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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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  1. Ted

    Saturday 4/13

    Good Morning - BCgradnurse - The insomnia thing is no fun. Hope the 3 hour shift is kind to you. And, hope you get the nap in. (I'm a nap-taker. Have been most of my life. L O L!) Tweety - I see you "down there"! You'll probably share your post before I hit the Submit Reply button. I've (we've) enjoyed the photos that you've shared on your vacation. Seems like you're having a great time. I've been awake most of the night. Being a night-shift work, that's not unusual. Actually, I like being up at night. It's peaceful. I've written and sequenced (recorded) most of my compositions during the very early morning hours. Didn't work on any music, last night. But, I did further explore the many potential functions of my photo/video camera. (It's a Panasonic GH5). It's a powerful little camera which takes GREAT photos and videos! I just got a phone call from work asking if I can work the Day Shift, TODAY, as Shift Director. Apparently the Per Diem Shift Director, who was scheduled to work, forgot to come in this morning. That person actually suggested that I work for her!! Not Cool! I said, "No!" I explained that I made arrangements to work in the ICU tonight (which is my usual week-end off) so that one of the ICU Staff Nurses can have the week-end off for religious reasons. My name is on the schedule to work tonight, and has been for WEEKS! I told the Night Shift Director (who called me) that the per diem Shift Director can get her "butt" in and do her job. I've known and worked with this person for a long time. She is a good and caring nursing. (Actually, she's now an NP.) However, she has a history of being forgetful. (She also has a history of being a pain in the "butt" sometimes.) Blech! Nothing much else to share. I did read everyone's posts from yesterday. Hope all have a pleasant day today. Ted
  2. Good Morning! Thought I'd say a warm "Hello" before another day passes by. . . Had a nice night off from work, last night. Mostly, I slept. L O L! But, yesterday was relaxing. Recently got a new addition to my camera set-up. It's an external recording monitor. It attaches to the camera by a special HDMI cable and provides a larger 7" display of what is being video-recorded. I don't have to wear reading glasses with the larger display! This device also records the video onto an SSD, which provides for longer recordings. This is a neat set-up which I plan on taking with me on our Ireland/Scotland trip. So, I spent the day, yesterday, "practicing" video-recording with this set-up. (I need a lot more practice! L O L!) Today, Amy and I will be doing some grocery shopping together. The weather is supposed to be warm and very spring-like. So, we'll be going for one of our power-walks as well. Work, the other night, was a nice steady-busy. Oddly, I've been less stressed going to work, lately. Work has been a somewhat welcomed diversion. It's weird, admittedly. Over the past couple of years, Dad's declining health has been a major source of stress. During these past couple of years, going to work seemed to augment that stress. Although I sorely miss my Father, I do not miss seeing his body and mind weaken. For good or for bad, having that one source of stress "a thing of the past" seems to make going to work more "normal" (stress-wise). Don't get me wrong. I'd retire NOW if I could!! But work is a reality of life. The bills must get paid. (And, there are more "toys" that I want to purchase!!) But if I HAVE TO go to work, I should at least feel At Peace with this fact of life. Gratefully, I feel "At Peace" with work, much more so now than these past couple of years. I just finished drinking First Coffee. Gonna go downstairs and pour me Second Coffee now. I hope all is well with everyone. I'll be back later to read your posts. Peace. . . Ted
  3. Ted

    Saturday April 6, 2019

    Good Morning - It's been a few days for me since I typed anything here, it seems. Life has been a relatively good-busy. To start, I was On-Call last night and did not get Called-In to work. This provided me a nice opportunity to explore and experiment with my video-editing programs, which I did last night (with phones ready to ring if/when they needed me). I have some pretty decent audio and video editing programs, all with lots of potentially cool editing capabilities. It was nice taking some time and effort re-introducing myself to some of these programs' more advanced features. I also re-introduced myself to an "older" photo/video camera (a Panasonic GH4) that I own. (I've since purchased two "newer" Panasonic GH5 cameras.) I'm deciding whether or not to sell this "older" camera. I haven't used it in a while. BUT, it's STILL a powerful and decent camera which can be used in a 3-camera situation for video-recording. Decisions, decisions. Including last night, I've been off from work since Tuesday. I've spent a good portion of that time in front of my computer recording two choir anthems (for the accompaniment) that will be used for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Both anthems are a bit more than I can handle, accompaniment-wise. I just don't have the "playing chops". But I DO have the recording-chops! Besides, it will allow me the opportunity to conduct the choir while they sing to the "recorded musicians". (Ain't the world of modern music-making technology just wonderful?!?!? L O L!) It took a fair amount of time to sequence (record) these two anthems. Additionally, I got together with another composer/musician and started recording one of his songs. I haven't collaborated with another musician like this in a long, long time! He's really quite a prolific song-writer! He's written dozens and dozens of songs. It was a little odd at first. I am so used to being a "lone wolf" to when it comes to music recording, and music-making as a whole. What was nice to experience is that this person is very open-minded to arrangement & orchestration possibilities for his music. What makes the process even easier is that his songs sound nice! I like his style of song-writing. It didn't take long for the two of us to feel at ease with each other with this collaborative music-making effort. We plan on getting together soon, when Amy and I get back from our Ireland/Scotland vacation. Speaking of vacations. . . We leave for our Ireland/Scotland trip in just a couple of weeks! We're all looking forward to the trip. (Amy and I are going with two of her sisters and two nieces.) Everything is all set; everything is all paid up in full. All we need to do is leave. And, enjoy! My only remaining concern is the whole Brexit fiasco. But, we've been reassured that the worst that can happen is a longer waiting time when leaving from the Republic of Ireland (which will remain in the European Union) to travel to Scotland (which is part of Great Britain). I'm scheduled to work tonight and tomorrow night. Then, I'm off Monday and Tuesday nights. Life, in general, is OK. I still get a knot in my stomach when I think about my Father's passing. It's both sad and somewhat surreal that Dad's not with us anymore. It seems that there will always be those feelings of missing my parents. But then I think to myself, I'm almost 60!! It's all part of life. We all "Meet Our Maker". I know that each of us, here, has our struggles and sorrows. We also have our joys and celebrations. Believe it or not, despite my inconsistency in posting here, typing and reading the posts on the Daily Diary forum is important to me. I wish you all well. . . If you're working, I hope that work is kind to you. If you're off this week-end, I hope you find the time to relax and unwind. Peace. . . Ted
  4. Ted

    Thursday March 28, 2019

    Lil Nel - Hope the layover in Chicago isn't a long one and that the travels remain uneventful. It seems that you have separation anxiety from your precious Wally and Biggie! (((Hugs))) We'll be leaving soon for NYC. Not looking forward to the drive down, but the destination is well worth the trip! To be honest, given these past couple of weeks, the whole NYC trip will seem kind of surreal. Still, it's a welcomed one.
  5. Ted

    Wednesday March 27, 2019

    Lil Nel - L O L! I have NO IDEA what show we'll be seeing in NYC tomorrow! It's a surprise! (The only thing Amy would tell me is that it'll make me laugh!!) I wish you safe travels, my friend. dianah - A long time ago, my father shared his belief to me that there was a distinction between religion and spirituality. He said that religion was pretty much "man-made", and that spirituality involved more the pursuit of understanding, acceptance and peace with one's self and with the surrounding world. To be sure, my father loved his church services. He especially loved the more formal "High Church" services, often involving incense, special prayers and sung chanting and responses. Without a doubt in my mind, Dad gave to me evidence that the two, religion and spirituality, are NOT necessarily mutually exclusive. Although not necessarily a "High Church" service (there was no incense involved), Dad's funeral was both religious with its ritual(s) and spiritual in nature. If, indeed, there is a "Here After", Dad was looking down and was well-pleased.
  6. Ted

    Wednesday March 27, 2019

    Good Evening! Lil Nel - Safe travels. I hope your Mom is OK, and that you make through these next few days. It can be tough. . . BCgradnurse - It was a sunny but cool day, here, too. It was also a nice and quiet day. Hope you get the warmer weather Saturday. That walk on the beach seems like a very relaxing thing to do. (Tweety loves his beach walks, and he seems relaxed much of the time!) herring_RN - Happy Wednesday to you too! Hope all is well with your step-mom. Hope your visit to the MD proves uneventful! Joe - Enjoy your dinner with J, and enjoy choir rehearsal this evening! Hope the interview goes well for you tomorrow. Tweety - Hope you're having a pleasant day today. Tonight?? I'm "On Call". Hope not to be Called In. Last night was my first night back at work after my Bereavement Time. My main responsibility was to function as a Preceptor for the "new" night ICU Staff Nurse. He is far from a new nurse, which is very nice. I'd say that he's good to "graduate" from the orientation to our teeny-tiny ICU. Last night was "Q" (thankfully), and he managed the one ICU patient like a well-seasoned professional. (The patient really did not need to be in the ICU. But such is life in our teeny-tiny ICU.) Monday?? It was Dad's Funeral. It was a bitter-sweet experience. Of course I am going to miss my Dad. But the funeral gently reminded me that Dad is at Peace. Dad's passing away has been a bitter-sweet experience. Watching Dad go through the process of dying, and watching him take that last breath that early morning, still "burns" in my memory. Since his passing, though, I've re-connected with a lot of dear family members and friends. I've talked to Uncles, Aunts and Cousins, many of whom I haven't seen in years! Many family members, and members of area churches that knew Dad when was worked as an Episcopal Priest for a near-by congregation, came to Dad's funeral. Re-connecting with these individuals at the funeral was very nice, too! However, there is a part of me that feels that this chapter of my life has been read and experienced. Amy and I acknowledged to each other that all of our biological parents are "In Heaven". At some point, ALL of US reads and experiences this chapter. It is profound, sad, and weirdly hopeful in a religious sense. If, indeed, there is a "Great Beyond", the hope is that we'll be greeted by our loving parents when it is OUR time "To Go". In the meanwhile, life continues to write itself, almost at a moment-by-moment basis. Tomorrow?? It's my birthday. I'll be 59, just one year away from 60. (Whine and Moan!) The plan?? We're going to New York City tomorrow to see a show, eat good food, spend the night at our favorite NYC hotel, relax and explore the city the next day. We might even spend two nights in "The Big Apple". Heck! If I don't get Called-In tonight, we'll be able to go to NYC sooner than later! Nothing much else going on for me. I wish you all Peace. . . Ted
  7. Good Morning! Recently rolled out of bed, fed the dog and drank First Coffee. It's currently 7:29 AM (EST), and I have about 1/2 hour to do the "Three S's" before heading out to church. One-half hour is a lot of time, so I thought I'd start today's Daily Diary. L O L! Hope everyone is peacefully catching their ZZZZZZs. Had a restful day, yesterday. Didn't go anywhere. That 4+ inches of snow on the ground was very uninviting to go outside. A good portion of that snow has already melted. Hopefully our 2+ mile-long private dirt road ain't one long rut. (I'll find out in a little bit.) I realized that I haven't shaved all week long. Besides my mustache, I'm actually growing hair on my face and chin!! I never grew a beard before. Amy asked if I was going to grow a beard. I'm not sure, to be honest. Right now, my face looks scraggily. I think while doing one "S" (shower), I'll decided whether or not to do another "S" (shave). Oh dear. . . First Coffee working. . . That third "S" is saying "hello". . . See you all later. Off to get ready for church. Peace! Ted Edited to Add: I shaved. Looked in the mirror and saw that usual small patch of skin on my right cheek (of my face) where no hair likes to grow. THAT is the major reason why I don't sport a beard. Just bringing you all up-to-date on life, the universe and everything! Off to church, now!
  8. Ted

    Saturday March 23, 2018

    Joe - Good that you went furry bowling yesterday evening. If/when a photo was take, please share!!! Hope the whole job situation works in your favor. Lil Nel - Seems like work was not-fun, last night. Weeping IV sites can cause much anxiety, especially if the patient is a hard stick and/or the patient is neurotic. Ugh! Just chillin' here. I look out the window and just shake my head. The snow is NOT a pretty sight. Still, hope it melts SLOOOOOWLY! We've been having major problems with the 2+ mile dirt road which is a major part of our 32+ member (with 32+ property owners and 32+ homes) HOA community. I can't even imagine what this road will look like should all of this snow melt in a short amount of time. Ugh! Where, on earth, is spring?!? Blech! Oh well. . . All this talk about food has made me hungry! L O L! Hope everyone's weekend is restful and/or uneventful.
  9. Ted

    Saturday March 23, 2018

    Good Morning - Tweety - Interesting. I had a dream that I gained about 30 pounds from eating too much food. L O L! Tweety - (((Hugs))) to you. Was just on Facebook and read your post. Gotta believe that Billy is running free and enjoying the doggy pleasures of the Great Beyond. (((Hugs))) I wonder what happened?? The weather. . . It snowed. A good 4+ inches. I thought it was spring! Yes? No? Yesterday. . . I finished that composition. Afterward, I showered. It had been a few days. L O L! Also. . . I've been on the phone A LOT this week. Lots of people calling. Been having long and good conversations with friends and family, many of whom I haven't talked to in decades. One person in particular was a cousin I haven't seen since high-school years (if not longer). She reminded me that she used to change my diapers when I was a baby! She was going to come to our place to and stay the week-end to attend my Father's funeral on Monday. Last night, she called again and said that she has "cold feet". She didn't want to travel the 7+ hours trip while the snow storm was taking place. Her decision not to come is certainly understandable. We got about 4" of snow. Places to the north and west of us got much, much more. She'd be traveling from that direction. The golden gift, though, was that we re-connected. Our plans is to get together this late spring or summer for a larger family get-together. Don't know what we're going to do today. Going out in the snow seems uninviting. Sure do wish that spring with its warmer weather would make itself known! Hope all are going well. Peace! Ted Edited to Add: BCgradnurse - I see you just posted before me. Seems like you had a nice dinner yesterday! Nice! Sorry to read that you got snow, too. Where is that Spring?!? Enjoy doing your penance at the gym! L O L!
  10. Steph - It seems that our Hospice nurse didn't supply anything to manage Dad's secretions. We looked everywhere. Otherwise, we had what we needed.
  11. Good Morning - As you know now, my Dad passed away Tuesday, yesterday, at around 12:40 AM. Dad passed away knowing he was well-loved. Dad passed away knowing that he would be with His Loving Maker in Heaven, a soul-felt belief that he preached throughout his service as an Episcopal Priest. I read your Daily Diary Posts from Tuesday (yesterday), and all of the posts written on Facebook. I read all of the posts. It did comfort. As I shared here recently, I believe that the aging process was cruel to Dad. At least in my mind, that cruelty seemed to extend into his final days of on this Earth. That "Death Rattle" and labored breathing went on for days! I know that most of us have watched this throughout our nursing life. I've never grown used to that sound of the "Death Rattle". Following Hospice instructions, we gave the prescribed dose of morphine and Ativan. The medications seemed to help ease the labored breathing, but that sound persisted. I was with Dad when he drew his last breath. With the exception of Linda and myself, the family had left to go to the hotel(s) and catch some sleep. Dad's loving wife, Linda, sang their favorite country song to Dad. It was a love song, of course, and Linda held Dad and kissed Dad while she sang that song. Dad's wife then went to their bedroom to try to catch a few ZZZZZs. After she left, I went to Dad and kneeled beside him so that I can softly whisper into his ear. By this time, that "Rattle" seemed to be at full-volume. (It was a sound that will reverberate in my head for a very long time.) Leaning into Dad's ear, and while stroking his forehead, I very slowly and very clearly recited the Lord's Prayer. I knew that this prayer was recited to Dad many, many times throughout these past days. Priests and a Bishop recited this prayer. Dad heard other family members recited this prayer to him. But it was his son that whispered one of Dad's favorite prayers into his ear. When I finished the Lord's Prayer, I then whispered several times to Dad that God Loved him. I whispered several times to Dad that I loved him. Then, no longer than two minutes later, that "Rattle" stopped. Oddly enough, Dad was still breathing. Dad's eyes were wide opened after being closed for hours, he seemed to mouth a couple of words, Peace replaced the struggle on his face, and Dad drew his last breath. Now. . . I had NO idea that Dad would pass away almost immediately after I recited the Lord's Prayer. I have to believe that it took hearing his son reciting that prayer for him to finally "let go". I do not know if there is an all-powerful, all-knowing deity that exists in this universe. But, if there is, that God received a Faithful Servant. I did not want to be there as Dad drew his last breath. In fact, my plan was to go to the hotel with Amy and try to catch some ZZZZZs. But "instinct" told me to stay. Reluctantly, but willingly, I stayed. And, I followed that "instinct" to the point of whispering words of Faith and Love. That was all that I did. Gosh, Dad will be missed. . . I thank you all for being kind, and for reading these words. Dad's funeral is Monday. In the meanwhile, I leave you this video that I made for Dad and Linda which showcased Dad's 80th Birthday Party that took place in 2013. It was a rare but well-remembered Big Family Get-together.
  12. Ted

    Saturday 3/16

    Good Morning - Lil Nel - Glad to read that work wasn't bad. Hope you have a restful sleep. Joe - It's very cool that you have what seems to be a fair number of job interviews. Hopefully, this translates into job choices and ultimately a job that works best for you. Regarding your nephew, I hope he continues on with his theater pursuits. At the very least, theater production and performance makes for a really nice hobby. Enjoy watching "The Lion King". BCgradnurse - We had lovely weather, too, yesterday with temperatures well into the 60s. Today, the temperature is cooler, now in the 40s. But, at least it ain't freezing. Enjoy getting your hair all prettied up. (I got my haircut just a couple of days ago. The last time I got a haircut was back in October. My wife and my co-workers all commented about the shorter hair. Apparently, my hair was getting too long and scraggily-looking! L O L!) Well. . . I recently got a phone call asking if I can be a Shift Director tonight. The night Shift Director called in sick, apparently. (Realize that I am already working for this particular Shift Director tomorrow night so that she can enjoy a birthday party planned for her tomorrow!) Reluctantly, I said, "Yes". There are not many of us Per Diem Shift Directors. One had already declined to work tonight, apparently. So, yes. (Whine, whine.) One way to look at it is that I'll be making a good amount of $$$$. This WILL be overtime this week. Also, tomorrow night, when I work as Shift Director, will also be overtime!! (Tweety! You are my role-model to when it comes to working extra hours! L O L!) Nothing much else to share. I've been up, since around 5:00 AM, working on music. I already drank two cups of coffee, not knowing that I'll be working tonight. (Ugh!) Oh well. Think I'll go for a walk while the sun is up. The walk might tire me out so that I can catch a few ZZZZZs before going to work tonight. Tomorrow, being Sunday, will be busy with the usual church-related endeavors, as well as with working that extra shift tomorrow night. Peace. . . Ted
  13. Ted

    Friday March 15 2019

    Tweety - 50 hours?!?!? Wow! No wonder you feel horrible. Hope you're feeling better soon. herring_RN - I always enjoy reading about your family's history with music.
  14. Ted

    Friday March 15 2019

    Joe - Hope your nephew has a fun time performing in the production. Lil Nel - Hope the fired tech gets a job that he or she will enjoy. Very cool that you're supporting this person with a good reference. Here's a "Taste of Honey" with Hal Blaine on the drums. (The drum part comes out clear. Nice work, of course.) RIP, Hal Blaine. . .
  15. Good Morning! It's a quiet 5:00 AM (EST) in this part of the world. It's a nice and quiet time to pay bills, which I just finished doing. L O L! Had a restful day off from work, Wednesday. Amy and I spent a quiet day together at home. Amy received the final itinerary for our Ireland/Scotland trip that we're taking next month. She enquired about how this Brexit situation might effect our trip. The travel agent (who lives in Ireland) said that the worst that could happen is that we might wait in line a bit longer, at their checkpoint, when flying from country of Ireland (which remains in the EU) to Scotland (which is part of Great Britain). This, we can handle. Amy made a delicious gluten-free pizza for dinner, yesterday. Went to bed early to catch up on some sleep. However, I've been up since around 3:00 AM this morning. I'm told that Dad is comfortable. I'm going to visit Dad either Friday (tomorrow) afternoon or Saturday. I'm working tonight. I understand that there are no patients in our teeny-tiny ICU. If the ICU remains this way for today, I hope to be given the opportunity to be "On Call" for tonight. (I'm next in line to be offered On Call.) At the very least, being On Call will offer some extra rest for today. If On Call, and do NOT get Called In, then I can leave earlier to go and visit Dad Friday. Work, Tuesday, was somewhat "Q". We only had one patient in our teeny-tiny ICU. I was a Preceptor for the Orientee who provided care for our one patient. It was a very surreal situation, actually. The patient was a DNR/DNI with plans on going home to Hospice the next day (Wednesday), actually. This patient had two daughters who were traveling up to see their Mom, Wednesday, and take her home and be with her for her final days on this Earth. The goal for Tuesday night was to keep Mom alive and comfortable so that this can all take place. The only medical intervention that the two daughters wanted was gentle hydration to manage blood pressure and antibiotics. Nothing else. The DNR/DNI was to remain intact, and no heroic interventions were to take place including the use of vasopressures should the BP start to tank. So, basically, this individual was really NOT an ICU/CCU candidate who remained as our ICU/CCU patient. (For the record, this scenario happens rather frequently in our teeny-tiny hospital.) Well, wishful plans are one thing, and reality is another. Of course, Mom was kept comfortable. But the alive part of the plans?!?! The body is going to do what the body is going to do. At around 5:30 AM, it became apparent that a "transition" took place. The Hospitalist was aware of the vital sign changes and no additional interventions were ordered. At around 6:45 AM, 15 minutes before the END of our shift, no pulse was felt and the breathing stopped. She passed away peacefully, with the orientee and me at her bedside giving her gentle reassurance. But those "plans"?!?!? They were just "plans". Surrealness at its best. Well. . . I think I'll go back to bed and try to catch some more ZZZZs. I hope all is well. I'll try to come back later today to read your posts. You are all good people and I am grateful that you're here, reading and writing and understanding. Peace! Ted