New puppy and 12 hour shifts.

  1. I'm not sure if this topic goes here but I have a question for my fellow nurses (I graduate this May) that have dogs.
    I'm looking to adopt a puppy but since I'm in my last semester, I'm doing 12 hr shifts precepting 2x/week and actually working at least once a week as a NT. The good thing right now is that I still live at home while I'm in school so if I get a puppy, my parents can watch him throughout the day while I precept AND work.
    However, I want my dog to know that I am its owner and to not get too attached to my parents nor do I want my parents to feel like they are taking on the responsibility of another dog, making me feel irresponsible (We already have 3 dogs and all three will choose my parents over me bc they are usually home) Also, when I do eventually move out (I don't know when that will be) how do I contain my dog for the 12-14 hours I am gone? I feel like the night shifts won't be so bad but the day shifts will be bad since my pup will be awake. I don't want to crate them for 12 hours. That's too inhumane and too long!

    What do I do?
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  3. by   Clovery
    Perhaps now is not the time to be taking in any new pets. Once you are employed and have a place of your own, look into doggie day care, pet sitting, etc. for the days you are working. 12-14 hours is way too long to leave a dog alone, especially a young dog, on a regular basis. I love dogs, but went without one for most of my 20s because I knew I wouldn't be home enough to properly care for it. I did have a cat.