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  2. Nursing is stressful, imo, and pets are so so comforting.

    Looks like there are a lot of animal lovers who belong to this nursing forum!! Post a photo of your dog or pet!!

    ^ That is my beloved border collie, a rescue out of the death row box. Best ever dog in the whole world.
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    HERE IS LINK TO USE IMGUR: imgur: the simple image sharer

    YOU DO NOT NOT NOT have to 'register" or anything, just click on the "upload photo" thingie, and upload a photo. After the photo is uploaded,
    right click on the photo,
    and select "copy link address"
    and paste that into a reply.

    TO AVOID LOSING YOUR PLACE, just right-click on links, and select, "Open a new tab".
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    Here is some more pictures of my adorable border collie. He is such a great dog, and his breed requires he gets "stuff to do/a job"
    so i teach him tricks and cues. (if i don't, he goes nutzzzzzz)

    He knows over 100 tricks and cues, even can get a beer out of the fridge, and can do that doggie dancing heelwork, like you can see on youtube. Lol, the song we work on this precision heelwork to,
    is "Stand By Me" and we have worked out various tricks for some of the lines, like for example,
    the line, "if the sky, should ever tumble and fall"
    for that line,
    my dog will fall over, and roll over and over. HIlarious to watch. We have a couple of tricks we do, for various lines. For the lines, "I won't cry, i won't cry" he sits up in beg position, and holds his paws over his eyes!!Stuff like that,
    He is a character, and sure does love learning stuff.

    i know, i know, some of you, are probably rolling your eyes, but border collies HAVE TO have stuff to do, stuff to figure out,
    they will eat your sofa!! ha ha!! Since we have no sheep, my Buddy learns tricks instead!!
  6. by   somenurse
    my dog Buddy, sure does love his little toys:

    He's cute NOW, but wow, you shoulda seen him when i first met him. Total gangsta, bag of bones, too weak to walk, stunk, covered in urine burns and feces, with SKANKY matted fur that felt like straw, and the vet said he was so so malnourished, it was actually life-threatening. He was taken from a puppy mill that made nat'l news when it was discovered, and Buddy spent first year or more of his life, in a cage, 24/7, as a stud dog in a puppy mill,
    not even let out to pee or poop. We thought he was a 'tri-color" border collie for weeks...but, it was just urine stains from living in a cage 24/7.

    Buddy had a bad attitude, too, and didn't think much of our species when we first brought him home. Spent the first weeks just glaring at us, and growling if we startled him or tried to touch him. If we carried a broom or anything stick shaped, he RAN as best as he could run, and hid!!!
    I just kept raining bits of chicken and telling him, "Wasn't me, Buddy, wasn't me..." My eyes watered a lot those first months.

    Buddy has since changed his mind, and loves everyone now. Lovely, lovable, loving dog, just a perfect lil gentlemen, he even does some therapy work in a nursing home.
    No mystery why no one wanted HIM!! No wonder his time was up and he was in the death row box...He was one hot mess!!!

    now, he is a much loved healthy, strong beautiful dog, with a busy life and a family who thinks he is a piece of sunshine running through our world. He is perfect lil gentleman now, very eager to please, tons of QUIRKS, and very funny dog!

    okay! okay!! i'll stop!! Let's see your pets!!
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  7. by   herring_RN
    This is my DH with Dukie dog. We adopted him about 1 1/2 years ago. He is not easy to photograph.

    Here is DH with our pet Gorn.

  8. by   somenurse
    WHAT a sweet looking dog, HerringRN!! LOVE it!! Dukie looks like he might have some border collie in him, too, doesn't he? Has a lot of the same markings that border collies have.

    Oh, i so so know what you mean about dogs being hard to photograph! I have always wanted a photo of my dog running,
    instead, i have a stack of photos of my dog's tail leaving the photo,
    or my dog's nose entering the well as a stack of photos of a patch of grass with no dog at all in the entire photo. Ha ha!!

    I have a pal who rocks at dog photography, and she told me, that it helps to sit on the ground, to get better photos. But, yeah, i so hear you, i think photographing dogs is not the easiest thing in the world to do at all!!

    The Gorn----rofl!!
  9. by   herring_RN
    We adopted him at the animal shelter. The volunteer said his family had to move into an apartment after forclosure of their house.
    His license says, "pitt bull" but I don't think he looks like one at all. We think he looks like he is part Lab.
    I do have him running. Just click the picture.
  10. by   somenurse
    OH, that is one happy dog!! Ha, made me smile to watch that!! GOOD ON YOU for rescuing a dog!! LOVE it!! Yeah, i don't see the pittie in your dog, either, i see some border collie markings and yeah, some lab,
    Dukie might be a full-blooded Bitsa??

    Bitsa this,
    bitsa that,
    all your favorite breeds in one lovable dog!!
    Whatever combo of dogs is there in Dukie, it sure makes for one fine looking dog!! So svelte and athletic looking, too, and wow, what a glossy coat on that dog!!
    I bet Dukie is one spoiled pup indeed!!
  11. by   sharpeimom
    bookends-jpg davidfrankartie.bmp biggamehunting-jpg deadschoolbuseleanor-jpg eleanorfranklyssiedavidmannie-jpg emilylion.bmp ezrzinsheet.bmp

    white cats -- Spencer and Kenny, who were littermates. Kenny died very recently. He'son the right
    #2 gray and white tabby is David, ginger and white is Frankie (Franklin Roosevelt,) and Farty Artie(no explanation needed!)
    #3 Ollie is our shar pei puppy and his giraffe baby.
    #4 Ellie - Eleanor Roosevelt is Frankie's littermate.
    #5 Ulysses and Frankie
    #6 Emily Dickinson is the white kitties littermate. She is shaved to facilitate healing. She was covered with
    lighter burns when we rescued her.
    #7Ezra Pound is our oldest cat.
  12. by   sharpeimom
    More of our babies.

    Mannie is Ollie's uncle.manniebluebed1.bmp

    heaintheavy-jpgOllie and a littermate

    kenny3-jpg Kenny lyssiebug-jpg Lyssiebug (Ulysses)

    maxieplays1-jpg Maximillion (Maxie) we rescued Maxie a month ago

    peekaboo.bmp Abbie is a tuxie with a black face.

    pure-indolence-jpg Baby Abbie
  13. by   somenurse
    To SharpeiMom,
    now THAT'S an awesome family you have there!! WHAT a buncha cuties, just one after the other! Such great names, too! Loooove the pup, what a cutie pie, bet you can barely stop staring at him, pups are so irresistible! Musta been fun watching the pup and cats all meeting each other!?

    What beautiful felines, too, wow, love 'em! I am a sucker for tuxedo cats, sooo cute. But wow, Lyssiebug is like a painting, and that Ellie is gorgeous too, and i could just steal Max and, well, they all are so so cute! Do they all get along pretty well? I bet they crack you up every single day!

    Sorry you have recently lost Kenny, what a looker he was, it's always hard to lose a beloved pet.
  14. by   somenurse
    Anyone else have a cute pet? Anyone else like sharing photos of their cute animal?
  15. by   mariebailey
    This is my cat on morphine after having surgery on an abscess: