A Heated Cat Bed That Actually WORKS!!

  1. After trying virtually every heated cat bed in e[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]xistence, (seems like it anyway!) we finally found one that actually des what it says it will! Wahoo!

    It uses a concealed space blanket instead of having to be plugged in as some did, or the reusable microwave pouches that many do.

    We bought one to try out. We put it on the loveseat near our chairs. They sniffed it very suspiciously. Finally, ever so carefully, Spenny put a paw in and touched it. It's top is fake sheepskin. He finally climbed all the way in and settled down for a nap. So far... So good.

    Persian kitty snores and snorts continue. Spenny (he came named) was beaten, burned, kicked, stomped, run over by a car, etc. and has had a lonnnnnnng recovery back. He has arthritis for which he gets cortisone injections. This bed has made a sweet little boy MUCH more comfortable!

    If anyone else thinks this bed might help their kitty, PM me for info. I hope this isn't against TOS. I have no vested interest in this company. I'm just so thankful we finally found a bed that helps our achy cats!

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    Here are Frank and Panda Bear in our beds. They don't open easily above.
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    Sully Bug likes arm pits or backs personally.

    However, he approves.