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    Nursing. The beginning.

    First of all I'd like to point out that I am not a nurse. My girlfriend however is nearing the end of her nursing school. I find myself in a very unusual position. My father was a single father he was the breadwinner of the house and he showed me how a man is supposed to be. He showed me what is expected of a man what he supposed to do what he's not supposed to do and how he should live his life. Unfortunately my mother was not around at all during my teenage and growing and learning years. So I never learned the value of a woman. Never learned how to treat them properly and care for them and give them all the things that they need. I had to learn those things on my own through trial and error and find myself at the ripe old age of 30 and barely having grasp on such things. But that's beside the point. My girlfriend is going to nursing school and she's very near and graduation. She will be the most successful person in her entire family if she becomes a nurse. It will be a massive turning point in her entire family history and for our family going forward. No one else in my family has achieved something similar or close to becoming a nurse and prestige your earning potential. So I find myself in a difficult position where I've always been taught that a man provides for his family but very soon my girlfriend is going to almost triple my earning potential. While this is incredibly good news it's also putting me in a place that I've never experienced before. My earning potential over my career has been sufficient to sustain myself and I am learning now sufficient to sustain my girlfriend and my son, but once she becomes a nurse my salary will be woefully insufficient and I fear unnecessary. In essence I will be no longer be essential to our survival and will become useless. So this brings me to my question. How can I support my partner without slipping into a jaded depression as a result of my sexist gender role upbringing?