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  1. Have Nurse

    Dead of Winter Vacation

    I can't stop laughing.......! You poor thing!
  2. Have Nurse

    Signs He Might Be Married

    "Me and all the Other Guys who Shun Credit Cards, like to spend Time Alone on Crowded Mainstream Holidays and Weekends, can't get Cell Reception at Home, don't have any Family or Friends, Live in a Hovel, and have a Congenitally White Band of Pigmentation on our Left Ring Finger really want to show our Appreciation for making our Girlfriends Paranoid! " I had to chuckle when I read this (copied and pasted from above.) Many people don't use credit cards any more due to the hefty fees. That snake bites! The rest I won't comment on. But I sure enjoyed reading!
  3. Have Nurse

    Are monkeys allowed in LTC facilities?

    Not in ours. I handle Infection Prevention. I also handle the pet records. Our state has a policy of what animals are allowed. Monkeys are considered "exotic" pets. We don't allow those at all. Check your state policy. In addition, our visiting animals are only allowed in certain areas and they must show written current proof of vaccinations and a signed letter from the owners' veterinarian, on their clinic letterhead. We keep a roster of what pets have been cleared at the desk in reception. If that animal is not on the list, it is not admitted to the facility. These animals also have to be trained, housebroken, and at least 6 months old, and able to handle loud noises, children, other animals close by, etc. They must be on leash at all times and not in the control of any child. They also cannot interfere with staff or Residents who are ambulating, etc. They cannot bark incessantly or whine. We are very strict. We have to be.
  4. Have Nurse

    Time for a change of pace- Biscotti and tea anyone?

    Sounds wonderful!!! Yum! I love tea and a biscotti.
  5. Have Nurse

    Safe Driving in Wintry Weather

    Don't forget a picture of your family. (grin)
  6. Have Nurse

    Fellow Nurse with a no moral compass

    If what you are saying is true, you have an ethical and a legal obligation to report her to your board of nursing. You are culpable if you have knowledge and do nothing.

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