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  1. SDANG

    non-nursing jobs for misdemeanors

    I suggested that, but he thinks it may be a waste of time because of background checks. He's been honest and upfront about it, and it hasn't helped so far. I want him to keep trying....he is going to concentrate on finishing this semester (hopefully graduate) and then start looking more seriously in January. I think he ought to start his own business but we'll see...
  2. SDANG

    non-nursing jobs for misdemeanors

    sorry for the late response..... He can do basic stuff (I asked him when I read your response a couple weeks ago) but he has no formal training. I don't think that's what he wants to do. We just bought him a truck and I'm hoping he'll use it to maybe make his own money (handyman or something like that). He can get this latest misdemeanor expunged next summer 2019, so hopefully he'll be able to use his new certificate in Aviation Operations, but he'll still have a record. I hope there will be something out there he can do that will be fulfilling for him. He gets bouts of depression with the bipolar and he hasn't been sleeping because his mind won't shut off. I wish I could get him on my insurance because the free Obamacare (or whatever it's called now) it's very difficult to find a psychologist that will take his insurance. We've had several references when he's called the insurance plan, but when he calls the doctor he was given to go to for an appointment, they say they don't take that insurance. ?! So he's been taking CBD gummies which help (legal here in California). And that's his bipolar medicine at the moment. I'm just kind of rambling now.... sorry. Thanks for the reply...
  3. Hello My significant other has several misdemeanors on his record (the last one being less than a year ago for violating a restraining order when a friend emailed his estranged son). He is looking for a job. I just bought a house, and even though I make good money as a nurse, it would help immensely if he could participate in helping with expenses. Does anyone have any ideas? He is 56 (I'm 47), overweight, very personable and pleasant, with a history of mostly sales: car sales mostly. He also worked as a non-degreed engineer 20 years ago. He is also bipolar (we just found out last year - thank God it explained a lot of his behavior). His divorce was bad - 20 years ago - and his exwife got full custody of the son they had together. He hasn't been able to see his son since the boy was 3. Anyway, the last job he has was about 5 years ago as a car saleman....he says the jobs never last long because of the competition with other salemen etc. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, he has been going to a community college for Aviation Operations. He LOVES airplanes and cars. He is also very handy around my house and just bought a truck. He's a people person. Please help! Any ideas appreciated! He's applied to several furniture store sales positions and couldn't pass the background check.