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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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  1. Ted

    Monday August 19th 2019

    Thank you, siri!!
  2. Ted

    Monday August 19th 2019

    Good Morning - Well, it looks like you (Joe) and Tweety have started today's Good Morning thread at the same time. Again! L O L! Hopefully a moderator/administrator can combine the two threads together. Again. Joe - Hope your cat it OK. Maybe the cat recently jumped down from a high place, injuring itself?? It's sad to see them limp along, though. Hope the change at work isn't too drastic. Tweety - Hope all is well. . . Been up for a while doing the video-editing thing. I'm not feeling inspired to write a new composition. There are ideas rattling around in my head, but nothing worth spending lots of time and energy developing at this point. Had a really nice day, yesterday. Our per diem Pastor gave a really nice sermon during the church service. I wish he'd stay full-time, but he's semi-retired. We're lucky to have him come to our church, even if it's just every-now-and-then. Had a really nice time meeting up with friends and watching the musical-comedy with Amy in the cast. Although Amy doesn't necessarily have one of the "lead roles", she is featured a whole lot on stage. The musical-comedy, itself, was quite funny. It was definitely for "Mature Audiences Only", though, with the "F-bombs" that were thrown in as scripted. After the show, we all went out for dinner together. It was really nice visiting with friends. The dinner was delicious, too! Amy and I don't socialize much, unfortunately. We must do this socializing-thing more often. Today?? There are no real plans. If the weather is nice, Amy and I might go out and do something outdoorsy-like. If it's going to be another hot, humid and rainy day (which is what it's supposed to be), we'll stay indoors and relax together. I'll probably do more video-editing. Who knows?? Maybe I'll bang out a new melody??? L O L! Just finished drinking First Coffee. Think I'll get another cup and do more video-editing. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  3. Ted

    Sunday August 18, 2019

    Good Morning! Tweety. . . Didn't I just "see" you on Facebook?!? L O L! Thanks for starting today's "Good Morning" thread. Good to read that you're catching up on much-deserved sleep. Hope today is a relaxing day for you, too. Hi Joe! You just sent your post moments before I hit my "send" button! L O L! Good to read that you had a productive day, yesterday. Looking forward to seeing photos of your cross-stitching project once completed. (Hopefully we can figure out how to share those photos here on AN!) Recently woke up. JUST finished drinking First Coffee. Gotta get ready for church soon. I want to get there early, today, to set up an additional lavalier microphone that I'm donating to the church. I was told that people are having difficulties hearing the Pastor(s). There are already two microphones that are used, one on the alter and one on the lectern. This 3rd lavalier microphone will be used solely for the Pastor (or person presiding over the church service). After church, I'm coming home and rest before going to see the musical that Amy is in. This 2:00 PM show is the last performance of this musical-comedy. Looking forward to seeing Amy perform on stage. She's really talented! Did additional editing to the dance video. I'm working on the "Camera 2" video files. "Camera 2" was used for close-ups. Gotta say that the "footage" looks really great! It's just that doing the simple color-corrections that needs to be done is very time-consuming. I'm only a hobbyist with this video-recording/video-editing thing. I'm sure that someone who does this stuff for a living is 10 times as fast as I am! L O L! I only do a few dance scenes at a time before I need to give my eyes (and back) a rest. Tonight, I think I'll take a break from video-editing and focus on composing another instrumental piece. THAT whole composing/sequencing process also takes a whole lot of time and creative thought. My goal was to do one composition a month. So far, I've done just three this year. These compositions are my Holiday Present to family and friends. I'll burn several dozen CDs to give as gifts. Well. . . got to get going to start the day! Cheers! Ted
  4. Ted

    Saturday August 17 2019

    Good Morning - Joe - Good to read that all is going well with your exercising and healthy eating. BCgradnurse - Certainly will hold your Mom and you in warm thoughts. (((Hugs))) Just woke up. Again. Was up for a good part of the night doing the video editing thing. Got lots done. Got lots more to do still. Went back to bed around 4:30 AM as I was falling asleep in front of the computer. Again. Got a bit of a headache, and I know why. Haven't hand First Coffee yet. So, there is an immediate Plan of Action after I'm done typing here. L O L! I have no real set plans for today except to do more video editing. IF the weather turns out being nice today, I might either do some mowing (whine!) or video-recording of pretty outdoor places (Yeah!!). It's supposed to be hot, humid with chances of rain, though. Again. Looking forward to tomorrow. After the church thing I'm FINALLY going to see Amy perform. Going with friends, as mentioned yesterday. It'll be the last performance of this particular show. As already mentioned, Amy is looking forward to having this particular chapter finished. (Yawn. . . ) Think I'll go get First Coffee. . . Hope all have a pleasant Saturday, today! Ted
  5. Ted

    Friday August 16, 2019

    Good Morning. . . again! Good Morning, and Thank You, sirI! Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight. Good Morning Tweety (again) and Joe! Been up for a while. Just finished drinking 2nd coffee! Dang, it was delicious! Today (tonight) is my second night of seven off from work. Yesterday was primarily a day of rest and recuperation. Tuesday and Wednesday nights at work were unusually busy. It was as if someone said the "Q" word! L O L! Wednesday night was especially busy because I basically floated between the ICU and Med/Surg floor. The Med/Surg unit lost a couple of night nurses (again) leaving it somewhat "understaffed". (It's difficult for me to write "understaffed" because nurses working for larger hospitals would LOVE to experience the patient/nurse ratios frequently found in our teeny-tiny hospital!) But at least I didn't have a patient assignment with all of the associated charting. Basically, I was everybody's "bytch", answering call-bells, emptying urinals, drawing labs, starting IVs, taking patients to the CT scan and administrating IV contrast (well, just for one patient), turning & repositioning, ensuring the "bottoms" of incontinent stool were clean and well-protected with skin creams, etc., etc. (Don't worry! I washed my hands after the wiping! L O L! ) In other words, it was a typical work-night for most regularly-sized hospitals! L O L! Actually, I had a good night, and didn't mind doing lots of tasks. I wish the weather was nicer during my days off from work, though. I'd love to do some hiking or canoeing. But the weather forecast for the next several days calls for heat and humidity with intermittent thunder storms. Blech! So, it seems I'll be spending much of the time indoors. On the plus side, I should be able to FINALLY finish video-editing the 7PM dance recital. I still have several more hours of editing to go (ensuring proper audio levels, color levels, etc.) I do enjoy doing this video-editing thing, though. I'm able to allow the "obsessive" side of my personality to flourish with sweet abandon! L O L! Nothing much going on. The only real plan that I have is to go with friends this Sunday afternoon to the theater and see Amy perform in the musical-comedy that she's in. The show got pretty good reviews, given the strife the performers had to endure under the leadership of an ill-prepared and inexperienced Director. Amy, especially, got great reviews from the local newspapers. (She knows what needs to be done to have a musical-comedy actually be a musical-comedy! ) Afterwards, we're all going out for dinner. Should be fun! Well. . . gonna do some more video-editing. . . Hope all have a nice day today! Ted
  6. Ted

    Friday August 16, 2019

    Good Morning! Hi Tweety - It seems that you posted today's (Friday's) "Good Morning" thread in the U.S. Politics Forum. L O L! Curious, Tweety. Do you still have the "Administrative Tools" to move it back to the Daily Diary Forum? If not, hopefully a kind Moderator/Administrator can do the task. I'll come back later to today's Good Morning post. Ted
  7. Good Morning! It is exactly 4:00 AM (EST) in this part of the world. (Oops! It JUST turned 4:01 AM, EST. ) Happily, I was offered to be On Call for my Sunday night shift. And, (drum rolls, please), I did not get Called In! So far! There is still 3 hours left of my Call, so anything can happen. And yes! I have been Called In with only TWO hours left of my 12-hour shift! (I was needed to do a PACU, which us ICU RNs do on the weekends.) Of course, I did the "Happy Dance" when offered to be On Call. I had already taken my shower and put on my work scrubs. Quickly, I took off those scrubs and put on my comfy clothes. Amy was home by that time, after her performance at the theater. (It was a full audience, and they loved the show, according to Amy.) So, we went outside to enjoy a lovely early evening (with phones near-by), sat on our front porch lounge chairs, drank coffee and relaxed. Sunday morning was the usual church thing. We had a substitute Pastor who gave a really nice sermon. She's an Episcopal Priest, actually, who is semi-retired. But because there in inter-communion between the Episcopal Church and the Lutheran Church (ELCA), we're able to have Episcopal Priests lead services in our church, which is very nice. I felt especially inspired during the service and played some nice improvised music during the quiet times of the service. Well, I liked what I played, anyway! Unfortunately, I don't remember any of it. Ugh! L O L! After church, I did my usual thing of eating a late-breakfast/early-lunch, then went to bed for my pre-work afternoon sleep. It was around 5:20 PM when I got the phone called to be On Call. Today?? Don't have any real set plans, to be honest. Both Amy and I are off from work today (tonight). If it is a nice day out, we'll probably do some hiking. If it's not a nice day outside, we might go out for a dinner and a movie. Of course, I'm STILL editing the dance video. I was just doing that when my eyes needed a break and I decided to come here and start today's Daily Diary thread. After I'm done typing here, I'll probably go back to bed and attempt to catch a few more ZZZZZs. Nothing much else going on. I'm working Tuesday and Wednesday nights. THEN, I'm actually scheduled off from work for the next SEVEN nights! This is a rare occurrence, and I happily accept it. However, when I do return to work, next week, I'm working four nights in a row, starting Thursday night. (Whine!) Hope all have a nice day, today! Peace! Ted
  8. Ted

    Saturday August 10, 2019

    Good Early Afternoon - Tweety - I used to work at a Burger King, back in my Boston-Days. They only had one rolling flame-cooker for their meat. I have to wonder if that similar taste you're experiencing with the Vegan-Whopper happens, in part, because they're cooked on the same rolling flame-cooker that's used for cooking the meat-burgers. I only mention this because Amy is fairly "hard-core" with her gluten-free diet. Whenever we go to any restaurant she asks for her gluten-free meals, and quickly asks if those meals are prepared separately from anything that contains gluten. With that said, I am sincerely impressed that Burger King offers a Vegan-Whopper. Very cool! (I used to have a whole lot of fun working at that Burger King, especially after work when we'd all go out to a local bar, at around mid-night, and unwind! L O L!) Hope your work weekend is kind to you. Joe - Seems like you have a nice day planned for yourself. Hope you're able to get the finger-printing thing done so that the officials in Michigan are pleased and happy. (Honestly? Having to re-do something like sending them finger-prints would annoy the heck out of me. Ugh! L O L!) Enjoy your time with your Dad. NurseBlaq - Hope you have a nice day. nursej22 - Nice to read that you were able to finally get a few good hours of solid-sleep after a restless night. Your work-day, yesterday, seems quite interesting and quite varied! Wow! The information on "neuro-TB" seems interesting for sure. When I think "TB", I think "lungs". L O L! That FlightAware app seems quite interesting, too. Recently woke up. Got a few hours of decent sleep this morning. Work last night was somewhat emotionally draining for me. Almost immediately after starting 7PM-7AM (12-hour) shift, my patient told me, "I'm ready to go home. Please give me the 'papers' to sign so that I can leave." I had this patient the previous night. I also had this patient on previous admissions. This is a young gentleman in his mid-20s who is non-compliant with his DM, and recently came back from rehab for drug and ETOH addiction. I was able to talk him into staying in the hospital the previous night. I was NOT able to talk him into staying last night. (He has a well-established history of going AMA.) Now, to be clear, for almost any other patient, I'd quickly have those "AMA Forms" in my hand, have the the patient sign them, and then say, "Buh-Bye"!!! (And, to be very honest, I haven't done an AMA thing in a LONG time. Years, actually!!) But this situation was different. This guy seemed to be trying to get better. Up unto this point, he's remained drug and alcohol free after being discharged from the rehab facility. We were still working on managing his DM, and that can take time. (From an ICU point of view, I didn't need our services at all. He was very stable. But he needed to remain in the hospital so that our MDs can come up with an effective and doable plan to manage his DM.) It really bummed me out that he was going AMA. Again. Hopefully he won't die because of his decisions. I told him that, as did the hospitalist. Gosh, he's only in his mid-20s!! For several hours after he left, I had NO patients. I was kind of hoping to go home early this morning. But around 3:00 AM, I got an admission, who had a panic attack while getting transferred from the E.R. stretcher onto the ICU bed. (She's an end-stage COPDer with known panic attacks) They recently weaned her off the CPAP down in the E.R., and she as brought up to our teeny-tiny unit wearing a nasal cannula. Thankfully, the respiratory therapist was dragging the CPAP/BiPap machine behind her. Once placed back on CPAP, as anxiously requested by the patient, the panic attack quickly subsided and she was fine for the rest of the night. Sadly, it seems like the end-stage COPD is slowly becoming more and more "end-stage". I don't usually post about my nights at work here. Quite frankly, my nights at my teeny-tiny ICU in my teeny-tiny hospital are relatively unremarkable. (I LOVE "unremarkable"!!) But seeing that "kid" (he's a very young "mid-20s") go AMA bothered me. Although this is my weekend on to work, for some reason I'm off tonight. I must have switched nights off with someone who needed a night off during the week and was willing to work my Saturday night shift. I just don't remember doing the switching. It must be "old man brain". L O L! After I'm done typing here, I'm going food shopping. After I'm done with that, I'll go for a power-walk if the weather holds up. Amy is doing two shows today. So, I'll have the house to myself this evening. I plan on continuing on with editing that dance video. . . using my main studio speakers (no headphones). L O L! Hope all have a pleasant week-end! Ted
  9. Ted

    Wednesday August 7, 2019

    Good Morning! Tweety - It's sad that having to undergo that bone stimulator for 10 hours is so isolating. Having to miss those beach walks is almost like pulling a scab open to a healing wound. It's interesting, though, that your friend is considering moving to a more active community, and asking you to be his room-mate. Decisions, decisions. Who knows what the future will bring. Joe - Nice to read that your work day, yesterday, was a "Q" one. Hope today's work day is "Q", too. Sad to read that you had to throw out your petunias. Been up for quite a while working on that 7PM dance video. My obsessive-compulsiveness is kicking in, which is lengthening the editing process. Ugh! After I'm done typing here I'm going to go for a nice walk outside before it get too hot and humid. My butt is hurting from all of this sitting. (Whine!) Amy is downstairs practicing for the musical. I'm having to wear my headphones during the film-editing (and audio-editing) process. I'm getting to know, by heart, all of the songs she's singing. L O L! Can't wait for her to go to the theater for today's rehearsal so that I can use my studio speakers. Nothing much else going on. It's the same-old, same-old. BCgradnurse - Hope you find your kitty and is OK! It is distressing, for sure. Well . . . Gotta go for a walk now! Amy is singing, "Storms a Brewing" for the 1000th time! Ugh! ! Cheers! Ted
  10. Good Morning! It's 4:02 AM (EST) in this part of the world. . . I've been sequestered in my studio these past couple of days. Been doing the composing/sequencing thing. Well, I freakin' finally finished a composition that I started a while back. There's still some "tweaking" to be done with the arrangement and mix-down. Hope to have it fully finished in a few weeks. (My ears need to take a break from it for a while.) My butt actually hurts from all of the sitting! L O L! (I need to get out and do some exercise!) Anyway, the title of this piece is, "Happy Thoughts". Titling my compositions is NOT one of my strong points. But, this is a somewhat "happy" sounding piece so, hence the title. Happily, I was placed On Call Thursday night and did not get Called In! I took advantage of this and resumed working on this composition. It's good to have it FINALLY finished!! There's a link to the music at the end of this post. (I also shared it on Facebook, too.) Amy has been trudging through the rehearsal process, working with this very ill-prepared Director. The whole situation is very sad, actually. This very young woman was originally hired to be the choreographer. The role of Director was thrusted upon her when the original Director - who is also the Artistic Director for the theater - had to unexpectedly quit that role due to his mother's decline in health. His mother, by the way, is the Heart and Soul to this theater!! She's the Founder and Managing Producer of this local summer-stock theater. Her involvement is sorely missed!! The theater might not survive without her, unfortunately. BUT, as the saying goes, "The Show Must Go On!" So, Amy continues to go to the rehearsals, but very reluctantly. This is a very young (19 years old) and very inexperienced "Director" who is simply not living up to the task. Sadly, she's way in over her head in this role. Rehearsals are chaotic, and her "vision" of the musical is seriously missing the point. It's a musical-comedy about life in a trailer park. It's absurdly silly and it is profane, with a few "F-bombs" to drive home the humor! Interestingly, this young individual is not "getting it", and, apparently, is making "pretty" choices in her direction when being vulgar would be more appropriate for the musical. Oh well!! Amy's frustration is apparent. I've been hearing about it for the past week!! (Ugh!) (Being sequestered in my studio has been a good thing, by the way! L O L!) But with the "Founder and Managing Director" not part of the picture, Amy and others say that it simply might be time to close the theater, at least for the rest of the summer. THIS is profoundly sad. There is a lot of history to this theater. Amy has been involved with this theater for decades! We've used this theater to produce and showcase our musical, "Who's Got the Keys?" (Back in 1998, we were to perform "Who's Got the Keys?" that year when that dreadful car accident happened, killing five people, four of whom were involved in this musical's creation and production!!) So yes! There is significant history to this theater!! Who knows what's going to happen with the "heart and soul" - the "Founder and Managing Producer" - not part of the picture. (She seems to be suffering from early dementia. She's been very forgetful, and very-much not herself.) But. . . the show must go. . . on?? Anyway. . . It's early Sunday morning. Later this morning, there's church. I'm working tonight. Hopefully work will be "Q". Then, I am off the next three nights. It is now 4:36 AM (EST). I think I'll go back to bed and catch a few more ZZZZZs. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted Here's the link to the new composition. Enjoy!
  11. Ted

    Wednesday July 31, 2019

    Good Morning - NurseBlaq - Never need to apologize. This is a safe place to share, vent, process thoughts, etc. It's good to read that the court situation favored you. My concern is for your safety. I hope you keep yourself safe. Better yet, I hope your "Ex" simply leaves you alone. Be safe. . . Tweety - The "lentil-potato-millet goop" sounds delicious! Hope work is kind to you. During the past couple of days, I sat my fat behind - (dramatic pause) - behind my computer. I FINALLY finished composing a simple jazz-fusion piece that I started back in March!! Now, I'm sequencing ("recording") the composition, (again, behind my computer), using the happy "virtual instruments" (VIs) that resides inside my computer. I record one VI at a time for about 8 or 16 measures, then I record another VI, then another, then another. Then I move on to the NEXT 8 or 16 measures and do the same thing over again. It's a process. BUT, it's a wonderful process to hear what was once inside my head come "alive" through my studio speakers (or headphones). Hope to have this one composition finished by the end of the week. I'm working tonight and tomorrow night. Wish I was NOT working! But, I gotta pay for the audio (and video) equipment that works for a wonderful creative outlet and brings much joy. (I probably should consider another, less expensive, hobby??? L O L! ) Amy has been rehearsing for the next show. It's been a wild ride for her and the other actors, though. There's been more "drama" that's been taking place off stage. Apparently, the director has never done professional summer-stock theater before. Basically, a play or musical MUST be produced and ready for an audience in less than 2 weeks time! Unfortunately, it seems that the director doesn't (didn't) seem to understand this, and has really piss-poor time-management skills. Blocking the musical, which should have been started this past Saturday, only took place yesterday!! Amy was in tears over this! (And, the rest of the crew were really unhappy, too!) She spoke her mind to the producer (and co-owner of the theater) who has his own "issues" that he is wrestling with (with more "drama" on top of "drama"). He FINALLY insisted that the director Block the show and stop playing "theatrical games" (which is a real thing, but to Amy, is a time-wasting theatrical exercise as the actors "explore" their characters, etc.) Amy almost quit over the incompetence of this director. But after yesterday's rehearsal, she feels better now that the show has (finally) been blocked, and feels hopeful that the show will be ready by next Wednesday for the all-important dress-rehearsal (when members of the board view and critique each production before going live for the audience the following day). Amy is a well-seasoned actor/singer. She's also a very talented director. Her comments and concerns carry weight for this small but professional summer-stock theater. Me??? I sit up in my studio - all by myself - and work to create the sound of a full band with back-up orchestra. I have no one to blame but myself whenever an "instrument" plays a wrong note!! L O L! Anyway. . . I hope all have a nice day today! Peace! Ted
  12. Tweety - Did not know that about the founder of Nathans. (Ugh!) (I'm feeling a wee bit nauseous now. L O L!) I'm also eyeing the newer iMac Pro computers. They're still pricey, but not as pricey as the new Mac Pros. I'm just thinking ahead because my trusty old Mac Pro won't last forever.
  13. I just ate TWO hot-dogs. Yummy! (They weren't named "Weeny Bunz", though. Actually, the brand-name of the hot dogs are "Nathan's". Not sure why they have that name. For the record. . . I DID mow the lawn! L O L! BCgradnurse - Enjoy your vacation! nursej22 - Ugh! Mis-spelled names on medical records!! (It happens. But it's a pain in the butt correcting the mistake!) The "Music in the Park" sounds like fun! NurseBlaq - Good to see you on the Daily Diary forums! NSIME - Hopefully you got some much-needed rest while Nannie was getting hers! Hopefully all is OK with your step-daughter. herring_RN - Thick Lentil Soup! Sounds yummy! Haven't watched "Let's Make a Deal" in a LONG time. I'm surprised that it's still on the air! Wow! Steph - Curious. How old is Spidey now (if you don't mind me asking)?? Please forgive me for my really poor memory, but didn't you share his birth here on Allnurses?? Was it THAT Long Ago?!?!? It's nice to read that the pay is good for Spidey's summer job. Good for him! Hope all have a good night's sleep tonight. Peace!
  14. Good Morning! "It's beautiful day in the neighborhood. . . a beautiful day to be neighbors. . . " The sun is out. The humidity is down. There's hardly any clouds in the sky. . . The Skills Day went well. Passed all the tests with only a few brain farts. I can't wait to do this all again next year! (Blech!) Today?? It's Mow the Freakin' Lawn Day! Commence the whining! L O L! Nothing much going on, at least for me. Amy starts rehearsals, today, for the next show that she's in, "The Great American Trailer Park - The Musical". Should be funny. Apparently, there are a few "F-Bombs" in the show. Classy!! Amy has her costume and wig all picked out. She looks like the character, Peg Bundy, from the sit-com, "Married - With Children". Classy! Should be a fun show to do. . . and to watch! L O L! Currently, I'm doing updates and upgrades on my aging Apple computers. Hope they last me a couple of more years. Coffee is almost finished brewing. Gonna get me First Coffee! Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  15. Ted

    Mueller Hearing

    As the old saying goes, "Denial is more than a river in Egypt".