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  1. Buddy Christ

    NRA is at it again

    Dana Loesch's smugness during the episode is the most annoying thing about it
  2. Buddy Christ

    Thoughts on Vegas And why Men Keep Doing This

    There are an estimated 300+ million guns in America depending on which source you use, likely more guns than people The only question that really matters in this entire debate is "how are we going to remove millions of guns from the populace, including extremely stubborn and crazy people?" No amount of NRA funding or defunding will affect the lunatic inbred gun-hoarding homicidal mofos in rural Alabama or even New York or LA. People often defend their guns with their guns. Even if you got law enforcement on board with trying to manually disarm tens (hundreds?) of millions of people, it would not prevent some maniac from hiding a gun under his floorboard and taking it out and killing people. The situation is extremely futile no matter what legislation is passed or who receives what money from whoever. only solution i can think of is long-term highly persuasive propaganda aimed at making armed men think they can be cool without guns
  3. Buddy Christ

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Electric Six - Gay Bar