Casper the Friendly Ghost - page 2

In 2003 we drove to New York to pick up a puppy. I have always loved the breed.... so we picked up our ....."weim-a-what?" is what we always heard. I told the kids the the Weimaraner is known... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
    Sorry for your loss....
  2. by   Lil Nel
    I am sending you a big, heartfelt hug. Such a beautiful dog and faithful companion.

    Truly sorry for your loss.
  3. by   herring_RN
    I'm crying.
    She was a beautiful dog.
    You are one of my favorite allnurses members.
    Thank you!
  4. by   Esme12
    It has taken me a while to look at heart is truly broken. Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I miss her so....sigh