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  1. So ive been married to my loving and aforing husband for 5years ever know eachother for 6 and 1/2 . he has really bad insomnia and every now and then itll make him depressed distant and paranoid but not jealous hes just worried about bad things happening to me and about my mental health issues with anixty depression and paranoia. Recently hes been back to a councillor and on top of manic depressive paranoia and anixty hes been diagnosed with mild schizophrenia. Which both him and the councillor said isnt a huge deal but should be took serious. And after some research the diagnoses makes since. But im still worried. His symptoms are that he barely sleeps then he barely eats. He becomes confused about dates times and events that are happening around him. Like he knows he knew they were gonna happen but dosent know why he dosent remember. And even when he dose sleep he may still have these extreamly random episodes which depresse him because hes pertty young and dosent want these memory problems yet. And even if hes not having a memory episode if he dosent sleep or sleep enough or well hes very pricky (as in extreme mood sings but only from drepessed to hopeless and sleight or mild anger) (and this can happen even with good sleep but not common) and its worse with stress in his life. But through all of this he can and will even on good days (what i call good days) hell become any where between slightly and extremely distant. This has held him back from being his self and all i know he is and can be. Its made holding jobs very hard. In fact i am the money maker which i dont mind at all he has things he needs to work out to be healthy and i want that more than anything but it bothers him because i do have some physical issuses that make working hard on me and he wants to take care of me just as much as i want to take care of him. But this as well puts stress on him and not everyday but most days triggers one of his episodes. And im at a lose of how to help him. Im scared because the last time he was heavily medicated for a week (and i mean a week) he got better but then.........it got sooooooooooooo much worse.......i mean hallucinations and BAD ones and they hospitalized him. But i dont know how to help or even really turely comfort him and thats what i want to do. I want to help him any way i can. But im not sure what to do. Cause eveything i do to help seems to almost always back fire in my face. And he says "its not you. Its nothing you did. And this is why i dont wanna talk to you any more sometimes because i dont want you to feel like this" but im just at a loss. A loss for words to say. A loss of what actions to take. And a loss for how to not feel helpless and useless. So my question is how do i help push him to be all he can be and how to help him when were both falling apart?