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  1. Persephone Paige

    Which will help me get a job in a hospital?

    Keep applying... Someone will eventually hire you. When it's meant to be, it WILL happen.
  2. Persephone Paige

    Am I Mean?

    No, you are not being mean. A GED, although a step in the right direction isn't going to make this guy a 'go-getter.' My husband doesn't even have his GED, but it had nothing to do with his motivation. He was an Elevator Mechanic for 30 years and is now the manager at his local shop. He makes twice as much money as I do and I'm paid well. Folks tend to confuse education with success. Don't get me wrong, it helps. If someone is going to go places in life, there are ways of getting around most everything. My dad didn't graduate HS, but he built the best houses. Before he retired, he built the house he lives in. He built it over time and now he and my step-mom have a nice, paid for home to retire in. A GED isn't going to change a thing for this guy. Wish him well and cut him loose... Best wishes to you too.
  3. Persephone Paige

    Mental Health Checks

    How would you know the Mental Health Professional wasn't biased or influenced? People are allowed to be different and hold different views. My State just voted to restored voting rights to non-violent criminals. Isn't criminality a form of anti-social behavior? A criminal cannot possess more rights than a law abiding citizen.
  4. Persephone Paige

    Anyone get a smell stuck?

    I have a smell from my day ( a patient ) stuck in my nose. I change my clothes first thing when I get home. I wash my hands and my nose, I even have some essential oils that I use. I still smell this smell. My nose never latches on to a good smell either. It's always something disgusting. I was using Vicks Vapor Rub until I read it's truly only meant to be used on the chest.
  5. Persephone Paige

    I think coworker is in witness protection program

    Maybe he's on drugs. I once knew a guy who believed the Beatles bugged his tree house and stole their lyrics from him. I regularly hear this one guy talk about the swat team coming after him. And another who brags about being in the mafia... These people are all at AA meetings. Wet brain, I reckon. Or damp, at least.
  6. Persephone Paige

    Why are the victims always blame?

    If they profited in some way while remaining silent, then I suspect them. If they didn't profit and have nothing to gain by speaking up, I don't care when they come forward ( now or later ), they should be heard.
  7. Persephone Paige

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    Take it how ever you like. I'm not going to argue with folks who throw out the term "white supremacists," to describe anyone who supports the POTUS. Yet pretend they need evidence to substantiate claims of voter fraud ( currently happening in Broward county, Fl. ), Antifa violence ( a constant news hog in certain areas of California and Portland, Oregon). The increase in Cop killing at the end of Obama's term and continues till now. You know these things are true. Your defense is to ask for 'evidence' as if you've been living in a cave for the last 10 years and have absolutely no access to news. You enjoy being the one who assigns bigotry to every non-democrat, but pretend you have absolutely no knowledge of anything going on anywhere else in the country. You're a fake. Hence, not worth the effort of continued dialog. I'll see you at the polls.
  8. Persephone Paige

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    Vote, it's your most viable and least violent option. I know I will be voting, that's what people who profess to be from a civilized society do. If you don't win, vote again the next time. And so on... I'll leave you to your anger. I'm reveling in the payoff of voting.
  9. Persephone Paige

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    I left a disclaimer in my comment. I am for relief when disaster strikes. If a person is actively participating in their lives, it should not be a life long disaster. So take your judgment elsewhere. It might shock you to know that the other side feels the exact same disdain for you. We just don't riot, hurt people (a thing I would think YOU would be against as a nurse), shoot police, hijack elections, etc. You can research any of those activities online, you don't need to use memes.
  10. Persephone Paige

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    That's where you and I disagree. You are a collectivist, I am a student of individualism. You turn up in mobs, willing to hurt people if you don't get your way. I quietly go about my solitary business, regardless of who is in office. VOTE, and accept the outcome.
  11. Persephone Paige

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    My grandfather served in the Air Force, after he was allowed to attend college. He was the child of Polish Immigrants. He worked above an animal clinic for a place to sleep, while in school and for any extras he needed. The rest GI Bill, sort of like the Social Security we all want. He served first, then was reimbursed. He paid my tuition. I received my shots at a doctor's office, not the Health Department. I pay taxes, I have visited a library and museum and I drive. Those are some pretty 'reaching' examples, don't you think? Roads, libraries, work? Really? GTFOOH... Uh, yeah I drive and read. That's you're example of dependence on a government? I have worked in private hospitals who take nothing but private insurance, and I've taken HUGE pay cuts to work with the indigent because it was Mon-Friday work, no shifts. as opposed to: "OH gawd, where am I going to live? OH gawd, I need food. Oh gawd, somebody pay for my medicine! I need school money! I need clothes! I can't make it without help!" I believe in assistance for an unforeseen, catastrophic live event. I don't thing 'need' should be misconstrued as an occupation. Sir, or Miss, what is your occupation? I'm a professional needer, and I've been promoted to an Peer Assistant Need Counselor. I coach my friends on the finer points of needing.
  12. Persephone Paige

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    The promises I voted for him on have been kept. I voted for less pandering to Europe, more jobs, tax cuts for small businesses and border enforcement. That's it. I don't want government in my life. Keep me relatively safe and get out of my way, I'll take care of myself. He's done that. I grew up in a household dependent on a small Veterinary clinic. We sought our own healthcare, paid our taxes quarterly and were completely self-reliant. All of this 'government' intervention is foreign to me and honestly, pathetic.
  13. Persephone Paige

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    Everything that I listed, I watched or am watching with my own eyes, in real time. I have no idea where you get your information from, maybe memes?
  14. Persephone Paige

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    White Supremacists? What a cop out insult. And such a parroted response that it's hardly worth the effort, but I'll bite, I'm in an argumentative mood. Are you for cop killing? Because a small percentage of your constituents are, therefore by your logic, you must be too. Are you for blocking intersections and chasing down old people to harass? You must be, some of you do it. Are you for bashing people over the head who have a different views than you? You have to be! I see your ilk on the news, all the time. Do you believe in filling out fraudulent ballots, thwarting the democracy you hold so dear? You are! You might not have done it, but your party did. So, you did it too. I'm for anyone, of any color, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, country of origin coming into this country legally. Once they are, they are my countrymen and women. You can go on and on about white supremacy by association all you want, but be ready to be guilty by your own association of rioters, cop killers, violent criminals because that's your party. I hope that a fraction of you work in psych, that way at least you might get help by proxy. Vote him out if you don't like him and practice maturity.
  15. Persephone Paige

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    I think we must allow everyone a turn at selecting the President. Do I like everything about Trump? No. Do I think he's keeping his promises? Yes. Many people may not like the promises he's keeping. But, they must remember that they've had their turn and when his Presidency is over, they'll have another shot at electing the candidate of their choice. That's the part which is so astonishing to me. As a nation, one half of the population has completely lost the ability to lose and successfully deal with it. Are you a child? If not, how do you explain this behavior? It's four ( 4 ) years. Vote again, next election.