Puppy trouble

  1. My puppy gets underneath the couch and chair. I blocked them off with boxes but now she chews them up! Yes, I have tried distraction and she has plenty of toys
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  3. by   nursej22
    Ah puppies!
    Recommend crating your pup or putting her in a pen when you are not home. Be sure she gets plenty of exercise, a tired dog is a happy dog. And when she tries to get under your furniture, a quick correction is needed. You may need to leash her to you to catch her in the act, and then a gentle correction, followed by what you want her to do. A firm "no" and then "here, chase the ball". You may need to put her in a brief time out if the firm "no" doesn't do it. . She most likely wants to make you happy, but she needs to know what you expect.
  4. by   toomuchbaloney
    Good advice above.

    We have Alaska huskies. 4 that live with us. They are big chewers. My puppy constantly tries to chew on the underneath of the furniture. He's 5 months old, still teething. His 10 month old brother is grown past that.

    What breed, age is your puppy?
  5. by   Joe V
    Great advice!

    DISCLAIMER: I'm completely new to this so I'm just sharing what works for me.

    I have 2 puppies. They are both 4 months.

    I got Chewie (for Chewbacca) in November. He's already potty trained.
    I got Kye just this month. He's a work in progress.

    Things that worked for me...

    - Give treats when they do something good. (ALWAYS HAVE THEM AROUND.)
    - Stay active with them. The first few months with a puppy are important.
    - Provide toys - cheap is ok. I get them toys with different fabric/material.
    - Consider giving them rawhide sticks. It keeps them busy.
    - Subscribe to Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution. I knew nothing about dogs. Zak's video are very helpful.
    - Put puppy in playpen when you are distracted.
    - Have patience.

    Some people don't recommend a training collar (beeps, vibrate, or zap). But, I find them very effective. I take my puppies outside ... call them ... if they ignore me ... I beep the collar and they come back running back. (I give them a treat.)

    If they start biting on something that they shouldn't - I beep collar and they stop. At this point, I give them a treat and distract with a toy.

    Good luck!