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  1. Coloradonurse1983

    Military Relationships - Tell Us About Yours

    I met my husband through my roommate. She dated his roommate. I lived in Florida and he was active duty army living in Texas and was moving to Colorado in a few months. We did long distance for 8 months. When it came time to renew my lease, we talked about options. We decided that I'd move to Colorado to continue our relationship. We dated for a while here, then we got married in March. I'd been a nurse for a quite a few years, so I knew transferring my license would be easy. Our relationship really changed my outlook on life. I never wanted to get married nor did I believe in true love, fate, whatever. I don't know any other way it could happen. I grew up Florida, him in Paraguay. We lived states apart. We had no chance of meeting otherwise. So don't listen to those that say starting a relationship long distance never works or is too hard to do. If you're both committed and on the same page, it can work out.
  2. Coloradonurse1983

    NFL Players Kneeling During the National Anthem

    Honestly, I've never been a fan of the NFL and it's players. They prioritize strip clubbing, drinking, and ego over being decent people. Let me kneel and then go cheat on my spouse, beat her up when I get home, participate in dog fighting, rape women, get DUI's, use drugs, etc. How many of them are actually doing stuff to help? Or I'll just kneel and go party. They should be using their fame and be putting their money where their mouths are. It's like changing your Facebook profile to "I'm stand with...." or "Pray for ......". Doesn't really do anything unless you pitch in to help. It's hollow activism and is very shallow. I agree with their right to protest. Just don't do it cause it's what everyone else is doing without giving it a second thought.