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Monday March 23 2020

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Quieter day yesterday.  Had a church service via Zoom, which seemed to work pretty well.  Went to the arboretum but it was not only cold but quite crowded as well.  Guess people have few other places to go.  

Got take out from our favorite restaurant, glad they're still open.  Exercised and cooked and did embroidery 

Hoping work won't be too crazy, though expecting to get additional work from those who were laid off.  

Cold with snow yesterday, today should be warmer, same all week with temps in the 40s and 50s, no more snow expected 

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We used Zoom last night to have a game night with some friends.  It worked pretty well.  I have to "work" today.  I have 5 telemedicine appointments and a Zoom practice meeting.  We are closed til April 1st, but I'm not sure what we'll do beyond that.  I would prefer to stay 100% telemed, but I also have to work no matter what they want me to do.

Joe-I'm glad you still have work.  I am hearing of a lot of layoffs across various industries.  It's scary.  

Looking at some snow for later today and tonight.  I hope I have a little time to get out for a walk, although it might be nice to walk in the snow.  

Everyone-stay well, stay sane, and stay away from everyone!

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Good Morning -

It's nice to read that ZOOM is working out for most people. Joe, our church is doing the same thing with ZOOM, too. I have an aging computer with no camera connected to it. Also, I am very cautious to install a program onto it that might mess up my somewhat well-functioning audio and video programs. (These program can be finicky sometimes, which ain't cool.) I'm going to research and see if ZOOM can be safely loaded onto my iPhone. Maybe, then I can participate with our on-line Sunday Church Service, and other on-line activities.

Had a nice and relaxing day, yesterday. Amy and I went for one of our walks. It was chilly outside. But the sun and fresh air was refreshing. Currently, it is cold outside, overcast, and it is beginning to snow. We're supposed to get 3 to 5 inches of the nasty white stuff. I wish Spring would just come and stay with us, and not allow the snow to take place. (Whine!!)

Last night, we watched BlackKkKlansman. Wow! It was a really well-written and directed movie! It was also very disturbing. It was the first time I watched this movie. I held off on watching it because I knew it would be disturbing. I highly recommend watching it, though, if you haven't already done so.

I was up early this morning scoring music to another one of those educational videos. It came out nice, I must say.

We're going on Day 3 of our vacation/stay-cation. I'm going to enjoy this time while it lasts. In about 11 days from now, I anticipate returning to work to a mini-hell as the pandemic presents itself in this area of the world. (We already had our first few cases of patients that were presumptive positive with this virus.) 

Hope all stay safe. . . Peace. . . 🙂


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Good morning!

Joe, hope your workload is manageable.

Ted, I saw that movie when it came out in the theaters.  Liked it a lot.

BC, what a great idea to Zoom a game night.

Towards the end of this week we're supposed to get the machine that does same-day Covid tests which will be amazing and so helpful.  So many presumptive positives just sitting and waiting.  Our one case is still on the ventilator doing poorly but alive.

But overall I don't think we're doing too bad where I work.  We've always had staff changelings and some of the challenges we're facing today.  If it really gets bad with Covid-19 we're screwed.

Best friend texted me a picture of toilet paper at Sams Club but said the Winn Dixie was "ravaged" (his word).  

I really slept in and need to get off my butt and mow the grass in the front as the weeds look horrible, laundry has been started and bathrooms need to be cleaned as well as getting a walk in.

Weighed in this morning and lost a couple.  My BMI is now no longer "overweight" by .3  😂.   I'm concerned this is happening because I"m not able to lift at the gym but I've only taken a week off so far.  I would like to stay toned and strong.  I had a patient that I was getting up and she suddenly couldn't use any of her good extremities and was going down, but I was determined to use good mechanics to not let that happen and my strength helped the situation and saved both of us from injury.  Going to look into things I can do at home alone.  Again, I'm in awe at how much weight I'm losing (18 pounds???)  and that I was that overweight to begin with (I knew I was overweight but didn't realize how bad it was).  Anyway will continue to do what I'm doing.

Glad that everyone seems to be keeping their spirits up and is in good health.  



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It started raining in the night and I presume washed some pollen out of the air and I can breathe again! And my sticky, phlegmy cough is mostly gone. Dh is worried that I have COVID-19 because of my cough, so I take my temp twice a day and show him. We had waffles for dinner last night because we couldn't go out to our usual breakfast yesterday morning. 

Tweety, good job on your weight loss. I agree with staying strong, especially your core. I never sustained a back injury, and I credit the good mechanics one learns when you lift correctly. 

I saw BlacKKKlansman in the theatre when it came out and enjoyed it. I think Adam Driver is a wonderful actor. 

Work is nutso. A local care facility is essentially pan-infected, including staff, and now other cases are popping up in other facilities. Apparently many people work in multiple places and we presume that is how it has spread. We will be doing lots of testing this afternoon. A local lab can do some, but of course, everyone has a finite number of swabs. And we are running low on PPE. 

So far in our little county of 220,000 we have 48 positive cases and 2 deaths. 

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Good for you Tweety! I saw a woman giving weight loss information on an Australian show on a CBS station called "DABL" he had three suggestions. Drink water instead of juice, soda or alcoholic drinks, and yo cut off a craving for sweets swish a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and spit it out. 

Nursej22: Glad your cough is better. Hope it continues.

Joe: I hope your former staff didn't leave a lot for you. Good to have embroidery supplies. 

Ted: Enjoy your days off. Yesterday it was announced that too many people were too close so the nearby hiking trails are closed starting today. They showed people meeting from opposite directions hugging and "High Fiving". The beach parking lots are closed due to people getting too close at the beach. I hope your tiny hospital doesn't get the influx of patients. Best to be prepared though.

BCgradnurse: Hope you get to walk in the snow. 

I can "hike" hilly sidewalks while admiring peoples yards. We have baby sparrows in the back yard tree. 

Yesterday I did the other half of the pig weed forest. First I used clippers on the > 5 foot weeds, and then mow. It looks like a lawn. Thankfully it was done before the rain started. Dogs were so excited. The rolled on their backs with legs kicking on most of our 1/4th acre yard.

Have the best day you can!

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HA! Neil Diamond is a genius! That was a brilliant re-write!

I am spending a LOT of time explaining and re-explaining and reading news stories to Nannie to IMPRESS her that NO, we are NOT going ANYWHERE, and no one is coming here. I reiterate all the places that are closed down. She said "So, in other words, we can't go anywhere and we have to stay here." YAAAAAYYYY, Nannie! She GOT it, and may remember it for 2 seconds or 10 minutes, but that's a crapshoot. I just keep my voice low and even, so as not to whip her up to an argumentative frenzy, in her verbalized desire to go somewhere or do something. The thing is, she seldom does any going or doing, but the idea of not being able to makes her want to do it all the more. She especially wants to go to the hairdresser, but it's definitely a no-no. I hope to blazes *I* don't have to wash her hair. I ain't no kind of stylist!

I went to the Family Dollar store, as we were told yesterday that they would have a truck coming in today. Well, nope, it is 'supposed to' come tomorrow. I wonder if I should go set up camp in my van in their parking lot, early, in order to BE THERE, or BE....unwiped?🙃

Probably/maybe will stop by here later ...

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Okay, then; I came by again, and it would see we are practicing social distancing...😊 ...we are so good!!! Maybe the Left Coast and Norther bunch of yez will be by later; never can tell!

See you tomorrow, after the big toilet paper* expedition. 

*fingers crossed!*  🤞 (yes, that is supposed to be a crossed-fingers emoji)

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