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"Nurses Rule!"

Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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  1. Ted

    Art and Music

    Here's the latest music video from Randy Rainbow. It is brilliant, as always. (I'm sure Trump would have a fart-attack if he heard it. He doesn't take too well to criticism and satire. It's as if the truth hurts.) (We must rid ourselves of this societal disease embodied by Trump and his Administration.) Border Lies by Randy Rainbow
  2. Ted

    Tuesday February 19, 2018

    Lil Nel - Yes! EVERYONE can enjoy the link! L O L! Tweety was sharing his "disco fever" yesterday on Facebook. That's the reason why I dedicated that song for him.
  3. Ted

    Tuesday February 19, 2018

    BCgradnurse - Seems like your area of the world is getting plenty of snow lately. Hope your DD is feeling better! (Thank goodness for that donut shop!) nursej22 - Hello! (I see you "down there".)
  4. Ted

    Tuesday February 19, 2018

    Good Morning! Been up for a while. Been working on February's composition. Yep! Pulling out chords and melody from deep within my body. (It's a process, and not always an easy one.) Spent a good portion fo the day, yesterday, photographing my lovely wife. She gave various poses while I shot using various different lenses. Afterward, I sat my fat ass down in front of my computer, picked out best-liked photos (by Amy's direction, of course), and put finishing touches to the pictures. There were two teeny-tiny lights reflecting off both of Amy's eyes which were distracting. It took FOREVER to figure out how to convincingly "dull" those reflected lights in her eyes. Now, to be clear, I am NOT a trained photographer. All that I learned was from watching YouTube videos and a whole lot of trial & error. After a whole lot of "trial & error", I managed to edit two very acceptable photos that Amy will use as "head shots" for auditions, and for display at the theater(s) where she will be performing this summer. (She'll be doing two shows at one theater, for sure. ) Today?!? Gonna pull more melody and chords from deep within my body. The plan is STILL to complete this composition, even if I have to take a cathartic to complete it! Later this evening, I'll be going to a monthly church council meeting. Working Wednesday and Thursday nights. (Blech!) herring_RN - Hope you MIL is doing well. Joe - Hope work is kinder to you today. Enjoy your date with J!! Tweety - THIS is for you! ENJOY! (I LOVE the intro!! It's a great tune with a cleverly-written arrangement!!) (Just click on the link!) Boogie Nights by Heatwave Ted
  5. Ted

    Monday February 18 2019

    Good Morning - Joe - It's good to do research and to proceed cautiously when job-hunting. When I took my present job, almost 20 years ago, it was with the guidance of a counselor. The process involved, in working with a counselor, helped tremendously in being cautious and in being well-informed when accepting the position. For me, at least, it paid off wonderfully. As shared before in past posts here, I do like where I work. It's a gem of a hospital. I just want to retire. L O L! Tweety - Seems like you have a nice day planned for yourself. Hopefully you won't get called into work. If you do, the extra $$$ will be nice, for sure. Lil Nel - Your shift, last night, seems dreadful. Having 9 patients, alone, is understandably anxiety-producing and worrisome. I do not miss those high nurse/patient ratios. I can't say that bedside nursing sucks. I do like clinical nursing. The situation has to be safe, though. But, we all know that. Significant changes in our society's mind-set, priorities and political climate need to take place before meaningful action takes place. (Again, we all know that.) I do wish you, and the patients you care for, well. (((Hugs))) Had a nice day, yesterday. Church and choir was nice. Unfortunately, two choir members weren't there, yesterday. This can be frustrating. But the anthem sounded OK despite a leaner choir. For Sunday afternoon and evening, Amy and I had a date together, seeing a live comedy show followed by a delicious dinner out in a nice Italian restaurant. The live comedy show was produced by "Shakespeare & Company" (Shakespeare and Company) as an off-season production focusing on Valentine's Day, and how modern films and music, dealing with love and romantic relationships, "steal" from Shakespeare. The production was quite clever and entertaining. What is wasn't was well-rehearsed. This may be the reason why the ticket prices were relatively inexpensive. But the entertainer's lack of preparation was part of the charm, oddly enough. They said from the beginning that yesterday's comedy show was rehearsed only during the past few days. They were all "pros", though, and performed as what one would expect from professional performers (minus the scripts in their hands). We enjoyed ourselves! I even walked away with a greater respect for Shakespeare! His works, when performed with much animation (aka "shmacting"), is easier to understand and appreciate. Much "schmacting" took place yesterday! L O L! The after-show dinner was delicious. We both waddled out of the restaurant with full bellies. L O L! Today? I'm going to take camera "head-shots" of Amy for promotion. She has a couple of auditions coming up which she plans on attending. One audition is for a mini-series that will be produced by HBO. That particular audition is for extras to be used for that mini-series. The other audition is for a local regional theater. (There are MANY local summer-stock and regional theaters near where we live!) We just found out that Amy landed a couple of roles for a couple of shows for another summer-stock theater (The Theater Barn), that are being produced later this summer. Amy is quite the actor, and quite the "Shmactor"!, for almost any kind of theater role. (She prefers musical comedies, to be sure!) I do like seeing her on stage. Last night, I edited the video-recording that I did of my VP of Operations (aka the "D.O.N."). It came out well. (No. I did not punch in when I video-recorded her. I forgot.) I did not finish my composition, though. I was too tired at the end of the day to be "creative". I still have two nights off from work (Monday and Tuesday nights). Hopefully, during the next couple of days I can reach DEEP into my bowels, and pull out some original music. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Cheers! Ted
  6. Good Morning! Hope all are peacefully catching their ZZZZZZs now! Recently woke up. Waiting for the coffee to start brewing. (We have it pre-programmed to start brewing in at 5:15 AM, just 3 minutes from now!) Had a nice day, yesterday. The video-recording of our Vice-President of Operations (our "D.O.N.") went well. Interestingly, she's just getting over a bad cold and before we started she looked very fatigued. But once the camera was pointed towards here, and I pressed the red button on the camera to start the video-recording, she was "On!" and looked and sounded great! At one point, she did lose her voice. So, we waited a few minutes while she rested and drank some water. After that rest, we did "take two" of that segment of her presentation, and she was "On!" again! She really is a good speaker. Hope she's feeling better soon, though. Also had a really nice late lunch with a co-worker, yesterday afternoon. We talked about working together to collaborate some music projects. The guy is prolific in song & lyric writing. He brought with him two books of songs that he and his wife has written throughout recent years. We settled on one song to start our collaborative process together. We've both done the collaborative song-writing process before with other people. He's done it more recently than me, though. With the exception of working with Amy on a few simple projects here and there, I haven't done a serious collaborative effort since the mid-1990s! (That's when we wrote and produced, "Who's Got the Keys?". Who's Got the Keys? This was a big deal, back in the day!) We both have some great ideas. Hopefully we can learn to work together. Today, I plan on working on February's composition (as one of the monthly compositions that I'm forcing myself to do). I'm also going to edit the video that I just recorded yesterday. That shouldn't take too long to finish. Hope all have a pleasant day, today! I'll come back later to read your posts. Cheers! Ted
  7. Ted

    Friday February 15, 2019

    Interesting. . . there are two posts by Tweety for today. Might there be some kind of software glitch?? Edited to add: Thank you to whoever combined the two posts! You're the best!
  8. Good Morning! It's 3:54 AM (EST) in this part of the world. I'm up early when I really should be sleeping. But, I'm a night-shift worker. So, of course I'm up now!! Last night was my night off. However, I got a phone call from work basically begging that I work the day shift today. After some quiet whining to myself (I really hate working the day shift), I said, "Yes". So, I'll be leaving for work around 5:30 AM, this morning in hopes to making it to work safely by around 6:30 AM. The day shift starts at 6:45 AM. I haven't worked the day shift in our ICU/CCU in years! But, I'm a freakin' "team-player". (Blech!) L O L! We got around 4" of snow yesterday. (It is winter, after all!) Those who live north of us got much more. Our driveway hasn't been plowed yet. So, just driving down our driveway this early morning will be a challenge. (Whine!) Thank goodness for studded winter tires and my 4-wheel drive capable Jeep! Hope all are peacefully making some serious ZZZZZZs now. Think I'll go back to bed and catch about an hour's worth of ZZZZZs myself. I have a LONG day ahead. Peace! Ted
  9. Moderators - Can you please combine our two threads for Saturday, February 9th, 2019? (FWIW, I wrote mine first.) Thank you!
  10. Oh dear, Tweety! It's Saturday, not Sunday this February 9th! I hope your 4th out of 5 workdays is kind to you! Hope you have a small string of days OFF from work once this stretch of 5 days in a row is finished! You deserve and NEED the rest! Moderators? Can someone combine our two threads, please? Thank you!
  11. Good Morning! It's 3:51 AM (EST) in this part of the world. It's early. Coffee hasn't even started brewing yet! I love the quiet of early morning. . . Had a nice morning, yesterday, spent with my step-mother. We actually did not go car shopping as originally planned, though. Instead, we created a joint savings & checking account (after a failure to do this last week) between step-mother, my step-brother and me. This way, I can easily have some $$$ deposited into this account each week to help pay for a car for my step-mother. (We attempted to do this last week, but I didn't have all of the right documents the proved where I lived. THAT was very frustrating!) After the time spent at the bank, my step-mother and I had nice breakfast together. (My step-brother had to go to work.) It was a good visit together. Of course we talked about the type of car she'd like to purchase. But we also talked about other things, to. This step-mother is actually my father's second wife. They divorced a long time ago. But I spent my later teenage years growing up with our combined family. Those were tough years which involved ETOH (on her part). She's been in recovery for decades, now, and amends have been made long ago. Still, we talk about that time in our lives. We also talk about the present joys and sorrows that we experience. We've remained close, which is a gift all by itself. After our long breakfast together, it was nearly 1:00 PM and I had other chores to do. So, we went on our separate but merry ways. My "merry way" was renewing my driver's license, which I've been avoiding doing for a while. What a chore! There were only just a few of us at the DMV. My goal was to renew my drivers license and upgrade it to "Enhanced". (An "Enhanced" drivers license enables easier travels within the U.S. of A., and to Canada and Mexico. This "Enhanced" drivers license is total crap. But that's a discussion to be made on another forum! UGH!) Anyway, the process of renewing and upgrading was a sloooooooow one! I was prepared with all of the proper documentation. It's just that the DMV officials were very meticulous in ensuring that all of the documents were appropriate, that all of the "T's" were crossed and "I's" were dotted. The DMV officials did this for everyone. It's their job, I guess. But it was so sloooow! I was there for nearly 2 hours. Again, it wasn't crowded at all. Not like other DMV offices. It was almost closing time when all was finished! (Gotta vent: As nurses we hold the lives of human-beings in our hands, and need to be careful in doing so, and we're STILL faster than what I experience at the DMV yesterday! Ugh! End of rant.) There was one positive outcome from this whole DMV experience: I demonstrated that I can see distances without corrective lenses! (As for reading?!?!? That's a much different matter!) Finally got home after an hour's drive. Fed the dog, who was patiently waiting for me, then took a nap. Amy got home later yesterday evening and we relaxed together for the rest of the night. I'm working the next three nights. I just got a text from one of my fellow ICU nurses. He said that the mother of the full-time Shift Director passed away. This is very sad news. Apparently the plan is for me to be the Shift Director tonight while she tends to the needs of her family. Of course I will! What a sad situation, though, for that person. Besides experiencing the loss of her mother, she has her own significant health issues to deal with. It's just sad to see. Hope all are doing well. Hope all are peacefully slumbering away now! Gonna try to catch a few more ZZZZZs myself. Peace! Ted
  12. Ted

    Wednesday February 7, 2019

    Lil Nel - It's sad to read that you're surviving whatever situation is causing you the depression. (I'm quite familiar with the "Sadness Funk".) For you: (((Warm Hugs)))
  13. Ted

    Monday February 4, 2019

    Good Morning - Joe - Nice to read that you had a quiet day, yesterday. Our choir sang an anthem this Sunday after rehearsing it for the past few weeks. It sounded nice. Now, on to the next anthem to learn. Yesterday was a somewhat intense day which took place mostly at church. We had our annual church meeting. Amongst many others, two very important topics were discussed: 1) Finances, and 2) Whether or not to continue to belong to the "Tri-County Lutheran Parish" (TCLP) which is composed of eight separate (and struggling) congregations spread throughout a large geographical area (three counties). As membership declines, so does our church's finances. Yet, expenses remain the same, if not increase. As for the TCLP? We still do not have one full-time Pastor (much less the hoped-for two full-time pastors). Both important topics are the cause of much anxiety which the annual meeting did little to quell. All eight churches face the same issues and concerns regarding finances and not having two full-time Pastors. It is a shame that we all exist so far apart from each other, which is a significant part of the problem. Needless to say, I left the meeting feeling a little depressed about the whole thing. It doesn't help that I will be resigning as our congregations keyboardist/choir director this July. I will do my best to help find a new music director. Today? I work tonight and tomorrow night. I'm off from work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. I have little planned except to eat, sleep and work. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted P.S. Is there any way to edit in the actual date to reflect that it's Monday, February 4th, 2019?? Just wondering.
  14. Good Morning! Wow! It's 7:33 AM (EST) in this part of the world and I'm starting today's Good Morning thread! LOL! Hope all are safely slumbering away. . . Recently woke up. Currently drinking First Coffee. Happily, all of the coffee brewed this morning made its way into the coffee pot! LOL! The Healthy Heart Night event, yesterday, went well. A fair amount of people from the community attended the educational event. Us ICU/CCU staff nurses all worked together to make sure everything was set-up (and taken down) for the event. As mentioned before, we've been doing this since around 2005 or 2006. (No one was able to remember the exact year we started doing this. LOL!). This was my first time co-chairing Healthy Heart Night. Happily, it will be my last! LOL! (I'd rather be a worker-bee than a leader-bee. LOL!) Got home around 10:00 PM last night. Unloaded my car from all of the audio equipment that I brought. (It was -4 F outside at that point. Ugh!) When that chore was done, I went straight to bed. Today??? In about 45 minutes, I'm leaving to meet my step-mother and step-brother at a bank to create a new bank account together. I'm doing this because I'll be helping out pay for a new car loan for my step-mother. After the account is created, we'll be looking at new or newish cars for her. Honestly??? I'd rather be doing this in warmer weather. But it needs to get done as my step-mother needs a safe and dependable car for herself. Nothing much else to share at this point. I'll be back later to read your posts. In the meanwhile, I hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  15. Ted

    Friday February 1, 2019

    Good Morning! Morning Tweety! Hope work is kind to you today as you do charge. Recently woke up and helped handle a HUGE CRISIS this morning! Apparently, Amy forgot to put the coffee pot under the coffee-maker, which is set to go off automatically each day. There was coffee everywhere. Cleaning up the coffee was the easy part. Setting up the coffee-maker and having to wait SEVERAL MINUTES MORE for the coffee to fully brew was the tough part!! The waiting was painful!! But all is well with the world. First Coffee tastes good! (The entire house smells like "Coffee on Kitchen Rug". LOL!) Other than that horrific experience, all is well. It's gonna be a busy day getting the the Healthy Heart Night up and running (then taking it down afterwards). Gotta go and get the equipment ready. . . Cheers! Ted