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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Monday - May 18th, 2020 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning - 

Been up for a while. Yesterday and this early morning, I've been working on the video of the hike that Amy and I did last week. I added sound effects and some simple underscore music.  Once I "mixed" down the audio, I applied it to the video and created a master copy of the video file. From there, I down-converted the master file to an MP4 file to be "housed" on my VIMEO account. Overall, the process went well. However, the quality of the audio changes when I upload the MP4 file to VIMEO. It's nothing that's drastic. But the audio sounds different than what it should sound (as I intended it to sound). A couple of weeks ago, I contacted VIMEO regarding this matter. We've been emailing each other, back and forth. (I pay $$$ each year to "house" my video projects.) Basically, I'm told that it's a problem on their end, and that they're "working" on it fixing this problem. Well, it seems that it remains a work in progress. It's frustrating. I want the video to sound as intended, especially if my original music is part of the video.  Anyway, below is a link to the video, if you're interested in viewing the video. It showcases the lovely area where we hiked.

Yesterday, I did not do the extra heavy mowing (on the more dangerous parts of the lawn). Instead, I followed Amy's lead and sat with her on our cushy outdoor lounge chairs on our front porch. (From that angle, one can't even see the parts of the lawn that might need mowing! L O L!) It was a beautiful afternoon to relax. Last night, Amy and I watched an original TV series on Hulu titled, "The Great". It's a dark show with very dark humor. Despite it being a bit disturbing, we watched two episodes of this show. We plan to watch more. (Warning: This show ain't for the weak of heart! L O L!)

Today?? It's raining outside. Don't have any plans except to stay indoors and remain dry and comfy. Maybe I'll work on some music. Certainly, it'll be a day to simply relax.

Just finished First Coffee. On to Second Coffee!!

Hope all have a pleasant day today! 🙂


Here's the video. Enjoy. . . 🙂



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Morning Ted.  Thanks for sharing the video

Was a fairly quiet day yesterday, as it rained nearly the whole day.  I stayed in and exercised, and did cooking and baking.

Little nervous this morning, not sure why.  Seems to become more normal recently  to be nervous at the start of Mondays

Should be a fairly ordinary work week, nothing usual hopefully 

Supposed to be cooler today, in the 50s, although should be warmer by the end of the week, near 80

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Good Morning!

Ted, that's a really good video.  Hope they resolve the issue but the quality seems excellent to me.  Such a nice area.

Joe, hope you have a good day.

Slept in late for me.  We just had a wicked hard thunderstorm.  Got a tornado warning on my phone but it seems to have passed quickly.  We need the rain as it's our dry spell.

Off today for three days.  Might consider working Wednesday if needed but it's a no for today and tomorrow.  Yesterday was another busy short staffed day.   Someone bought the hospital burritos and I had a vegan one that was very good.  I woofed it down standing up but otherwise worked non-stop until I left at 9:30.  Seriously what profession demands someone show up at 6:45, not take a break until they clock out at 9:30 pm?  I hate complaining in the time of Covid-19 and nurses risking their lives and stretched beyond their limits and having PTSD so I'll leave it at that.

Talked to my parents Saturday and they remain on lock down and are in good spirits.  My brother nearby has been working in whatever factory he drives a forklift for and I'm disappointed he hasn't checked on them or even allows them to get their own groceries.  Dad does this and mom hasn't been out of the house in 8 weeks. We're not a close family but they've done so much for him and I count on him being there for them and he disappoints.  

My gym opened today at 8:00 and I plan on going in my mask with hand sanitizer and see if I'm comfortable with their policies and how people are distancing.  If I can get it as they will limit the number of people.  

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Last night at 2:15 AM, Nannie took a fall on her butt in the bathroom while getting off of the toilet; sat right down on the boxes of her 'disposable goods' and the wastebasket that are between the toilet and the sink/vanity. We had her 'walk' on her hips, to the hallway between her bedroom and the bathroom, and managed to get her up. She babbled excuses the whole time, about how it had happened. Doesn't matter, Nannie, we are dealing with getting you up, so concentrate on what we are telling you to do. GAH!

Anyway, after that I slept and slept and slept; didn't get up until noon.

Now we are having our A/C-heating unit services, and he is cleaning the filters with our garden hose. As soon as he is done and clears the driveway, I'll be off to Walmart for refills. Exciting life.

Wish work was not as full of hassles as you guys have been going through...


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Quick hi. Another busy day at work, starting the contact investigation for our new TB patient and will make another HV today with our doc so she can do an exam. I was supposed to help with COVID swabbing but another coworker volunteered to take my place so I was pulled in too many directions. 

Lovely video Ted! Your are correct, Tweety in that no one should be expected to work 14 1/2 or 15 hours straight nearly every shift. It isn't healthy! I hope the gym works out, I know you've been missing it. 

What a rude awakening! I am glad you were able to get back to sleep. 

Joe, I was nervous too today. I have too many things running through my head. I keep doing a "5 senses mindfulness exercise" to get myself to focus. I am looking forward to Thursday, my next day off. 


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