Keeping Track of Flea Meds In A Multi-Pet Household

  1. I've heard several people who have several furkids complain about how hard it is to keep track of immunizations, flea meds, rabies shots, fe=leuk, etc. I have never quite understood
    why people are so surprised by how we keep track. It's really so simple! We did flea stuff today. We use flea and tick stuff in the squeeze on tube on the cats and dog. Here's my flea chart for this month. Frank and Eleanor react to something in the Frontline Plus, which also protects against flea nits, lice and nits, and ticks. I also keep a page for each one with immunization dates, rabies, routine and quick vet trips, meds given, meds, allergies, etc.

    given name due next med given
    08/16 Frankie sept. 16 advantage

    08/16 Panda oct. 1th frontline plus

    08/16 Abby sept. 16 frontline plus

    08/16 Lyssie sept. 16 frontline plus

    08/16 Emily sept. 16 frontline plus

    08/16 Artie sept. 16 frontline plus

    08/16 David sept. 16 frontline plus

    08/16 Maxie sept. 16 frontline plus

    08/16 Ollie sept. 16 frontline plus

    08/16 Spenny sept. 16 frontline plus

    08/16 Eleanor oct. 1st advantage
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    That's funny,D.D.!
  5. by   Fuzzy
    It's easy nowadays with all of our wonderful technology. Put the reminder in your phone and/or computer. Many vet clinics are emailing vaccination reminders to clients. Some vets have a pet portal setup so that you can access your pet's account as needed. These are properly password protected. It's not rocket science to remember. It did take rocket science to make it easier to be reminded.

  6. by   sharpeimom
    Thanks,Fuzzy! Our vet's office is terrific about everything. They send us reminders of what is due when but I guess I'm just kind of OCD about record keeping.

    Our cats are rescues and all but two were neglected, beaten, three were set on fire, one was burned in several spots with a lighter, one was deliberately run over by a car, one cat's prior owner tried to drown him.
    We have a kitty whose humans gave him meth. I guess that's why I sweat the small stuff.