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  1. Daisy Joyce

    lottery pool

    A few years ago there was a case where a bunch of employees always bought a group lottery ticket, then one week one of the regular guys got left out for some reason (he was out sick, or at a different job site or something). Naturally , that was the week the group won a big payout. They didn't share with him. Then he filed a lawsuit. Unfortunately, I never heard what happened to the case.
  2. Daisy Joyce

    What Type Of Pet Is Your Favorite?

    Guinea pig. Large and intelligent enough to cuddle and be interesting, little enough to keep in a cage.
  3. Daisy Joyce

    Teenagers, popularity, and small town life

    Years ago I read an amazing essay (I tried to find it for you but couldn't sorry) that posited that hip, trendy, popular kids are that way because they worked hard at it. Figured out what makes people tick and learned to adapt. Made sure they read the right magazines and watched the right TV shows, and followed the right websites, and listened to he right music. The essayist (who claimed he was on the bottom rung on the social ladder in high school) went on to say--they worked for popularity, so they *should* get it. He then went on to say that people say they want popularity when actually, what they want are the perks--the status and bragging rights, going to the parties, being included in things, etc. He made the hypothesis that people work hard at the things they enjoy, so for one kid it's gaming, for another it's an instrument or drama. But a kid's interests will not necessarily be the things that catapult them to the top of the popularity food chain. There's some flaws in the theory, for instance, a very homely kid who lacks talents will have a way harder time fitting in no matter how trendy they are. But I still found it to be a neat theory. (On an unrelated note, I found myself reliving the middle school years and high school as I watched my kids go through it. I get where you're coming from...)
  4. Daisy Joyce

    Bible verse

    I try (and often fail!) to meet people where they're at, and hopefully they do the same for me! Pax
  5. Daisy Joyce

    Bible verse

    Psalm 69:1 O God, come to my assistance; O Lord, make haste to help me.
  6. Daisy Joyce

    Time for a change of pace- Biscotti and tea anyone?

    I like the version with David Tennant!
  7. Daisy Joyce

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    All kidding aside, I dabbled in the moon-time spirituality thing back in the day, and truly, if I could have had those days off to pray and meditate and create art and simply be, then I'd say you were on to something. But the fact is, we still have houses and spouses and children and jobs to go to, and feminine hygiene is just one more thing to fit in around everything else. And for women who have real discomfort and pain during their menses, it's simply doesn't feel all spiritual and stuff. I would like to see more research put into dysmenorrhea studies rather than "Pills for everybody!" But that's a rant for another time.
  8. Daisy Joyce

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Actually, if I could take a week long vaycay in a menstrual tent every month with my besties I'd be all "sign me up!"