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First off I'm totally not as nerdy as this must seem asking for advice on a forum about asking a girl out. Ok I might be lying there who knows lol.

So I'm a pretty new medic and am still trying to get used to the 12 hour shift life especially since I'm working nights for now at least and I have been thinking a nurses schedule would be close enough that it would make having time together a lot easier than mixing into the 8 to 5 world.

My mom is a nurse so to avoid the cliche guys go after someone like there mother thing I have never even considered dating a nurse before. But I guess as you grow up you don't care as much about such things lol.

Ive always been very picky on what girls I like and its not the typical 'hot girl' I desire but the fun light hearted cute girl with the pretty smile. And girls with a great sense of humor, if a girl can make me laugh it drives me nuts, sad I know. I'm just a really goofy guy and I really only find myself attracted to a girl that gets my sense of humor and is a bit goofy herself.

Any way getting into the real question I was bringing a patient into the ER the other day and I locked eyes and exchanged a smile with the most gorgeous woman I think I have seen in years. My partner thought she was cute to but to explain she was the 'wow girl' me and my friends that are guys always talk about. It's the girl that even though your friends would find her attractive you just cant stop thinking about her. The girl you see once a year if that, the one you close your eyes and BAM there she is and it drives you nuts for weeks.

My question is would a Nurse be open to a medic asking her out? We don't technically work together as I work for the local 911 EMS service and she works for the hospital so there shouldn't be a conflict there. But I know some Nurses don't want any thing to do with doctors ect... And how would I go about testing the waters for interest since we would be at work and thats always awkward. I feel like giving her report and oh hey dinner? would seem a little odd. Any advice?

Thanks :)

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Go for it! You'll never know what she'll say until you ask her.

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