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    The "Have you found a church yet?" Question

    I don't see how this question is offensive at all. I am Muslim first of all. So just to clarify my opinions aren't being put forth as someone who is a Christian or who is not aware of what it is like to be marginalized. In fact I would argue that in our present political climate I face more open hostility as a Muslim then the average athiest. That said I think you might be overreacting a bit to this. While you are certainly entitled to your own emotions and feelings, you DID sort of open this up for public input, thus I will give you my own opinion on the content of the original post. It's by no means meant to be personal or hostile. Imagine a conversation that goes like this: Charge Nurse: "Where are you from?" New Nurse: "Texas!" Charge Nurse: "Nice! Have you found any good Steak Houses around here yet?" New Nurse: "No, I'll have you know I am a Vegan! Furthermore I find it very rude and unorofessional for you to assume that just because I am fron Texas I eat meat! The only conversation that belongs here is patient care and I would appreciate it if you left my personal life out of this!" How would you view such a conversation as a third party observer? If you felt the new nurse overreacted in this scenario then you and I are on the same page! While it is a bit presumptuous to assume that a new nurse is a Christian, the question itself is rather innocent. You are certainly welcome to inform the individual of your situation or simply inform them that, you orefer to keep that sort of stuff on the downlow. There are tactful ways to close the conversation. However I don't think theres any need to really let it get under your skin either. Nearly 75% of Americans are Christian, in nursing specifically studies have found that as many as 88% of Nurses are religious. What about the doctors, sure there would,be alot of atheist doctors? Wrong! There are actually LESS atheist doctors compared to the population at large! Doctors were also be discovered to be more likely to apply religion in the workspace as well. 55% of Physicians go so far as to openly admit that religious beliefs guide their patient care practice. Source: 400 Bad Request These numbers of course get higher in certain regions. In Mississippi for example Atheists constitute quite the minority. In light of all these statistics, it is not necessarily shocking to me that questions about church preference come up. I can't see it being offensive, they are only trying to ensure you get settled in.
  2. 2210485

    Why is everyone's username not their real name?

    Didnt the OP say they were a mechanic? It was simpky out of curiosity.. Not every professional license is as 'sensitive' as medicine. For example, even people who work close to us, such as biomedical engineers, are able to say basically whatever they like and not face reprucussions. As long as they don't start going off about holocaust denial or telling people to just set every alaris pump to "999" regardless of the desired infusion, they should be alright. Nurses on the other hand; you tell someone on here that "120/80 sounds like a normal blood pressure for someone your age" and you've just like.. Interpreted a test result on the internet and are basically a felon.
  3. 2210485

    Why is everyone's username not their real name?

    It doesnt even have to be illegal. It could just be politically unsavory, or make someone feel uncomfortable. What if someone asks me what to do for symptomatic bradycardia? I can say atropine -> pace. This is both the correct answer and the official acls algorithm. This treatment is within my scope of practice. It is not illegal to post such information. My license however does not apply in a situation in which I am not working under a Physician. What if someone misreads my response as "The opinion of major institution 2210485 is atropine -> pace" as opposed to "2210485 believes that a physocian is likely to follow the acls algorithm abd atropine -> pace in a hypothetical situation"? Am I liable? Yeah I am.. Anything medical related I post without a signature or standing order from a physician is grounds for termination, at least on the basis if the unacceptable legal risk Ive invited. Even if it is correct, even if it is within scope and even if no harm comes from the post. I wouldn't lose my license, but an uneasy lawyer could easily fire me.
  4. 2210485

    Why is everyone's username not their real name?

    Well, for me its legal in nature. I work for an extremely well known institution and in the field of Electrophysiology everyone knows everyone. Last thing I need is someone I know reading a post and viewing it as misrepresenting the official position of my institution.