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  1. Neo Soldier

    Return my husband

    This is a good idea.
  2. Neo Soldier

    New nursing student with marital issues...need help!!

    Could you put off the separation until after nursing school? The reason I say this is because nursing school is stressful and making another change will be added stress. Also, since your kids are adjusting to this new life, a divorce may affect them too. You quit your job which I'm sure was not the easiest thing; will you have to drop out and get a job in the case you get divorced? This may sound harsh but I think you should finish school before you make any major life change.
  3. Neo Soldier

    Not nursing.. sort of a breakdown pls help?!

    Right on, Korky. That child needs discipline and if you're providing for him, then you're acting in the role of a parent, therefore, unless your mother wants to foot the bill, she can stay out of your methods. He needs guidance for sure and maybe some after school activity is good for him or even some volunteer work. You need a break yourself. Do you have a support system maybe outside your family?