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Monday November 4 2019

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Woke up an hour early and couldn't fall back to sleep...

Yesterday was fairly quiet.  Choir and church.  Brunch with J afterward.  Was strangely tired in the afternoon.  Exercised and watched TV

Hoping this work week will prove uneventful, nothing unusual going on that I know of.

Little rain expected this week, will be in th 50s then the 30s later in the week


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Good morning!

Joe, I hate when I wake up early like that.  Hope you have a good day.

Ted, you're whole attitude about DST surely changed when you weren't working didn't it?   Hope you had a good night.

BC, glad you had a good time.  Loved the pic on FB.  Hope you enjoyed the off day.

Dinah, you guys certainly looked dapper on Dapper Day.  

Herring, sounds like a relaxing day.

Stars, I don't think SlowBro is adjusted to the time change yet as he was stirring around 5:20 this morning wanting to be fed.  I gave in so I could sleep in today.  He's getting fed earlier tonight anyway as I'm going out.  I'll have to adjust his time tomorrow I hope.  

Rose, that's going to be quite the adjustment for your father.  Good that you got together with your family.

Work yesterday was okay.  I got to leave early even though I offered a coworker the chance and she said since she was working the next day, she'd just stay.

It was nice driving to work in the daylight for a change.  

I know that millennials don't use watches or alarm clocks, but use their phones.  But we had one tech on orientation that didn't know the time on his phone was wrong until 1:00 when we told him it was 12:00.  Apparently like most phones his didn't make the switch.  He apparently showed up for work at 5:45.  He's on orientation, but I wonder what he thought when the rest of us showed up an hour later?  Weird.  

I came home around 3:30 and fell fast asleep for an hour and a half.  Didn't do much with the evening but roasted some red peppers and made a homemade harissa sauce (a Middle Eastern hot sauce) for future use and watched some Netflix.  Watching some Asian language shows. 

Just booked a haircut for 10:30.  Going out tonight to see Elton John.  Hope he's well as he canceled a show in Indiana recently.  But I heard he put on a good show on Thursday, and it's not canceled tonight.   He's a longtime favorite.  

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

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Joe: I like to listen to "Live From Here" too. 

Dianah: You both looked great!

Tweety: enjoy the concert!

BCgradnurse: We first had churros at the Renaissance Faire.

I just finished communicating with state and local politicians we met with about housing. Their staffs told us whether their boss pays more attention to emails, letters, or phone calls. Glad to be done with that.

I'm finally running out of frozen food to heat for husband's dinners. Tonight I plan to shop for and slow cook a brisket and a chicken, greens, green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes. It is cool weather so the house won't get too hot.

I often steam broccoli,  Brussels sprouts, green peas , and black eyed peas, but he just eats a few bites of those. With greens, string beans, and cabbage he eats a lot. The freezer is almost empty so there will be room for shredded meat with BBQ sauce.

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Hi. Semi-busy day today, in that I have been getting a lot of unexpected phone calls, at least 4 for a local pulmonology office. They printed some flyers with their contact number incorrectly listed as ours, so we get a fair number of these calls. I made a home visit where they had some beautiful, and I am guessing very expensive art displayed, on the walls of what looked to be a humble little cottage.  Then zoomed back to watch the weekly online state wide TB case review. I find this the best way to actually learn, from actual case reviews and discussions.  I had a nice weekend of yard and garage clean up, reading, and watched our team win the football game yesterday. I sent out a group message to family about Thanksgiving dinner--where and when. I am pretty sure everyone will assume it will at our house, which is fine because for the first time in years, I will have the day off before which makes life every so much easier. I had years when I would work until 11:30 pm the night before, and then cook a huge meal in the morning, and then have to leave to be back at work at 3 pm. Weather, not cold, not warm, not raining, not sunny. 

DST? Didn't really notice, although I did manage to reset my alarm clock Saturday night, but I almost always get up before it goes off. Angus doesn't really care much about food, I just put it in his dish and he eats whenever he gets around to it. 

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Gouda Evening Frenz!

dianah, I love all those old westerns, but Nannie can't follow a plot and only recognizes a few actors; plus with cowboys: "All they do is drink and shoot at each other." / I showed your Dapper Day pic to Nannie, and this is all she said: "Well, that fellow doesn't have to worry about wearing a tie. You couldn't see it if he did have one on." 🤣

Tweety, I just give in with Ozzie's requests for supper or "snack-treats". He will plague me like crazy until *I* feel so irritated. I hate it when he makes that sharp, loud 'BARK!' at me!!! He has about zero-point-zero patience. In fact I never say "Wait a minute" to him because when I do, he barks more! I'll give him something to just to have some peace and quiet. But it's okay, because he's got amazing metabolism of which I am envious........sigh. / Hope the Elton John 🤩  concert is GREAT!

herring, I'll take a shipment of a serving of each of meals/foods you are preparing for you husband. Plus any of those veggies you mentioned. Thanks! 😋

I did a bit of grocery shopping when I went to WalMart Frammasee (one of those family-word pronunciations) to pick up a refill. When I came home I did 2 loads of laundry. Today Nannie came and handed me the clean, dry pj bottoms she had just removed. She said she didn't need them. She was wearing TWO sets of her pull-up w/ a giant pad placed inside each. Two! Okie-dokey. She's going through her spacy sundowner stuff:  "Who is going to be here if someone comes, if we rent a room tonight? Do we have any empty rooms to rent?" ...and the ever-popular: "I have to go to see my mother. When I talked to her on the phone this afternoon, I told her I'd be home by dark." ......and the fretting about some man who had called her and was going to move (or take) the furniture, and some woman said something about selling the house....on and on, etc, etc,etc, etc.       ~ad infinitum~ Ain't life grand? 😚

Found a really good show on NatGeo which also fascinates Nannie---"Lost Cities", so am signing off now.  TA!

P.S. Hey j22! 

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