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    Which will help me get a job in a hospital?

    I have basically been searching across all of my home state...but that's good to know the jump from elder care is hard. I worry home care would be boring, but I can handle boring if it means I'm advancing my career...thank you!! I guess I can do home care and apply to hospitals in my down time?
  2. Hello; I'm a new grad (Dec 2017) and just got my RN in May. I'm looking to go into critical care nursing, and want to get a job on a medsurg hospital floor...but no one has responded to my 60+ applications. I have gotten a job offer for a rest home (dementia care, no lines/tubes, but some orders, lots of meds, pronouncements) and for a home health care agency (1 patient per shift, mostly nights, experience with lines/trachs/tubes). Of those options, will one help me get a job in a hospital better than the other once I've worked there for a bit??? I'm worried about the home health care being boring and not a good representation of being able to handle a big caseload as required for a hospital job...and I'm worried about the dementia care rest home not having actual skilled nursing tasks...am I wrong? Which should I accept? Thanks in advance for your help!!!