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  1. NurseBlaq

    Hello Everyone!!

    It works now. Thanks.
  2. NurseBlaq

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hello all!
  3. NurseBlaq

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    You must be new. It's like Halloween every month. Is that why they're all crazy?
  4. NurseBlaq

    August 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Sorry to wake you but we have an emergency"
  5. NurseBlaq

    August 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Dr G, I need an order for Tylenol"
  6. NurseBlaq

    Do YOU Keto?

    Awesome! Congrats to the Mrs.
  7. NurseBlaq

    Do YOU Keto?

    Thanks. I'll try that!
  8. NurseBlaq

    Do YOU Keto?

    I'm allergic to shellfish. I was so upset about it I went and saw an allergist and I'm definitely severely allergic to shellfish but he told me to try regular fish. I want to try salmon but I'm afraid.
  9. NurseBlaq

    Do YOU Keto?

    Not to make light of your situation but I'm LMAO @ having a misunderstanding with eggs. Never seen it put that way. I want shrimp but we just do not get along!
  10. NurseBlaq

    Constitutional Legitimacy for War

    I know this is an old thread but with the aggression Trump has for other nations I fear we may soon be at war over something stupid. Let's also not fail to mention it's not with nations that have dictators, he's in awe of them. Shame.
  11. NurseBlaq


    Happy birthday!
  12. NurseBlaq

    Trump is Racist? I Don't Think So

    He's still a racist. Maybe that pic is or isn't real but his actions are very much racist. And lying runs in the family too. Central Park 5 knows this to be true! Donald Trump's father was arrested at Ku Klux Klan riot in New York in 1927, records reveal | The Independent Trump’s Long History of Racism – RollingStone.com And Snopes is a right wing mag that validates them often. They analyzed an article, not verified it because NY doesn't have records that far back to say whether it's factual or not. So we'll never know, but we do know he was there! Was Donald Trump's Father a Racist? The Revealing Truth Behind Fred Trump's History With Racism Again, Snopes isn't credible and is a Fakebook partner. It's the equivalent of using Wikipedia as a source. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kalevleetaru/2016/12/22/the-daily-mail-snopes-story-and-fact-checking-the-fact-checkers/#2bd73f12227f Do You Trust Snopes? You Won't After Reading This. - Food Babe While I concede the pic may not be credible, I haven't actually checked because it's nothing important, the sentiments and actions of Trump and his father being bigots are very real. OP is an obstructionist and will use any biased source he can to support Trump.
  13. NurseBlaq

    Do YOU Keto?

    The secret is to buy snacks for the children, in my case, or grandchildren and make your own. But after a while, you won't have any cravings for sweets. Another secret is to drink plenty of water, lemon water preferred. It'll give you a full feeling.