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Please be a responsible pet owner!

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Hi all,I am a nurse, but I also volunteer for the MSPCA! I love what I do, but it can be very depressing which is why I am posting this.....1) STOP BREEDING, START ADOPTING! There are MILLIONS of pets waiting in sheltes for a home, big and small, exotic and not so exotic...They all have one thing in common- They didn't ask to be born, they are thier because of us. Please support your local shelters by donating or adopting... Don't support breeding by buying from a pet store or breeder! By supporting pet stores and breeders you are supporting the euthanasia of thousands of dogs, cats, and other pets beacuse there are more of them than willing humans to take them in!2) SPAY AND NEUTER! If you adopt from a shelter it will be included in your adoption fee! It is a minor surgical procedure that you can usually find at low cost.... It beats trying to care for puppies and kittens and then trying to home them... That's 1-8 shelter animals that could have had homes! 3) DO RESEARCH! Research the animal you want to adopt FIRST! We reasearch the cars we buy, the electronics, etc...but people think its ok to just take a living being home that y ou must feed, clean up after, walk, take to the vet...etc. Don't buy a pet at the spur of the moment, thats one of the many ways they end up in shelters! 4) CAN YOU AFFORD IT! Pets require veteranary care, when they are sick and sometimes in some pets, even when they are healthy! VETS ARE VERY EXPENSIVE! Do research before you buy on the vet costs associated with a pet and take that into consideration! If you cannot afford vet care, dont get a pet! 5) WILL YOUR LANDLORD ALLOW A PET? Don't get one and then ask....ask first! 6) ALLERGIES! Spend time with the pet you wNt to adopt to be sure you, or your family members are not allergic!7) TIME...Don't get a dog if you work 12+ hour shifts, unless you have someone to spend time with them at least twice a day.... Consider your free time before you get a pet! They require attention and care from YOU!8) DO NOT BUY A PET BECAUSE YOUR CHILD WANTS IT! I have seen countless animals in the shelter because children get bored once the newness wears off! If you buy your child a pet, know that you will continue to care for it and give it attention even when your child doesn't. Just dumping them off at a shelter sends the wrong message to kids! 9) IF YOU ARE EXPECTING LIFE CHANGES, WAIT! Do not get a new pet if your planning on having a baby, moving,traveling a lot etc....Another reason they will get dumped at a shelter! Ok, done done for now! Sorry about the lacking spaces, for some reason my posts just show up as one big paragraph!Happy

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