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Sarah Matacale

How Being a Great Nurse Made Me a Really Bad First-Time Dog Owner

I have been a Registered Nurse for about 20 years now. I have work in a ton of different areas, but mainly Critical Care and Hospice. Not to brag, but I consider...

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Canine Seizures: One Family's Story

Her name is Baby. I am a bit biased, of course, but I think she is the cutest little doggy in the whole world. She is a 4 1/2 pound Yorkie. She will be...

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Human Foods Which Cats Can't Eat

This list contains common foods, but is by no means extensive. As a rule of thumb, if in doubt, don't give it to your cat. It may save him a great deal of pain and...

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Casper the Friendly Ghost

In 2003 we drove to New York to pick up a puppy. I have always loved the breed.... so we picked up our ....."weim-a-what?" is what we always heard. I told the...

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The Litter Box Incident

Now that my husband's customary chores are gradually but inexorably being transferred to my to-do list, I got ambitious last night and decided that I was going to...

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We love our fur-babies, our cats. They are truly our babies. We picked up four newborn kittens from a box in a friend's garage. A feral mama cat had her...

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