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    The MD and nurse relation, and how my love got destroyed...

    So far I haven't make any mistake yet . Everything is perfect . ☺ of course I have to know what I am doing . It weird when I got complained by you guys about my writing . Noone on my floor seem to care about grammar at all as long as they understand , I don't know how your doc do but most of my order is really short most of them is not even a full sentence .I can show you some examples if you like. And for those who don't know how I get through university with this . Have you heard of aGPA ☺ basically they allow you to take 30 cre/hr out of your GPA for med school . So even i got 48% on my undergrad english (50% after the prof feel pitty for me) it doesnt matter .Do you need more detail how I survived med school . Have you looked at a bsc curriculum 😞and most of the time I go through interview without writting a word
  2. The Panadol Guy

    The MD and nurse relation, and how my love got destroyed...

    Haha I was typing this during my 5 mins coffee break so it kinda get messy . For the one who wonder . Can you be a md with a terrible writing skill . 100% yes the only proper English course that I have to take is the introduction to university writing and that it .didn't ace it . The Mcat wast a mutiple choice test and I didnt have to write any essay to get into med school. We did some writing but more technical stuff and no one care about grammar . Lucky for me. All they care was mostly did you get the point or the idea and the termology. Even that for some case you just need to imagine that word and have a image of it . Don't need to know how to write it.just like in pharmacology. Mostly mutiple choice
  3. it just happen 2 months ago , I am a young residence 25 year old , she is a nurse(rn) 22 just graduated , we meet each other when work on a same late night shift , I know we are a couple at first sight , she is beautiful , curvy blond hair with big blue eyes and giggle a lot , we start dating on day 2 , I always drive her home although our schedule kinda difference ,always on the same shift ,... those are amazing day when I don't feel like I go to work at all . but here the drama comes , somehow the floor find out , and this is when the MD and nurse relation break us up , the nurses start to inject her with all the toxic ideas about MD ; he will not care for you , wont have time , buried in debt , ignorance , egoist , we are underpay , underrated ... and even more crazy they blamed her for what I done , your boyfriend didnt answered my page ( I was extremely busy by the way); the MD side on the other hand was somehow more chill : " been there , done that , he properly want to get laid"( I am not) and they go on about how funny and stupid the nurses are with their dumb questions , they have a good laugh , personally I dont find anything funny at all ( this was after the shift) , these thing hit us hard, we are really stress out by now , but thing final breaks when she ask me a really "obvious" question about BP of a patient (not gonna go into detail) , somehow I lose control at that point : are you serious, gosh , you should have....... and boom a crystal eyes with tears ,the room pause for a second , my supervisor come and laugh " alright son , we should give you difference shift from tomorrow" . Before this I thought nurse and doctor were "best friends" , we support each other ,... but nah not in my hospital , this just changed my mind and my way of work,the nurses on my floor -I feel them like bee keeps buzzing my ear .nurse and MD if we have sympathy for each other,... but nah .... and at the end of the day the victim is not us but the patient

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