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Ortho Nurse with POTS

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So, here I am almost 4 years into my nursing career, and I'm facing a diagnosis of POTS. For years I've been struggling with symptoms and it took a -non-medical friend who happens to have POTS to suggest I talk with my PCP about it. So now I'll be seeing a dysautonomia specialist in July for my TILT table test and stress test for my official diagnosis. Wish I had thought of this earlier, so I could have avoided the ER visits after sporadic chest pain and palpitations. I was hoping to find a floor nurse who has been living with POTS for some advice. How do you manage your symptoms with working? My job makes it almost impossible to stay hydrated and keep up with the high salt diet my doctor recommended and the beta blockers make me even more tired than I already am. I stay dizzy and fatigued. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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