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Monday November 9 2020

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I apparently forgot to post yesterday

Yesterday went well.  I went birdwatching before going  over to rehab with my sister to take dad home

After getting to his place we set up all of the DME, had lunch, and then went  shopping for some things with dad.  He's doing really well, I didnt' see any weakness or loss of balance, even with all of the walking we did at Target and even when going up and down the stairs at his place.  He has a rollator and rolling walker at home for  balance support but I'm not sure he really needs that, or wont' for long

I helped set up his pill box for the next week since he has as few new meds.  Also left some info for him on medical alert devices and local transportation resources.  He'll need clearance from his doctors before he can drive. 

My sister stayed with him last night and the caregiver will come today.  They'll stay for 2 weeks but given how well he's doing he might get by with just a week or so of supervision

And that was pretty much my whole day yesterday

Work week so far looks reasonably light, but we have yet another person on a leave of absence, so more work might be coming my way

Weather continues to be in the 70s, strangely warm, though after the rains Tuesday it will be more seasonal  in the 50s

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Good Morning -

Joe - It seems that things are going well for your Dad. This is nice to read. There are a few friends of mine, around our age, who are dealing with health-issues associated with their parents. I guess I'm a bit sensitive to these (age-related/parents-related) issues, having gone through them myself during these past several years. It can be a wild and emotional ride, for sure.

I'm looking outside my studio window and I'm seeing sunshine. Again! It's chilly outside, though, with temperatures in the high-30s. However, the temperature is supposed to go into the low-70s by this afternoon. It seems that the last month of the Fall Season is mild, weather-wise, which is entirely welcomed!

Yesterday was a nice day. For lunch, we sat outside in our newly screened-in back porch and enjoyed the nice weather. Afterward, we went for a short drive to one of our favorite ice-cream stand. I took the more scenic "back" route to there. We had our usual ice-cream treats, of course. (I like a butterscotch sundae with peanuts on top, with vanilla ice-cream. Amy like a small vanilla ice-cream cup to which she adds her own blend of walnuts and very dark chocolate pieces.) In the later afternoon/early evening, we retreated upstairs (which is quite the process for Amy and "Bumfooty") and watched our favorite TV shows.

Today??? In about 1/2 hour, her sister is coming over with our nephew to pick up some items we're giving to them. They're able to borrow a small pick-up truck to transport these items to their home. When we're done with that, I'll probably try to get some ZZZZs in preparation to going to work tonight. Hopefully work won't be too busy. 

Nothing much else going one. 

Hope all have a nice day, today. 🙂


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Joe, glad that your father is doing okay.  

Ted, sounds like a lovely day off.  Hope work tonight goes well.

BC, hope you had a good time with your sisters.  I hate salmon but I'm sure everyone enjoyed your contribution.

J22, how did you get a goose egg?  Hope it goes away.

Amo, hope you enjoyed the tea and that the O2 issue isn't a biggie.  Do tell was is "C19 self-spec." ?

It was drizzly and windy so I skipped the beach yesterday.  Went to best friend's for dinner and he had some vegan ice cream and whipped cream for dessert.  Ben and Jerry's and it was delish.

Going to have some effects from storm Eta, mostly rain bands and wind gusts for the next few days.  Hopefully the path doesn't change and hit us directly.  I'm not in the mood to lose power.

Have a great day!

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Joe - missed your update for yesterday. But am so glad things seem on keel for Dad.

Tweety - My insurance, Aetna case mgt, got me connected. I need the test like PAT for pre-radiation. It's a self swab and liq test tube that I FedEx off to LabCorp for processing. Its kit is manufactured by 'pixel' (from Burlington NC) and administered by Labcorp. Am holding my breath that all the fine details fall into place.

Weird weather all around.

NJ Governor cracking down on restrictions again. Like everybody else, our numbers are up.

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1 hour ago, amoLucia said:

Tweety - My insurance, Aetna case mgt, got me connected. I need the test like PAT for pre-radiation. It's a self swab and liq test tube that I FedEx off to LabCorp for processing. Its kit is manufactured by 'pixel' (from Burlington NC) and administered by Labcorp. Am holding my breath that all the fine details fall into place.

Gotcha...I should have known C19 was Covid-19...duh

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Good afternoon!

Joe, it's good to read that your dad is doing so well. A PT once recommended and ordered a walker ,and dad took one look at, snorted, and it sat in the corner until it was returned to the rental company. 

Ted, your sundae choice sounds delicious! On the rare occasions I have a frozen treat I usually have a peanut buster parfait at Dairy Queen. I wish you the perfect shift tonight.

Tweety, I see that that storm hit Miami pretty hard and that it may swing and have a second shot at your side of the state. I hope your power stays on. Do the storms bother the dogs? My goose egg on my ankle occurred after I tipped my bike over and my shoe didn't release from the pedal clip. My fault. The swelling is way down and spread out, and the discoloring is fading already. I went for a 2 mile dog walk this morning without problem, and then did 7 miles on my bike. I have a final PT appointment this afternoon, and the hip pain is gone after doing the recommended stretching twice a day. I expect to get some adduction and abduction strengthening recommendations. 

amoLucia, that is great that you were able to get mail-in testing. My superstitious mom always said bad things happen in 3s. So you had the vacuum incident, the chair and now the concentrator so you are golden. 

BC, I hope you had an enjoyable get-together. I am not a fan of salmon either, which being from the northwest is weird. But the other ingredients sounded yummy. Our state mandated gathering limit is 6. We may push it for Thanksgiving and dine with dd, her ex and 2 kids and my youngest ds. Eldest ds and his fiancé usually do their own thing on Thanksgiving, although they can't go to Canada as they usually do. Stupid virus. 

Stars, I expect you are in the middle of arranging your room with the help of Ozzie. He probably needs a break from you know who as much as you do. 

Dianah, the rain must have been nice, but I know that mud slides can be a worry, especially after fires. Do you get a wild flower bloom after rain, or is that only in the spring? 

Hi herring and others who come along. 


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Well, I'm another who didn't post yesterday. 

Saturday he went with a friend to get a new phone. He's never before used a Smart Phone. Yesterday I drove him to the store so the guy could show him how to use it. So far he has trouble just swiping to answer when receiving a call. We spect more than an hour with me calling and him trying to answer. Sometimes it works, but next time he takes to long. 

This morning I swiped and handed it to him so he could talk with his friend. Soon it will 'click' and he will be fine. Also I need to find out which of the49 manuals to download. I don't even know how to return to the 'home page'. His receipt does not state which model he bought.

Hoping to post "Success" tomorrow.

Yesterday was cold (for here) and WINDY. In the low 40s last night. Sunny and no wind today. Nice!

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It was another unseasonably warm day today.  It hit 80 degrees!  Tomorrow starts the slide back down to more seasonable temperatures, and will be 40 and rainy by the weekend.  I enjoyed it while it lasted. I had a lovely afternoon yesterday with my sisters.  It was nice to relax and catch up, and share memories of Mom.  There's starting to be more smiles and less tears.

Joe-Seems like your father is well settled, and hopefully won't need much assistance.

Ted-I love the name "Bumfooty"!  When does Amy get to try weight bearing?

Tweety-Hoping Florida doesn't have many problems from Eta.

Amo-How long will it take for you to get results?  When does radiation start?   Wishing you the best with your treatment.

J22-Glad your ankle is getting better, and the stretching exercises are working for you.  I think we're all going to have smaller, quieter holidays this year.  My fingers are crossed that the Pfizer vaccine turns out to be the real deal, and that it is widely available before next summer.

Herring-I empathize with your husband.  It takes me a while to get the hang of electronics, including phones.  

Hope all sleep well tonight.

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Tweety - talk about duh .... I didn't catch YOUR emphasis was on C19. I thought you got that and were asking for gen'l info re self home-testing!!! Duh!

Amazon delivery today!!!!!!! Feeling like Christmas!!! Ordered super-duper LARGEST socks I've ever seen offered. A twin pack of bariatric for lymphedema limbs. Stretches up to 30 inch calves. Even advertised as use for a 'cast cover'. The second twin pack is the same socks, but with those anti slippy-skid treads. When I was trying to better position on the gurneys at Radiology,  I couldn't 'heel down' to better position myself. And since I do wear my beloved red ones, I figured they should work. After seeing them, I'm thinking 'jackpot'!

Am waiting for a roll of liner anti-skid roll rubbery padding/matting. I figure to sit on it when in my whch (vinyl seats) to stop slip-sliding when the ambulance driver does a sharp corner!

herring - I also have significant trouble with my cell. I seem to manage to turn it on, but I struggle with 'off'. I only need it as my 'security blanket' when I travel (and I've used it as such several times). So not much freq use slows me down. But it'll go with me!

All those ice creams sound so yummy & tempting. Still struggling with dieting - that high dose prednisone did a number on me. As much as I'd love to buy some, I'd eat it all - problem with will power. So I do the next best thing - I just don't buy things that I know are just too much for me. I call it my "don't do stupid stuff" approach to dieting. Avoidance works.

Made REAL tea again. Only thing is that it deters me from drinking my desired quantity water. Like I don't float, but I try to drink about a quart/daily.


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Hello all!

nursej22, no wildflower blooms here except in the spring.  It was 56 degrees as I was leaving work, and snow is still visible on the mountains.  They didn't get more than 12" of snow, and I'm sure it'll be gone in a few days.  No new storms coming, that I know of.  Good your ankle is improving!

herring, usually the 'about phone' area is under "Settings," (sometimes depicted as an icon) of gears.  Try that?

amoLucia, great finds!  Isn't it exciting to get things one has ordered, and that make life easier??  🙂    w00t!

Tweety, fun little impromptu party with George!  Ice cream isn't at the top of my list, but how fun to find what you enjoy!

Joe, good to hear about things coming together for your dad at home, and about his recovery progress! 

Ted, what a nice patio meal!  Good to hear Amy continues to improve!

Roof is pretty much done, yay!  I did some grocery shopping after work, and had simple soup for dinner.  Dh had the last of his pizza.  We are watching another Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries episode.

It was pretty busy at work today, trying to wear two hats (Case Manager and Stress Lab RN).  Tomorrow my office-mate (and by far the better of us at doing Case Management!) will be at work and we will tackle the work together.

Have a good evening!


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