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  1. NurseBlaq

    Sunday August 25, 2019

    Morning All, I'm just passing through temporarily just to wave. Take care! Today is my rest day. I've been running nonstop all week and I'm tired.
  2. NurseBlaq

    Saturday August 24, 2019

    Stars, Beginning. It's alright but I'm nervous because I hadn't been in school in a while.
  3. NurseBlaq

    Saturday August 24, 2019

    Hello Everyone, Just stopping by to say hi! Can't remember who asked but I'm in school for AGACNP. I already feel overwhelmed but I'll work it out. Failure is not an option. Hope everyone is fine, haven't reviewed much. Rest easy everyone. Oh, forgot to add, the weather has finally not been hot as hell, literally. So hopefully, I can think straight without my brain being fried.
  4. NurseBlaq

    Wednesday August 21, 2019

    Good morning Everyone, Wishing you all good vibes and well health. Been offline for a while getting ready for school and getting my children in order so there will be no problems. Class starts today for me, wish me luck!
  5. NurseBlaq

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Trump doesn't understand: Economics Civics The Constitution Immigration Foreign relations Trade Civility Words have meaning and are powerful Life Human decency Did I miss anything?
  6. NurseBlaq

    The President Donald Trump Thread

  7. Good morning Everyone, I've had an attitude all weekend because it's extra hot. No excuse for this heat and we're still under a heat warning for the next few days. I'm jealous of anyone getting rain. Anyway, hope everyone is alright. Stars, have y'all ever tried Benadryl for Nannie? Is DH becoming more open to seeking help now? She maybe needs respite care to give you two a break because caregivers need rest too.
  8. NurseBlaq

    Saturday August 10, 2019

    Good morning Everyone, Just passing through to say "Hi" Hope all is well. I didn't read through the posts yet but hope no one is going through any drama. Have a great weekend!
  9. NurseBlaq

    First word that comes to mind.....

  10. NurseBlaq

    First word that comes to mind.....

  11. NurseBlaq

    Thursday August 8 2019

    @BCgradnurse They get out in May and go back in early August. They also get long breaks for winter and fall. We didn't do that either so I'm getting used to it.
  12. NurseBlaq

    Domestic Terrorism

    Mitch needs one of those neighbors like Rand Paul to do a public service.
  13. NurseBlaq

    Thursday August 8 2019

    Good morning, School started and I'm tired already. I have to get up early in the morning after being up in the middle of the night for no reason due to insomnia. By the time I do crash it's time to get up and get the kids to school. Ugh! My days and nights are screwed up. Tweety, now you know not to depend on that nurse again. Bummer on the patient but take it as a learning lesson. Don't feel bad if the patient's status was too far gone for saving. I know it's easier said than done because if you're like me, you always think what if she could have gotten to the right patient sooner and was there anything we could have done differently, even though you know it's not. Hello, everyone when y'all come in here. Now off to wake up my "chirren" *in my country granny's voice*.
  14. NurseBlaq

    The Leader of American Conservatives

    My submission to this thread: Trump is racist trash. However, I think his BS these days are more of a distraction so his grifting family and cabinet can rob the country to pay back his foreign debts and Putin is really running the country and using the things that have been the elephant in the room (racism, finances, uncouthness, etc) as the driving forces to do it. He's decimating the economy, civility, and legal system without a single weapon and Trump's narcissism is perfectly fine with it as long as he's getting his ego stroked. Y'all know the saying: Some people get a little bit of power and don't know what to do with it. Trump feels as though all the governmental agencies are different departments in his own personal company. He views the US government as a company. We all know his companies fail and the country will too unless he's gone. In the midst of all the corruption, they're trying to start a race war. I don't think it will work because families are so blended and people are more civil than in the past. Are bigots still around, sure. However, I think civility will win over ignorance. I also think it will get worse before it gets better. We just have to not give up. His plan is to keep us in a state of conflict until we give up. Some of us are too ornery to accept what we know isn't right no matter how much lipstick you put on the pig. Out of chaos comes order. Will you be strong enough to survive it? Don't accept what you know to be unnecessary drama. We all know right from wrong. Continue to do what's right. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.