrow night. Of course, tomorrow is the usual church choir, church, sleep, and go-to-work thing. Nothing much else to share. Think I'll go downstairs and spend some time with the wife, then go back to bed for Second Sleep. Cheers! Ted
  8. Ted

    Thursday February 6, 2020

    Good Afternoon - It's an icky day, outside. . . "just above freezing" temperatures, drizzling rain, overcast skies. . . The good news is that I got my teeth cleaned early this morning! I so wanted to go to the dentist like I want to have my prostate examined. (Ugh!) L O L! But, no cavities! AND, my "pearly-whites" are only slightly yellow-looking now! After the every-six-month teeth-cleansing, I rushed over to the car body shop and picked up my 3+ year old, almost brand-new looking, Jeep Cherokee! They did a GREAT job fixing the driver-side doors and mirror! It feels so good to have my own car back again, looking like I never had an encounter with a tree. Yesterday. . . (Loud Ugh!!). . . I did the Mr. Shift Director thing during the 3pm-11pm shift. It! Was! Busy! Besides the entire hospital-wide nursing staff struggling with the new Meditech Expanse thing, the patients coming to the E.R. was almost relentless. There was nothing really serious. But, it is Flu-Season, and people aren't feeling well. I spent a good portion of the evening shift as Mr. Shift Director playing the role of Mr. Emergency Room Nurse. These past three days have been a wild ride. I am grateful to have tonight and tomorrow night off from work! Feeling hopeful for a dear co-worker. Word has it that the Shift Director, who remains hospitalized, is out of the ICU. So, it seems she's slowly getting better. The BEST treatment for her would be a new kidney!! But, at least she's alive and, apparently, feeling OK. ("Feeling OK" is a whole lot better than being described as "gravely ill"!! That's for sure!!) I think I'll warm up some left-overs and eat dinner. . . Peace, folks! Ted
  9. Ted

    Tuesday February 4, 2020

    Good Afternoon - Just finished a delicious lunch with Amy. She made one of her famous glutton-free pizzas (with all kinds of healthy goodies on top of it). Getting ready for Second Sleep. . . after I'm done typing here. Work, last night, was BUSY! The new Medtech Expanse program is now fully implemented. . . including all of the software flaws. Orders were not coming through. Nurses were not knowing how to navigate through the many new pull-down menus, with each menu requiring many, many clicks of the computer's mouse for activation and/or approval. Overall, though, everyone seems to be taking it all in stride. Throughout the night, there was an army of hired technicians with big red arm-bands saying, "EXPANSE", on all of the units, all of whom were very helpful in problem-solving technical issues, and guiding "The Lost". Thankfully, that same army will be there tonight. In the meanwhile, as Mr. Shift Director, I helped put out the many, many "fires" that seemed to happen all night long. I think I lost a couple of pounds, from all of the "running around". (Actually, it was more like fast-walking around.) Additionally, I handed out food treats to all of the employees and software technicians, which seemed to help dissipate the anxiety. Even my own anxiety was lessoned last night as I toyed around with this new program. ("What happens when I press on this Icon?" . . . "What will I find when I navigate through this particular important-looking menu?" Well. . . I found out the answers!! L O L! ) Happily, I will be working TONIGHT (11PM-7AM) as Mr. Shift Director, rather than work the evening shift. I'd much rather work the night shift!! However, I'm still working the evening shift tomorrow, unfortunately. Well. . . It's time for Second Sleep! Cheers! Ted
  10. Good Morning! Well. . . It's finally finished. . . that composition. . . To be honest, I'm not sure if I like it or not. I think that there're some nice ideas. But it seems that it could have been better developed. At the very least, it got the old Music Muse going. It also gave me an opportunity to further explore my audio software program(s), and refine my sequencing (recording) skills. My goal is to complete one composition each month. THAT would be a nice accomplishment. Feeling sad and concerned. About 11:00 PM , last night, I received a phone call that the one full-time Shift Director is very sick. I mean. . . really, really sick. I'm scared for her; I'm very concerned. I was asked to work for her as Shift Director tonight. Someone is willing to cover my 7PM-7AM shift in the ICU to help make this happen. I don't know how the remainder of her shifts will be covered. But it seems that she will be out for a while. In a little while, I'm going to take my car in for repairs. It needs a new mirror on the passenger side, as well as new doors. This is from that accident with a tree that took place on my driveway a few months ago, after a significant snow storm. (I tried to go up my driveway, which had several inches of snow on it. Instead, I slid down sideways and said "hello" to a tree.) Thankfully, the car insurance should cover everything, including the car rental. The only thing I'll be paying is the $500.00 deductible. . . and most probably higher premiums. Well. . . Here's a link to the composition. It's titled "Cautious Determination". Peace. . . Ted
  11. Good Morning! Recently woke up. According to the all-knowing Fit-Bit, I slept nearly 6 hours last night! And, it was "analyzed" as being "Fair". . . I'll take it!!! L O L! (Please know that I do take what the Fit-Bit says with a grain of salt. I know it ain't accurate. It's still a novelty for me, though. Heck! I don't even know how to use all of its functions yet! L O L!) Amy and I had a very nice time visiting old friends, last night. Amy has known Jack since High School. Jack and his partner-friend are also theater people, too. At one point in time, we've done a show or two together (too many years ago). So, of course the good portion of the night was spent kvetching about our theater experiences, especially with certain individuals. (MEOW!!! L O L! ) The dinner that our friend made was DELICOUS!! He was mindful of Amy being a gluten-free girl. Me?!? I don't care just as long as it tastes good. Anyway, Jack made LOTS of food. LOTS!!! I waddled out of his home and into our car, last night. L O L! I hope we all get together more often. It is nice and a good thing to socialize. Today??? I leave soon to get ready for choir rehearsal. Hopefully the choir will be ready to sing the anthem planned for today. If not, we'll simply sing it next Sunday. After church, we have our annual meeting. I do plan on attending this meeting, although I'd rather go home and finish working on this composition. I have about 1/3 of the piece to finish sequencing (recording). As said before, it's a slow process. I literally play each Virtual Instrument (VI) by myself. . . each string instrument, each wood-wind instrument, each brass instrument, etc. All VIs reside in my computer, of course. They're "performed" via my MIDI-Controller keyboard. It's a process that does take a lot of time. And I do LOVE doing it. Finishing this piece will have to wait until I get home from church later this afternoon. Thank goodness I have tonight off from work. This coming week will be a challenge. I work tomorrow night, forced to use the new Meditech Expanse software program. Honestly? I still don't know how to use it. I'll figure it out, though. I picked up TWO extra evening shifts working as Mr. Shift Director, which will be Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday night is my only night off from work, this week. I'm not looking forward to this work-week, but the paycheck will be mighty nice. Hope all have a pleasant day today. Peace. . . Ted
  12. Ted


    The Republican Party has fully embraced corruption. They hold no moral authority on any level. Simply, they are not to be trusted. They've betrayed the U.S. Constitution. They betray the red-blooded citizens of the United States. Damn them.
  13. Ted

    Saturday February 1 2020

    Good Morning! Joe - Good to read that J is feeling better, and that the two of you got together yesterday. Just as quick but warm "Hello" to all. . . Currently, been sequencing (recording) this orchestral composition. It's a slow process. Hope to have it finished by late tonight. It'll be interrupted this afternoon when Amy and I are going out to visit friends we haven't seen in a long time. I'm looking forward to the visit. . . but I'm so focused on sequencing this piece. Still, it'll be nice to visit old friends. Amy and I rarely socialize. Yesterday. . . was working on this piece, of course. But it was mainly a day of recovery from business at work and lack of sleep. Work, Wednesday and Thursday nights, was a regular steady-busy. Worked with a patient who is a "frequent flyer" from one of our long-term facilities that care for the profoundly mentally handicapped, who almost always is admitted for respiratory distress due to aspiration and/or mucous plugging. (I don't know the latest politically correct term for these poor souls.) This poor soul can't even manager her own oral secretions. I feel like we're torturing this poor soul. But, being a ward of the state, there's no real legal advocate for her that is willing to see the slow and steady decline in her health. Meanwhile, "all that can be done must be done" for her. (It breaks my heart.) I found out that during the day shift, yesterday, she ended up being intubated and transferred to our bigger sister hospital where she can be bronched for mucous plugs. The poor soul couldn't clear them herself, unfortunately, and the aspiration pneumonia was getting worse, not better. Of course, sleep has been an issue. What's new there??? Yesterday was spent catching up on lost sleep. Well. . . so much for a short post! L O L! Gonna go get me more coffee. . . and finish working on this composition. Finally! Peace. . . Ted
  14. Ted

    Wednesday January 29, 2020

    Good Morning - Tweety - Good that the trip to the dentist was quick, and that you received good news. Regarding good nutrition, feel free to contact my loving wife, Amy (on Facebook), for any tips and suggestions. She's quite knowledgable on many food products (what they contain, and more importantly, what they don't contain), and really great-tasting recipes that are very healthy to eat. Seriously. I'm sure she'd be happy to answer questions and share her reliable sources of information on healthy eating. Joe - Good to read that work was kind to you, yesterday. Glad that J is recovering from that dreadful flu and feeling better. Hope you both get together and have a nice dinner-date. Gosh. . . I feel rested. I slept well, last night. During the day, I spent a good amount of time creating a new orchestral templet for my 2020 compositions. The piece that I recently finished composing lends itself to a more orchestral sound. After that orchestral templet was finished (which took roughly 6 hours to create), I started sequencing (recording) the new composition. So far, it sounds nice to my modest ears. I'm working tonight and tomorrow night. Happily, this coming weekend is my weekend OFF!!! Saturday, our hospital and entire healthcare system is implementing this new and (dreadfully) "improved" Meditech Expanse system. I am sooooooo happy that I don't have to work this weekend when they implement this system. Needless to say, the anxiety level is high at my teeny-tiny hospital. (I get a knot in my stomach just thinking about it.) However, with all of anxiety surrounding this change, I know that we'll get through it. There'll be a whole lot of stumbling around as we navigate this new computer system. Then, we'll become familiar with its layout, develop new "time management" approaches in dealing with the significant changes, and carry on giving care to our patients. Meanwhile, they'll just be a good amount of whining during the stumbling and learning process! Just got a text from Amy. She said that she forgot to bring her (specially prepared) coffee to work with her today. Oh gosh! That is dreadful! Speaking of coffee. . . It's time for my first cuppa. . . Peace. Ted
  15. Ted

    Tuesday January 27 2020

    Good Afternoon - Joe - Good to read that J isn't a victim of some kind of credit card fraud. That's one less thing for him to worry about. Hope work is "Q" for you today, and that work, in general, settles down to a nice routine. Tweety - Ouch! Bowling team now in 16th place!! Well, if one must be beaten by a rival team, at least that team is a "much better" team! (Your words!!) L O L!!! (I'm still giggling! L O L!) Good for you for the 10 pound weight loss! Hope that A1C is WNL for you. Work, last night, was "Q". . . thank goodness! I was more tired than I realized, as I was driving to work last night. I hope I don't get called in to work tonight. I think that if the full-time Shift Director was to call out sick, again, she would have done so by now. Today. . . Don't know what I'm going to do. NOT go to work, that I am certain!! I just turned my head and looked at the completed "written" composition on my music stand. I think I know what I'm going to do, now. Finish sequencing (recording) the piece. First. . . I need me some Second Coffee. Just finished First Coffee and the empty cup is saying, "Fill Me! Fill Me!" Peace, folks! Ted

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