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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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  1. Good Morning - Recently woke up. Just finished First Coffee. (It did taste mighty good!) It snowed during the night! But, we didn't get the accumulation that was predicted. There's only about 2 inches of snow on the grown. I'll be leaving for church soon. A few of the choir members won't be there today, so choir rehearsal will be short, and there'll be no anthem today. I have no plans to do anything after church. Tomorrow, I work, then I am off the next three nights. (If "Call" is offered for tomorrow, I will take it!) Hope all have a nice day today! Ted
  2. Ted

    Saturday January 18, 2020

    Hi Joe - It's understandable to feel anxious when criticism is made towards your work. Hopefully, you were properly in-serviced to work expectations (including the "how-to's" and policies to be followed). Hope the weather allows you to visit your Dad. The sky is increasingly becoming more cloudy. The snow-fall should be coming our way soon. Apparently, we might not be getting the "storm", in terms of accumulation, that was predicted yesterday. I guess only time will tell. L O L!
  3. Ted

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    And then there's this. . . . Trump's Stunning Tirade Against Our Generals (Again, how can anyone CONTINUE to support this dangerous fool?!?)
  4. Ted

    Saturday January 18, 2020

    Good Morning! Tweety - You beat me to it!! L O L! I was in the middle of typing a novel when I saw that message that you sent in your "Good Morning" post for the day. Hope the extra over-time shift is kind to you. At the very least, next week's paycheck should look mighty nice! NSIME - I echo everyone's concern. Herring_RN's suggestion is a good one regarding respite care for "Nannie", which would give you and your hubby some relief. Another option is getting some level of home health aide. This proved invaluable for my father's wife, as my father feel deeper into his dementia. In the meanwhile, warm (((Hugs))) to you. Yesterday. . . . Oh dear. . . . I attended a mandatory education regarding the new "upgrade" into what is known as "Meditech Expanse" which will be implemented for our entire healthcare system. Simply, it is horrible. What makes it worse is that this "upgrade" is STILL a work in progress. The educator who presented the "how to's" of this dreadful "upgrade" said that the software program is STILL in the process of being programmed, re-programmed, tweaked, and twerked; there is no final version of this "upgrade" yet, which goes "LIVE" in a couple of weeks!!! I left yesterday's class with a huge knot in my stomach, feeling quite depressed. There are still so many unknowns to the version that currently exists, never-mind the complete unknowns to what is still being "tweaked and twerked"! Forget time-management. THAT is going to hell with this new version. Yes. I understand the reasoning to this upgrade. EVERYONE can see EVERYONE's medical information, charting, MD orders, lab results, etc. This will be extremely helpful in retrieving patient medical information from the local MD's offices and nursing homes that are all a part of our larger healthcare system, and are also required to participate in using this "Meditech Expanse". (The pain that I feel is being felt Healthcare System Wide!) Still, to add insult to injury, the designers of this monstrosity are only backing up ONE YEAR's Time of patient information that can be retrieved from this new software system. HOW is this helpful when the older Meditech system contains many years of helpful patient medical information?!?!? I am so pissed at the decision-makers involved with "creating" this so-called "upgrade". Damn them!! Please forgive me for the venting. I want to scream at the designers of this program. . . and I am NOT alone! February 1st, when the new program goes Live (still a work in progress), will be a dreadful time to go to work. In the meanwhile, Joint Commission can step right in and say its friendly "Hello" anytime during this time period. Major-UGH!! Today?!? I just finished drinking First Coffee, which proved to be soothing. I don't know what I'm going to do today. Amy will be out for the first part of the day taking an important test. For the past few months, Amy has been studying to become a certified Personal Trainer. This test will make her "Certified". She'd be good at it. (Amy used to work for Canyon Ranch, which is known to be the Health Spa for the rich and famous.) In the meanwhile, I might do some shopping. Later today, we're supposed to get a snow storm. I want to make sure we have all of the "essentials" (like coffee and cream) in the event that we're snowed-in tomorrow from that storm. L O L! Amy should be back from taking the test before the snow storm starts. Hope all have a pleasant and safe week-end. Peace, folks. Ted
  5. Ted

    Wednesday January 15, 2020

    Good Evening! Tweety - Hope that "pimple gum" goes away quickly! (I just had to write "pimple gum" because I wanted to see those two words together for the first time! L O L! ) Enjoy the Celine Dion concert! Sounds like fun! Joe - Hope Joe is feeling better, and that the two of you are getting together this evening. nursej22 - Hope that infection goes away soon. And, hope the adjustment meets your needs. It is nice to read that you feel that you're being heard by the MD. Surely hope that listening continues on the MD's part. . . The first part of the morning was spent renewing my RN licenses for both New York and Massachusetts. Both renewal processes had certain educational expectations that were met. The renewal processes took all morning to complete, and cost a total of a little over $250.00 (including the on-line education fee). It's money well spent, of course. As for the afternoon?!? Well, I napped, then watched nature shows on television while eating a delicious dinner that Amy made with her new hot-air fryer oven. That thing is pretty cool! I took a re-look at a composition that I started several weeks ago. I got all kinds of ideas in my head on how to develop this composition. I just need to settle on a few of those ideas and complete the silly thing. I've been composing music since I was 4 1/2 years old. One would think that the process of composing music would be easier for me. It ain't. Peaceful dreams to all, tonight! Ted
  6. Ted

    Tuesday January 14 2020

    Good Morning! Joe - Hope your day remains "ordinary". I like "ordinary" work days. Got home from work a little while ago. Work was a nice steady-busy. Not crazy-busy as it has been of late. Happily, I won't return to the ICU until next Monday. With the exception of Friday, when I have to into work to learn the new upgraded charting system, I'm off from work. Today, Amy and I plan a "Dinner and a Movie Date" together. Looking forward to that. During the next few days off from work, I'm going to try and focus on writing and recording (sequencing) one or two compositions. (One, I started several weeks ago but never finished.) Well. . . I'm going to put my head on the soft, comfy pillow now. Hope all have a nice day! Ted Edited to Add: Hi Tweety. I seen you snuck in your post just before I hit the "Send" button. Yesterday seems like quite the busy day at work for you! Yikes! Hope your trip to the dentist is uneventful.
  7. Ted

    Monday January 13, 2020

    Funny cartoon, as always, Davey Do! Good to see you and your cartoon work!!
  8. Ted

    Monday January 13, 2020

    Good Afternoon - Just wanna say a warm but quick, "Hello". . . Tonight is the 4th night in a row. I wouldn't mind so much except that I had less sleep, yesterday, due to church. (For that matter, I didn't really sleep well today, either.) Work started out really busy at the beginning of the shift, yesterday. We had one of those change of shift facility to facility transfers (from ICU to ICU). Caring for the patient was the easy part. Getting a confirmed bed at the other facility and ensuring all of the freakin' "I's" are dotted and "T's" are crossed on the paperwork is enough to drive a sane person crazy! To add to this, I haven't don't one of these facility to facility transfers in YEARS! But the patient was not getting better, and we don't have an ICU Intensivist. So, away goes the patient. Thankfully, the rest of the night was relatively "Q". Looking forward to tomorrow which beings a small stretch of days off from work. I gotta go now. Hope all is doing well. . . Peace. Ted
  9. Thank you, Moderator/Administrator for merging the today's two threads. Again.
  10. Good Morning! Amy and I had a nice and relaxing day, yesterday. We had a "Dinner and Movie" date together. The food was yummy, and the movie was very cool. We saw the new Star Wars movie. It was produced by JJ Abrahams. It seems that he likes to produce movies about space! L O L! (He also produced the newer Star Trek movies!) Tonight starts the 1st of four 12-hour shifts in a row for work. (Ugh!) So, it'll be the usual "Eat, Sleep and Work" thing for the next four days (except for Sunday, when church and choir activities will be added to the day). Hope all have a pleasant day today. Ted
  11. Ted

    Thursday January 9, 2020

    Good Morning - Tweety - Oh dear! There's nothing like a confused person yelling at you, and hysterically calling for the cops for help, while you clean up vomit (or poop, or pee, or any combination of the above). As for that nurse who did not come in?!?!? Fire his butt, let his termination shine brightly on his record, and ensure that his poor work ethic follows him throughout the rest of professional career. (As you can see, I have little tolerance for such unprofessional behavior.) Hope your work-day, today, is much more kinder. Gosh. . . Recently work up. Currently drinking First Coffee. . . As for work last evening?!?! Someone said the "Q" work!!! Again!!! LOUDLY!!! Although I was (supposed to be) a Shift Director, I actually functioned more as an ER Nurse last evening. Literally at the same time, we had TWO Acute Respiratory Distress people come into our (teeny-tiny) ER. One required intubation, and the other simply required a little suction, a few good coughs, and more suctioning. That was actually the easier part of the shift in the ER. The more challenging part was a steady flow of patients coming in. It was almost relentless. Although this is the normal function of the ER, caring for sick patients, we had the "B Crew" for ER staff. Don't get me wrong. They're good nurses! But at one point during the evening shift, there were no full-time ER nurses on hand. Two were part-timers. One was floated down from the ICU. And one was me! L O L! What added to the challenge was the lack of availability of ambulances to transfer patients to other hospitals. At one point, there were THREE patients to be transferred (including the intubated patient), and NO available ambulances. Of course, this situation added to the minor chaos. Finally, ambulances from 3 different services were available, and all who needed transferred got transferred. In addition to this, there were three admissions for the Med/Surg floor, which was already almost filled to capacity. (Remember, we're a teeny-tiny hospital!) I finally left the ER to do rounds (as a Shift Director) around 9:45 PM. (My shift ended at 11:00 PM). I HAD to leave the ER in order to coordinate the three Med/Surg admissions. The Med/Surg staff were accommodating, and professional, of course. The On-Call OR staff that had to be called in for an OR case, were fantastic, and came in as expected! The ONE THING that made the three admissions a significant challenge was the lack of beds. Literally, I had to find three normal functioning, appropriate-for-patient beds, for the three admissions. Let me tell you that there ain't too many places to store and retrieve three hospital beds. I got lucky, though. Three beds were found!!! I transported all three beds from their storage to the Med/Surg floor by myself!! (Everyone else was busy, faithfully doing their jobs!) I actually left 45 minutes past my shift, which is a rare thing to do as Shift Director. I must say that I work for a fine crew. All stepped up to the plate. Despite the challenges, and despite the semi-chaotic busyness of it all, everyone remained focused to the tasks at hand and safely got patients where they needed to go. Prior to starting my shift, I got my yearly evaluation as Shift Director. Happily, it was a really good review!! The review was very affirming, and I got a raise as Shift Director. Today?!?!? I am off from work! Don't know what Amy and I are going to do. But, right now, I'm in recovery-mode from a very unusually hectic evening shift, yesterday. Gonna get me Second Coffee now. . . Peace! Ted
  12. Good Morning! Recently woke up from First Sleep. (The bladder beckoned.) Thought I'd type a warm "Hello", along with a few other words, then go back to bed to attempt Second Sleep. Worked as Shift Director for the 3PM to 11PM shift yesterday. One word: "Ugh!" Besides being a busy evening shift, our hospital was practicing the new updated Meditech system that will be fully implemented next month. The "practice" part involved physicians and nurses doing "parallel charting" on selected patients. "Parallel charting" is geek-speak for "double charting", using the current (older) Meditech system and the new one. Needless to say, it was a surreal time for all involved. Parts of this practice went fairly well. Other parts??? Not so much. There were "end users" (that would be the nurses and doctors) who saw that practice software for the FIRST time, yesterday. This was after being told, for the past couple of weeks, to informally "practice" on our own with the "practice" upgraded Meditech software. Unfortunately, most, including me(!), were NOT able to practice on their own due to a significant communication glitch between our the "suits" of our larger healthcare system and the our teeny-tiny hospital. When I found out about this "communication glitch", I wanted to explode!!! Well, it seems that EVERYONE is going through the trials and tribulations of this HUGE software upgrade, including those freakin' "suits". (Idiots!!!) Anyway, it seems that most, if not all, have proper access to that practice upgraded Meditech software. Finally. Needless to say, yesterday evening was a wild ride. And. . . Today, I repeat the role of Mr. Shift Director for the 3PM to 11PM shift. Hopefully, things will go much more smoothly with this whole "parallel charting" thing. I'm not used to this evening shift thing. The evening shift has always been my least favorite one. (The day shift comes in a close second place!) Folks, I'm a long-standing night shift worker, and I like it that way. L O L! Don't have much more to share. Gonna try to get me some Second Sleep. Peace, folks. Ted
  13. Good Morning! It's a quiet morning, at this 5:45 AM (EST) hour. Been up since around 4:30 AM. Finally, I'm wearing my Fit-Bit watch that Amy gave me for Christmas. According to Fit-Bit, my sleep last night (this morning) was "Poor". Well, Duh!!! L O L! Well, this "smart watch" was able to tell me what I already know. L O L! Amy loves her new (and bigger) Fit-Bit watch. She said she will keep the older (and smaller) Fit-Bit watch that I gave her last Christmas. (I gave her the newer and bigger one at her request.) I'm not sure how I feel about wearing mine, though. I haven't worn a watch of any kind in a loooooong time. They tend to break on me, for some reason. They just stop working. This has been true for both digital and analog watches. Supposedly this watch will remind me when to "get up and move around". I see arguments with my "smart watch" in the future!! L O L! (When Amy's Fit-Bit watches buzzes her to "get up and walk", she actually gets up and marches in place, or walks around the house if it's cold outside. I just sit on the couch, shake my head, and continue to watch television.) (Yes. I known. I need to exercise more.) This week is the week-from-hell, with regards to work. As shared here before, I picked up two extra 8-hour evening shifts this week as Shift Director. Tonight, though, I play the role of Mr. ICU Nurse for the full 12-hours. Yes, the paycheck will look mighty nice. But, I much prefer my days (nights) off than to work extra hours. Oh well. I'll stop whining and just do what I have to do. L O L! So, today will be the usual "Eat, Sleep and Work" thing. Actually, I'll be doing this for the entire week. (whine!!) Nothing much else to share, really. I hope all have an uneventful day today. Ted
  14. Ted

    Icebreaker #2

    My wife and I are going to Italy at the end of this March into April. It's my wife's Birthday Present to me as I celebrate 60 years of life. My goal??? It's to make it to my 60th Birthday! L O L! Later this year, we hope to have a week's vacation in the Sedona, Arizona area. Again. We love Sedona and the lovely scenic hikes that the area provides. For both travel plans, I will be taking lots and lots of photos and video. In-between the vacations, I hope to compose more music, and edit the vacation photos and videos to the music as I've been doing lately. We hope to travel to Cost Rica someday. It seems like a lovely country. In past decades, I've traveled throughout much of the Caribbean before (include Panama, and the Panama canal). So, for now, our focus is more towards traveling the European countries. However, there're still a whole lot of the United States I haven't seen yet. Next year, we're thinking about renting an RV and seeing the beautiful sites that our country has to share. By the way, I'm also celebrating 28 years of nursing. I'm also the class of 1992. I hope to retire, or at least semi-retire, by my 30th year of nursing.
  15. Ted

    Hello All Icebreaker

    Welcome! Nice to meet you. Hope to see you on the "Blue Side" more often. I sometimes forget that there's the "Yellow Side", and probably should visit it more often! (Believe it or not, there once was only just one large forum to this nursing web-site!)

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