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  1. psychrn4u

    Name the brand of turkey!!!!!

    All poultry is contaminated with harmful bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, and campylobacter. These become multi-drug resistant when poultry are fed antibiotics (Which causes them to reach market size faster). Washing chicken and other poultry does not remove bacteria. You can kill these bacteria only by cooking chicken to the proper temperature. 165 degrees. Like raw meat, raw seafood may contain bacteria that can be destroyed only by cooking. So cook your turkey properly and enjoy! Hppy
  2. psychrn4u

    What About Tinder?

    Mud pines - I love this profile can I borrow it? With a little tweaking it would fit a character in a story I am working on. Psych
  3. I know many of my personal Facebook and AL friends and family suffer from anxiety and depression. I did too for many years along with a sometimes vague and other times intense anger at how things were in my life. I have mostly overcome these issues and would like to share with you all how I did that. First I have accepted that there is a Higher Power out there in the universe. Call it God if you will but I really don't care what you call it. I discovered through reading many different texts and talking to many spiritual leaders of many faiths that the world I see around me could not have come into existence by mere accident. This adds meaning and substance to life and gives me a starting point to stay grounded. Second when anxiety or depression comes creeping in I have to address them immediately. These feelings are like those friends you used to get into trouble with in high school. You know who I am talking about. You didn't really like them but they exerted a pull on you and dragged you into their personal mayhem. So you stopped hanging with them and life got easier and better. Still they had a way of trying to come back into your life "Come on! Let's hang! Nothing bad will happen this time!" Yeah right! So put anxiety and depression in it's proper place and keep it there. Don't forget what it's taught you but don't volunteer to go back there. Third understand that anxiety, depression, anger etc..... are just feelings also known as natural human emotions. Feelings are never right or wrong they simply are! Negative feelings occur in the same fashion as positive feelings like love, joy and satisfaction. They come and go like clouds in the sky. So understand that these are not permanent situations. Ask your self why you are feeling this way at this time. What is happening physiologically inside you. I like to use the HALT test which stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. So when an undesirable feeling hits I ask myself which of those 4 things is happening right now and what do I need to do to fix that. So I eat, forgive, seek company or rest. Fourth I seek to recognize and celebrate the ability to feel happy. Am I going to feel happy all the time? Of course not - But when that feeling comes over me I need to grab on for as long as it lasts. Last I try to never give in for too long to anger and resentment because these things are poison to the soul. A very wise man once said "If you give yourself over to anger and resentment you shut yourself off from the sunlight of the soul." Forgiveness is not something you do for the person who has harmed you. It is something you do for yourself. It frees you from the weight of anger and allows space for peace and happiness to enter. When you find this place of peace and happiness you are better able to weather the storm clouds of anxiety and depression Be at peace my friends Hppy
  4. psychrn4u

    Is it important for elected leaders to be truthful?

    The only time you know a leader/Politian is not lying to you is when their lips are not moving and that is true for both sides of the aisle
  5. psychrn4u

    Life is an Algebraic Equation

    Well the problem is the goats are browsers not grazers and generally don't eat grass
  6. psychrn4u

    Relationship with a Narcissist

    Well that complicates things as their are children and custody issues involved. Were you ever married? Have you sought court action to terminate his parental rights (you would have to prove that he is a dangerously unfit parent). You may be stuck until your kids reach the age of majority. Keep a clear record of any treats he makes against you and go back to court. If it were me I'd but a gun (oh wait I have one) for my own protection but you might not be comfortable with that. I had a concealed carry permit for a while until I was clear of him. Hppy
  7. psychrn4u

    Relationship with a Narcissist

    Hope means nothing if you do nothing to bring it to fruition. To quote Donald Sutherland in the Hunger Games "A little hope is a dangerous thing!" Hppy
  8. psychrn4u

    Relationship with a Narcissist

    No, but after I filed I took a job in another city and never looked back. I heard he eventually went to prison for some crime not really interested in details. Out of my life forever.
  9. psychrn4u

    Relationship with a Narcissist

    Been there, done that Best advice is to do what I did. Leave! Get a Restraining order and move on with your life
  10. psychrn4u

    What Type Of Pet Is Your Favorite?

    goats in pajamas - Google Search
  11. psychrn4u

    Go Fund me = White cargo van (No more homelessness)

    I niece of mine started a GFM page when their new kitten got slammed in a door and needed emergency surgery which was going to cost about $1000.00. They couldn't afford the surgery and their kids were devastated by the whole incident. I think I was the only contributor but I called the vet where kitty was and asked what the chances were of saving said kitty. The vet said the kitty's condition was pretty grim with a fractured spine and ruptured spleen, so after talking to my niece about the most humane action I sent a check to the vet that covered all of Kitty's final costs. Hppy
  12. psychrn4u

    Go Fund me = White cargo van (No more homelessness)

    A white van gives me a creepy predator vibe - I see police rapping on your window.
  13. psychrn4u

    Go Fund me = White cargo van (No more homelessness)

    Don't forget that you do have to pay state and federal income tax on money gained from crowd funding sites. Hppy
  14. psychrn4u

    Dead of Winter Vacation

    I downloaded a visitor's s guide for you sounds like The 5 Best Things to Do in East Saint Louis - 2
  15. psychrn4u

    13 Reasons Why - Teenage Suicide

    I became aware of this series while doing research on teen suicide. I did ask my 15 year old son if he had watched it and he told me he had. My son is a very confident, straight forward kid who avoids drama at all costs. So when I asked him what he thought he said "It's just a television show." After discussing it with patients ages 13 to 17 I found that if a child is already depressed, or feeling pressured or bullied they may be more likely to see the show as a trigger point. As the article mentioned Suicide rate is the fastest growing cause of death among teenagers. The graphic depiction of some of the things that happen in the show: rape, fighting, suicide would make me think that a parent show watch the show with their teen. We can't forbid them to watch it after all the ways they can access media. Raising awareness of the suicide epidemic in the country is a good thing but I don't think this series is a useful as the produces try to make it out to be. I made it a practice early to read every book my son read and become familiar with the music he was listening etc.... I didn't do it in a helicopter way and I never forbid him to read a book or watch a series, or told him what music to listen too etc. I would discuss with him if I felt something was inappropriate and why. He's 16 now and we have great mother/son relationship. He knows he can talk to me about anything and while I am sure he keeps some things to himself (I'm not stupid) I know he's not afraid to come to me. Hppy

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