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  1. essarge

    "The Change"

    While I had a TAH when I was 42, I have recently stopped taking my Premarin (the 20 pounds I put on were a deciding factor). I'll be at work and fanning myself while everyone else is freezing and as far as Libido goes...well, I'm still trying to find out what shelf I put it on!!! LOL! I'm curious to see what happens now since I'm in my last year of school. Hopefully my memory won't end up on the same shelf that my libido where was that again??????
  2. essarge

    They're going BAAAAAAAAACK!

    WhooHoo!! No more kids outside playing at 730am because mom and dad want to sleep in ("go wake the neighbors up but, let me sleep!" LOL!). Just school busses to get stuck behind on my way to clinicals. But that gives me the time to "see" America's future....the kid in the back seat sticking his/her tongue out at me (or worse)LOL! Anyway, enjoy the school year whether it is your children going, you going, or the neighbor's kids!
  3. essarge

    annoying pop ups for window XP has a free popup blocker that you can download. It also allows you to let popups when you want to play a game....just by pushing and holding the ctrl button.
  4. With the advent of fall semester almost on us, I thought that some would like to give easy make recipes for the nursing student that needs that extra time to study. My favorite is a slow cooker recipe. Shopping list: family package of Boneless chicken breast (you can debone chicken if you feel like it) 4-5 bottles of brown sugar bbq sauce (I like Kraft) potate rolls. In a.m. set slow cooker on lower setting place chicken breasts and 2 bottles bbq sauce in slow cooker and cover. When dinner time is close, "shred" chicken that has been cooking all day. My method of "shredding" is to take two forks and pull chicken apart in the slow cooker. Add more bbq sauce to taste and consistency that you like. Place shredded chicken on potato rolls and serve with tater tots or chips on paper plates. Clean up is easy and if you have any left over place individual servings in baggies and freeze for later. These can be micro waved for a quickie if you need it!
  5. essarge

    Classmate Dies

    Is there an address that we might be able to send donations to help the family out? I'd be more than happy to send something.
  6. essarge

    Proper Entry Level for Nursing....

    OK..IMHO.....Let's leave the different entry levels, but change the salary structure. Leave diploma and ADN at an hourly and then put BSN in at a salary. Maybe that would change some of the opinions in nursing as a profession by bringing the nurse out of the linen closet.
  7. essarge

    Thought provoking email

    Glad to see things have calmed down a little! I do believe that we have a purpose here in life. And when that purpose is met (we might never know what that purpose was or is), we can move on to the next "plane" in life to our next purpose/lesson. Like I said earlier though, I believe that eventually we attain "guardian angelship" and help others to progress to that point. I have a friend that told me to NEVER EVER name a guardian angel because it was probably a demon and when you name one it allows it to do it's evil. Kind of weird to me, but I kept my opinion to myself. By the way, my guardian angel's name is "Harry" and has been for about 10 years now. He's kind of cool, he listens and doesn't talk back and kind of let's me figure things out on my own most of the time. But he has "saved me more than one time and has also made me aware of things that are happening so I can help others. Guess he's been around allot longer than I thought. Way to go Harry!!!
  8. essarge

    Thought provoking email

    OOOOHHHHH!! I love this end of the subject!! There are so many vast opinions out there. This is going to be fun!! I believe that our spirit (soul as some call them) is infinite. That it has been around longer than anyone could even imagine. I believe (Yes Sylvia Brown I do!) that we have all had "previous lives". Our soul is travelling through a multitude of "personalities to learn as much as it can at each and every point. Our body is more or less like a "garage" that keeps the soul at this stop (of course there are times I wish my "garage keeper" would give me an update!! LOL!). When we pass out of this time we move onto another garage to learn more and it goes on and on and on. Eventually we will become infinitely wiser (makes you wonder why they say that we only use 10% of our brain doesn't it?). At this point we no longer need a garage to hang out in and can kick back, still learn, but without the frailty of being "human". Perhaps that would be my difinition of a guardian angel. Those are the souls that have reached the point that they no longer need the garage and are now teachers, even though they are still learning. To become a guardian angel would be the ultimate reward for learning all that I could and to be able to help someone else attain that reward. In my mind's eye heaven is like that movie with Mel Brooks and Meryl Streep. She played the soul that had been perfect (cub scout mom, baked cookies, did no wrong) He on the other hand just messed up at every turn. This place that they met was where they decided if you had learned enough the last time around. The name of the movie escapes me, but the vision they show of Heaven would be what I would want it to be.
  9. essarge

    Thought provoking email

    I'm sorry Dennie, I don't see where PK's remarks should have "pissed" you off. They were just questions about why the catholic religion says prayers to a human being therefore putting that human (in my opinion) in a Godlike position. Perhaps the question should be why would that happen? Is there a practicing catholic on this thread that may be able to answer that for us?
  10. essarge

    Thought provoking email

    Somehow, and I'm not quite sure why, this thread has been turned into a "gay rights" discussion on the religious format. This was not my intention when I started this thread. I was hoping to evoke some interesting comments and learn more about other religions of the world. I think that I will ask for the discussion about gays, where they come from, what they do, etc. etc. etc., to stop and get back to the original meaning of this thread. While I know that I cannot control this, I feel that maybe if this discussion is important, perhaps another thread with that subject should be started and this thread return to it's original intention. Thank you!:)
  11. essarge

    Thought provoking email is some more food for thought. I have been running an "experiment"of sorts. Everyday for the last week I start the day out saying "thank you" and end the day saying "thank you". This is not said to anyone/thing in particular, it is just said. I wanted to know if I said those two words to start out the day and finish the day if things would "look up" for me. Well, I gotta tell you they have. I was offered a two year fully paid nursing scholarship (will pay for my last two years of nursing school) and an externship at the hospital in the ED (my fantasy job). After that I will progress to my internship and continue to work in the ED! I'm not sure if me saying those two words every day were part of it, but I'll tell you the I'm going to keep it up, just in case!!!! Now, mind you, I'm not saying this as a "prayer" but a statement. So I'd be interested in knowing what everyone's take is on this.
  12. essarge

    Thought provoking email

    Hi all! Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. Getting ready for the next semester. Hope this finds everyone happy and thinking about life in a more positive way since this thread started. I never dreamed that it would take off like this, but I'm glad. Like I said before, as healthcare workers I feel that the more knowledge we have the better we are to deal with different situations in a non-judgemental way. I have a very good friend who is a Witness. Her mother is in the hospital after having a major heart attack. The first hospital that they went to kept telling the family that they had to give this woman blood or she would die. The nursing staff was judgemental and trying to make them feel guilty about not giving her blood, so much so that they moved her mother to a Philadelphia hospital that was 2 hours farther away to get away from all of the judging idiots! It just galls me that someone can be soooo judgemental about someone and be adament that they are soooo right and the rest of the world is soooo wrong, especially a healthcare worker! Please tell me how someone can, in good conscience, do this to someone else?
  13. essarge

    Thought provoking email

    The strangest thing happened to me the other day. My hubby, stepson, and I were at a lab to get some work done and there was a woman sitting next to me with her 5 year old daughter. We were just talking and somehow the subject of church came up (don't even know how). Turns out that she goes to an Assembly of God church nearby where I live. Hubby and I had been talking about going, but just haven't done it. We got talking about how she used to be Catholic (as was my hubby) and I Lutheran. Hubby went to my church and was "confirmed" in the Lutheran church, but neither one of us were really happy there either. Linda was saying that for some reason she was drawn to the Assembly church and that maybe we should try it. Turns out that I know the pastor's son (was a waiter where I worked). She said something that really made me think. She said that you should "go to the church that God calls you to, there is no WRONG church, just the one that is right for you". When I left the lab I had this strange feeling that I needed to go talk to the pastor of this church. I have had allot of turmoil going on with my 16 year old step son. I am going to call him, or maybe just stop into church on Sunday and check it out. Maybe she was right and God does call you to the church that is right for you. When I left she gave me a big hug and said "God bless you" and I left feeling different than I have in a very long time. I want you all to know that she in no way PUSHED her church on me. What do you all think about this?
  14. essarge

    Thought provoking email

    Hi all! Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. My ISP decided to go down so had some "catch-up" to do. I do have a "devils advocate" question for you. If Eve ate the fruit and Adam didn't (or vice versa) what would the world be like? Would men be perfect and women not or the other way around? Or if Adam ate the fruit then would ment have to have children (and the pain that goes with it?) Come to think of it....they ate the fruit too...why don't they have to go through the pain of having children???? Just curious!!:p
  15. essarge

    Living in Hell, aka Winter in Buffalo

    Those pictures make me happy that I don't live up that way anymore!!!! :O)