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Paying more for less coverage?

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Despite the conservative story line that Obamacare is causing widespread increases in insurance premiums and less coverage at the same time, actual reliable/vetted examples continue to be elusive.

The most recent is the story of Julie Boonstra, a cancer patient who's experience with Obamacare was supposedly so damning that Americans for Prosperity spent $30 million to publicize her story.

Her claim was that her previous plan was cancelled due to Obamacare, and that her insurance was now going to be unaffordable, her current doctor wasn't covered and some of her medications wouldn't be covered.

As it turns out, her doctor and medications are still fully covered under her Obamacare plan, and she's guaranteed to save at least $1200 a year (without a subsidy) and will likely save even more. The hand picked example of why Obamacare is horrible worth putting $30 million behind is that she'll save $1200 a year and get the same services.

This comes after the story of Dianne Barrette, who's been discussed here before, the basis of the initial claims of individual premiums going from less than $100 to many hundreds. Her story was everywhere until Fox news pointed out that her previous "insurance" was basically worthless.

Then there was the example used in the Republican rebuttal to the state of the union which revolved around the story of "Bette from Spokane", a woman who supposedly was now going to have to pay $700 more a month for a plan similar to what she had. As it turns out, she had a $10,000 deductible bare bones coverage plan and was comparing it to the most expensive plan available (no deductibles, co pays, etc). It turns out she never bothered to even look at how much plans would cost through the exchange and was just going by the cost of a plan an insurance company was advertising.

If conservative characterizations of the ACA are accurate, why are reliable examples so rare?

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I have one acquaintance who reports that her health insurance costs for her private insurance went up $70/mo. She also reported that her deductible is lower and she now has preventative care coverage among other improvements in coverage. I think that she is not happy about the cost but is happy to be better protected. When she first posted comments about this on FB the tone was quite angry. As the discussion evolved, and she identified the ways the policies were different her tone softened some. Nonetheless, she remains very much anti-Obamacare.

I know a young professional skier who now can get his coverage through his parents (for another year) which is MUCH cheaper for him.

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