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NLRB Office of the General Counsel Authorizes Complaints against Walmart, Also Finds

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I am glad that they won. How it will play out in the future? Walmart, I expect, will continue to break the law and can afford to pay lawyers a great deal of money to push the issue when the employees cannot afford to challenge them.

Walmart seems to use the Wall street model. Go the illegal route, get caught, pay a fine, ignore the need to change, and continue business as usual.

All the while the tax payers subsidize Walmart in the form of support of their low pay/crumby jobs and hours, causing workers to need SNAP and other benefits.

I will keep boycotting them. They may never miss my business, but I will get higher quality goods and know that the money I pay goes to have workers get a living wage.

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Agreed. Walmart never gets my business and won't unless they make some major changes. I don't mind spending more as long as I'm not lining the pockets of Sam Walton's family and cronies.

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