Canine/Feline Blood Donation


    I was watching an episode of The Incredible Pol (a veterinarian in Michigan) on Nat Geo Wild that featured a dog having a leg amputated. Blood loss was mentioned and that got me thinking about cat and dog blood transfusions.

    I think I looked this up a few years ago but couldn't remember all the details. I just looked blood donation up (yay Google) and found the above article from Petfinder. It centers around dog blood donation but I found info regarding cat blood donation as well.

    In fact a vet clinic in a nearby city has a blood donation program. Our dog is too old to donate but I have a cat who might meet the criteria - but how many cats are chill enough to donate?

    Has anyone ever done this? Any current/former vet techs who can add to the discussion? I'm interested in having my cat donate, but I'm not sure how she feels about it!
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  3. by   Jules A
    I haven't ever thought about donating one of mine, excellent suggestion, but have been the grateful recipient of two transfusions for one of my beloved pooches who developed hemolytic anemia. Despite being terribly sick she actually recovered and lived several more years. I am ever so thankful for the person who had the foresight to volunteer their dog to this process in order to help others. Great thread!
  4. by   BCgradnurse
    My vet has a cat and dog that live on the premises that are sometimes called upon to be donors. There are two very large academic vet hospitals near me, but I couldn't find any info on blood donor programs. Interesting topic.
  5. by   Nurse Leigh
    It sounds like several clinics with donation programs will offer a "reward" to the pet such as a bag of food and/or $$ towards services or gift cards.
  6. by   Fuzzy
    My dogs have been donors. Both typed as mostly universal (DEA 1.1 neg). Because age both are now retired. They did save many dog lives. Neither had to be sedated. They would just stand or sit quietly on the table. My cats were always too small to be donors. Cats are lot more "dicey" to transfuse. They are extremely sensitive.