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  1. natural thing

    Federal Judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act

    Thanks for your response! During the healthcare debate in 2009, Medicare For All did not have a seat at the table, unfortunately. Tried to have a seat, but the special interests prevented it. We did end up with shoring up a broken, profit-driven system. Penalizing folk who didn't buy into the insurance racket?? I love Canada and how it provides basic healthcare for its citizens!
  2. natural thing

    Federal Judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act

    Thanks for the feedback! My first 13 years in Nursing were in 2 hospitals that provided care for all (military hospital then a county hospital). No one was stressed out about access, co-pays, or life-changing medical bills and the care was given without regard to patient satisfaction scores. Do Americans feel that the government has their back when it comes to healthcare? In my first 13 years in Nursing, my firsthand experience was "Yes". In the for-profit arena of today, I'd say "No". The burden falls on the patient, whoever it is, to be informed and prepared for the System that has taken hold. Regarding first responders and basic public safety in roads and water supply, yes, from our tax dollars.
  3. natural thing

    Federal Judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act

    I'm interested in hearing what you all think regarding Medicare For All, ahem, socialized healthcare. Healthcare for all, paid for by our tax dollars. Everyone has access.
  4. natural thing

    Mueller Indicts 13

    "...crickets from Mueller..." He's focused and doesn't prematurely blab results of his work every day = smart The U.S. is experiencing treasonous behavior by some in OUR government RIGHT NOW. Let the investigation continue as to how much treason's been committed.
  5. natural thing

    Senate Republicans will vote on health care again

    Hello All - Looks like the latest attempt to shore up the extremely flawed U.S. "health" "care" system is about to fail. I called upon my U.S. senators to co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders' recently introduced Medicare For All Act 2017. It would ensure all Americans are "in", nobody out. Once the stressor of access to health care is removed, we can begin to realize a healthier population. We nurses can look at all the other variables that affect local health and wellbeing in our communities, i.e. the food and water supply, environmental toxins, etc. We are on the front line and can make a difference!
  6. natural thing

    How Much Leftist Ideology Has Corrupted Nursing?

    Nursing school is filled with leftist ideology...you'll dislike so much of how nurses work collegially and help each other in the interest of helping their patients. It's almost September...quick, not too late to change to accounting!