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  1. DaveICURN

    The Violence in our Schools

    Well its not their stereotype, its the stereotype that has evolved from the actions of men and women everywhere. It is a well documented fact that men and women are fundamentally different, and that's wonderful. To try and state that we are all the same is belittling our wonderful difference to the realm of obscurity. You are exactly right. To the majority, we don't care. Where we do care is when legislation is passed stating we HAVE to care. I could care less your private life, but when people like the ACLU say I have to like it and treat it like I agree with it, then I have a problem. This duality of "Let us live out lives like everyone else." Mixed in with, "We need special privileges." Is double think of the highest order. As the old saying goes, You can't have your cake and eat it too."
  2. DaveICURN

    Domestic Terrorism

    Your cause is not futile, but the logic is flawed. You stated, "Think of all of the children's lives saved by such a law" You ask for X= saving children, then we must have Y= stricter gun legislation. You offer no room for compromise in the middle. You assert, through indirect means, that anyone who doesn't agree doesn't care about children. This it not so. This only means that people have various ways of approaching a solution to a problem. On further inspection of data you are correct. I apologize for the wrongful information and have learned something new in the process. Because this is the name of the laws you want to pass. If I don't believe in what the meaning of those words are in this context how can I know if I agree? It is legally relevant to define common sense if you want to pass laws in it's name. Then why are you here? If you are not ready to stand and defend your own cause, then why bother? I have been nothing but respectful and courteous but I am to be cast off? Once again I am here to broaden my own understanding of the debate. I am under no delusion that I am here to change anyone's mind. I just want to have a good dialog with people of opposing viewpoints. Punished how and to what degree? If we are going to dislocate families and throw kids into foster care for an unfortunate accident, then should there be terms and conditions? But responsibilities are taught, not forced. Teaching responsibility is a hard thing to do to a free mind. The threat of force will not make lasting lessons on the person, it takes constant education and reinforcement of positive and negative feedback to make happen. How then do we encourage good and just responsibility, instead of just fining and condemning? Completely agree that this should be a parents number one priority, not the Governments. As are you and I thank you again for sharing you thoughts and feelings on this subject. Where would go to find out more information on your organization?
  3. DaveICURN

    Domestic Terrorism

    Great! That means we can have a productive discussion about what we don't agree with and attempt to find more common ground. Sensible according to whom? I only ask because I believe this to be the cornerstone of disagreement with both sides. Who gets to define sensible? Would you not agree that there are those out there who would view total ban as sensible? I certainly understand that there are those who would view tanks and automatic weapons as a sensible weapons. Once again, whose common sense are we using. As i'm sure we can all agree from a healthcare perspective, people are not always the brightest in their decision making. So are you, and by extension your organization, saying you know better than they? Well, to be frank, yes they should. According to Giffords law center, https://lawcenter.giffords.org/gun-laws/policy-areas/child-consumer-safety/safe-storage/; "The features listed below are intended to provide a framework from which policy options may be considered. All firearms are required to be kept disabled with a locking device except when an authorized user is carrying it on his or her person or has the firearm under his or her immediate control." Bolding is my doing. This requirement is not a suggestion. Failure to meet this requirement has the threat of law behind it. This in no way protects the owner, neigh it holds the owner solely responsible for action with said firearm in the event of an accident or theft. Do I think these are good ideals? Absolutely, I have most of the safety features outlined on my own weapons. However I feel this will not change to state of illegally bought and sold guns on the market. I think people in general should be worried by red flag laws. This gives anyone the power to completely disrupt your own life, and safety by reporting you to the authorities as a person of interest. You then lose your Second amendment rights for up to a year while you are investigated. So, your solution to maintain safety is giving people, not professionals mind you, the ability to remove someones rights if they feel its prudent? Yes, this is fine. No qualms here. Interesting though that my state of Oklahoma will be a constitutional carry state starting Nov. 1st. I also have no problem with this law either. But it makes it no less true. I am open for an that will overthrow this line if thinking. Just wondering what number do you consider a mass shooting? I believe most polls place it at 3? Again I agree. One thing I can't get over is how no one is addressing education at home or school? In my elementary days we had hunter safety training once a year in grades 1-6. This is where I was taught the safety and respect for firearms. Would you be against government sponsorship for school age children about gun safety? Thanks in advance for the reply!
  4. DaveICURN

    Domestic Terrorism

    Yes to more mental heath should be the key to this discussion. The disjointed nature of our mental health system leave much to be desired in the day to day activities of people who are in need of those services. It is my belief that many of the mental health issue suffer from a breakdown at the primary level. How are we encouraging people to deal with personal mental health issues when the culture of today is one of, "I want to see results now!". This has led to an increase of patients not continuing medication regiments, sending them into regressive depression. Another attributable factor is the constant self administration of endorphins through group assurance. We can now surround ourselves with those who affirm us and make us feel good. We are slowly taking away our ability to handle negative and stressful situations by insulating ourselves from the things , and people, we don't like. The tools that are used in acts of evil are not themselves evil. To stand on these children's graves and push for "something to be done!" is only a veiled attempt to remove the thing you don't like. Be it guns, knives, hammers, etc.
  5. DaveICURN

    American Values

    Fierce individual freedom is, to me, the true hallmark of American values. We are all free in America. Our freedoms are not granted, but protected. This land of opportunity is the best country to live and grow. We have the most opportunity, the most diversity, and the widest reach in the world for the modern era. Are we perfect? Of course not. But we have and drive, the initiative, and the spirit to make America the shining example of personal freedoms anywhere.
  6. DaveICURN

    As a first generation American..

    What I think is most important at this juncture in America is to have conversations that allow for the free spread of ideals and opinions, without viscous mockery or personal attacks. On the scale of nationwide vitriol, I believe that the internet is the same as any other form of feedback. The extremes constitute the whole. It's not enough for the average person to come and post their feelings onto forums or social media, it's those who feel most strongly. The protesters at any speaking event are not those who have the moderate feelings, it's the extremists of both ideologies. My own take is that we are leaving the common conversation of logic vs emotion, on both sides, and moving toward a claim of the biggest offence.
  7. DaveICURN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I would counter that this was by far one of his best speeches. He stayed on the points, mostly, and said what needed to be said. The feel for me after it was over was one of general goodwill. There were strong points for both the Dems and the Repubs to back. There was enough of Trump to allow the "Gotcha" reporters to have their share. Wonderful mentions to the guests of the evening, strong call back to the economy for all peoples, and a call for less divisiveness on all sides. For a Trump supporter who has no problem admitting the stupid things he has said, I'll stand beside this one as one of his best.
  8. DaveICURN

    Net Neutrality is Virtually Dead and That's Very Bad

    Checking in at end of year. No major backlash or issues. It feels pretty pre NN in here.
  9. DaveICURN

    NRA is at it again

    In complete honesty. I don't understand how this is the NRA's fault. They advocate for maintaining a right, they didn't kill these people.
  10. DaveICURN

    NRA is at it again

    My apologies, I was referencing the physicians paper in the NRA story. Of course we don't ignore it, but neither too can we force them to quit. Any abuse of drugs and alcohol all nurses wish would stop. We all recognize that its a problem. However we can't pull the bottle from their lips, or meth out the pipe. So we do what we can, educate. We advocate for understanding of the health risks and benefits of stopping the behavior.
  11. DaveICURN

    Why are the victims always blame?

    Thank you. So yes, to improve the ability to find, judge, and punish these awful people who sexually assault individuals, we need to encourage a safe reporting system. If we encourage everyone who is a victim to report, then proper process can take place. Hotline, Text message based reporting, and giving victims the training and resources to protect themselves.
  12. I am and I thank you. The comment was directed more toward bologna, but I'll address a few of your concerns as well to attempt to find a common ground. I'll start here. The impression I get from this area is that we are discussing topics with fellow peer groups whom have similar medical understanding which are normally discussed outside of the general work place. In the break room I am doing just that, taking a break from being a nurse with opinions to being a person with opinions who happens to be a nurse. Of course I did. I do so with the intention of putting importance on the life. I feel that in my practice, now as a nurse, to not use simple language leads to a disconnect as a Pt to caregiver. As a person calling a invitro baby a fetus is tantamount to comparison to a still birth. This is possible due to the more agrarian society I have been raised in, but an important distinction in my eyes. I'd disagree as a matter of semantics. If one single baby was saved, then your statement is proven false. If I may allude to a later posting. If the knowledge of abortion being banned was made known, then the women would have incentive to commit to knowledge attained by safe sex talks. I'm going to once again point out the semantic distinction and contradiction in your point. The belief of those who want to ban abortion is just that. Saving lives. Control? Quiet the opposite. The control should rest squarely on the family unit to raise and care for the child. I believe the point is to shift control back to the people involved. The same is felt from the pro life movement. Policies that would increase the killing of babies. I agree completely, however I think the total number of abortion should be zero. Access... how far does this access extend. Who provides this access? Is this government given healthcare? Does this also include abortions? Who pays for this care? When do we allow the local government to take control of this care? You say "the next generation" but you mean men. Well you mean P.O.S. boys who need to be beaten and offered euthanasia, but I digress. No one is taught to disrespect women in the US. You point me to a person teaching boys to not respect women and ill judge that. Tc continue the narrative that all men are rapists until taught otherwise is demeaning and lessens the burden of responsibility on society. If you mean to change society in another country, then how do we affect this change, and in what way? Then I would argue you are not so lucky as you are missing out on the majority voter base to the conservative side. The issue is that MY money, in the form of taxes, are being sent to another country and not helping my neighbor. This is forced assistance to another country benefits me in no way. It in now way improves my life or the life of another in my community, where I would have spent that money or donated to my local church/charity. To impress on me that I am a sociopath for not caring in someone dies in another country is absurd. I am being reasonable in my knowledge that I can't save everyone. Even in my professional practice I have seen death. If I can't save one person when I bend all my will and expertise on them, what hope do I have that someone else, thousands of miles away, will maybe benefit from assistance, with no assurance of outcome but a possibility that the money is being used correctly. It's not my job to save the world. I save the person in front of me, my family, and my neighbor in my community. Because I support all life. I will not hand the knife, through readily available and paid for abortion, to end a life. It is the women's choice to seek these dangerous alternatives. I cannot advocate for the easier cessation of life.
  13. It never hurts to put forth a meaningful argument ya know. All these straw man and ad hominem attacks are not making it look like you want civil discourse or are interested in any other viewpoint. Would you care to enlighten me on your viewpoint on this matter? Leaving out the social commentary on the opposing side?
  14. DaveICURN

    NRA is at it again

    Yes gun violence is a public health issue. But the violence is a symptom of the culture. The tools, as we are learning from Britain, will evolve with the perpetrators of the crimes. Having not the ability to read the article at this time. I wonder then what their call to action was on the published piece. If anyone has the article i would appreciate it.
  15. DaveICURN

    What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

    This is also my biggest concern. His inane tweeting and Pot to Kettle situations are causing a number of his supporters to throw our hands up and cry, "What a moron!". As for scrupulous, yes I believe he is. He was well known as a successful business man well before his TV appearances. He had to be operating under an agreeable form of ethics and moral standing, even if they are morals and ethics that are not my own. Mostly spiky bars on a roller coaster. Dips and rises. But boy are we on a climb!