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Monday May 17th 2021

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Tweet that is a concern if the long time employees are getting burned out

Star I got a Hoover Whole House to replace the old WindTunnel I had

BC hope you feel better.  Happy birthday for your DD

Yesterday was quite productive in the morning.  Did the cooking and some online continuing education before church.  After church took a tour of the rectory to see the repairs that were needed.  Came home and had an online meeting with a local group

The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet.  Went for a bike ride, worked on embroidery, and took it easy.  Stomach has been doing good so far

Hoping this week isn't crazier at work than last week, we'll see.  Decided to focus more on controlling stress this week, I think I have not been as good in recent months on this

Weather I think will be in the 60s and 70s for the next day or two.  Will be in the 80s for the rest of the week

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Joe, hope the work week isn't too bad.  Dealing with work stress seems to be a career-wise job when you're a nurse.

BC, hope the soreness is better.  Time sure does fly.

Stars, my ex and I were "zip your lips" type of people and didn't argue much at all.  But ultimately we didn't communicate well that last year.  Hope nanny doesn't work your nerves so much.

Actually, I am a bit better at dealing with the work stress.  But that's not saying much since prior I was depressed, tired and irritable.  I'm less so now and I think knowing when to call out and stop, and not work overtime is helping.  

I had a decent day off with a nice long nap.  I bathed the dogs and trimmed their nails.  Both of them are very compliant and easy to do.  Otherwise spent time watching videos and pottering about doing much of nothing. 

No bowling tonight.  Didn't sleep well, probably because I took such a long nap and had coffee around 5pm.  Meh...

Have a great day.


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Joe, good to hear that your tummy woes have settled down. Do you think it could have been a reaction to your vaccine? I need to work on stress myself. I will think to myself that gosh, everything is fine. And then boom! something unexpected comes up and I feel all panicky.  It is quite uncomfortable, as you must know. 

Tweety, I am glad you had a chance to relax and refresh.  I wonder if consciously or unconsciously you are getting tough assignments because they think you are better able to handle them. And that just isn't right if it is causing you so much distress. That is good your dogs are good about nail clips. My dog is okay about them, in fact I am probably more nervous that he is, especially with the all-black nails. 

BCg, I am sorry you are sore. I am sure your garden looks lovely. I did quite a bit this weekend, and had time to relax a bit on the deck. 

Dianah, I trust you had a lovely time with your music friends, but I hope you didn't over tire. 

Dh and I took MIL to a park for a little picnic. It was quite pleasant, but when we went to leave, she tripped and did a face plant. She bruised/scraped her nose and chin, but otherwise thought she was okay. I will call later to check on her. She also said if and when she moves out of her house, she would like to live with us. That is fine with me/us, it just means dh is going to have to get some projects done! He will have to clean out the bedroom that he used as an office, and then youngest ds will move into it. This will give MIL the downstairs bedroom that is on ground level. And, he needs to replace the handrail on the front steps, which fell off, oh, 3 years ago. 

Hi Ted and Amo and Stars. I hope everyone is well. 

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Good Afternoon -

It's another beautiful day in this part of the world. The suns is out with little clouds in the sky, the leaves on the trees are fuller (but still fully grown out yet), and the temperature is a comfortable 70+ degrees. Love Spring!!

Saturday. . . It was a LONG day, for sure. But it was only long because the three out-door dance recitals were scheduled far apart from each other (10 AM, 2PM and 6PM). It was an absolutely lovely day to be outside, though! And the venue!!! It's a park right along side the Hudson River! What a beautiful place on a beautiful day to hold an out-door dance recital!! The kids were just cute in their cut outfits! There was some lovely dance routines, too! I do enjoy watching well-choreographed and well-rehearsed dance routines. A few of the adult dance routines were simply outstanding, which was nice to see! There were two issues that I faced video-recording the dance recital out-doors: 1) The sun changed its spot throughout the day, which made setting the exposure settings of the camera quit the challenge, and 2) getting a bit sun-burnt! Although I was under a tree for shading, I still felt the effects of the sun on my Lilly-White skin. (Note to self: Wear sun-screen next time!!! Ugh!) Finally got home around 9:30 PM that night. (Long day!) The video-recordings are turning out pretty good (thanks to my newish expensive camera)! It's gonna take me many, many hours to edit the three dance recitals. It's a work of love, though.

Sunday. . . There was church. Afterward, Amy and I worked on our yard, and worked in-doors, getting ready for our new puppy. (We're very puppy-focused, right now!)

Today?!? More of the same, although I took an afternoon nap in getting ready for work tonight. I'm scheduled to work tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night. On Wednesday, I'll be able to do more house and yard chores.

Nothing much else going on. Got to get ready for work now. Hope all have a pleasant afternoon! 🙂


Edited by Ted

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Ted, sounds like a long day but I know you'll them proud.

J22, ouch...sorry your MIL fell and glad it wasn't worst.  

I worry about my mother.  She's fallen a few times.  My niece called me once and said "Granny bit the dust again".  But so far so good. 

J22, there is a night supervisor that I used to work with that all but said that when she sees that I'm on she knows she can pull from me and give me six patients.  She doesn't know how much I struggle.  I told her "don't do that, I can't handle it" and she laughed me off like I wasn't serious.  But she's telling me this when she's making her rounds at 9pm....HELLO I'm still here and it's 9pm...thanks for pulling the nurse.  LOL

I had a good day. The barbershop I go to dropped their mask requirement and went optional.  None of the barbers and receptionist had a mask on and no customers did either.  Neither did I.  My barber said all staff were vaccinated as far as he knew.   The health food store still had a sign up for masks required but the general grocery store Publix has dropped the requirement.  

It's weird because in the barber no one wore a mask, and in the gym no one wears a mask, but there's a huge hesitancy to remove them in grocery stores.  I don't really care as wearing a mask never bothered me but it's nice not to have to worry about it.  Sunday we reported "only 1,900" cases and hospitalizations are at the lowest level in a year.  

Watched a new movie called "Sugar Daddy" about an aspiring singer's struggles as well as her making money by dating older men.   Pretty good.




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Hello all!  Back to work today, it wasn't a crazy busy day, just steady.  I was back and forth between Stress Lab and Case Mgmt.

Yesterday was a busy but nice day.  Dh was up at 5am to get the cat feedings done (he has a daily routine), then make sure the doggy has eaten and been outside to "empty tanks."  I got up at 6, and we left for the mountains at 0730.  We arrived a little after 0830, set up, met everyone.  This was actually the third day of a three-day "learn to jam" class, using the Wernick method.  Dh's friend L is the teacher/organizer, he flew out from Tennessee to lead the class.  Most of the 16 or so ppl who attended drove up and were staying at the motel.  Classes were held in an un-used restaurant on the motel property.  There was plenty of room, and L had snacks and goodies and water set up for ppl.   The "students" were all in their 60's and 70's!  Some had only been playing for five years!

The restaurant had one wall of windows that faced the lakefront, and it was so nice to be playing and gaze out at the lake and the trees and the blue sky.  It was about 60 degrees, and windy (saw some whitecaps on the water).  People were still out on the lake, in spite of the cool temperature and the wind.  We saw a few sailboats, power boats, and kayaks here and there.  I would certainly not have wanted to go out without a coat!

As it was the last day of the sessions, the group split up into two smaller groups, and each person in the group worked up a song to play as a "solo," with the rest of the group backing them up.  From 11-2, was performance time!  They did well.  Even if cues were missed, they kept on, and picked up where they'd left off.  It was good experience for them all!

Dh's job was to play bass for both groups, and I played back-up rhythm guitar and sang harmonies if they needed them.  After the performances, people checked out of their rooms and left, one by one.  One friend of dh's stayed to jam a little, which we did for about half an hour.  The teacher, L, packed up to drive to a friend's house, then he was to fly home to Tennessee today.

We got a quick finger-food lunch and enjoyed a leisurely drive home.  It was sad to see results of last year's fires: burned tree trunks, singed leaves.  Here and there on the ground was greenery shooting up; nice to see, would like to see more.  We know the firefighters worked hard to contain the fires, and we are so very grateful for their efforts.  It's just sad that so much total forest acreage was burned. 

We stopped at a roadside stand to buy some cherries and were they GOOD!!!  When I got home, I finished the Sunday duties, though I was pretty tired.  I got everything done, and turned out the light at 9pm and slept well.  I did the grocery shopping today after work, and will soon pay bills.

Ted, I didn't even think about the sun moving, DUH!  All I thought of was wind blowing in the microphone!  I'm sure you made the necessary adjustments.  I hope the final tweaking doesn't take you too long.  What new camera did you get?  Was it specially for this project?

nurseJ22, so sorry to hear your MIL fell.  Hope she is OK.  I am concerned about the elderly falling, and then I remember I myself am now 66!!  I guess I qualify as elderly now, and do NOT want to break a hip (or anything else) from a fall! 

Joe, sounds like good temperatures out your way.  How do you like the new vacuum?

Tweety, that's an accomplishment, to bathe AND trim doggie toenails!  Yah, bosses should NOT over-load their dependable employees!  (and shouldn't laugh when they do, and the employee is caught working overtime again!!!  😣

Hello herring!!  Miss you!  How is your dh and the doggies?

No Stars, I hope the gypsies (and Nannie 😉  ) are behaving themselves.

Have a good evening!


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Gads, I spent an hour an fifteen minutes on the phone with the phone/wifi/television company we use. Found out ... my bad ...that we have been paying for the landline for several years, when, in fact, it was removed from the kitchen wall and pitched out, and I THOUGHT I had had it straightened out way back when. I scanned the bill and thought, "WHAT??" So, after about waiting 20 minutes on line, someone answered and I thought that was that. But while the rep and I were talking, I discovered that we had had half of the cost of the sports package charged to us while the other half was credited, and yet on the summary page, the full price was charged and on the bill and had to be removed, but that was to be with a different person (billing), who was at lunch, I was told.  

The one phone call I had made about that ballgame business, we decided while still on the phone, to NOT take that package. So WHY it was charged-credited-charged , I do not know. And so that was two things straightened out. Then, in order to keep the amt of our bill low, we still had to have 3 things to make a bundle for a discount, so I decided to get my cell-phone through them. Oh WOE! It is going to mean I will be switching to a 'SMAHT' phone, because this company doesn't have any flip-phones. I am being dragged, kicking and screaming, into higher technology. The new phone will cost around $23+/mo for two years. Not too terrible. Hubby's new smartphone won't be paid up until 2024! 

Trying to get to the acct online, I found out it was done when Nannie had her laptop YEEEARRRZZZZ ago, and still had her landline. We remembered her old phone # but not her User name or password. So I spent a good while on the phone with a troubleshooter trying to help me change it all on line ... but with my flip-phone I could not do two things a one time, like switch screens and whatnot like that... In other words, I had to hang up in order to do something else (flip-phones aren't known as dumb phones for nuthin'!) And so this rep (my third of the day!) said to go ahead and hang up, make a change on line, and he would call me back. He hasn't called me back yet, and it is 11:30 PM. Guess that will have to be a "to be cont'd" phone call. I am so THROUGH with all this phone and computer crap. I am OVER it! And yet, tomorrow is another day and what needs to be done, needs to be done.

Not only am I worn out from all of that, but I forgot to mention that last night I could not fall asleep until 6 AM !!! I am frazzed to the max! 

GO TO BED, nsime! ...  NOW!


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Hope you get some good sleep, No Stars!  Once you are done with all this technological-whatchamathingywhozit-folderol, hopefully you will be DONE!!!  Hang in there! 

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