My dog is enabling my allnurses addiction

  1. We adopted a 6 year old pit bull. His name is Bodhi, as in enlightened one. (We didn't pick the name, but it is a good one.)

    He is the first dog we've owned who buries bones! He buries them in the mud/mulch in the back yard. He digs up the bone a few hours later and brings his black covered with mud bone in the house. Yay, the drought is finally over in California.

    When we put his leash on him, before we hold the other end, he picks up the leash in his mouth, and walks himself around the house? He will even pick up our other pit bull's leash and walk her around the house. I don't think she is amused.

    He had a very slight hard to notice limp in his rear left leg. The vet wasn't concerned, asked if he could run okay, didn't order further treatment. Unfortunately last Thursday his back left side got bumped and he could barely put weight on that leg for 24 hours. Return visit to the vet and he's getting x-rayed in 3 days.

    The vet said no walks until we find out what is wrong, so I am "forced" to sit on the couch with him while the other dog gets a walk, plus just sit with him to give him a little TLC. He loves to sit and snuggle on the couch while I read, watch TV, or feed my Allnurses addiction!
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  3. by   nursej22
    I had a Boston Terrier who was prone to patellar subluxation, but it never seemed to bother her. She would limp around for a day or so, and then she'd be fine. I wonder if Bohdi has some thing similar. My BT used to bury bones, and then rescue them again in. Few minutes. She always looked so hurt when I would scold her for the mess
  4. by   margin261
    I hope your fur baby is ok!! I have a variety of fur (& feather) babies and know how stressful it can be when one isn't feeling it's best. I hope he's back walking himself soon!
  5. by   brownbook
    Thanks, it was some arthritis in his left knee and (I have to ask the Vet about this) I think the Vet said he had an extra bone in his lower left lumbar area that could be a sore area if bumped. My husband was with me and kept interrupting....I couldn't get a word in edgewise!

    But he was fine two days after the incident and the vet said just give him some Rimadyl PRN. Yesterday he and our other dog were playing so ruff, started running around the couch about 100 miles an hour. Later that night he was suddenly panting a lot. I thought it might be from pain and gave him a pill, but otherwise he has been fine. Today we took a walk, about 4 houses away from our house he took a hold of the slack in his leash, while I was still holding it, I let go, and he "walked" himself home. What a nut!
  6. by   margin261
    So glad it wasn't anything that required surgery or that kept him down for long!

    My husband got our pygmy goats a trampoline, they're hysterical playing on it! They'll probably need arthritis meds when they get older!
  7. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Just stumbled across this post, and I hope Bodhi is continuing to do better.

    I had a good laugh over self-walking dogs and trampolining goats! Thanks!