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Monday November 1, 2021

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Good Morning!

There doesn't seem to be a link to this thread anymore on the homepage.  There's only like 3 or four of us posting and this will be my last post.  I've enjoyed the many years of posting here, but it's lost it's fizz and doesn't seem to be attracting anyone, hasn't grown and time for me to move on.  Wishing you all the best.

I post about my boring life on Facebook and Instagram under my name Don Casto if anyone is interested.  LOL

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The GM thread does seem to be fading Tweety.  Did not know the link is on the homepage anymore.  Will follow you on Facebook

Dianah I do perform in the bell choir, as well as a voice choir as a bass, though I'm more of a baritone.

Amo I'm in agreement on that

Was a quieter day yesterday.  Did laundry before church.  The organist did the Toccata and Fugue in D minor as a postlude, something a little different.

Then J and I met for lunch and to see Forever Plaid.  It started slow but the energy built up as it proceeded.  Was good, though I would've preferred some dancing and more of a story

Quiet rest of the day spent crafting and exercising

Today have a doctor's appointment after work.  Hoping work won't get too busy or delay my departure, though I doubt it will

Has turned cooler here, will be in the 40s this week, though no rain expected



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I know if I don't post here in the afternoon, I don't remember to post until late at night and by then I'm too tired to 'talk'. Right now,  I can't recall anything I did yesterday. Hmmmm. Must've been a humdinger of a day. 

Tweety,  😞  I will miss you a whole big bunch! 

The 6th ballgame between Houston and Atlanta is tonight at 8 PM. *Fingers Crossed*.

Hubby got his new glasses today (same frame, lenses that darken) and he insists I make an appointment to have my eyes examined and get new glasses. he says he sees me squint when I am doing crosswords and other puzzles. These glasses are 5 years old and have been sat upon and possibly stepped on, so it's no contest that I need new frames, as well as a new prescription of my lenses.

I think I will finally shred the big bucket of shredding today. Can you stand the excitement!

I'll come by here later. Don't everyone bail out from here, okay?


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