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New Pet In The Spring

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I am considering adopting a kitten This coming Spring. I already have a place where I am going to choose one and I want it when it is small so I can train it  properly. When I go to choose one, I will wait until it comes to me. That way I know we will bond.

Pets can be a lot of company, and since I live alone, I will choose a kitten, because although I am wheelchair bound, I will be able to care for it. If I get a dog, I won't be able to as well. 

The place where I live is a government rent subsidized apartment complex for the elderly and disabled that has a lot of rules and regulations, but if I was able to, I'd have a cat a ferret, a bird and a dog then I'd have all the entertainment I would need. Oh well, at least I will be able to have one pet again anyway.🐈😊.


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I think adopting a kitten is a wonderful idea! However, as I've experienced in the last thee months of having one, it's definitely hard work keeping up with and cleaning up after him. (He is a domestic long hair. To be precise, a ragdoll! Tracks everywhere, makes our small apartment smell bad...) 

Have you ever considered fostering kittens? I think under your circumstances this would be an extremely fitting thing to try out! I don't know if you are aware (and I apologize if you are) but most shelters put down kittens they receive if they are 8 weeks old or younger. There are some great videos about fostering kittens on Youtube. This is a great channel for learning about kitten fostering: https://www.youtube.com/kittenlady Also, her videos are adorable. Definitely fun to watch, as well! 

If I had the time, I'd absolutely foster kittens. It'd be like what I do at work- only the babies are tinier and fuzzy. ❤️

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