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My plastic surgery journey

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For all those considering plastic surgery. Please make sure you do your homework and fully understand all the possible complications even the very rare one's. I had a tummy tuck on August 21 and experienced serious complications. It was not the fault of the surgeon so I won't mention the name. About 8-10 days after my procedure I got an infection in the incision and the whole thing opened up. It could not be stitched closed and has to heal on it's own. I am now seeing a great wound care doctor who is getting that done but it's now October 11 and I still have an open wound in my abdomen. This has been some journey. I am not trying to scare you off from having plastic surgery - I had breast implants at the same time and they turned out great, but when your sitting in the office looking at before and after glossy photo's remember those are the pictures the surgeon's Sales team wants you to see. Possible complications are down played.

In my own case this particular complication happens about 10 to 15 % of the time - so not all that rare.

The funny thing is that I did this to get rid of an ugly scar from an old surgery and now I will have another scar but at least this one can hide beneath my underwear.

My second statement is that you should know that delicense (Opening of the incision) is never normal so if it happens go to your primary care doctor immediately. You will need to see a wound care specialist for best results. In my case I am receiving negative pressure wound management (Wound Vac) which is working miracles for both pain management and healing. Still I am 6 to 8 weeks out from complete closure of the wound.

I will be ok and I'm not sorry I had it done - but I advise you all to be prepared with the knowledge of what could happen .

Peace and Namaste


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Thank you for posting, hppy, and reminding us that a tummy tuck is a major surgery.

Best wishes on your recovery.

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