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Happily married, no children. Been a nurse for a long time. Been a composer/musician for even longer. Life is good!


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  1. Ted

    Thursday May 28 2020

    Good Afternoon - herring_RN - Wishing your husband and you well. Good to read that he's doing OK. Still, it's understandable that he's grouchy. Hi Tweety & Joe. . . It looks ominous outside. . . dark clouds, windy, with the threat of a whopping thunderstorm. Thunderstorms are in the forecast, but not until later this evening into tomorrow (apparently). At least the past couple of days have been somewhat nice. . . though humid. Enjoying my 3rd night off from work. Yesterday, Amy and I spent the day video-recording a project of hers. We video-recorded her making gluten-free, and very healthy banana-nut muffins. Amy's goal is to create a collections of these "healthy eating/healthy exercising" videos that will ultimately be put on a re-vamped Too Live Nurse web-site. Needless to say, we had fun! And, believe it or not, the banana-nut muffin really tastes good (healthy and all)! There's ground flax-seed in the recipe, which will go a long way to help keeping things coming out "smoothly in the end". (And yes! She mentions this in the video! L O L! ) We actually recorded her doing this twice. The first time was a "rehearsal" for Amy to review. She's quite knowledgable with the healthy-eating thing. This comes across nicely in the video (with a twist of light-hearted humor thrown in). She already has another recipe that she'd like to record. In the meanwhile, I'm going to spend the rest of this evening scoring some light music to this video. Tomorrow night, I'm scheduled to work. Of course, if being On Call is offered, I'd take it. Saturday officially starts my 13 day planned vacation. We'll be doing some video-recording, of course. We also plan on a couple of good hikes, weather permitting. Hope all are well. Peace. . . Ted
  2. Good Morning! Been up since around 4:00 AM (EST). I was scheduled to work Monday night. Gratefully, I accepted the offer to be On Call. Happily, I didn't get Called In. So, I got a few good hours of sleep last night, but woke up to "Old Man's Bladder". Decided to stay up, surf the 'net, and work on stuff. I found a web-site that provides sound effects which can be added to videos. Although I have a modest library of sound effects, it's nice to have more and different choices. It's a subscription service. So, I "joined" for a year. (It also offers stock photos and videos, too, which is cool.) I'm off from work the next three nights. I'm scheduled to work Friday night. THEN (drum roll, please!) I start a scheduled 13-night vacation!! Yes!! It's my scheduled summer vacation that I put in many months ago. During these next three days, the weather is supposed to be hot, humid with the threat of thunderstorms. So, Amy and I have plans to work on a video project that she's been developing. I'm looking forward to working on this project! However, the weather forecast for next week, during my vacation, looks to be really nice! Our plan for this upcoming vacation is to do at least a couple of day-long hiking trips, and take advantage of the nice weather. Of course I'll be taking lots of photos and video. I might even take my new drone, too, as long as the place where we go hiking allows drones. Took the drone out, yesterday, for another flight. I was able to use a very cool feature that this drone offers. It's a "target" feature which keeps track of a person or object while it flies. So, for example, if I set myself as the "target", the camera will keep focused on me while I walk. The creative choices offered by this drone is near endless! For example, Amy has one project in mind where she's exercising outside (for a fitness video that she plans on making). The drone can offer cool "Camera-B" footage. It's sooo cool! Speaking of Amy, she just woke up! Think I'll join her in drinking our morning coffee. Hope all have a nice day, today! Peace! Ted
  3. Good Morning! Recently woke up. Currently drinking First Coffee. Looking outside the window, it looks to be another lovely day today. Sunshine, cool (but not too cold) breeze, flowers blooming. Had a nice day off from work, yesterday. Basically, relaxed with Amy. Well, we did go for our 3-mile (1 mile more than usual) power-walk. But exercise helps one to relax (so they tell me! ) Our outdoor furniture is out, so we spent a good portion of the day outside. Ate dinner outside on our front porch. Watched birds and squirrels hanging out on our front lawn. Nice day! Ended up going to work Wednesday night. It was relatively "Q". Actually had TWO patients in our teeny-tiny ICU. I had them both while the 2nd ICU RN floated either to the ER or to the Med/Surg floor. (We take turns floating. Next time, it'll be my turn. . . . Again.) Working tonight. Off Saturday night. Working both Sunday & Monday nights, which is welcomed because of holiday-pay (for the Memorial Holiday). The other day, I ordered a flying drone with camera. It comes by UPS today! I'm excited! It'll add an option to use for my modest video productions. Can't wait to learn how to fly this thing. I went with the next model up meaning that it has sensors to help avoid crashing into trees. It also has the nicer 4K video-recording capabilities. Yes! Hope all is well with everyone! Peace, folks! Ted
  4. Ted

    Wednesday May 20 2020

    Good Morning - Joe - Good that work was relatively "Q" yesterday. Hope today it nice for you. Tweety - Seems like you had a nice day for yourself, yesterday. Glad that you were able to go out with your best friend. "Burger and Fries" sounds unhealthily delicious! Just woke up from First Sleep. Slept well. . . Work was an "OK" busy, last night. Had one patient in the ICU who was very stable (and didn't need to be in the ICU). What kept me "OK Busy" was that he'd pee in the urinal in bed, but inevitably spilled some of the pee onto himself and the bed linen. He's a very nice guy from a near-by LTC facility. He just has a tough time coordinating the urinal. We must have cleaned him & changed the bed linen around 6+ times, last night. He was kept comfortable, safe and dry. Working tonight. However, there's a really good chance that there'll be no patient in the ICU (unless there's a new admission). If there's no patient in the ICU, and being On Call is offered, then I'll take it! It's a gorgeous-looking day outside, today. Think I'll go downstairs, eat with Amy and enjoy a little bit of the outdoors. By 2:00 PM I'll be back in bed for Second Sleep. Cheers! Ted
  5. Good Morning! Recently woke up. Had a good night's sleep. Yesterday was a nice day. After the rain, the air seemed extra fresh and clean. Spring continues to show itself as the leaves on the trees grow, and the flowers begin to bloom. Amy and I took our 2-mile power-walk, yesterday. That was invigorating, of course. We had a relaxing evening, and watched reruns of our favorite comedy shows. I'm scheduled to work tonight and tomorrow night. Hopefully work will be "Q". In the meanwhile, I'll be doing the usual, "sleep, eat and work" thing. I'll probably do another power-walk around noon-time, too. Nothing much else going on. . . Gonna go downstairs and get me First Coffee, and take a good look outside to check out the weather. Hope you all have a nice day, today! Ted
  6. Good Morning - Been up for a while. Yesterday and this early morning, I've been working on the video of the hike that Amy and I did last week. I added sound effects and some simple underscore music. Once I "mixed" down the audio, I applied it to the video and created a master copy of the video file. From there, I down-converted the master file to an MP4 file to be "housed" on my VIMEO account. Overall, the process went well. However, the quality of the audio changes when I upload the MP4 file to VIMEO. It's nothing that's drastic. But the audio sounds different than what it should sound (as I intended it to sound). A couple of weeks ago, I contacted VIMEO regarding this matter. We've been emailing each other, back and forth. (I pay $$$ each year to "house" my video projects.) Basically, I'm told that it's a problem on their end, and that they're "working" on it fixing this problem. Well, it seems that it remains a work in progress. It's frustrating. I want the video to sound as intended, especially if my original music is part of the video. Anyway, below is a link to the video, if you're interested in viewing the video. It showcases the lovely area where we hiked. Yesterday, I did not do the extra heavy mowing (on the more dangerous parts of the lawn). Instead, I followed Amy's lead and sat with her on our cushy outdoor lounge chairs on our front porch. (From that angle, one can't even see the parts of the lawn that might need mowing! L O L!) It was a beautiful afternoon to relax. Last night, Amy and I watched an original TV series on Hulu titled, "The Great". It's a dark show with very dark humor. Despite it being a bit disturbing, we watched two episodes of this show. We plan to watch more. (Warning: This show ain't for the weak of heart! L O L!) Today?? It's raining outside. Don't have any plans except to stay indoors and remain dry and comfy. Maybe I'll work on some music. Certainly, it'll be a day to simply relax. Just finished First Coffee. On to Second Coffee!! Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted Here's the video. Enjoy. . .
  7. Ted

    Sunday May 17 2020

    Good Morning - NSIME - We used to get two (different) local newspapers delivered to us. Not any more. Although we paid for the service, if it snowed or rained too hard, we wouldn't get delivery on those days. It was very frustrating. But thanks to the internet, I can read those same news-"papers" on-line. Actually, the only on-line news-"paper" that I subscribe to, now, is the New York Times. I can get the local news by watching television. BCgradnurse - Getting take-out "lobstah rolls" and "Clam Chowdah" near an ocean front sounds like a WONDERFUL way to recharge and adjust the state of mind!! We can purchase lobster rolls at our local grocery store, in the middle of the Berkshires, and often do this during the summertime. It tastes wonderful, of course. But it just ain't the same. Gotta have the sea-side seating with the look, sound and smell of the ocean, with its gentle wind and sound of the waves hitting the shore-line, to complete the ambiance. Nice to read that you were able to visit your Mom, even though it was via "Physical Distancing". Also, Happy Birthday to your DD! Joe - Seems like the new bike rack is working out as intended, and that you were able to take a long bike ride, yesterday. I'm sure that you'll enjoy the "bounty of your baking"! Freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies sound delicious! Well. . . So it begins. . . . What does Rain + Sunshine + Warmer Weather = ___(equal)___??? The answer??!!?? MOWING! ACK!! I recently woke up to the sound of our electric weed-waker. Amy was trimming the edges of the gardens, walk-ways, and around our home. Almost immediately afterward, as I was pouring my First Coffee, I heard the sound of our Lawn Mower!! Is it that time of year. . . ALREADY??!!??!! (Heavy, heavy sigh. . . . ) Normally, I do all of the mowing. Apparently, Amy wanted to get the process started. Since Amy has been furloughed, she's been going "crazy" with the cleaning, and the gardening, and the job-hunting. We have a really clean house (which includes a new video-recording room, which is Very Cool!). Amy's gardens look well-groomed with the promise of young flowers and rose bushes to bloom. And now?? The lawn is gonna look nice! Again! Don't get me wrong. I have no issues with Amy mowing the lawn. BUT, she really is only capable of getting the easy flat parts of the lawn. There are many sloped and steep curves to our lawn that she is physically unable to mow. It's dangerous! So, I will do those parts of the lawn. It's a good work-out, actually. But I can feel the muscles ache afterwards. The lawn does look nice after its mowed, though. I love our home. We're both happy to have taken our house and property off the market (and refinance our mortgage instead). But the mowing. . . It's a ball-breaker. So. It begins. Again. Work, last night, was "Q", thank goodness. I'm off from work tonight and tomorrow night. Well. . . better get dressed up and ready for the work-out. (It does look like rain, though. Come On, Rain!!!) Cheers! Ted
  8. Ted


    I was checking out the other forums found on the "Blue Side". Some of the forums haven't seen posts in a couple of years or more. I haven't been on the "Yellow Side" in a long time. My favorite part of this web-site remains the Daily Diary" forum. It's actually one of my favorite spots to visit on the internet. I've cut back on surfin' the 'net during these past few years. I primarily visit Facebook and the Allnurses Breakroom (specifically, the Daily Diary forum). The other thing that I do on the internet is pay bills. L O L! There are web-sites that I haven't visited in YEARS! One web-site, in particular, was (is?) music-composition focused. Met a lot of talented composers on that web-site. We'd share our compositions for each other to hear. I might check and see if that particular web-site still exists. It's been so long, though. I wonder if the same membership still posts there now. Allnurses sure has gone through many changes throughout the years. It's still one of the rare few that I visit now-a-days.
  9. Ted

    Friday May 15 2020

    Good Morning Joe - Curious. What type of bike rack did you get?? We purchased one a number of years ago and couldn't figure out how to attach it to the car. Luckily, both of our bikes fit inside Amy's car, which gives us options to where we can go bike riding. Hope work is kind to you today. Tweety - I'm easily irritated, as well. It was good that Amy and I went hiking the other day. We both needed the fresh air and sunshine, and to get out from the confines of our home. Enjoy your day off from work. Been up since around 3:30 AM. Been working on creating a video from the photos & videos that I took the other day. I find the editing process to be calming. It's another creative outlet which I enjoy, and editing video allows me to be really, really picky (with color-grading, panning, flow of the edits, etc., etc.). I recently finished a rough "master" of the video. The next step is to add sound effects (like wind blowing through tree, the sound of birds chirping, etc.), and to add music. Adding light underscore music is my favorite part of the process, of course. The weather forecast calls for severe thunderstorms in the afternoon into the evening. I'm scheduled to work tonight. I hope I don't have to run through the rain as I get from the car to inside the hospital. (Blech!) All of the rain is making the grass grow high. I'll probably mow the lawn Sunday and/or Monday (when I'm off from work). It'll be the first lawn-mowing of the season. (I can feel those achy muscles already.) dianah- It's cool to read that your two favorite players live near where I live. I'm gonna check out their music later! NSIME - Congrats on the new car! It always take me a little while to get used to where things are located when driving new (and different) cars. Hope your Kia lasts you a long time. Hope all have a pleasant day today. Peace! Ted
  10. Good Morning! Although the temperature this morning was around 30 degrees, with frost on the ground, it looks to be a sunny day, today. Happily, by early afternoon the temperature is suppose to rise into the 50s. Amy and I plan on doing some kind of hiking today. Yesterday was a day of rest. We simply relaxed, ate some nice food that Amy prepared, and watched a couple of movies. Nothing much else to share. Hope all have a pleasant day today. Peace! Ted
  11. Good Morning, folks! It's 5:32 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Recently woke up to "Old Man Bladder". Happily, the sound of coffee percolating was just heard! (This means, there'll be more "Old Man Bladder" in this morning's future! L O L!) Had a nice Day at work, yesterday. The day was "Q", which made being Mr. Shift Director much easier. (It was weird working days, though. I do prefer the night shift.) I actually left our teeny-tiny hospital a little "lighter" than when the shift first started. There were two discharges from the Med/Surg floor (one being a patient on telemetry, which left nothing to do for the ICU nurses who monitor all telemetry patients), and one Mom with two new-born Twins were discharged from Maternity. In total, there were 9 in-house patients throughout the whole teeny-tiny hospital (including Maternity). There were no patients in the ICU. If I have to work the day shift as Shift Director, I wish all days were like yesterday! L O L! There was one bit of work-related news that was sad to hear. Apparently, there were 4 different employees who lost one of their parents last week! The full-time Shift Director, whom I worked for yesterday, lost his Mother last week. Another employee also lost their Mother. And, two different employees both lost their fathers. It was both stunning and sad to find out this. We all support each other at our teeny-tiny hospital. Four Sympathy Cards will be signed this week for our fellow co-workers. (Each card will have a Memorial "Visa Gift" card found within them.) I do not recall hearing about so many co-workers losing a loved one, all in one week's time. And now . . . Onto something more "Happy". . . The Sun is coming out. Don't see too many clouds in the sky! It looks to be a sunny day, this morning! What is also nice to see is more leaves "blooming" on the trees again! Spring seems to be FINALLY presenting itself! I do love the Season of Spring. I'm scheduled to work tonight. Hopefully tonight will be "Q" too! Then, I am off from work for the next three nights! I believe that Wednesday is supposed to be a nice day. If so, Amy and I plan on going for a nice hike that day (practicing Social Distancing, of course.) I plan on brining my camera with me, and taking LOTS of pictures & video. Well. . . I just heard a "Ding!" That's a happy sound meaning that Coffee is Ready! Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
  12. Good Morning! To all of you Moms out there: Happy Mother's Day! It's 4:24 AM (EST) in this part of the world. "Old Man Bladder" woke me up, as it usually seems to do around this time of day. Normally I'd go right back to bed. But I'll be leaving for work in a couple of hours to do the 7AM-7PM Shift Director thing. Hopefully it'll be "Q" at my teeny-tiny hospital today. But, whatever happens . . . happens. . . and will be dealt with appropriately. At least, as Shift Director, I don't have to do any charting (except if I start an IV, or something like that)! I am a "hand-on help" kind of Shift Director, especially at night, when such support is often needed. Most are, where I work. Slept pretty well tonight, until a few moments ago. . . Nothing much going on, obviously. Maybe I will try to get 1 more hour of sleep. The alarm is on, so I won't be late for work. Hope all have a pleasant day, today. Ted
  13. TWEETY! I hope you're kidding about deleting photos!! Please know that I'm only kidding about the slanted horizons. I enjoy seeing you on the beach, in the warmer weather, when the sun is out, and the people look happy and relaxed, while it's snowing and the temperature is 32 degrees outside where I live. L O L!
  14. Ted

    President Trump & the valet...

    I don't wish anyone ill-will. . . even Trump and Pence. Still, you know what they say about karma. . .
  15. BCgradnurse - Glad that you had a good night's sleep. A good night's sleep is a wonderful (and rare) thing. Nice to read that you'll be visited by your DD & her BF. Enjoy the visit. With regards to the "Green Room", we haven't done anything in it since it was finished, and we recorded our first video there. Amy has ideas and plans, though. Hope to do our next video-recording next week! Tweety - Hope you share some "obligatory beach photos"! Just try to keep the horizon level. OK?!? L O L! (Just kidding.) You always look happy with the selfie-beach-photos. That's always nice to see. Enjoy your day off! Joe - It is not surprising to read that you are considered a high-performing employee! I hope that it was reassuring for you, though! Enjoy your day off from work! Amy and I just got back from our 2-mile power-walk. It's weird seeing snow on the trees and ground during the middle of May. Much of the snow has melted away, thankfully. It was nice walking in the sunshine. Amy's gardens seem to have survived the cold, snowy night, though. Although, her one lone tulip looked a little sickly. Cheers!

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