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Nurses Who Love Guns?

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We don't love our guns anymore than we love our chainsaws, snow machines/ATVs, or boats but they are all really helpful in having a successful hunt.

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Couldn't find the exact spot for this one as there isn't an off topic section (or did I miss it), but any nurses who love guns here?

I love hunting and shooting! I only have a couple guns, a 12 gauge and a 22 mag, but I shoot as much as I can. :)

Anyone else?

As a kid (too many years ago), I used to enjoy target shooting with my friend using his dad's 22 rifle. Every so often, I think about purchasing a rifle and pistol for target shooting.

As for hunting? The only time I did any kind of "hunting" was fishing as a pre-teen and teenager. No guns were used, of course. But I learned how to clean and cook my own fish. I thought that was pretty cool at the time. Now?!? All I can think is "Yuck"! Don't even want to think about handling the guts (like I used to do when I was a kid). LOL!

I live in a fairly rural area with LOTS of hunters, of course. There are many families that are "just getting by" financially, and rely on the venison for food. There are lots and lots and lots of deer around these parts, as one can imagine. I killed one once. It wasn't with the gun, though. I was driving home from work after a crazy-busy 12 hour shift (nights), and I swerved to avoid hitting a freakin' some small rodent (hamster?). Instead, I freakin' hit the poor deer. It was dead, and the car had big dents on the passenger side.

By the way. . . I've seen as many as a dozen deer at a time (I think they're call a herd of deer?) walk through our property. Cute little things. During these past few of years, they've been feasting on my wife's flowers. At first they'd eat just the hostas. Apparent the deer think that hostas are sweet-tasting candy. LATELY, they've been eating my wife's rose bushes. Not good! She's tried everything to discourage the deer from eating her beloved plants. So. . . we've invited our hunting friends to come up and get some venison. Heck, all they'd have to do is sit on our lounge chairs on the front porch and take it easy. Eventually a deer will come up for dinner. We even offered our hunter friends drinks! And we were only half-kidding! LOL! So, if YOU are interested, come up our way, sit down and relax with your feet up and gun ready, and catch some venison. Iced coffee will be provided you. Heck we'll even put out a radio for the tunes! :D (I'm only half-kidding. LOL!)

Look Dinner! Photo taken right off my front porch! (I was inside at the time.) :D


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My wife and I both enjoy target shooting. I grew up hunting but now I get more enjoyment from watching wildlife. It is fun to make targets move at a distance or punch small holes in paper.

We also both have our CCW but that is a small part of staying safe. The first is situational awareness. Second is avoiding high risk areas. Carrying fits in when we feel it is warranted and when legally permitted.

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