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  1. I live in a three unit victorian with a nice sized back yard. I live in the middle flat. My nephew lives in the ground floor unit.

    He has just gotten a puppy. Chiuahua and shih tzu mixed breed. Years ago I had pure bred shih tzu so I am pretty familiar with that breed.

    I am considering getting a litter mate. I am retired and have lots of time to devote to an animal. Because both units share the back yard, I want to make sure puppies get along.

    My great niece got a male. There are 4 males and one female available. I have mostly had females so I am thinking I might want a female. Ofcourse, I would have her spayed at earliest opportunity. Who is most likely to get along well, 2 males or a male and a female?

    It is a big decision, but I have been thinking about getting a dog since I retired. Any advice welcome. thanks so much
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    I don't think it matters. At least in my history of owning dogs.

    We got a brother and sister from a litter of mini-daushunds and they got along very well. Then we got a yellow lab and all three got along very well. Even slept together. Plus we had a cat. Before that we had a male chocolate lab and a male mini-daushund. They got along well. And we had cats.

    I'd say get them together every day. And I'll bet there are experts in the field of animal training who could give advice. I'm tempted to google it now but my eyes are drooping and I'm so sleepy.

    Good luck!

    Edited . . . I had to go look. There's lots of stuff but here's one.

    How to Introduce Dogs in the Same Household - For Dummies
  4. by   nurseactivist
    Thank you so much for responding, especially with tired eyes. Your response gives me more flexibility and if I find that I bond better with another male, I will still go for it.

    I am excited like my little great niece!
  5. by   nurseactivist
    Good morning group! I am off to buy puppy supplies. I will check in later.
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