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    Toilet Training for Kitties

    Hi everyone. I've wondered if any of you have tried toilet training your cat. I'm thinking about trying this out because my boyfriend is furious with my older kitten's smell and litter being everywhere, despite our daily efforts in cleaning up after him.
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    Savory Words

    What are some of your favorite, "savory" words? My current list, inspired by this morning's radio wine review: Apothecary Bitters Tincture
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    Thursday December 20, 2018

    Good afternoon to you all! I'm new. Nice to meet you! Very brief introduction on myself: I'm a very new nurse (2 years) with experience in pediatrics and medsurg. Today I brought my kitten to the vet and he's a whopping 2 lbs and 0.6 oz! Go Little B! Looks like the Albon is working to get rid of the pesky Coccidia in his intestines. He also got his first round of vaccines and is now sleeping soundly. I also got tips on how to teach him manners when playing with our hands. After visiting the grocery store, I found it's actually very difficult to find Spanish peanuts. I actually visited three grocery stores with no luck. Was really looking forward to making my boyfriend a little treat from the ol' country. Oh well. On tonight's menu: rice porridge, to warm the heart. The day's half over now, so hope you all make the most of what we've got left! :)