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  1. Hope2banurse1

    The MD and nurse relation, and how my love got destroyed...

    So, nursing applications have international requirements to apply, requirements if English isn't your first language, but for medical school any rift raft can apply with no proof they can write in the English language?! I'm totally confused by that!
  2. Hope2banurse1

    A floor crush - how do I deal with this?

    Sour lemon, I may be wrong, but didn't you have a similar post?
  3. Hope2banurse1

    Wanting both my wife and marriage to succeed

    Just try to sit her down, but before hand let her know that you wanna talk to her and you don't want to argue, but you would love for her to hear what you have to say.
  4. Hope2banurse1

    So my ex fiance is now dating my ex best friend.

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. I think the reason it hurt so much was because you probably still cared so much abt them. My bestfriend from high school, is married to my ex. I didn't even know. Years ago when I found out, we had been talking on the phone, and she let it slip that she was moving to the state we both lived in, but to his city. So I asked why? You've always wanted to go Miami. She didn't tell me, even though I had already known since she said what she said. Before I even found out, he was still calling me asking me to come visit him, when I would go by my friend he would beg to come over. Something just told me not to entertain it, I didn't care abt him any more to waste my time in seeing him. My friend wanted me to invite him over, and take pics and send it to my old friend. Not in to the childish **** though. After the night of speaking to her, I called him and started a conversation. I asked are you in a relationship or married? At first he said no, then called me back a month later and finally admitted it. I laughed so much my belly started hurting me, I thought I'd die from laughter. I didn't care that she was with him. What upset and hurt was that she was my bestfriend and she wasn't honest with me. The thing is, I never loved him, I didn't plan a future with him, I broke up with him. I decided to keep them both out of my life, for the simple fact...they lied to me.
  5. Hope2banurse1

    My BF leaving me

    I might be leaving my bf soon. I applied to some nursing programs, and I don't feel I need the stress in my life. Too much has happened, and I feel it's time to move on.