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  1. tinkerbell39

    infertility programs

    Unfortunately isn't that what Octomom got when she had all those kids on the taxpayers dime?
  2. tinkerbell39

    No honey, I am not that impressed...

    One never knows,these men are unpredictable. Some praise is ok but when you are married to someone that constantly need/demands reassurance ,it is very draining,annoying to say the least.No marriage is bulletproof.
  3. tinkerbell39

    How much of your paycheck goes to your savings?

    at least of pretax dollars put 10% away if not more.I dont know what your 50-20-30 rule is.
  4. tinkerbell39

    Baby Boomers and Ageism

    sorry but it is your own doing,stand up for yourself that is pure doo doo...you have seniority...enforce it, rock that boat good before you leave,go up the chain of command,once you leave if you want to do some shifts you will not have that leverage.
  5. tinkerbell39

    Baby Boomers and Ageism

    Wish i could pick up a few shifts to have pocket money but this is impossible.The ex place gives about five tests for maintenance,and a yearly questionnaire pages and pages on safety,etc,no one without a BSN can do a glucose test yet you can draw abgslol,then on top of that they will not tell you where you will end up working that day,they call/sign you p for something,which changes at their whim...pos...can not bother with that nonsense.
  6. tinkerbell39

    Relationship with a Narcissist

    Very painful to go thru,they are expert at turning history around and make you look crazy,they love to be a victim but they are not in reality... run away,change phone numbers,avoid social media,or wassup,they give too much info about you,be your own witness protection program,dont use linkedin, even on this medium someone posted that she googled someones username and found info related to that person easily. A gun is a good idea.

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