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Officer Charged in Fatal Shooting of a Black Man in a California Walmart

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A California police officer was charged on Wednesday with felony manslaughter for fatally shooting a Black man inside a Walmart in April in a swift confrontation that the district attorney said displayed an unreasonable use of deadly force.

District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley of Alameda County said in a statement on Wednesday that charging Officer Jason Fletcher of the San Leandro Police Department “is not a decision that is made lightly, nor rashly.” She faulted the officer for “his failure to attempt other de-escalation options,” which “rendered his use of deadly force unreasonable and a violation” of state law.


Officer Charged in Fatal Shooting of a Black Man in a California Walmart

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This happens too often. 

In Los Angeles our LAPD have improved immensely. Police are usually doing their best and treating people "by The Book". 

There has been top down corruption in the Count Sheriffs department. One former top Sheriff is serving time for scandals involving illegal use of force  by deputies in the jails and the community.  Our current sheriff won't even attend a County Supervisor's meeting in person or on line:




One night in CCU I admitted a man in his 80s who was under arrest for shooting his rifle in his back yard after thinking he heard a prowler. After complaining of chest pain on the way to jail they took him to the ER. It was an MI. He came up from the ER with a county sheriff guarding him. Often a sheriff would guard a patient too ill to go to the county hospital jail ward or ICU. 

This guy was not polite as most. When I introduced myself to him he bragged that he was making double time after working all day. He refused to put the chair I brought him near the doorway. 

After assessing and explaining to the patient about the NTG and Heparin IV, O2 cannula, call light and such I told them I was going to see my other patient.  I was in and out of the room until the patient went to sleep. 

Almost an hour later I heard LOUD voices from the room. The sheriff had clearly left the patient unguarded long enough to push a recliner into the room. He was asleep there with a ball game blasting loudly from the TV. 

Metal handcuffs were on the patient's  wrists and ankles. He could hardly move. He said, "Help me."

I had to shake that sheriff hard to wake him up. I said, "Unlock the cuffs and then put that recliner back where you got it, and bring back the straight back chair.:

Sheriff said, "Who are you to tell me what to do?

 I said, "I am the registered nurse responsible for the care of this patient."

Sheriff, "I have to keep him from escaping."

Me, "You were asleep. That man would pass out without the oxygen and IV medication."I will stay with the patient while you switch chairs as I told you. By this time the night supervisor was at the door. She got the chair and placed it where staff could see him and he could watch the patient. 

That lasted a short time until he fell asleep chin on his chest. We had to call and replace that sleepy, lazy, uncaring man for one who could do his job.

That was 20 years ago. But that department still needs changing. I intend to get VERY involved with the next election for sheriff ASAP. 

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