The Hounds of the Lawless

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  2. My neighbor has two hound dogs they keep on their back deck that are noise nuisances.
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    In July of 2016, I edited this cartoon for a Breakroom thread about neighbors:

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    When my neighbors first moved in, they ran their four wheelers near my property line. I let them know that Belinda and I worked midnights and the noise was keeping us awake. We came to an agreement that they would not run the four wheelers after 12 noon, mine and Belinda's usual bedtime.

    I was so pleased, I gave them a $50 gift certificate to Red Lobster. "You didn't need to do that", Brittany, our neighbor said. "I wanted to show my appreciation", I replied, "Because you worked with me and my sleep is very important to me".

    So when the hound dogs started interrupting my sleep, I wrote them another letter, but never heard back from them. So, I sent another:

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    Brittany and Clay never responded to my letters, so I thought of alternative methods to get rid of the hound dogs. This is a sketch from my journal, dated May 15, 2017:

    I thought maybe if I posted this sign on a tree near the road, somebody might just come and take the hound dogs away.
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    I also considered the option of "See How It Feels"? My dog, Colby Jack, does not like to be tied up and barks continuously. The Lawless Family sleeps at night, so I was going to tie Colby Jack up at night right outside of their bedroom window so he would annoy them while they were trying to sleep.


    Maybe then they would feel empathy for me and not keep their hounds on their back deck, which is right across from my bedroom window, so I could get some peace and quiet.
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    In the Problem Solving Process, after identifying the problem, one needs to brainstorm ideas, no matter how silly or ludicrous they may be. A bad idea may just lead us to a good one!

    Blinda poo-pooed this idea right away. She said, "It's not the dogs' fault!"

    Besides, I don't own a rifle.
  9. by   nursej22
    We have neighbors that had several big, barking dogs throughout the summer. They seemed to change periodically, so wondered if they were boarding dogs. Then they had puppies that cried. I thought about reporting them to the city, but perhaps someone else did, cuz they're all gone now. I do not miss them, at all!
  10. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    A woman who used to live across the street from us had THIRTEEN Screamin' Mimi"s, aka miniature schnauzers. One would start and then the other twelve joined in. They did not bark, they shrieked, screamed, squawled, whistled and went berserkly insane in their vocalizations. It could be heard through her closed windows and ours, with our TV on and the noise of the Interstate. I love dogs but those thirteen were just unbearable. I was SOOOOOOOOOO glad when she moved and took those noise-boxes with her!
  11. by   kbrn2002
    Holy noise! I know this is getting to be an older thread, but gee whiz. What is wrong with people? I am a dog person, I have three Boxers. They are not allowed to bark excessively ever. I worked nights for 15 years so I know firsthand how hard it is to sleep through normal daytime noises, sadly I couldn't convince the neighbor to mow the lawn in the middle of the night to accommodate my sleep schedule but at least they didn't leave their two dogs outside barking all day. Now thirteen of any dog is just some special kind of crazy. Thirteen mute dogs would be a chore, I couldn't imagine being neighbors with that many noisemakers much less being their doggy parents. Cripes, taking care of that pack would be a full time job in itself!
  12. by   toomuchbaloney
    Dogs can be noisy. Huskies often howl their Thanks after feeding. People who buy property adjacent to mushing dog yards are often unhappy with the noise. You can get jobs working in a musher's pack because, yes, it's a lot of work and time.